Rare Gems – Rd14

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 23 2017

There are the popular choices in Supercoach, then come the Points Of Difference………then there’s the Rare Gems.  The players that are pumping out the big digits just for you and your team.  Every few weeks we’ll try and unearth the Rare Gems (under 3% ownership, exceptions in the RUCK/FWD line) that could propel your team up the rankings……..



Bachar Houli (RIC) – I gave him a bit of a wrap over the pre-season but found myself all alone on that one 😉  Two tons in the first nine weeks didn’t inspire too much confidence in Supercoaches either.  Over the last three weeks Houli has hit a purple-patch with scores of 127, 139 & 129.  It’s been a welcome bonus for the 2.3% of Coaches that bought him early as he is now priced at a hefty $538k.  It seems he’s dismissed those nay-sayers that wanted to write him off during Ramadan………



Luke Shuey (WCE) – There are probably more prolific Midfielders going around but Shuey might be the one to dominate over the last ten weeks.  Averaged 116 over the first four Rounds before a string of 90-odd scores brought his output down.  He bounced back nicely with a 114 against the Cats last week.  Owned by 1.4% and at just $499k, Shuey might be the Rare Gem that you need for the run home.  It doesn’t hurt that the Eagles have three games in Perth over the next month and a favorable draw till SC-Finals.



Rhys Stanley (GEE) – Hard to find Rare Gems in the Rucks but Stanley is a left-field choice with a bit of upside.  With Nankervis stalling in his scoring, Stanley could be the dual-position player to use as back-up in that R3/F7 Swingman position.  Form and injury have hampered Stanley in 2017 but he returned a decent 95 against the Eagles last week.  Perhaps a sign of better things to come?  Owned by just 0.9% of teams and currently priced at $385k.



Chad Wingard (PTA) – Yeo, Heeney, Macrae & Dahlhaus are locked into many forward lines in 2017.  Nankervis has taken up a spot in nearly half of all teams as well.  That leaves the F6 position free……..you could do a lot worse than Chad Wingard.  Has averaged 98pts over two full seasons despite a reputation for inconsistency.  His last five games have brought an average of 97.6…….could he be working into his old form?  Currently owned by just 3.8% of Coaches and priced at $459k.  Wingard offers a decent POD option with plenty of upside if things keep going Port’s way……….


Are any of these Rare Gems in your side?  Have you considered any as a big point of difference?


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5 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Rd14”

  1. Houli made my burn-man list last year, but if you’ve had him in your team this year, I’m happy for you. When he’s on, I think he’s an elite defender.

    Zorko doesn’t quite qualify as a Rare Gem, but he’s still only at 5.2% ownership. His 5 round average is 129!


    1. Honestly I had a good long look at ‘Basher’ over the pre-season but settled on Howe instead for durability. I think Houli is a few pts ahead of Howe at the minute (total pts) but I’m still confident that Howe was the right decision for the entire season.
      Zorko not quite a Rare Gem. He’d be in everyone’s team if he still had his FWD status. Oh well………


      1. Tom Papley, he is going alright at the moment…..averaging 102.8 over the last 5 rounds…consecutive 100+ scores and hasn’t scored below 80 in the last 6 games….. priced at $459k with a BE of 31 and is in ONLY 0.8% of teams…….can be seriously considered in this rare gem segment IMHO….

        His Scores since rd 7….
        81, 82, 95, 98, 121, 118…..


  2. Jack Billings, after people talked about a breakout year but dismissed it early with an average of 73.3 in the first 6 rounds, has since tonned up 6 out of the last 7 games averaging 91.1 over that period (including a 68), averaging 89.8 overall. He’s got a break even is 70, is priced at $490,100 and has Forward/Mid eligibility, for those of you just short of Heeney/Macrae/Yeo this guy is worth looking at, finally starting to hit his stride.



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