Rare Gems – Round 1

Written by The Salamander on March 27 2020

In normal circumstances, we run Rare Gems and Movers & Shakers in alternate weeks. In these not so normal circumstances, however, round 2 won’t be happening for at least a couple of months. So, for this edition of Rare Gems, in addition to highlighting good players with 3 percent ownership or under, I’ll also highlight some more popular selections that didn’t fare so well on the weekend.

Naturally, with such a small sample size, there are a lot of PODs who currently boast a high average; as such, I have tried, where possible, to limit the field to those whose good form I think may actually be sustainable.


Name (Positions/s), Club, Ownership, Price, Average


Sam Petrevski-Seton (DEF/MID), CAR, 0.78%, $443,300, 113

Between the speed, evasiveness, silky skills, and iconic rat-tail, there’s a lot to like about the 22-year-old Blue and former pro-bull rider. A perfect replacement for Brodie Smith once round 2 comes along.

Honourable mention: Jacob Weitering (DEF), CAR, 0.87%, $383,700, 102

Dylan Roberton (DEF), STK, 42.8%, $260,400, 26

I think I speak for everyone here when I say it was great to see Roberton make a return to the AFL after his well-documented health issues. What wasn’t so great to see was that he was playing a lockdown role, rather than the SC-friendly distributor role we’d been hoping for. If you’ve got a spare $13,300, swap him out for Tom Doedee between now and round 2.


Jack Steele (MID), STK, 0.63%, $515,900, 128

A handy breakout as a forward-eligible player back in 2017, the Man of Steele has been threatening to break out properly every year since. So far, that’s yet to materialize. Could this be the year?

I clearly have far too much time on my hands…

Josh Dunkley (MID), WBD, 11.81%, $632,400, 67

Well, I hope you didn’t have the C on him! I wouldn’t worry too much, though – it was a bad night for the Dogs in general, and you all picked Dunkley for a good reason. He’ll bounce back. Just so long as Magnets doesn’t try anything stupid!


Rory Lobb (RUC), FRE, 1.14%, $472,800, 133

Playing primarily as a forward, you shouldn’t expect these kinds of scores every week, but his handful of owners would have loved what he produced on the weekend. At some point, though, he could end up being thrown the keys to the number 1 ruck role and doing a Lycett, so he’s certainly one to watchlist.

Max Gawn (RUC), MEL, 25.8%, $697,100, 93

With budget options Naismith, Jacobs, and Naitanui all performing well on the weekend, those that forked close to $700K for the giant gnome are bound to be feeling disappointed. Still, he’ll bounce back – much like he did after scoring 87 in round 1 last year. Having said that, with 30 trades to spread across 16 remaining rounds, there isn’t really a wrong option here: you could hold him, you could trade him to one of the aforementioned value picks and use the cash elsewhere, you could trade him to a value pick and then pick him up cheaply once the respective high and low scores have worked their way through each player’s price cycle… it all depends on where your team is at as a whole.


Ben Long (FWD), STK, 2.33%, $283,100, 118

Playing in the role we all hoped Roberton would have, Long should be, at worst, a good money maker, and potentially even a keeper. Get him in!

Andrew Brayshaw (FWD/MID), FRE, 23.32%, $382,800, 66

Unlike Brodie Smith, Brayshaw was playing exactly the role we thought he was going to, and unlike Josh Dunkley, he didn’t just have a bad day at the office. No, his 66 came about because he only spent 65 percent time-on-ground. He played well during that time – notching up a solid 1 point-per-minute. Once his TOG goes up, so too will his scoring. Barring injury or an adverse role-change, it’s hard to see him not averaging 90+ for the rest of the year. Don’t trade him out just yet.


Did you manage to pick any of these rare gems in your starting lineup? Boast about it in the comments below!


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13 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 1”

  1. Thanks Sal.

    I just wanted to mention Darcy Fort.

    Forward only, playing first Ruck ( for now) at Geelong.
    He scored 94 and now has a BE of 7
    He is currently only in 1% of teams and will only cost you $264 800
    If he keeps the number one Ruck role at the Cats he is a great cow like object and should both score well and make some decent $$.

    Also a quick shout out to Ceglar ( 4% ownership) he scored a 101 against an above average Ruckman in Steph Martin, and looks to be a great option as Ruck cover for those going down the Nic Nat / Sauce / Naismith (at R2) option.

    Thanks again Sal.


    1. Indeed. The only question with Fort is do you trust the Scott Twin? Then again, with price rises now happening after two games instead of one, and 30 trades to spend over 16 rounds, that may be less of an issue than usual.

      Definitely one to look at.


  2. It seems MacPherson was a trap.

    Just like Brodie Smith , Mac was playing almost pure midfield in Marsh two.
    Then when the real stuff starts, they both go back to their familiar roles.( H/B and H/F )

    In this role Mac Pherson gets mostly outside ball, and really needs to rack up big numbers and or hit the scoreboard multiple times to maintain a decent average. Playing for GC this could be a hard ask.

    It seems the coach thinks he is too damaging Forward,and that others like Greenwood are better served in the Midfield.

    If I owned him he would be out the door. I would personally downgrade him to a Fort / long type and use the cash to try to bolster my backline.It seems a few of the rookies maybe on thin ice ( B Zerk and Starc to name a few )

    Best of luck which ever way you go.


    1. I did consider Fort but his job security was what scared me off. The Ruck position at the cats is not nailed on and any of : Rhys Stanley, Darcy Fort and Ratugolea could still share/ make it theirs. Matthew Knight the assistant coach comment post JLT saying it was hazy and they will play any depending on the opposition is not reassuring. Having said that, with 16 rounds left and 30 trades, I guess we can trade more agressively.


  3. Great Article the Salamander. Shame games are still a long way away.
    I want to give a shout out to J. Viney $439,300 (Mid,Melbourne). Devoid of captaincy responsabilities, and playing in the guts, he is a changed player, raking in the numbers. I watched him play in preseason and chose him ahead of Oliver and he repaid the faith. He was free to move around and led the dees is tackles, plus chipped in a goal and Unless they move him out of the middle, he will score well. Imagine him in a easy game where Gawn will tap all these balls for him.. I know he is not young anymore but can we add him to the gems list?


    1. Mark him down as a gem in my team Jeannot, and if it only lasts one game, he got me over the 2k mark and I will relish that while I can.

      Brayshaw, on the other hand did fail, but I have faith so I’ll stick fat.


  4. Great piece Sal.

    Very happy to have started Ceglar and Fort (can’t see Stanley coming back).
    Disappointed with BSmith and English. And having the C on Dunkley!
    English is now Naismith, with Ceglar already FWD as cover.
    Plenty of time to consider what to do with Brodie SMITH.
    Brayshaw’s output was disappointing but I’ll be holding him for a while yet. Happy to have dodged Roberton and Macpherson.
    Haven’t looked at SC or SCT for over a week now. Busy in the garden. Feeling both refreshed and relaxed as a result.

    Hoping everyone is well. That’s the main thing.


    1. Hi All saints. Great you started with Fort. great dodge on Robertson and Macpherson.
      I fell into the Macpherson trap
      For people considering Fort, that’s the article in the Age that made me pull off. The Age March 9th 2020 after their last Marsh series game: Title : Cats remain uncertain on who rucks in round one.
      Cats ‘ assistant coach Matthew Knights had a wry smile when asked how clear the coaches were on who would lead the Cats into battle.

      “Hazy is the best way to describe that,” Knights said.
       ‘The positive is that they are the two ruckmen that have been going at everything in pre-season training so they have had a mountain of work.”

      Knights said selectors would consider the opposition and select the player who best fitted their plans for the Giants, signalling the fact it was going to be a horses for courses policy all season.

      “They have certainly both had a great prep but it doesn’t make it any clearer,” Knights said.

      “Two or three days before GWS we are going to have to solve that riddle. It is pretty tight that one, the ruck duo.”
      It would be remiss of me to say we were leaning one way or the other because that would be totally incorrect at this stage,” Knights said.

      Me: The truth is that as my Cats insider told me :They had just lost 2 ruckmen so they need to give both enough games to keep them happy. The fact that Scott didn’t come out saying who got the job means they will share.
      So if you haven’t started him, it is an info you need to consider bcoz if he is not a keeper, you want him to play every game to at least R10. Then he is cheap enough that with 30 trades for 16 rounds, you can take the luxury. Just remember with a short season it it harder to play catch up.

      In my opinion, it’s a trap . Then English is not my first language so horses for courses Policy all season could mean something else.


  5. AFL comp has just reopened.
    To give an insight of the difference between the two, l’m currently 18th overall…….approx 5o,ooo difference.



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