Rare Gems – Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 11 2017

There are the popular choices in Supercoach, then come the Points Of Difference………then there’s the Rare Gems.  The players that are pumping out the big digits just for you and your team.  Every few weeks we’ll try and unearth the Rare Gems (under 3% ownership, exceptions in the RUCK) that could propel your team up the rankings……..



Dylan Roberton (STK) – Wow!  Where did this come from?  Roberton’s previous best Supercoach seasons netted him averages of 91 & 76.  It seems that the acquisitions of Carlisle & Brown have freed up Roberton in a way we’ve never seen before.  Four big tons (+ two more scores of 93 & 96) see Roberton emerging as the surprise packet of the DEF line (this years Brodie Smith and/or Matthew Jaensch).

Call me cynical but it’s going to be difficult for him to keep up that 108 avg.  If you took the punt early, then you’ve done every well with only 2% ownership. Otherwise he’ll be rather pricey for a DEF over the next month.



Trent Cotchin (RIC) – The stigma surrounding Cotchin is unlike that of any player in the AFL.  Is it the blackouts he suffered when tagged in the Tigers last two Finals appearances?  Is it the whole 2012 Brownlow Medal issue?  Is it the captaincy issue at Tigerland where many saw Jack Riewoldt as the better option?  All of the above?  Whatever it is, it hasn’t stopped him from some decent SC-output in 2017.

He is the #1 SC-scorer at Tigerland (yes, ahead of Dusty), running at an avg of 110.7.  He’s only dropped below 105 twice in the first seven games (for scores of 98 & 93!)……that is some consistent output!  In his Brownlow season, Cotch managed a 116 avg over all 22 games.  With all the attention on Dusty, Cotchin is yet to receive a hard tag this year.  The 1.6% of Coaches that own Cotchin haven’t been disappointed till now……….



Ben McEvoy (HAW) – It’s very hard to find Rare Gems in the Ruck that have any relevance to the Supercoach game but McEvoy might be the one.  Since Ty Vickery got demoted, Big Ben has been running at a 117.7 average.  He hasn’t produced numbers like this since he WAS relevant back in his Saints days.  During 2011 & 2012, McEvoy managed a 101 & 104 avg before being traded to the Hawks (and winning two Premiership medals).  He’s having a stellar month of footy with scores of 102, 117, 125 & 111.  At just 3% ownership, McEvoy owners will be hoping for more of the same in the coming weeks………



Charlie Dixon (PTA) – Remember when Dixon had that good month at the Suns?  He averaged 112 over five weeks and we all thought he’d continue to dominate?  Then he missed ten of the next eleven weeks with that ankle injury that was constantly listed as 1-2 weeks?  Yeah, that’s about the extent of Dixon’s Supercoach relevance over his career 😉   The only thing harder than finding a Rare Gem in the Ruck is finding one up forward!

I’m reaching here with Dixon but he has enjoyed a good couple of weeks.  151 & 135 against the Lions & Eagles have been highlighted by some strong contested marking which is smiled upon by the Dark Overlords at Champion Data.  The Power are up and about this season & scoring with relative ease.  Dixon might just see enough of the ball to be a big POD up forward.  As of now, only 1.2% of Coaches agree with that last statement 😉


Are any of these Rare Gems in your side?  Have you considered any as a big point of difference?


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10 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Rd8”

  1. None in my side but a bunch of top 20 MID only players…

    Sheuy, averaging 108 and owned by 1.3% (second highest Eagle behind Yeo)
    Duncan, averaging 109 and owned by 0.9% (third highet Cat behind Selwood/Danger)
    Goddard, averaging 109 and owned by 0.5% (highest averaging Bomber)


    1. I can’t believe I traded Treloar for Cotchin in one of my Draft league…Never though I’d see the day


  2. Shoutouts to Jarrod Harbrow at Gold Coast for averaging 26 disposals and 97 SC points so far!

    A very rare gem but he’s consistently performing this year.


  3. If you can consider Neale a rare gem then I did pretty well starting with him, was a last minute decision instead of JPK and has worked a treat so far! Ranked 4 overall!!


    1. Well done for being brave enough to select him!

      I considered swapping out treloar for Neale on the eve of the first round, but i was scared off by the interrupted preseason. I very much regret that now.


      1. To be honest I didn’t even know of his surgeries over the pre season I just wanted a consistent POD. It was silly on my part really, but have enjoyed it very much so.


  4. I’ve had him from the start too.

    I regret not getting Bont over JPK though. Didn’t see the Swans losing first 6.

    Thinking of getting Buddy this week. I love Heeney but he still isn’t “proven”.

    You know what you get with Bud.

    For only a few $ more. Its a no brainer really.

    Eagerly awaiting the TEAMS tonight.

    I’m predicting……………..

    More carnage.



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