Rate My Team – 3 Weeks To Go

Written by Duck on February 28 2011

Well, it’s a little over 3 weeks but with only 2 weeks of NAB Cup left and some trial games you should pretty much have your team sorted with only some small changes, or are you still a long way off naming your starting 33?

Let us know what you’ve got so far, who’s still in danger of missing out and who’s locked in.


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214 thoughts on “Rate My Team – 3 Weeks To Go”

  1. Rightio, WobblesRgone mk 4 is as follows:
    God, Eski, Duffman, Grimy, Hurn, Otten, Heppell.(McKernan, Poopolo, Duigan)
    Swan, Joey, Boyd, Lids, Kennedy, Mzungu.(Swallow, Callinan, Schneider)
    Cox, Jolly. (Bailey, Macauley)
    Voldt, Delicious, StevieJ, Reg, Missy, Kraka, Richardson. (Matera, Michie, Darling) $5,200 left, Thanks.


  2. B: Goodard(vc), Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Puopolo (Toy, Hibberd, Batchelor)

    M: Swan (c), Montagna, Boyd, Anthony, Swallow, Harris (Heppell, Mzungu, Callinan)

    R: Sandilands, Jolly (Z Smith, Derickx)

    F: N Riewoldt, Pavlich, Rioli, Goodes, Higgins, Krakouer, Richardson (Matera, Michie, I Smith)

    Bank: $16,400


  3. Please give me advice or trades
    Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Connors, Hurley, Otten, Heppell
    Res:Toy, Wastson, Puopolo
    Mid: Swan, Montagna, Murphy, Boyd, Sheppard, Krakouer
    Res: Swallow, Harris, Callinan
    Ruc: Ryder, Fraser
    Res: Smith, Bailey
    Fwd: Chapman, Pavlich, Rioli, McGlynn, Higgins, Knights, Mzungu
    Res: Matera, McKernan, Smith


  4. Alright guys.
    Do you think you would be better off leaving Chappy in the mids as a DPP player, or getting Swan and screwing the fwd/mid DPP.
    I know the DPP is important, but this is Swan we’re talking about.
    I’ve changed it about 7 times. Love some input.


  5. Backs: Godd, Gibbs, Deledio, Grimes, Adcock, Suban, Otten
    Emg: Toy, Duigan, Poupolo

    Mids: Swan, Judd, Selwood, Montagna, Heppell, Callinan
    Emg: D.Swallow, Harris, Wallis

    Rucks: Sandi, Petrie
    Emg: Bailey, Derickx

    Fwds: Chappy, Pav, Rioli, ROK, Knights, A.Krakouer,Mzungu
    Emg: Richardson,Mckernan,Darling


  6. Im a little concerned about the blues and cats boys because of the byes in the finals but theyre so good, it would be a waste not to have them in the regular season


  7. Backs: Gibbs Deledio Enright Adcock M.Brown Wood Heppell
    Bench: McKernan Batchelor Magin

    Mids: Goddard Hodge Bartel Goodes Kennedy D.Swallow
    Bench: Harris Liberatore Cullinan

    Rucks: Sandilands Seaby
    Bench: Derickx Campbell

    Forwards: Riewoldt Franklin Pavlich Higgins Mayne Dangerfield Prestia
    Bench: Mzungu Richardson Schneider


  8. BACKS: Goddard, Broughton, Deledio, Grimes, Adcock, Otten, Heppell
    (Puopolo, Toy, Duigan)
    MIDS: Swan, Montagna, Bartel, J.P Kennedy, Higgins, Gaff
    (Swallow, Harris, Mzungu)
    RUCKS: Jolly, Cox
    (Smith, Derickx)
    Forwards: Riewoldt, Pav, Rioli, Dangerfield, Zaharakis, Petrie, A.Krakouer
    (Matera, C.Richardson, Callinan)
    Thinking about trading out Petrie for Veszpremi, also concerned about Adcock?


  9. please rate my team!

    B: Goddard Gibbs Broughton Gilbee Grimes Otten Heppell (Toy Puopolo Duigan)
    M: Swan (c) J. Watson Bartel Deledio Krackouer D. Swallow (Harris, Mzungu Wallis)
    F: M. Riewoldt Pavlich Rioli Goodes Higgins Knights Petrie (Richarson, I. Smith, Callihan)
    R: Cox Hale (Smith Campbell)

    5000$$$ left–


  10. Here are my Locks so far
    D: Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Otten and Heppell
    M: Swan, Judd, J. Selwood and D. Swallow
    R: Jolly and Cox
    F: N. Voldt, Sizzle, Higs, Krak and Mzungu.


  11. Gibbs Deledio Bruce Broughton Connors Otten Heppell (Toy Browne Duigan)

    Swan Goddard Boyd Kennedy Krakouer Swallow (Mzungu Callinan Hibberd)

    Sandilands Jolly (Smith McCauley)

    Chapman N.Riewoldt Rioli Sylvia Knights Petrie Prestia (Darling Richardson I.Smith).

    By the way Gaff or Prestia am having second thoughts on Gaff after seein his scores in Nab


  12. More interested in thoughts on a particular line than overall

    In V2 of my team my fwd line is:
    Riewoldt, Franklin, Higgins, Dangerfield, Petrie, Krakouer, Richardson, Matera, Mzungu, I Smith

    My gut reaction is that i’ve got only 2 guns, 4 with ??, and 4 rookies .. and that it’s overly risky (too many project players)

    V1 was same but i had Jono Brown, RO’K and Gamble instead of Higgins, Petrie and Smith (freed up cash to upgrade R Tarrant into Deledio in def)



  13. Ok haven’t asked for much help this year yet….. Very happy with my team so far but not sure about Priddis or jack, hodge or Goddard and I’m still not sold on Higgins thinking maybe rok. Plenty if cash left any advice would be good


  14. Hi all, long time reader first time commentator…

    I won’t bore you with my team, it’s basically the same as most others.

    However I have two ‘uniques’ I think i’d like feedback on that I have barely seen in anyone’s teams?

    Jordy Russell – used to hate him given my love of the Blues, but think he has turned the corner and at $420k could be good value

    B Macaffer – looks to me to be great value at just under $400k for someone who i think will be in the 90’s most weeks?

    Am I way off or have people considered and left them out for some reason?

    Also have S Higgins in my team at the minute but been burnt (baby) by him two years running – he does offer DPP but if he gets injured early that’s all gone to shite…thinking C Ward as a replacement but doesn’t offer DPP?


  15. oh…shizen, make that three uniques.

    M Johnson from Freo. Off the gear and ready for a break out year.



  16. hello boys and girls!!
    check this out
    backs: gibbs, deledio, broughton, grimes, otten, heppell. coad
    res: duigan, puopolo, toy

    mids: swan, goddard, boyd, pendles, kennedy, harris
    res: swallow, hibberd, calinan

    rucks: sandi, cox
    res: smith, derickx

    forwards: n riewolt, franklin,pavlich, rioli, krak, mzungu, petrie
    res: richardson, prestia, matera

    what do we think??
    any improvements??


  17. hey everyone i havent posted my team here yet so id like some feedback :):)

    Backs; goodard, gibbs, deledio, gilbert, adcock, otten, toy
    reserves; duigan, puopolo, faulks

    Midfield; Swan, Hodge, Judd, Pendlebury, Swallow, Heppel
    reserves; Atley, Harris, wallis

    Rucks; Sandilands, Jolly
    reserves; Z.Smith, Derickx

    Forwards; Chapman, Franklin, N Reiwoldt, Dangerfield, C.Knights, Krakourer, Mzungu
    reserves; Calinan, I.Smith, Richardson,


  18. Would apprciate your thoughts SC Guns!!
    Please rate my team!
    B: Goodard, Gibbs, Deleddio, Broughtman, Grimes, Ottens, Heppell
    (Toy, Batchelor, Duigon)
    C: Ablett, Swan, Judd, J.Kennedy,D.Swallow, Polec,
    (Conca, Mzungu, Callinan)
    R: Cox, Fraser ( J.Redden, Derrickx)
    F:Chapaman, Riewoldt, Didak, Rioli, Petrie, Veszpremi(Kraukour), Prestia
    (Richardson, McKernan, Skinner)


  19. Hi all,
    I am new to this and looking for some feedback. I am female who wants very badly to beat her brothers! This is what I am thinking:
    Back: Goddard, Gibbs, Shaw, Grimes, Otten, Heppell, Hunt (Puopolo, Stanley, Hibberd)
    Mid: Swan, Judd, Selwood, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Mzungu (Swallow, Harris, Wallis)
    Ruck: Sandilands, Cox (Smith, Derickx)
    Forward: Goodes, Chappy, Riewoldt, Higgins, A. Krakouer, Gamble, Richardson (Michie, Smith, Callinan)


  20. backs:goddard,gibbs,grimes,bock,hurley,otten,heppell,res:cheney,jacobs,toy


  21. A few thoughts:
    Grimes v Broughton
    Kroukour vs Veszpremi
    Petrie v C Knights
    Didak v J.Brown v Rioli
    Hodge v J Kennedy
    Matera v Prestia
    Conca v Polec


  22. finished playing around with my squad now looks somethin like this

    Backs: goddard, broughton, newman, grimes, heppel, otten, puopolo (toy, stanley, duigan)
    Mids: Swan, watson, gibbs, sidebottom, anthony, Mzungu (swallow,harris,atley)
    Rucks: Sandi, trengove (cordy, Derickx)
    Forwards: Nick R, frankilin, Pav, higgins, Stevie J, cyril, Richardson (prestia, callinan, T Schnieder


  23. Just noticed that McIntosh will have surgery this week. Could be good signs for Petrie having more of a role around the ground. He is back in the mix for me.


  24. Anyone have any ideas for my team, long time reader first time player.. 🙂

    Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Grimes, Everitt, Otten, Heppell (Duigan, Watson, Hibberd)

    Swan, Judd, Hodge, Montagna, (Anthony/Foley), D.Swallow (Harris, Mzungu, Wallis)

    Sandilands, Warnock (Fraser, Bailey)

    Riewoldt, Pavlich, Higgens, Knights, Petrie, Krakouer, Richardson (Prestia, Pitt, Smith)

    Help would be great I want to beat my smart a!# brother 🙂


  25. Still a few tweaks needed, but here is what I have so far….

    B: Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Deledio, J. Drummond, C. Tarrant, A. Otten, D. Heppel
    (EMER: J. Toy, N. Duigan, P. Puopolo)

    M: D. Swan, C. Judd, L. Hodge, P. Dangerfield, D. Swallow, D, Harris
    (EMER: N. Winmar, M. Evans, C. Hay)

    R: A. Sandilands, D. Jolly
    (EMER: D. Petrie, R. Campbell)

    F: N. Riewoldt, A. Didak, M. Pavlich, C. Rioli, J. Riewoldt, A. Krakouer, T. Mzungu
    (EMER: J. Ferguson, A. Hamp, I. Callinan)

    Remaining: $114,800

    Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated


  26. Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Grimes, Suckling, Otten, Hibberd, B Smith, O’Shea, Duigan

    Mid: Swan, J Selwood, Murphy, Deledio, Sidebottom, Swallow, Heppell, Mzungu, Liberatore

    Ruck: Sandliands, Petrie, Clarke, Dericx

    Fwd: N Reiwoldt, Franklin, Higgins, Morton, Tippett, Kakour, R Kerr, Richardson, Lamb, Callinan


  27. my team today changing weekly but getting settled

    god gibbs enright grimes hurn otten heppell
    – toy duigan puopolo

    swan montagna murphy boyd kennedy d swallow
    – harris hibberb callinan

    cox warnock
    – campbell derickx

    n riewoldt rioli waite higgins hurley krakouer prestia
    – richardson mzungu darling

    remaining $ 0


  28. 1. Goddard, B
    2. Malceski, N
    3. Scotland, H
    4. Connors, D
    5. Drummond, J
    6. Murphy, R
    7. Otten,
    23. Toy, J
    24. Puopolo, P
    25. Duigan, N

    d 8. Ablett, G
    9. Swan, D
    10. Montagna, L
    11. Masten, C
    12. Krakouer, A
    13. Gaff, A
    26. Speight, B
    27. Heppell, D
    28. Jacobs, B

    s 14. Sandilands, A
    15. Jolly, D
    29. Smith, Z Pts:
    30. Campbell, R

    s 16. Riewoldt, N
    17. Franklin, L
    19. Dangerfield, P
    20. Walters, M
    21. Petrie, D
    22. Richardson, C
    31. Mzungu, T
    32. Talia, D
    33. Lamb, J


  29. My final team before kick off any advice welcome

    Back: God, duigan, Gibbs, hepple Otten grimes Broughton

    Mid: Watson pendles swallow Boyd hodge montagna

    Ruck: sandilands jolly

    Forward: pav krakeour rioli mzungu s,Johnson hardingham that’s it sorry I haven’t put Bench as i can’t remember them off top of my head


  30. i have noticed not too many of you have picked Gold Coast Gazza?
    Is there something obvious i am over looking?
    He is priceless right?


  31. I have noticed that not many off you have Gold Coast Gazza?
    Is there something i am over looking?
    He is priceless right?


  32. My experimental team of players $500k or below:

    Backs: Deledio, Johncock, Broughton, Enright, Grimes, Otten, Heppel (Stanley, Puopolo, Duigan)
    Mids: Bartel, Pavlich, J Kennedy, Foley, Anthony, Swallow (Harris, Oakley-Nichols, Hibberd)
    Ruck: Cox, Jolly (Petrie, Smith)
    Frwds: Green, Rioli, Sylvia, Higgins, Roughead, Dangerfield, Krakeour (Prestia, Mzungu, Matera)

    Keen to hear your thoughts. I still think I’ve managed 10-13 100+ players. Still $162k in the bank.


  33. Although I won’t have him I’d still like to ask the question is anyone going to look at Barlow this year


  34. I would be interested to hear what you think of my mids:

    M: Swan, Joey, Chappy, Lids, Swallow, Harris (Polec, Hibberd, Callinan)

    I am trying to maximise the DPP option. What do you think?


  35. Thoughts???

    Backs – Goddard, Gibbs, Drummond, MacDonald, Krakouer, Otten, Heppell (Smith, Toy, Duigan)

    Mids – Swan, Judd, Boak, Kennedy, Foley, Swallow (Polek, Harris, Smith)

    Rucks – Sandilands, Jolly (Seaby, Smith)

    Fowards – Riewoldt, Rioli, Johnson, Petterd, Grant, Krakouer, Mzungu (Richardson, Matera, Callinan)


  36. First year player, appreciate any help.
    B: Goodard, Gibbs, Deledio, Grimes, Suban, Ottens, Heppell
    (Smith, Puopolo, Duigan)
    C: Swan, Selwood, Montagna, Boak, Kennedy, Wallis
    (Swallow, Harris, Hibberd)
    R: Sandilands, Cox ( Smith, J Redden)
    F: N Riewoldt, Sylvia, Higgins, Morton, Duncan, Krakouer, Mzungu
    (Richards, Darling, Callinan)


  37. B:Giibs, Bruce, Deledio, Malceski, Grimes, Brown(WCE), Otten (Cheney,Toy,Gillies)
    Mids: Goddard, Swan, Morton, Huoli, Gaff, Heppel ( Swallow,Harris,Beams)
    Rucks: Cox, Jolly ( Smith, Derickx)
    Forwards: Volt, Franklin, Brown, Higgins, Green, Krakour, Mzungu
    (Richardson, Matera, Darling)

    I have 6k left, Any feedback would be great, 🙂 Thanks guys.


  38. Hi everyone,
    I have been changing my team on a daily basis but pretty happy with tonights revisions. Any comments, suggestions etc. would be great! Oh, and it’s set up for round one 🙂

    Def: Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Hurn, Otten, Heppell
    (Toy, Duigan, Puopolo)
    Mid: Swan, Pavlich, Montagna, Boyd, Kennedy, Mzungu
    (D Swallow, Harris, Hibberd)
    Ruck: Cox, Jolly
    (Derickx, J Tippet)
    Fwd: N Reiwoldt, S Johnson, Goodes, Higgins, Krakouer, Gamble, Richardson
    (McKernan, I Smith, Petrie)


  39. (Have $35,600 left)

    Back: Goddard*, Gibbs*, Deledio*, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Coad
    (Toy, Duigan, Puopolo)
    Mid: Swan, Montagna, Anthony, D.Swallow, Harris, Polec
    (Heppel*, Atley, Mzungu^)
    Ruck: Sandilands, Jolly
    (Petrie, Z.Smith)
    Fwd: Chapman^, N.Riewoldt, Franklin, Rioli, Higgins^, Krakouer, Prestia^
    (Matera, Richardson, Callinan)

    * = Defence/Midfield MPP
    ^ = Midfield/Foward MPP


  40. Almost set in concrete now, barring any serious mishaps or suspensions or great performances from someone not selected ! (Multi-position players marked ” * “) Here goes – any thoughts ? :

    Bank = $64,000
    DEF: N.Malceski, B.Goddard*, M.Hurley*, E. Wood, A.Otten, B.Smith, N.Duigan (N.Bock, B.Jacobs*, P,Puopolo)

    MID: D.Swan, J.Selwood, B.Gibbs*, M.Pavlich*, G.Rohan*, A.Krakouer* (D.Swallow, D.Heppel*, D.Harris)

    RUC: M.Jamar, D.Jolly (K.Tippett*, Z.Smith)

    FWD: N.Riewoldt, J.Riewoldt, S.Higgins*, D.Zaharakis*, L.McPharlin*, J.Watts, T.Mzungu* (D.Petrie*, J.Lamb, I.Smith*)


  41. Advice or rating out of 10 please
    DEF:Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Bock, Sheppard, Otten, Heppell
    Res: McKernan, Batchelor, Duigan
    MID: Swan, Montagna, Boyd, Corey, Anthony, Harris
    Res: Wallis, Smith, Callinan
    RUC: Cox, Sandilands
    Res: Campbell, Redden
    FWD: Riewoldt, Franklin, Pavlich, Goodes, Higgins, Prestia, Mzungu
    Res: Richardson, Scneider, Matera


  42. Anyone looking at getting robbie tarrant from kangas?
    Plus who do people think is better, Toy or Coad from GC?


  43. Been staring at my team way too long and starting to climb the walls of the coach’s box. Thought I might get a fresh point of view.

    Any thoughts?

    DEF: Goddard, Bruce, Deledio, Grimes, Otten, Heppell, D.Stanley (Toy, Duigan, Puopolo)
    MID: Swan, Hodge, Chapman, Boyd, Gibbs, Prestia, (Harris, Mzungu, Hibberd)
    RUC: Sandilands, Cox (Z.Smith, T.Derickx)
    FWD: Riewoldt, Franklin, Higgins, Morton, Petrie, Krakoeur Matera (Richardson, Smith, Callinan)

    CASH LEFT: $62,400


  44. What do you guys think of tarrant back at the pies?
    Ive got suban locked in my backline but starting to reconsider swapping him out for tarrant, he could be out proove something??? big year?



  45. Don’t know mate. Think Tarrant might be taking off where Presti left off. Good footballer but not a massive point scorer.

    Maybe look at saving some bucks and bringing in another rook.


  46. thoughts

    goddard, gibbs, grimes, drummond, suban, hurley, otten – (hibberd – puoplo – duigan

    swan, pendles, hodge, bartel, zaharkis, heppell, (prestia, harris, smith)

    sandi petrie (smith- bailey)

    N.reiwoldt, chappy, rioli, higgins, knights, krakouer, richardson, (mzungu, calinan, matera)


  47. I’ve got too many rookies in my mids and a heap of cash (almost $500k)

    Which rookie would you lose?
    D Swallow, Gaff, Heppell, Harris, Mzungu, I Smith, Callinan

    Thinking of upgrading to Boyd, but Kennedy is interesting, thoughts?


  48. Advice or rating out of 10 please
    DEF:Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Bock, Sheppard, Otten, Heppell
    Res: McKernan, Batchelor, Duigan
    MID: Swan, Montagna, Boyd, Corey, Anthony, Harris
    Res: Wallis, Smith, Callinan
    RUC: Cox, Sandilands
    Res: Campbell, Moran
    FWD: Riewoldt, Franklin, Pavlich, Goodes, Higgins, Prestia, Mzungu
    Res: Richardson, Scneider, Matera


  49. Rate mine please, i think it needs a bit of work. cheers!

    1. Goddard, B Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    2. Gibbs, B Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    3. Grimes, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    4. Tarrant, C Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    5. Hunt, T Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    6. Otten, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    7. Heppell, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    23. Toy, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    24. Duigan, N Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    25. Puopolo, P Pts:0 Avg:N/A

    d 8. Swan, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    9. Selwood, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    10. Murphy, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    11. Kennedy, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    12. Martin, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    13. Gaff, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    26. Swallow, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    27. Polec, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    28. Callinan, I Pts:0 Avg:N/A

    s 14. Sandilands, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    15. Clark, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    29. Fraser, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    30. Bailey, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A

    s 16. Brown, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    17. Rioli, C Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    18. Riewoldt, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    19. Higgins, S Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    20. Knights, C Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    21. Krakouer, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    22. Gamble, R Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    31. Richardson, C Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    32. Mzungu, T Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    33. Lamb, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A


  50. Godd, gibbs, deled, grimes, otten, heppel, hibberd, stanley, talia, duigan

    swan, judd, watson, danger, krak, swall, harris, gaff, wallis

    sandi, vicker, smith, mcnamara (i really liked his last nab cup game)

    chap, roo, pav, goodes, waite, zaha, prestia, richo, mzungu, schinieder

    let me know!


  51. Thoughts and advice please
    DEF:Goddard / Deledio / Duffield / Grimes / Sheppard / Otten / Heppell
    Res: Toy / Batchelor / Duigan

    MID: Montagna / Boyd / Gibbs / Sewell / Corey / Anthony
    Res: Harris / Prestia / Houlihan

    RUC: Cox / Luenberger
    Res: Moran / Derrickx

    FWD: Riewoldt / Pavlich / Goodes / Johnson / Higgins / Mzungu / Richardson
    Res: Callinan / Smith / Matera


  52. Hey, made a lot of changes.
    B: Gibbs*, Deledio*, Broughton, Grimes, Ottens, Tarrant, Heppel*
    (Hibberd*, Puopolo, Duigan)
    C: Goddard*, Swallow, Beams, Kennedy, Crotchin, Higgins*
    (Swallow, Harris, Jacobs*)
    R: Sandilands, Cox ( Petrie, Smith)
    F: Chapman*, Franklin, McGlynn*, Morton*, Knights, Krakouer*, Mzungu*
    (Richards, Miche, Callinan)

    Still choosing between Beams or Sidebottom.
    * MPP


  53. Hey guys love this site would anyone be able to help me choose between Dangerfield or Higgens? Or both? But would apprectiate one or the other. cheers


  54. Feel really happy with version 3.0 of my team. Please feel free to tear it to shreds.

    DEF: Goddard (D/M), Deledio (D/M), Broughton, Grimes, Hurn, Otten, Heppell (D/M) .. Coad, Lester, Puopolo
    MID: Swan, Judd, Selwood, A. Swallow, D. Swallow, Harris .. Mzungu, Hibberd (D/M), Wallis
    RUCK: Sandilands, Jolly .. J. Tippett (F/R), Smith
    FWD: Riewoldt, Franklin, Brown, Higgins (F/M), Petrie (F/R), Krakouer (F/M), Richardson .. Matera, Smith (F/M), Callinan (F/M)

    >> Still not sure if Tippett is worth selecting purely ’cause of the flexibility it gives me with Petrie
    >> Not sure about the rookie defenders. Kinda locked into Lester i know the kid but the others…
    >> Originally was going to have Hodge instead of Judd ’cause of Rnd 23 bye but i don’t like the sound of Hodgey’s achilles. Wanted Joey but i don’t want 3 guns from the one team ’cause of the byes.


  55. Let me know what u think people, still early days though

    DEF: Goddard (D/M), Gibbs (D/M), Deledio (D/M), Grimes, N. Krakouer, Otten, Heppell (D/M)
    RES: Duigan, Puopolo, Hibberd (D/M)

    MID: Judd, Selwood, Pendlebury, Boyd, Dangerfield (M/F), D. Swallow
    RES: Gaff, Harris, Atley

    RUCK: Cox, Hale (R/F)
    RES: Zac Smith, Robbert Campbell

    FWD: Riewoldt, Pavlich (M/F), Rioli, Brennan (M/F), Higgins (M/F), Petrie (R/F), A. Krakouer (M/F)
    RES: Matera, Mzungu (M/F), Callinan (M/F)


  56. At this point my team is changing about every 20 minutes!
    Getting close though.

    Backs: Godd, Gibbs, Deledio, Grimes, Adcock, Suban, Otten
    Emg: Mckernan,hibberd,duigan

    Emg: swallow,harris,liber

    Rucks: Cox, jolly
    Emg: smith,derickx

    Fwds: Franklin,didak,rok,danger,vezpremi,krakouer,c.richardson



  57. just wanting to know what anyone thinks of my team as this is my first year for supercoach, any feed back would be much apreciated.

    Def: scotland, chaplin, grimes, drummond, waters, wood, otten
    res: duigan, davis, toy

    Mid: judd, montagna, selwood, priddis, swallow, sidebottom
    res: harris,smith, twomey

    Ruck: mumford, cox, res: smith, derickx

    Forwards: brown,higgins, pavlich, krakouer, petrie, williams, knights

    res:mzungu, johnston, schneider


  58. Anyone know why supercoach gold rates jason davenport from port so highly…they have him with a 94 avg after 3 games…and barry hall with 104 after 3 games…these figures seem to be way off


  59. I’m running the guns and rookies structure, updated from previous post.

    Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Johncock, Broughton, Grimes, Otten
    Res: Coad, Stanley D, Duigan
    Mid: Swan, Krakouer A, Heppell, Mzungu, Atley, Hibberd
    Res: Harris, Swallow D, Iles
    Rck: Sandilands, Cox
    Res: Petrie, Smith Z
    Fwd: Chapman, Riewolt N, Franklin, Rioli, Pavlich, Dangerfield, Richardson C
    Res: Prestia, Matera, Callinan

    Any rookies i’m missing?


  60. Callinana is out for 6 -10, ripped the bicep off the bone!
    Anyone got any ideas on a good replacement? And please, no more GC kids.


  61. Backline- Goddard,gibbs,deledio,johncock,broughton,grimes,otten




    hey fellowz can u boys tear my team to shreds for me and give me some advice on where i could improve i have a similar strategy to the guy above


  62. callinan is out for 6-8 weeks torn bicep, maybe replace with schinider from hawks but he is on their rookie list, for your bench in midfield, you need players that will play from the start because gold caost have a bye in round 1 so no swollow. no dick in foward line probably better for going petrie and finding a good bench option to cover him for the weeks 1 and 3, i’ve gone with the idea of putting a about 5-6 cold coast boys on my bench throughout my team, mainly because they are very cheap and you know they will all play whereas somone like daw may get a few games but not too many.


  63. I need some help from the brains trust.
    Johncock, bruce, gilbee, duff – who is the best pick?


  64. Hi guys feedback on my time would be great!

    DEF: Goddard – Deledio – Broughton – Grimes – Connors – Otten – Heppel

    RES: Toy – Hibberd – Andreoli

    MID: Judd – Selwood – Pendlebury – Boyd – Boak – D Swallow

    RES: Harris – Buckley – Smith

    RCK: Cox – Warnock

    RES: Smith – McCulloch

    FRD: Riewoldt – Franklin – Pavlich – Johnson – Krakouer – Mckernan – Mzungu

    RES: Matera – Richardson – Schnieder


  65. here is my team for 2011 it about my 10th go but i think I’ve got it good now.
    Backs: goodard,Gibbs,grimes,hurn,adcock,otten,heppell
    any feedback would be greatly appreciated positive or negative.


  66. Getting close to a lock (obviously barring any other Callinan style mini tragedies and keeping Rd 1 selection in mind) but would appreciate a fresh set of eyes and any thoughts.

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Puopolo
    (Stanley, Toy, Hibberd)

    MID: Swan, Chapman, Kennedy, Anthony, Houli, Heppell
    (Swallow, Harris, Smith)

    RUC: Sandilands, Cox
    (Smith, Derickx)

    FWD: Reiwoldt, Franklin, McGlynn, Higgins, Petrie, Krakoeur, Mzungu
    (Prestia, Richardson, Matera)

    CASH LEFT: $30,000


  67. made some changes to my team
    goddard, gibbs, enright, gilbee, drummond, otten, heppell (talia, duigan, poupolo)
    swan, judd, selwood, cross, deledio, D swallow (conca, harris, I smith)
    sandilands, jolly (Z smith, m bailey)
    chapman, N riewoldt, C knights, petrie, A krakeour, mzungu, matera (C richardson, mckernan, darling)
    thinking about changing riewoldt to franklin. I’m also very unsure of how many games my rookies wil get.
    have 1,700 left


  68. My current team is

    B- Gibbs, Bruce, Deledio, Brougton, Grimes, Otten, Heppell (Toy, A.Browne, Duigan)

    C- Swan, Goddard, Boyd, J.P.Kennedy, D.Swallow, Conca (I.Smith, Hibberd, Harris)

    R- Sandilands, Cox (Smith, McCauley)

    F- N.Riewoldt, Goodes, Rioli, Sylvia, Knights, Petrie, Krakouer (Mzungu, Richardson, Matera)

    Going for overall. Thoughts appreciated.


  69. here is my team for 2011 it about my 10th go but i think I’ve got it good now.
    Backs: goodard,Gibbs,grimes,hurn,adcock,otten,heppell
    any feedback would be greatly appreciated positive or negative.


  70. DEF: B.Gibbs, Goddard, J.Grimes, Deledio, Broughton, Heppell, A.Otten.
    Bench: Toy, Puopolo, N.Duigan.

    MID: D.Swan, M. Priddis, M. Boyd, A. Goodes, D. Swallow, D. Harris.
    Bench: Atley, M.Hibberd, I Smith

    RM: A. Sandilands, D. Cox.
    Bench: Z.Smith, T. Derickx.

    FWD: N.Riewoldt, Pavlich, C. Rioli, S.Higgins, P. Dangerfield, A.Krakouer, T. Mzungu
    Bench: C.Richardson, B. Matera, J. Darling.

    Money remaining: $11,800

    Massive question marks as to what to do with the midfield (Priddis). Would have Pendles in there instead, but then when Collingwood have a bye I get a munted midfield.

    Anybody got any advice?


  71. DEF : B. Gibbs, C. Bruce, C. Enright, N. Bock, A. Otten, D. Heppel, P. Puopolo
    ( D Talia, J. Toy, N. Duigan)

    MID: B. goddard, C. Judd, J. Selwood, L hodge, D swallow, Tmzungu
    (A. Gaff, D harris, C Beams)

    FWD: P. Chapman, N. Riewolt, B Harvey, C Rioli, S higgins, A krakouer, R Gamble
    (C richardson, I Smith, J. Lamb )

    Money left: $2,100
    Anyone got any advice, should i dg some players in the mid to fill up forward line? and any subs i should make? Thanks 🙂


  72. AFL.com has an article about Hodgey’s achilles. One line jumped out to me.

    “People think we’re duck shoving an answer [on Hodge’s fitness], but it really is about assessing whatever level he gets to and then working out where he goes to from there.”

    Could someone please tell me what duck shoving is??


  73. Current line up for comment. Note that Suns players + Petrie are already benched for round 1. Still leaves a bit of flexibility to move some of the DPP around if some are not named.

    1. Goddard, B
    2. Bruce, C
    3. Deledio, B
    4. Duffield, P
    5. Adcock, J
    6. Otten, A
    7. Cheney, K

    23. Tape, S
    24. Smedts, B
    25. Talia, D

    8. Swan, D
    9. Bartel, J
    10. Mitchell, S
    11. Rohan, G
    12. Gaff, A
    13. Heppell, D

    26. Swallow, D
    27. Conca, R
    28. Mzungu, T

    14. Cox, D
    15. Warnock, R

    29. Tippett, J
    30. Derickx, T

    16. Riewoldt, N
    17. Didak, A
    18. Goodes, A
    19. Higgins, S
    20. Hurley, M
    21. Krakouer, A
    22. Cook, L

    31. Brennan, J
    32. Petrie, D
    33. McKernan, S


  74. I think Chappy may be very highly priced and has a few injuries following him. Possibly wont play Round 1. I am deciding whether to keep him or trade im for a Harvey, Franklin or Pav. What are your thoughts?


  75. I would appreciate some comments if anyone has any. Obviously Callinan has to go.

    Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, A. Otten, Cheney.
    (Hunt, Toy, Duigan)
    Mids: Chappy, Montagna, Pendles, Higgins, Gaff, Heppell
    (Swallow, Harris, hibberb)
    Rucks: Cox, Jolly
    (Smith, J. Tippett)
    N.Riewoldt, Franklin, Pav, Rioli, Krakeour, Gamble, Mzungu
    (Petrie, Matera,Callinan)



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