Rate My Team – Team 3

Written by Motts on February 24 2010

Krispy’s Team

B. Goddard
S. Goodwin
L. Hodge
N. Krakouer
C. Hooker
J. Hunt
B. Sheppard
M. Maguire (emg)
P. Davis (emg)

L. Montagna
D. Swan
S. Mitchell
S. Burgoyne
T. Scully
A. Morabito
L. Jetta (emg)
L. Shuey (emg)

D. Jolly
K. Tippett
R. Warnock (emg)
W. Skipper (emg)

A. Goodes
A. Didak
L. Franklin
B. Hall
P. Medhurst
B. Burton
A. Wonaeamirri
T. Rockliff (emg)
J. Podsiadly (emg)

First spot I always look when either I’m reviewing a team or coming up against them during the year is the midfield. What a punter has spent there will dictate what money he has left over for the other positions. It’s the most important section of your team. You can’t knock the ability of the first 3 blokes in Krispy’s team but to have all three of them in the one team leaves him short in other areas – the most glaring example being with two first year players rounding out his Mids. With a couple of injuries in his frontline he’s going to need to re-tool a little but overall I think this is a pretty fair effort – not much cash on the bench, good captaincy options, nice mix of DPP’s, and a few cash cows. 7.5/10.

Defenders – I can’t argue with Goddard but gee he better pull his finger out after his 52 against the Pies on Friday. Hodge should be an automatic inclusion in everybody’s teams. Krakouer is an interesting one – capable of big scores as evidenced by his 120 against the Crows the other day but did only average 70 last year. I’d have to give this selection a tick subject to how he goes in the next couple of matches. Cale Hooker – sure he had a 99 against WC but his 2009 average was only 62 over 15 games. Bit risky if you ask me. J Hunt I like but putting first year player B Sheppard on the field is a risk. Looking at the $$ you’ve spent at other positions though I can understand why you needed to do it. Maguire I commented on yesterday and Davis I want to see more of before making a final decision. Just have some back-up options ready in case he continues to score around the 23 he got against Port.

Mids – Montagna, Swan, Mitchell – pretty bloody awesome trio that you’d be more than a little worried about as a competitor but its almost a fifth of your salary cap on 3 players who aren’t likely to go up too much more in value. Why don’t you swap out Montagna for Bartel? Sure you’re sacrificing the 17 extra points a week on average that Montagna is going to deliver you but that then gives you an extra $90k to spend on that last on-field spot in your backline. Rick Ladson is only $100k more than Sheppard, is sure to get played and averaged 58 last year. Just a thought. If injury-free Burgoyne is a steal for $386k – I’d just like to see him run around a couple of weeks in a row before committing to him. Two first year players on the field, even though they both went Top 5 in the draft, is a worry. Jetta looked magnificent the other night and Shuey is worth a punt.

Ruck – No issues here other than Jolly’s performance on Friday night (52). He’ll bounce back though.

Forwards – Couple of issues here. The injury list at this time of year is one of the best resources you have available to you. You’ll find a link to it at the top of the page. Wona is “hoping to be available for round 1 after a succession of hamstring injuries” and Burton “is in doubt for round 1 after an arthroscopy”. Both have got to go. Goodes, Didak and Franklin are all great scorers – tick, tick and tick. I like Hall, the 69 he averaged in 11 matches last year will go up with better delivery this year. You just have to hope he’s got his head on straight this year because he’ll lose games (and may even get sacked by the club) if/when the red mist descends again in a match. Medhurst only played 16 games last year but had a great game the other night and looks to be back to his 2008 form which makes him a steal for $320k. Bench looks good


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4 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Team 3”

  1. Thanks MOTTS! Appreciate the analysis…

    It’s a tough one this year with such quality rookies in the mid… It appears the midfield has the most rookie benefits this year, gold mines waiting to “show me the money!”… just have to make sure to pick the right ones ;). I guess its a risk for the first few rounds anyway when they won’t be taking home the big scores for me! … anyones thoughts?

    Cheers for the heads up with the forwards… I’ll makes sure I’m up-to-date with the injuries before the first bounce!

    You’re probably right about the power-house mid too…Montagna-Swam-Mitchell are a huge trio… which means I’m short on cash for the other spots… I might take you up on the suggestion with the Montagna-Bartel swap… Had Bartel last year.. so I do dig him!


  2. I don’t mind the idea of starting 1st year players on the field. I’m changing tactics a bit on previous years.
    My thinking is that as long as your player is likely to play the 1st 3 rounds, then it should be fine due to the 1st 3 rounds not being against any competition. This gives you the time to assess whether they are likely to hang around or not. Martin for the Tigers I think will play every week. What he’ll score is anyone’s guess.
    And not to mention, you get to spend the dosh somewhere else. So instead of having a mediocre player, you get a premium.
    Of course, if things don’t go to plan, you have to burn a couple of trades.


  3. yeah I guess that is the side-effect…wasting trades… but if you can pull it of… you can make heaps of cash.. and upgrade to your premiums.. I also am going to try to play it differently this year… It’s a risk, but the rewards can be huge..

    In terms of starting rookies on the field, there’s not many to choose from for the forwards and the backs… plenty in the mid though… Top 5 rookies are all in the mids… giving a couple a run early on might pay huge dividends… bit of a risk though…

    Has anyone seen any outstanding rookies in the front or back during Round1 of the NAB? do tell!


  4. I think Chapman may be over priced as he has an injury cloud. Should i take him or go with a Harvey, Franklin or Pavlich?



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