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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 2 2018

Our very own Nateo is sitting at #19 Overall with four Rounds to go.  If memory serves me correctly, he has four trades left for Finals.  Let’s try and help him get in around the Prizemoney.  What advice have you got for Nateo going into Rd20?

Current line-up for Nathan’s Gunz………

DEF: Yeo (WCE), Simpson (CAR), Lloyd (SYD), Laird (ADE), Crisp (COL), Ryan (FRE) (Austin (STK), Ridley (ESS))

MID: T.Mitchell (HAW), Cripps (CAR), Dangerfield (GEE), Merrett (ESS), Neale (FRE), Oliver (MEL), Gaff (WCE), Coniglio (GWS) (Giro (FRE), J.Smith (MEL), Spargo (MEL))

RUCK: Gawn (MEL), S.Martin (BRL) (Olango (WCE))

FWD: Heeney (SYD), D.Smith (ESS), Westhoff (PTA), R.Gray (PTA), McClean (WBD), Ahern (NTH)  (Franklin (SYD), Spargo (MEL))


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20 thoughts on “Rate Nathan’s Gunz”

  1. I would be looking to add an extra Def and Fwd that you can loophole for best scores. I think that’s where you are weakest at the moment.

    19th is an awesome position this late in the year. Well done.


  2. Doing well to have Spargo on two lines. That’s impressive trading and that’s what sets Nateo apart from the rest of us. 😉


  3. Macrae stands out as the obvious midfield luxury trade. Would likely set Nateo apart from some of the other top 20 teams.


  4. Awesome team Nateo! Good luck on your run to the top 10!

    Ridley is going to be a difficult non-playing loophole for the rest of the year as Essendon have all friday night games (bar the first saturday game this week). So defense would be your priority as you may not have that loophole privilege given Austin’s similar situation. Trading Ryan to Webster at bargain price? You could then use that cash to upgrade Buddy to McDonald or even Martin to Grundy to eliminate that negative POD against the top 10. Injuries would be a concern for Webster though. There could potentially be better options around the price mark.


  5. Hey lad’s 3 trades with T.Smith in the fwd’s in place of Spargo i play on looping Ahern and Buddy weekly via smith and trading Ryan to Tmac this week leaving me with 2 trades will hold onto them for next week providing no injury then use one the following week as a lux trade and hoping for another the week after. Would love to get guns in now but with premoes always going down i’m gonna hold onto my last 2. Would love Cogs – Mac next week if possible 🙂


    1. Awesome stuff Nateo and best of luck from here. Sounds like a decent plan to me. Out of interest, how’s your bank balance?!


        1. Ryan scored 85 in the derby earlier in the year. not great, but better than his recent puss! he’s due and can go bid (4@120+ in last 11games).

          i have Crisp too. keeping my fingers well and truly crossed on that one. hoping Murray gets the axe to be honest. his putrid 38 last week might help, but with the Pies having SO MANY OUTs down back, it’s unlikely things will change this week!?

          it’s hard to know what to do. if JSmith is dropped this week, i’d almost be tempted to trade Ridley, swing JSmith back and use him as a DEF loophole for two of Crisp, Ryan and Austin, and bring in a basement rookie that’ll boost your cash balance enough to go Uber in covering any eventuality around the corner and luxury trades.

          not easy and with so few games left, there are no right or wrong decisions for mine, given that anyone can produce one massive week. i’d be tempted to HOLD Ryan for that reason and a loophole would help you take care of his sh!t scores in those crucial last two weeks (FRE play Sat afternoons so you can see how he goes, before deciding if you want his score or not).

          All that said, TMac in for Ryan is the percentage move and a trade that will likely boost your points.

          just rambling as usual.

          whatever you decide mate, good luck with it. and remember, you’ve done fantastically well to be in the position you are. enjoy it 😉


          1. Geez that loophole is something i haven’t thought of and honestly i love it i’ll wait for team selection to see what happens. Crisp so annoying prior to me owning him his average last 10 games was 15 him in my team 67 :/


  6. Here is how I rate my team. and how that might apply to your team (and others). The idea is the best playing defender by average is number 1 (laird), the next best is number 2 (Lloyd) and so on. Across all lines, the best possible ranking is 81.

    Best possible current playing players based on ave.
    Laird, Lloyd, Yeo, Simpson, Tmac, Hurn
    Titch, Macrea, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, JKelly, Neale, Gaff
    Gawn, Grundy
    Hoff, Hawk, Heeney, Gray, McLean, Breust

    Your team = 137
    Yeo 3, Simpson 4, Lloyd 2, Laird 1, Crisp 7, Ryan 11
    T.Mitchell 1, Cripps 3, Dangerfield 4, Merrett 27, Neale 7, Oliver 5, Gaff 8, Coniglio 12
    Gawn 1, S.Martin 3
    Heeney 4, D.Smith 7, Westhoff 1, R.Gray 4, McClean 5, Franklin 17

    This does nothing but highlight how many players are in front of those with higher numbers. It does not account for recent form or upcoming opponents. It does highlight how many better options there are in front of Buddy and Merrett.
    If you traded Merrett to JKelly and Buddy to Tmac, it would cost you over $35k but add 25 points per game. 100 over the last 4 weeks. you team ranking would be 102 which is not far off the best possible given our salary cap/cash generation.


  7. I should mention that I use this against my opposing team during SC finals to highlight areas where I might be lacking against them and see if I need to negate a glaring hole by trading in a like for like or if I can rely on a POD that is likely to outscore my opponents corresponding match up.


    1. love ya work mate and i do this too.

      it’s also worth running 5-game and 3-game averages too, to take into account form, more than season (at this time of year). i think it is more informative and gives you a more balanced perspective.

      Doing this, you’d see that Zerrett is actually one of THE FORM MIDs and that Buddy HAS TO GO. Last week preferably 😉

      If nothing else, it helps you with priorities.


        1. Zerret’s average is a lot lower than recent form before the knockout and few games after it was terrible last 10 games average is 112



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