Rate My Team #1

Written by Motts on January 30 2015

SC has now been open for nearly 18 hours. I’ve done about 10 iterations of my team, how’s yours looking?

Puff that chest out and post your boys in Comments. People may tear it to shreds, give you a thumbs up if they like it, or handily tip you that someone like Pearce Hanley won’t be playing for the next 12 weeks because he’s gone in for hip surgery.

Rate My Team posts are like a box of chocolates….


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244 thoughts on “Rate My Team #1”

  1. DEF
    K.Simpson, H.Shaw, M.Hibberd, G.Birchall, B.Waters, J.Hamling (K.McIntosh, H.Goddard)

    G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, J.Kennedy, M.Barlow, N.van Berlo, I.Heeney, B.Boekhorst (A.Vandenberg, J.Laverde, N.Freeman)

    M.Kreuzer, M.Leuenberger (M.Cox)

    B.Deledio, B.Goddard, D.Swan, T.Bellchambers, M.Clark, J.Hogan (C.Daniel, K.Lambert)

    Cash Left


  2. DEF
    1. Nick Malceski
    2. Brodie Smith
    3. Luke Hodge DEF/MID
    4. Andrew Walker
    5. Beau Waters
    6. Hugh Goddard DEF/FWD
    7. Daniel McKenzie DEF/MID
    8. Dillon Viojo-Rainbow

    9. Gary Ablett
    10. Joel Selwood
    11. Travis Boak
    12. Ryan Griffen
    13. Nathan van Berlo
    14. Isaac Heeney
    15. Blaine Boekhorst
    16. Nathan Freeman
    28. Jayden Laverde FWD/MID
    17. Cam Ellis-Yolmen
    18. Nathan Krakouer MID/FWD

    19. Aaron Sandilands
    24. Patrick Ryder FWD/RUC
    20. Toby Nankervis

    21. Brett Deledio FWD/MID
    22. Jimmy Bartel
    23. Brendon Goddard FWD/MID
    25. Dane Swan FWD/MID
    26. Mitch Clark
    27. Jesse Hogan
    29. Caleb Daniel
    30. Mason Cox FWD/RUC


  3. Def: B.Smith, G.Birchall, G.Ibbotson, B.Waters, J.Hamling, D.McKenzie (J.McGuiness, D.Viojo-Rainbow)
    Mid: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe, J.Selwood, O.Wines, J.Anderson, I.Heeney, B.Boekhorst (T.Dumont, N.Freeman, J.Steele)
    Ruck: T.Goldstein, N.Naitanui (S.Durdin)
    Fwd: B.Deledio, B.Goddard, L.Franklin, D.Swan, J.Hogan, M.Clark (C.Daniel, K.Lambert)

    88.1K left over, have at it.


  4. Had today off…this is roughly iteration 137 so far….

    D: Malceski, BSmith, JGibson, Hibberd, Waters, HGoddard (XRichards, Dick)

    M: Ablett, Pendlebury, JSelwood, JPKennedy, Swan, Van Berlo, Cockatoo, Heeney, (Boekhorst, Freeman, Steele)

    R: McEvoy, Naitanui (MCox)

    F: Delidio, Franklin, Bellchambers, Petracca, MClark, Hogan (McBean, Lambert)

    76K spare. Fwd line feels a little weak, but otherwise happy…for now


  5. B: Shaw, Birchall, Hurn, Sam Gilbert, Waters, K.McIntosh (Maynard, Goddard)
    M: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Greene, Cockatoo, Anderson, Heeney, Boekhorst (Freeman, Dumont, Vandenberg)
    R: Maric, Naitanui (Read)
    F: Deledio, Franklin, Goddard, Swan, Lycett, Clark (Hogan, K.Lambert)
    Bank: 17k

    Thoughts/thumbs would be much appreciated


  6. B: Malceski, Smith, Birchall, Waters, Whitecross, Goddard (Hamling, Rainbow)

    M: Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, Griffen, Swallow, Wells, Van Berlo, Heeney (Laverde, Freeman, Krakouer)

    R: Naitanui, Bellchambers (Nankervis)

    F: Deledio, Goddard, Swan, Mitchell, Hogan, Clark (Daniel, Steele)


  7. B: H.Shaw, Smith, Hibberd, Waters, Goddard, Whitecross (Hamling, Rainbow)
    M: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Heppell, Van Berlo, Boekhorst, Freeman (Cockatoo, Steele, Heeney)
    R: Naitanui, Bellchambers (Cox)
    F: Deledio, Goddard, Bennell, Swan, Hogan, Clarke (Daniel, Krakouer)

    $8k remaining


  8. First squad……

    Def: H.Shaw, Hibberd, Hurn, Ibbotson, Waters, Edwards, (Goddard, Viojo-R)

    Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Heppell, Van Berlo, Biggs, Boekhorst, Laverde (Atkins, Freeman, Steele)

    Ruck: Goldy, Maric (Cox)

    Fwd: Lids, Goddard, Swan, T.Mitchell, Bellchambers, Clark, (Hogan, Daniel)

    Interesting to see how often it changes before Rd1


  9. Got $703,500 so a few upgrades to go if any rookies / mids not going to play

    J.Newnes, B.Whitecross, D.Moore (D/F), N.Brown, S.Edwards, J.Kolodjashnji, H Bench – Goddard (D/F) & D.McKenzie (D/M)
    GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Boak, Griffin, J.Steven, D.Rich, N.Van Berlo,
    Bench – I Heeney, N.Freeman, J.Laverde (M/F)
    Nic Nat, M.Leunberger & P.Wright (R/F)
    D.Martin, D.Swan & T.Mitchell (all M/F), Bellchambers (R/F), C.Selem, J.Hogan,
    Bench – C.Daniel & K.Lambert (M/F)

    K.Lambert to R.Grey or Delidio shores up forwards whilst Kolodj to H.Shaw or B.Smith would improve my rough diamonds in Def. Any comments / thoughts on any of the rookies would be much appreciated.







  11. Some early league codes to consider
    killing fields 904188
    Supercoach glory 860831
    Jacks pro league 411292
    I played in these last year & there’s no easy beats, all serious players!


  12. DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Waters, Whitecross, H Goddard, Hamling
    (D Mckenzie, Maynard)

    MID: Ablett, Rockliff, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Wells, Van Berlo, Petracca,
    (Van den berg, Laverde, Freeman)

    RUCK: Kruzer, Leuenberger (P Wright)

    FWD: Deledio, B Goddard, Franklin, Swan, Bellchambers, M Clark
    (Hogan, Steele)

    $240,000 left in the kitty


  13. DEF – Smith , Shaw , Newnes (mid) , Waters , Scharenberg , H.Goddard / J. Mcguinness , Vojo Rainbow

    MIDs – Ablett , Pendlebury , Fyfe , Wines , Lumumba (Def) , Petracca (Fwd) , Cockatoo , N. Freeman – I.Heeney , J.Laverde (Fwd ) , B.Boekhorst.

    Rucks Jacobs , Goldstein – P.Wright (Fwd)

    Fwds – Deledio (Mid) , Bennell (mid) , Swan (mid) , M.Bontempelli (Mid) , Clark , Hogan – N. Krakouer (mid) , K.Lambert (Mid).

    Bank $50,600

    Taking a punt paying top dollar for rucks. IMO the best two tap ruckman and most durable in the competition.
    Other left field picks Lumumba at a new club and DPP status. Bennell hoping he can stay injury free and Gold Coast have a favourable draw early in the season. Hoping Bontempelli can translate last years end of season form and has DPP status.


  14. Ok. version 398 of Wobblesbegone, all Rookies are placeholders of course.
    D: Heater, Hurn,Newnes, Ibbo, Clanceee Pearce, Beau Waters (J. Kolodjashnijijij, M.Dick)
    M: Gaj, Pendles, Jelwood, Sloane, Steven,NVB, Heeney, Boekhurst (Freeman, Mackenzie, Lambert)
    R: Nicnat, Leuenberger (Cox)
    F: Goddard, Dusty, Swanny, Titch, Salem, Saad, (Daneil, Hogan)

    I have a feeling that it wont stay that way, but with $1700 left it is what it is for now.


  15. Some of you might remember me as a bit of a regular in 2012-2013 on SCT. I started 2014 strong ranked in the 200’s early, but unfortunately as I was doing Year 12 didn’t have a lot of time to focus on my team and had to pretty much give it up fairly early in the season, would check in occasionally but not often. But I’m back for 2015 and hoping for a great year!

    anyways here is my first crack…

    Simpson, Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Waters, Goddard (Viojo-Rainbow, Newman)

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Watson, Cotchin, Heeney, Boekhorst, Vandenberg (Freeman, Laverde, Steele)

    Kreuzer, Leuenberger (Cox)

    Deledio, Martin Franklin, Swan, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Krakouer)



  16. Version 1 of SC normal, bound to be many more versions. Had a much better team (from memory) on SC Gold pre picker but it’s disappeared from the face of the Earth!! What’s the point of giving you a pre picker if they rip it off you when you are not looking?

    Def: Eski, Jaensch, Waters, Gilbert, MacMillan, Yeo (Goddard/Whitecross)
    Mid: GAJ, Fyfe, Gray, Greene, A Swallow, VB, Biggs, Boeckhorst (Freeman, A Saad, Lambert)
    Ruc: Sauce & Nicholls (Durdin)
    FWD: Lids, Swan, Titch, Walters, Clark, Kommer, (Hogan, Krakouer)

    A big chunk of this will change obviously. Much emphasis will be on the rookies and the NAB Cup. Most likely going to suffer lack of research time as I am back at work after a year off. Amazing how much time can spent (read wasted by wife) on SC during a sabbatical. Think the top 20 ranking might be the biggest loser!!
    Still can’t wait to be a part of it all with you folk again, that’s the fun part.


  17. Great to be back after missing most of last season

    B. B.Smith h.Shaw j.newnes
    S.Mayes b.Waters b.whitecross
    (J.hamling h.Goddard)

    M. G.ablett s.pendlebury c.ward j.Steven
    O.Wines a.Swallow n.Van berlo a.Vandenberg
    (M.dick n.Freeman k.Lambert)

    R n.natinui t.Nicholls (t.nakervis)

    F r.Gray d.Martin. d.Swan
    j.Hogan m.Clark t.membrey
    (N.krakour c.Daniel)

    $11,700 left


  18. Def:
    Simpson, Jaensch, Houli, Waters, T Clurey, H Goddard, Viojo-R, D McKenzie

    GAJ, Pendles, Watson, Hanley, Swan, van Berlo, I Heeney, Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Laverde, Freeman

    Goldstein, Lobbe, Read

    Bartel, Ryder, Zorko, Gunston, Salem, J Hogan, Lonie, C Daniel

    34k left.

    ANY changes I should make?


  19. I have 52K in bank, changing my backs all the time and M5 still up in the air.

    Burgoyne, James Kelly, Docherty, Pearce (MID), Waters, Goddard (FWD), (Edwards, Rainbow)

    Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Sloane, A Swallow, Biggs, Cripps, Freeman (Bokehorst, Steel (FWD) , McKenzie (DEF))

    Nit Nat, Kruezer (Cox)

    Lids, Dusty, Bennell, Swan, Clarke, Hogan (Laverde, Daniel C)


  20. Def.
    Simpson, Burgoyne, shaw, Newnes , waters, Goddard (d.mckenzie, Hamling )

    Gazza, pendles, jelwood, priddis, sheed, boekhurst, Biggs, freeman (krakour, Heeney, Atkins)

    Nic, luey (cox)

    Dusty, Goddard,Ryder, swan, Clark, petracca, (hogan, Steele)


  21. DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, Hurn, Newnes, Waters, H.Goddard (Dick, McKenzie)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Sloane, Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman (Anderson, Vandenberg, Amon)
    RUC: Naitanui, Leuenberger (Read)
    FWD: Deledio, Goddard, Swan, Lambert Clark, Saad (Daniel, Hogan)
    $182k left over – thinking it could be put towards a better ruck than Leuey, or getting some of the more expensive rookes (Salem, Membrey, Cockatoo etc.)


  22. DEF: N.Malceski, B.Smith, K.Simpson, G.Birchall, G.Rohan, M.Dick (H.Goddard, H.Wigg)
    MID: G.Ablett, N.Fyfe, D.Beams, J.P.Kennedy, N.Van Berlo, S.Biggs, B.Boekhorst, A.Vandenberg (N.Freeman, N.Krakoeur, K.Lambert)
    RUCK: N.Naitanui, M.Kreuzer (T.Read)
    FWD:B.Goddard, B.Deledio, L.Franklin, D.Swan, M.Clark, J.Hogan(J.Steele, C.Daniel)

    $67K in the kitty, would really appreciate some feedback, potential swaps? Not to keen on Clark will see how he performs pre-season, also thought i’d stray away from the normal waters pick and back in gaz rohan in for a big year without mal around, cheers guys.


  23. Def: N Malceski, M Hibberd, N Vlastuin, G Rohan, B Waters, J Leaver (Shaun Edwards, H Goddard
    mids: G Abblet, T Rockliff, N fyfe, A Trelor, D Heppell, N Van Berlo, I Heeney, N Freeman (B Boekhorst, N Krakour, K Lambert)
    Rucks: S Jacobs, M Leuenberger (S Naismith)
    fwd: R Gray, B Deledio, A Christensen, C Petracca, J Pickett, J Hogan (J Steele, C Daniel)
    11k left. any feedback?


  24. DEF: Shaw,birchall,waters,whitecross,n.brown,goddard (clurey,hamling)
    MID; Ablett,selwood,liberatore,treloar,gibbs,dangerfield,heeney,laverde (boekhurst,vandenberg,freeman)
    RUC: jacobs,natinui (griffen)
    FWD: deledio,goddard,swan,clark,saad,hogan (salem,daniel)

    only 15k left in the bank, still big changes first initial team put together. not to sure about my mids i thought with a few of the likes of libba,gibbs & treloar all good value for money considering there only going to improve.


  25. DEF: B.Smith, Shaw, Waters, Whitecross, N.Brown, Goddard
    (Fuller, Hamling)

    MID: Ablett,Pendles,Selwood, Ward, Gibbs, Rich, Van Berlo, Anderson
    (Heeney, Boekhurst, Leverde)

    RUC: Jacobs, Natinui

    FWD: Goddard, Deledio,Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan
    (Saad, Daniel)

    146k left in the bank, not quite sure with few mid priced players at a risk with nvb,rich,n.brown,salem,whitecros & anderson.
    thoughts would be appreciated.


  26. Had a shocker last season and pretty much gave up 3/4 of the way in.
    New season, new beginning as far as I’m concerned!

    Hows this lot looking.

    1. Simpson
    2. Hibberd
    3. Birchall
    4. M. Johnson
    5. Waters
    6. Hamling
    Bench: Goddard, Rainbow

    7. Ablett
    8. Pendlebury
    9. Jelwood
    10. JPK
    11. Griffen
    12. van Berlo
    13. Heeney
    14. Boekhorst
    Bench: Vandenberg, Freeman, Steele

    15. Naitanui
    16. Kreuzer
    Bench: M. Cox

    17. Deledio
    18. Goddard
    19. Swan
    20. Bellchambers
    21. Clark
    22. Hogan
    Bench: Laverde, C. Daniel


  27. Shaw, jeanch, newnes, lamumba, Henderson, Mckenzie (fuller, Macintosh)

    Ablett, Selwood, wines, a swallow, Steven, Newton, Biggs, boekhurst (freeman, Steele, krackouer)

    Godly, nick Nat (nankervis)

    Gray, Martin, swan, Mitchell, Clarke, hogan (Daniel, lambert)

    Thoughts guys?


  28. Version 1.06

    1. Simpson
    2. Hibberd
    3. Shaw
    4. Birchall
    5. Waters
    6. Goddard
    Bench: Dick, Wigg

    7. Ablett
    8. Pendlebury
    9. Sloane
    10. Ward
    11. Barlow
    12. van Berlo
    13. Heeney
    14. Boekhorst
    Bench: Lambert, Freeman, Steele

    15. Naitanui
    16. Leuenburger
    Bench: M. Cox

    17. Deledio
    18. Franklin
    19. Swan
    20. Bellchambers
    21. Clark
    22. Hogan
    Bench: Krakouer, C. Daniel

    Rookies depending all on Nab cup.
    If more money required for better rookies, I’ll downgrade Simpson to Newnes or downgrade Franklin to Mitchell which will net me around $200G extra to play with.
    Thoughts please…


  29. Great to see this site still drawing in a huge crowd. Here’s my first attempt at a 2015 squad. Your thoughts, as ever, are appreciated.

    DEF: K Simpson, S Burgoyne, B Smith, M Johnson, B Waters, J Hamlin, H Goddard, D Viojo-Rainbow
    MID: G Ablett, R Sloane, JPK, R Griffen, J Steven, N Van Berlo, J Heeney, N Freeman, B Boekhorst, A Vandenburg, J Steele
    RUC: S Jacobs, T Goldstein, M Cox
    FOR: B Deledio, B Goddard, D Swan, M Clark, A Saad, J Hogan, J Laverde, C Daniel


  30. Hey Guys & Girls. Its good to be back!!!! My 1st crack at a completed team. Obviously rookies an other things will change. Havent looked at byes or anything yet. Looking at going G’n’R. We are spoiled for options up Forward this season, so im expecting that to be the area i change most before round 1.

    Simpson Hibbered Newnes
    Z. Jones Lever Scharenberg
    (Goddard McKenzie)

    Ablett Rocky Fyfe Ward
    A.Swallow Cockatoo Heeney Boekhurst
    (Vandenberg Freeman Stretch)

    Nic Nat Leuy

    Deledio Goddard Swan
    Ziebell Clark Hogan
    (Laverde Steele)

    ZBall an Newnes obviously not guns, but think at their price, positions available an room for growth, they could be potential picks of the yr. I havent included Waters, Rich or NVB an not sure if i will. If i do, i will probably lean towards Waters.

    Salary left $335k


  31. DEF: Hibberd, H. Shaw, Waters, Birchall, M. Johnson, Hamling
    (Goddard, Rainbow)

    MID: Ablett, Watson,Selwood, Libba, JPK, Van Berlo, Heeney, Boekhurst
    (Vandenberg, Freeman , Leverde)

    RUC: Leuenberger, Bellchambers

    FWD: Goddard, Deledio,Swan, JJ Kennedy , Clark, Hogan
    (Petracca, Daniel)

    29k left in the bank,
    thoughts would be appreciated.


  32. Team Revamp! Version 2

    Backs – Smith , Shaw , Hibberd , Newnes , Waters , H. Goddard , – J. Lever , J. McGuinness

    Mids – Ablett , Pendlebury , Fyfe , Wines , Boekhorst , Heeney , Vandenberg , Freeman – Laverde , T.Miller , J. Steele

    Rucks Jacobs , Goldstein – S. Durdin

    Fwds – Deledio , Martin , Bennell , Swan , Hogan , C. Daniel – N.Krakouer , K. Lambert.

    Bank _ $57,400


  33. Team v0.1

    1. H.Shaw
    2. Rampe
    3. Ibbotson
    4. Waters
    5. H. Goddard
    6. DVR (D.Viojo-Rainbow) – Hopefullly the first and last time I have to type it!
    7. Vickers-Willis
    8. McKenzie

    9. Ablett
    10. Pendlebury
    11. Selwood
    12. Lewis
    13. Cotchin
    14. Griffin
    15. Boekhorst
    16. Lambert
    17. Vandenburg
    18. Laverde
    19. Freeman

    20. Jacobs
    21. Naitanui
    22. M.Cox

    23. Delidio
    24. Goddard
    25. Swan
    26. T.Adams
    27. Clark
    28. Hogan
    29. Daniel
    30. Krakuer

    – I’m not sure about the premos in defence this year, so will probably go a left field approach (Such as above).
    – Mids are at a 6/5 ratio, which I will stick with (for now).
    – Rucks will depends on various factors. Happy for now.
    – Forwards are interesting too with a few midpricers that haven’t been discussed much yet.

    Let the changes begin!


  34. My Team
    Malceski, N
    Shaw, H
    Hibberd, M
    Waters, B
    Whitecross, B
    Brown, N
    McIntosh, K
    Goddard, H

    Ablett, G
    Pendlebury, S
    . Fyfe, N
    Heppell, D
    Newnes, J
    Rich, D
    van Berlo, N
    Freeman, N
    Vandenberg, A
    Laverde, J
    27. Steele, J

    Jacobs, S
    Naitanui, N
    Cox, M

    17. Deledio, B
    Goddard, B
    Swan, D
    20. Clark, M
    . Saad, A
    Hogan, J
    Krakouer, N
    Lambert, K

    Bank – 32k
    What you guys think


  35. Def โ€“ Malceski, Smith, Shaw, Rohan, S.Edwards, Goddard (Scharenberg,Viojo-Rainbow)
    Mid โ€“ Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Swallow, Steven, Van Berlo, Heeney, Boekhorst (Laverde, Freeman, Lambert)
    Ruck โ€“ Goldstein, Naitanui (Cox)
    Fwd โ€“ Deledio, Goddard, Dalhouse, Swan, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Daniel)

    $12,400 left in the bank


  36. Def
    Waters,hamming,h goddard
    Ablett,fyfe,j selwood,griffen,van berlo,cockatoo
    Jacobs,Goldstein (bellchambers)
    Deledio,b goddard,n riewoldt
    Swan,m Clark,j hogen
    ( c Daniel,k lambert)



  37. DEF – Malceski, Simpson, Hibberd, Waters, Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow (McKenzie, Newman)
    MID – Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Beams, Sloane, Heeney, Boekhurst, Vandenberg (Laverde, Freeman, Lambert)
    RUCK – Naitanui, Kreuzer (Cox)
    FWD – Deledio, Goddard, Franklin, Swan, Clark, Hogan (Steele, Daniel)

    $15,100 remaining.

    Rookies will be changed closer to R1


  38. def: b.smith, h.shaw, m.hibbard, g.birchall, b.waters, h.goddard (mckenzie, rainbow)

    mid: ablett, barlow, trealor, heppell, t.mitchell, van berlo, freeman, boekhurst (heeny, lambert, payne)

    ruck: jacobs, luenberger (cox)

    fwd: delidio, franklin, martin, swan, clarke, hogan (krakour, karnezis)


  39. Thanks for this great site to all involved – love it. You helped me get last yrs avg up 75pts in a season – still nowhere near many of you in terms of points per game, but moving ahead….

    Version 1 of this year.
    Backs – Shaw H, newnes, Lumumba, Logan T, Macmillan J, Waters (Dick, Goddard)
    Mids – Pendles, Selwood J, Selwood S, Swallow, Mitchell S, Steven, Mayes, Van Berlo (Heeney, Boekhurst, Lambert)
    Rucks – NicNat, Nicholls (McLaren)
    Fwds – Dusty, Swanny, Ziebell, Mitchell T, Clark, Hogan (Laverde, J Steele)

    Leftover – $81k


  40. DEF- K Simpson, H Shaw, L Hodge, M Hibberd, B Waters, B Whitecross (Goddard, Vojo-Rainbow)

    MID- G Ablett, N Fyfe, J Kennedy, A Swallow, A Cooney, N Van Berlo,
    B Boekhorst, N Freeman (Heeney, Vandenberg,Lambert)

    RUCK- N Naitanui, M Kreuzer (Nankervis)

    FWD- R Gray, D Martin, D Swan, L Breust, J Hogan, C Daniel (Steele, Krakouer)

    Bank- $14,200

    Rate or hate?


  41. Nathan’s Gunz v1

    7k Banked

    Liking my structure just worried about rucks might change them come round 1

    Shaw, Hodge, Hibberd, Newnes, Waters, Goddard ( Viojo-rainbow, Mckenzie

    Gaz, Pendles, Sloane, JPK, Griffen, NVB, Heeney, Boekhorst ( Vandenberg, Freeman, Krakouer)

    Kruezer, Luey (Nankervis)

    Goddard, Franklin, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


  42. Def: Shaw, Hodge, Hibberd, Higgins, Lever, Clurey (Goddard, Wigg)
    Mid: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Boak, Heppell, Van Berlo, Biggs, Boekhorst (Freeman, Lambert, Dumont)
    Ruck: Kreuzer, Nicholls (Cox)
    For: Deledio, Goddard, Bennell, Bontempelli, Clark, Hogan (Leverade, Daniel)

    Liking the look of this team, thoughts?


  43. Alright guys, here’s my first team worth posting, be as brutal as you can, it’ll only help!

    Simpson, Newnes, Lumumba, Waters, Jaksch, Moore.
    Smith, Rainbow

    Pendles, Selwood, Lewis, Griffen, Bennell, Van Berlo, Cockatoo, Boekhorst,
    Laverde, Brayshaw, Strech

    Nic Nat, Maric

    Goddard, Martin, Swan, Ziebell, Clark, Hogan
    Blease, Saad

    $5K and but only 22 trades left!!;)


  44. Birchall, Hansen, Ibbotson, Henderson, Holman, Schade (Goddard, VR)
    Ablett, Pendlebury, Jelwood, Boak, Mundy, Wells, VB, Biggs (Heeney, Boakhorst)
    NicNat, Lewy (Cox)
    Gray, Deledio, Swan, Walters, Bellchambers, Hogan (Daniel, Krakouer)


  45. Early days but here is it so far. Happy for any help and tips. Fingers crossed Swan doesn’t burn me again!

    DEF: Burgoyne, H Shaw, Hodge, Frost, Rohan, J Tippett (Lever, H Goddard)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, J Selwood, Wines, van Berlo, Newton, Biggs, Boekhorst (Heeney, Vandenberg, N Freeman)
    RUCK: Jacobs, NicNat (P Wright)
    FWD: R Gray, Deledio, Swan, Membrey, Clark, Hogan (Saad, J Steele)

    Got $34,100 left to tinker as we get into the NAB rounds.


  46. Hi All,

    Version one for this season. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    DEF: Hibberd, H. Shaw, Waters, Birchall, Lever, Hamling
    (Goddard, Rainbow)

    MID: Ablett, Watson,Selwood, Libba, JPK, Van Berlo, Heeney, Boekhurst
    (Vandenberg, Freeman , Petracca)

    RUC: Leuenberger, Bellchambers

    FWD: Goddard, Deledio,Swan, Roughead , Clark, Hogan
    (Lavarde, Daniel)

    251,400k left in the bank,

    thanks in advance.


  47. Here is my first attempt for the year. I have $94,300 left in the kitty so I have some room play around with the side.

    1. Simpson
    2. Hibberd
    3. Hurn
    4. Waters
    5. Whitecross
    6. Goddard
    7. Viojo-Rainbow
    8. McKenzie

    1. Ablett
    2. Selwood
    3. Jones
    4. Heppel
    5. Griffen
    6. Van Berlo
    7. Heeney
    8. Boekhurst
    9. Laverde
    10. Freeman
    11. Steele

    1. Naitanui
    2. Leuenberger
    3. Cox

    1. Goddard
    2. Martin
    3. Christensen
    4. Swan
    5. Bellchambers
    6. Clark
    7. Hogan
    8. Daniel


  48. Catta’s Clan MK1

    DEF…Shaw, Burgoyne, Hibberd, Waters, Whitecross, H Goddard
    (emg Rainbow / D McKenzie)
    MID… Gaz, Pendles, Fyfe, J Selwood, Heppell, Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman
    (emg Vandenberg / Steele / Lambert
    RUC…NicNat, Leuenberger
    (emg Cox)
    FWD…Deledio, B Goddard, Franklin, Swan, Clark, Hogan
    (emg Daniel / Krakouer

    Interested in your feed back, good or bad…..rookies can change due to pre-season competition like everyone, but happy with my premiums so far, for now anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


  49. Hey Guy’s first time I have ever posted on here and my first year playing Supercoach. I would love some feed back on my side I have been throwing it around for a few days and just wanted to know if i was on the right track.

    Defenders- Malceski, Nick $566600 (GCS), Simpson, Kade $512800 (CAR), Newnes, Jack (MID) $436800 (STK), Mayes, Sam (MID) $369100 (BRL), Waters, Beau $267200 (WCE), Whitecross, Brendan $198700 (HAW), Brown, Nathan J. $146900 (COL) Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon $117300 (CAR)

    Midfielders- Ablett, Gary, Pendlebury, Scott $668800 (COL), Sloane, Rory $616900 (ADE), Griffen, Ryan $530700 (GWS), Swallow, Andrew $500600 (NTH), van Berlo, Nathan $215600 (ADE), Vandenberg, Aaron $127900 (MEL), Biggs, Shane $209300 (WBD), Isaac $137300 (SYD), Laverde, Jayden (FWD) $127300 (ESS), Freeman, Nathan $123900 (COL)

    Rucks- Kreuzer, Matthew $370900 (CAR), Leuenberger, Matthew $358000 (BRL) Cox, Mason $102400 (COL) 0

    Forwards- Deledio, Brett $553300 (RIC) Goddard, Brendon (MID) $548800 (ESS) Swan, Dane (MID) Ziebell, Jack (MID) Clark, Mitch $155200 (GEE)Hogan, Jesse $130400 (MEL)Krakouer, Nathan (MID) $106900 (PTA) Goddard, Hugh (DEF)


  50. Malceski, Shaw, Smith, Birchall, Waters, Whitecross
    (Goddard, Rainbow)

    Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Selwood, Beams, Parker, Griffen,
    (Rich, Biggs, Boekhorst)

    Jacobs, Goldstein

    Gray, Franklin, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Petracca
    (Clark, Hogan)

    Hahaha.. just planning ahead… ๐Ÿ™„


  51. Have noticed that no one has started with Dangerfield (including myself). With contract negotiations coming up I would’ve thought that he’d be fired up this season to get his market value up. Is it solely based on contract talks or am I missing something?


  52. Take 2

    B.Smith h.Shaw j.newnes (h.Goddard)
    S.Mayes b.waters j.hamling (rainbow)

    Ablett, Rockliff, pendles, Fyfe
    Steven, van berlo, Biggs, Freeman
    (Lambert, dick, laverde)

    Nicnat, leuy (Cox)

    Swan, d.Martin, b.Goddard (j.Hogan)
    J.Martin, membrey, Clarke (krakour)

    $58,800 in the bank


  53. Changed it up a bit, not 100% sure on it, any advice would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Simpson, Shaw, Hibberd, Birchall, Newnes, Waters (Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow)

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Swallow, Steven, Heeney, Boekhorst, Vandenberg (Freeman, Steele, Krakouer)

    Kreuzer, Leuenberger (Cox)

    Deledio, Franklin, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan (Menzel, Daniel)


  54. Tossing up between 4 mid premiums and 5

    DEFโ€ฆShaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Docherty, Waters, SEdwards
    (emg Rainbow / D McKenzie)
    MIDโ€ฆ Gaz, Pendles, J Selwood, JKennedy, Ward, Van Berlo, Cripps, Heeney,
    (emg Freeman / Boekhorst / Lambert
    RUCโ€ฆKreuzer, Leuenberger
    (emg Cox)
    FWDโ€ฆDeledio, Martin, Bennell, T Adams, Clark, Hogan
    (emg Daniel / Steele)

    Pick it apart guys


  55. Hi Guys. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Def: B.Smith, J. Newnes, S. Mayes, B. Waters, S. Edwards, H. Goddard
    Bench: M. Fuller, D. McKenzie

    Mid: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, N. Fyfe, J. Selwood, R. Gray, I. Heeney, B. Boekhorst, N. Freeman
    Bench: R. Knight, M. Dick, J. Steele

    Ruck: N. Naitanui, M. Kreuzer
    Bench: T. Bellchambers

    Fwd: B. Deledio, B. Goddard, L. Franklin, D. Swan, M. Clark, J. Hogan
    Bench: C. Daniel, N. Krakouer

    $95,000 in the bank for the inevitable adjustments that will happen pre Round 1.


  56. Well, here’s my first draft of the year:

    Still trying to choose between the mid season dive and a more balanced bye round setup

    Def: K Simpson (513k), B Smith (503k), J Geary (332k), G Rohan (272k), T Logan* (268k), B Waters (267k)

    Subs B Whitecross (199k) and H Goddard (122k)

    Mids: G Ablett (735), S Pendlebury (669), N Fyfe (658), J Selwood (650), D Wells (361), D Rich (348), K Lucas (256), B Boekhurst (132)

    Subs A Vandenberg (128), N Freeman (124) N Krakouer f/m (107)

    Rucks: M Kreuzer (371), M Luenberger (358),
    Sub M Cox r/f (102)

    Fwds: D Zorko f/m (532), D Swan f/m ( 464), T Mitchell f/m (406), T Belchambers r/f (302), T Boyd (239), T Membury (172)

    Subs M Clark (155) and J Hogan (130)

    T Logan is a placeholder at present. I can go up to 391k there (123k cash) but waiting to see if there are any def rookies of note – or if B Goodes gets let back into the kennel.


  57. Hey guys any feedback would be greatly appreciated
    DEF: B.Smith, H.Shaw, J.Newnes, S.Thompson, B.Waters, B.Whitecross (H.Goddard, Z.Cordy)
    MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe, O.Wines, D.Martin, S.Biggs, N.Van Berlo, B.Boekhorst (I.Heeney, N.Freeman, N.Krakouer)
    RUCKS: N.Naitanui, T.Bellchambers ( M.Cox )
    FORWARDS: B.Deledio, B.Goddard, D.Swan, T.Mitchell, M.Clark, J.Hogan ( C.Daniel, K.Bartlett )
    $3,700 left in the bank


  58. Def: Malceski, Shaw, Newnes, Davis, Rohan, Waters

    Mid: Ablett, Beams, Wines, Griffen, Rich, Van Berlo, Newton, Heeney
    Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Freeman

    Ruck Nic Nat, Kreuser, Cox

    Fwds: Gray, Ryder, Zorko, Swan, Salem, Hogan, Laverde, Daniel


  59. DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Hodge, Hibberd, Waters, Goddard (Dick, Hamling)
    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Montagna, Steven, Van Berlo, Heeney, Freeman (Cockatoo, Boekhorst, Vandenburg)
    RUCK: Naitanui, Kruezer (Cox)
    FWD: Goddard, Martin, Bennell, Swan, Clark, Hogan (Lambert, Daniel)


  60. Backs:
    K. Simpson, B. Smith, M. Hibberd, B. Waters, N. Brown, S. Edwards
    Bench: H. Goddard, D. Viojo-Rainbow
    G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, J. Kennedy, M. Priddis, P. Cripps, I. Heeney, B. Boekhurst
    Bench: J. Laverde, N. Freeman, K. Lambert
    T. Goldstein, M. Kruezer
    Bench: M. Cox
    B. Deledio, B. Goddard, D. Swan, T. Mitchell, M. Clark, J. Hogan
    Bench: J. Steele, C. Daniel
    Unsure about T. Mitchell and Kreuzer but that can all be sorted out during NAB cup. Any thoughts on if one of Selwood, Kennedy or Priddis should make room for Fyfe? Thoughts appreciated. Be BRUTAL!


  61. Backs:
    K. Simpson, B. Smith, M. Hibberd, B. Waters, N. Brown, S. Edwards
    Bench: H. Goddard, D. Viojo-Rainbow
    G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, M. Priddis, A. Swallow, P. Cripps, I. Heeney, B. Boekhurst
    Bench: J. Laverde, N. Freeman, K. Lambert
    T. Goldstein, N. Naitanui
    Bench: M. Cox
    B. Deledio, B. Goddard, D. Swan, T. Mitchell, M. Clark, J. Hogan
    Bench: J. Steele, C. Daniel
    Unsure about T. Mitchell and A. Swallow. Should of Selwood or Priddis should make room for Fyfe? Or I could upgrade either Deledio or Goddard to Gray.


  62. D: Shaw,Jaensch, Ibbo,Pearce,Waters, Z.Jones ( Rainbow, Maynard)
    M: Ablett, Pendles, Jelwood, Sloane, Wines, NVB, Heeney, Boekhurst ( Freeman, Mackenzie, Krak)
    R: Goldy, Nicnat (Niasmith)
    F: Goddard, Dusty, Swan, Titch, Clark, Hogan (Lambert,Daniel)

    $200 left, have at it.


  63. D: Simpson, Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Birchall, Whitecross (H Goddard, D McKenzie)

    M: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Sloane, van Berlo, Newton, Boekhorst, Freeman (Heeney, Vandenberg, Laverde)

    R: Nicnat, Kruezer (Nankervis)

    F: Deledio, Bennell, Swan, Salem, Membry, Hogan (Clark, Lambert)

    61k left – all benches are subject to change

    I know I’ve loaded up in D but I can see all 5 of those guys placing in the top 10 this year, along with the fact that I reckon there are far better rookie options in the mid and fwd lines.

    Any feedback would be great xx


  64. Garryowen

    DEF: Shaw, Hibb, Newnes, Waters, WhiteX, Clurey. (Goddard & McKenzie).
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Danger, Hanners, Shuey, Griffin, Heaney, Freeman (Laverde , Steele & Lambert) .
    RUCK: Nice Nat & Luey (Cox)
    FWDS: Goddard, Dusty, Bennell, Swan, M Clark, Hogan (Krakouer & Daniel)

    $7k in the bank. Thoughts…..


  65. Is it just me or does SuperCoach mobile site suck, yet again??

    What’s with the position selector??? FFS!!! Don’t they test these things?

    Can’t find a 2015 app in the App Store.


    Rant over.


  66. D: Newnes, Vlastuin, R Henderson, S Frost, Waters, S Edwards (Goddard, Mckenzie)
    M: Ablett, Ward, Parker, T Mitchell, Rich, Van Berlo, Cripps, Freeman (Vandenberg, Dumont, Lambert)
    R: Jacobs, Kreuzer (Cox)
    F: Ryder, Franklin, D Martin, Dalhaus, Swan, J Kelly (Salem, Hogan)


  67. With the lack of “Premium” Defenders this season, are people slightly more inclined to go lighter or more “Mid Priced”? I am currently liking Hibbs, Ibbo an Atley as my 1st 3 Defenders.. Atley is primed for a breakout yr this season, another pre season under his belt. Missy being there should free him up to run through the Midfield. An ave of 85-90 is not out of the question. He did ave 72 this season though, but prime for the next step. I dont have the faith of starting with Heater an will look to grab him, if at all, when he bottoms..


  68. Anyone starting with both GAJ an Rocky? Currently i am, but if i had to leave out 1, im thinking its Ablett. I know i will be criticized, but GAJ is coming of a big injury, hasnt had contact work yet, whereas i think Rocky has so much upside. He hasnt peaked yet an will only keep getting better. Tackling machine, and with Beamer, Redden an Rich, i think he can ave even more this yr. I know Hanley is done, but that wont change his role or possesions, plus he is the Captain now.


  69. DEF: Malceski, Shaw, Newnes, Whitecross, Goddard, Viojo-Rainbow (Hamling, Maynard)

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Wines, Griffin, A. Swallow, Brayshaw, Van Berlo (Vandenberg, Boekhorst, Freeman)

    RUC: Naitanui, Kreuzer (King)

    FWD: Goddard, Swan, Mitchell, Adams, Clark, Hogan (Laverde, Krakouer)

    Sometimes I look at my team and think it’s not bad other times I feel like I’ve ruined it. My hardest decision is rookie defenders.
    $170,000 left so there’s obviously going to be a change


  70. Greatly improved v2 team with $17,700 in bank:-

    H.Shaw, J.Newnes (d/m), B.Waters, D.Moore(d/f), N.Brown, H.Goddard(d/f)
    bench of D.McKenzie(d/m) & S.Edwards (good pre-season – hopefully play)

    G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, N.Fyfe, Boak, A.Swallow, J.Steven, D.Rich, I.Heeney
    bench of N.Freeman, B.Boeckhorst & J.Laverde (m/f)

    S.Jacobs, Nic Nat & P.Wright (r/f)

    D.Martin, D.Swan & J.Ziebell (all f/m), M.Walters, M.Clark, J.Hogan
    bench of C.Daniel & K.Lambert (f/m)

    Any comments appreciated.


  71. Originally had Jacobs/Goldy but am getting a bit gun-shy with the changes to ruck scoring. How does this look for balance?

    DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, Birchall, Newnes, Waters, Colquhoun (J Kolo, Goddard)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Sloane, Ward, Biggs, Anderson, Heeney, Boekhorst (Vandenberg, Freeman, Steele)
    RUC: NicNat, Kreuzer (Wright)
    FWD: Delidio, Franklin, Swan, Mitchell, Daisy, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)

    About $15k in the bank.

    If some of the risky picks come off (Waters, Mitchell, Daisy, rucks) I may only have 6 genuine upgrades to manage, which leaves me with plenty of flexibility for late season sideways trades.

    Could shore up the starting rucks by downgrading Wright to Cox and Birchall to Lumumba, allowing NicNat to be upgraded to Jacobs. Not sure if Sauce is going to hold his value though (rare for rucks to back up a stellar season, and looks like most rucks will lose some scoring power anyway).


  72. Team is ever-changing as always this early in the pre season.

    DEF: Simpson, Hibberd, Birchall, Waters, Goddard, S Edwards (Viojo-Rainbow, McKenzie)

    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Ward, Griffen, NVB, Heeney, Boekhorst (Duggan, Freeman, Laverde)

    RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui (Cox)

    FWD: Deledio, Goddard, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lamb)

    13,600 left in the kitty.

    May end up replacing Goldstein for a Kruezer or Luenberger to free up cash for other areas later on.

    Would love to hear what you think of my team!


  73. Demons Of Darch, #567

    Malcheski, Hibberd, Lumumba, Waters, Moore, Brown
    Goddard, Rainbow

    Ablett (C), Rockcliff(VC), Pendlbury, Selwood(the good one), Steven, Van Berlo, Cockatoo, Boekhorst,
    De Goey, Heeney, Laverde

    Kreuzer, Luey,

    Martin, Bennell, Swan, Ziebell, Clark, Hogan
    Petrecca, Membrey

    Not much cash left. I know the rucks are weak but it allows me to have the 4 best midfielders in the comp. let me know what you think…


  74. Heres my first attempt,
    DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, Simpson, Whitecross, McIntosh, Goddard, Hamling, Rainbow
    MIDS: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Fyfe, Swallow, Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman, Petracca, Vendenberg, Laverde
    RUCKS: Nic Nat, Leuenberger, Cox
    FWDS: Goddard, Deledio, Swan, Mitchell, Bellchambers, Clark, Hogan, Lambert

    Thinking of replacing Mitchell, and unsure about Bellchambers but like the RUCK DPP with Cox


  75. Hi all. Good to be back and the footy (and more importantly SC) itch is starting to kick in big time now.

    Here’s where I’m at. Any and all advice appreciated…….

    Federation of International Supercoach Heroes

    Smith, Birchall, Newnes, Waters, Whitecross, Goddard.
    Viojo-Rainbow, Maynard.

    Ablett, Fyfe, Selwood, Sloane, Greene, Wines, Atkins, Dumont.
    Freeman, Krakouer, Lambert.

    Naitanui, Kreuzer.

    Franklin, Martin, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan.
    Steele, Daniel.

    $3,200 change

    Pretty keen to get Buddy up to Gray. Everyone saying he’s overs but I see no reason why he should go backwards this year and was head and shoulders above all other forwards last year. Could be a 100-200 early jump on the rest if I can find a way to sneak him in. If Rampe looks to be taking Malceski’s role I might bring him in for Birchall. Backline just looks so thin with him in there.

    Walters or even Taylor Adams could be a chance for Titch depending on NAB form too.

    Otherwise I’m pretty happy (for now) but don’t have much coin so when the genuine rookie chances show through I might have to compromise somewhere.


  76. Hey guys, let me know what you think don’t be shy!

    B Smith, H Shaw, M Hibberd
    J Newnes, B Waters, H Goddard
    D Viojo Rainbow, B Maynard

    G Ablett, N Fyfe, C Ward
    D Heppell, D Rich, P Cripps
    I Heeney, B Boekhorst
    N Freeman, J Steele, N Krakouer

    Naitanui, Bellchambers
    M King

    Deledio, Franklin, Martin
    Swan, Salem, Clarke
    Hogan, Lambert

    122k in the bank, any thoughts on where to spend it???


  77. BACKS:
    Shaw, Newnes, Rampe, Waters
    Whitecross, Brown, Goddard, Mckenzie

    Ablett, Ward, Treloar, Swallow, Wells, Rich
    van Berlo, Brayshaw, Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Freeman

    Goldstein, Naitanui

    Zorko, Smith, Swan, Thomas, Jetta
    Hogan, Laverde, Daniel

    Feel free to critique!


  78. What are your thoughts?

    N. Malceski M. Hibberd J. Newnes B. Smith K. Mckintosh B. Whitecross
    EM – R. Powell and H. Goddard

    G. Ablett S. Pendlebury J. Selwood A. Swallow D. Rich N. Van Berlo
    B. Newton S. Wellingham
    EM – N. Freeman I. Heeney J. Laverde

    R. Gray B. Deledio D. Swan E. Templeton B. Jack J. Hogan
    EM – C. Daniel and T. Lamb

    $15,500 left

    Thoughts please



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