Rate My Team VI

Written by MJ on March 12 2015

Another week down, and it’s highly likely another week of minor/major surgery has been administered to your team.

How’s it looking? Reckon you’ve got it spot on?


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227 thoughts on “Rate My Team VI”

  1. Please LIKE for team #1
    Please UNLIKE for team #2
    Feel free to comment as you wish.

    team #1
    DEF: Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Pearce, Goddard (Edwards, Saad).
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Sloane, Griffen, Steven, Anderson, Vandenberg (Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman)
    RUC: Nic Nat, Bellchambers (Read)
    FWD: Deledio, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan, Lambert (Daniel, Krakeour)

    team #2
    DEF: Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Pearce, Whitecross. Goddard (Edwards, Saad).
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Sloane, Griffen, Steven, Anderson, Vandenberg (Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman)
    RUC: Mumford, Nic Nat (Read)
    FWD: Deledio, Swan, Mitchell, Bellchambers, Hogan, Lambert (Daniel, Krakeour)


  2. Def:
    Simpson, smith, shaw, newnes, pearce, whiteX
    Goddard, Brown

    Gaj, pendles, fyfe, sloane, NVB, Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman
    Vandenberg, Krak, Lambert

    NicNat, goldy

    Gray, Swan, Dusty, M Clarke, Hogan, Karnezis
    Caleb, laverde

    246k in the bank
    Some rookies will b changing and not sure 100% about M4/5 whether i should go some1 like steven instead or my D5/6 but starting to settle on a few players


  3. BACKS: Simpson, Newnes, KK, Seedsman, Lever, Goddard (Maynard, Saad)

    MIDS: GAJ, Selwood, Sloane, Griffen, Swallow, Cripps, Newton, Heeney (Vanderberg, Freeman, Lambert)

    RUCKS: Goldstien, Maric (Nankerivs)

    FWDS: Gray, Deledio, Swan, Bontempelli, Clark, Karnezis (Hogan, Lamb)


  4. Version 1.09

    DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Pearce, Goddard (Edwards, Saad).
    MID: GAJ, Pendles, Kennedy, Ward, Sloane, Van Berlo, Vandenberg, Heeney (Boekhorst, Freeman, Steele)
    RUC: Goldy, Nic Nat (Read)
    FWD: Goddard, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Karnesis (Lambert, Krakeour)

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Rookies can change pending Nab cup.


  5. the more I look at this structure the more I like it

    B: Gibson, newness, Higgins, Haynes, Langdon, geary (goddard, saad)

    M: GAJ, priddis, ward, wines, Anderson, heeny, bokehurst, Vandenberg (steele, krakour, freeman)

    R: Jacobs, nic nat (cox)

    F: gray, goddard, dusty, swan, Clarke, karnezis (lonie, lambert)

    95k left

    if I could get an average of 85-90 across all defenders id be happy with that


  6. Nathan’s Gunz V6

    Not quite sure on Luey and Mitchell come round 1 but here’s how my team sits atm:

    Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Pearce, Goddard ( Edwards, Saad)

    Gaz, Pendles, JPK, Barlow, Griffen, Newton, Anderson, Heeney ( Boekhorst Vandenberg, Freeman)

    Nic Nat, Luey (Read)

    Goddard, Martin, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Hogan (Lamb, Lambert)

    $3800 Banked


  7. Today’s Paragons. Will Rnd 1 have more than half of these? Like everyone else, the reality is that I don’t know what ASADA will say when the AFLDRP sanction Essendon, or what that will do to my options.

    DEF: Harbrow, Newnes, K Kolodjashnij, Dick, Hamling, Goddard (STK), Edwards (ESS), Saad (GC)
    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, J Selwood, Redden, Anderson, Heeney, Laverde, Steele, Krakouer, Lambert
    RUCKS: Jacobs, Naitanui, Read
    FWD: Bartel, Goddard, Martin, Swan, Mitchell, Hogan, Clark, Saad (STK)


  8. Smith, Shaw, Enright, Newnes, Pearce, Whitecross (Edwards, Goddard)

    Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Ward, Griffen, Anderson, Heeney, Lang (Vandenberg, Freeman, Krakouer)

    Sandilands, Naitanui (Cox)

    Deledio, Martin, Swan, Clarke, Hogan, Lambert (Karnezis, Lonie)


  9. Def: K. Simpson, J. Kelly, J. Newnes, S. Higgins, C. Pearce, S. Edwards (H. Goddard, A. Saad)
    Mid: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, M. Priddis, R. Griffen, B. Newton, I. Heeney, J. Anderson (B. Boekhurst, A. Vandanberg, N. Krakouer)
    Ruc: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (T. Read)
    Fwd: J. Bartel, D. Zorko, D. Swan, T. Bellchambers, C. Salem, J. Hogan (T. Lamb, K. Lambert)


  10. Backs: Simpson, Smith, Newnes, Langdon, Pearce, Goddard (Maynard, Saad)
    Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Ward, Prestia, Newton, Cripps, Freeman (Smith, Miller, Payne)
    Rucks: Goldstein, Maric (Read)
    Fwds: Bartel, Goddard, Swan, Hogan, Lonie, Steele ( Daniel, Lambert )
    61k left in the bank
    Peoples thoughts?


  11. Team 1 thumbs up
    Team 2 thumbs down

    TEAM 1
    Def: Simpson, Smith, Shaw, Fisher, Newnes, EDWARDS (Goddard, Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, FYFE, jpk, Van Berlo, Newton, Anderson, Heeney (Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Laverde)

    Rucks: Goldstein, MARIC (O’REILLY)

    For: GODDARD, Martin, Swan, Clark, Karnezis, Hogan (Lambert, Krakoer)

    TEAM 2
    Def: Simpson, Smith, Shaw, Fisher, Newnes, HIBBERD (Goddard, Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, jpk, DANGERFIELD, Van Berlo, Newton, Anderson, Heeney (Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Laverde)

    Rucks: Goldstein, NIC NAT (READ)

    For: Martin, Swan, MITCHELL, Clark, Karnezis, Hogan (Lambert, Krakoer)

    5 premo defence or 6 premo defence?


  12. Taylor, Newnes, Haynes, Patfull, Koodjashnij, Pearce
    Edwards Goddard or Sadd
    Ablett, Treloar, Greene, Griffen, Coniglio, Aish, van Berlo, Newton
    Vandenberg, Laverde, Freeman or Kraks
    NicNat, Lycett and Read
    Bennell, Smith, Swan, Mitchell, CLark, Hogan


  13. Hey guys, first year I’ve taken half seriously, done a lot of research and chopping and changing and I’m sitting pretty happy with how my team is right now, would love some feedback.

    K Simpson, J Gibson, J Newnes, S Higgins, C Pearce, H Goddard (Edwards, A Saad)

    G Ablett, S Pendlebury, N Fyfe, D Beams, R Griffin, D Ric, N Van Berlo, J Anderson (A Vandenberg, N Krakouer, K Lambert)

    N Naitanui, M Leuenberger (T Read)

    J Bartel, D Martin, T Cloke, T Bellchambers, M Clark, J Hogan (J Lonie, C Daniel)

    Happy with my mix of premiums that will make the top 8, rookies that will play good amount and quality of footy and make me cash, and happy with my mid priced points of difference for early on in the year as well. All feedback welcomed xx


  14. Backs
    Shaw, Heath $497,800
    Johnson, Michael $468,500
    Newnes, Jack(MID) $436,800
    Kolodjashnij, Kade $367,600
    Whitecross, Brendan $198,700
    Hamling, Joel $123,900
    Goddard, Hugh(FWD) $122,300
    Saad, Adam(MID) $102,400

    Ablett, Gary $734,600
    Pendlebury, Scott $668,800
    Fyfe, Nat $657,600
    Selwood, Joel $649,900
    Griffen, Ryan $530,700
    Rich, Daniel $348,300
    Anderson, Jed $141,400
    Heeney, Isaac $137,300
    Dawson, Liam $117,300
    Freeman, Nathan $123,900
    Steele, Jack(FWD) $117,300

    Minson, Will $501,400
    Bellchambers, Tom(FWD) $302,500
    Read, Tom(FWD) $109,900

    Gray, Robbie(MID) $596,900
    Deledio, Brett(MID) $553,300
    Swan, Dane(MID) $464,500
    Mitchell, Tom(MID) $405,600
    Clark, Mitch $155,200
    Hogan, Jesse $130,400
    Lonie, Jack $117,300
    Lamb, Tom $117,300


  15. As it stands now and in no particular order

    Def – K Simpson, H Shaw, B Smith, H Goddard, B Whitecross, C Pearce, A Saad

    Mids – G Ablett, S Pendlebury, J Selwood, R Griffen, J Steven, N Van Berlo, N Freeman, K Lambert, E Kavanagh, A Vandenberg, N Krakouer

    Rucks – Z Smith, M Luewenberger, T Read

    Forwards – D Swan, R Gray, D Martin, M Clarke, T Mitchell, J Hogan, P Karnezis, J Lonie

    Lets hear it


  16. DEF:
    Smith, Hibberd, Newnes, Sheppard, Pearce, Dick (Goddard, Saad)

    Ablett, Sidebottom, Griffen, Swan, Stevens, Van Berlo, Newton, Cripps (Freeman, Vandenberg, Lambert)

    Nic Nat, Luey (Cox)

    Gray, Deledio, Goddard, Dusty, Clark, Hogan (Steele, Krakour)

    $99,500 left in the kitty.


  17. Defenders:
    Simpson, Burgoyne, Shaw, Jaensch, Newnes, Goddard
    (Edwards, Saad)

    Ablett, Selwood, Parker, Dangerfield, Anderson, Heeney, Vandenberg, Freeman
    (Atkins, Boekhorst, Mckenzie)

    Naitanui, Bellchambers

    Gray, Martin, Bennell, Swan, Mitchell, Hogan
    (Krakouer, Lambert)

    $6,400 in the bank


  18. Dangerfield could be a disaster this year with the prospect of him leaving the club
    Too many mid rookies that might not make money i.e. vest candidates or emergencies IMOOC


  19. Some Adjustments made after feedback on previous version. Very much want to know what you all think. Thanks lots!

    Defense: K Simpson, B Smith, H Shaw, J Newnes, C Pearce, H Goddard, D McKenzie, A Saad

    Midfield: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, J Selwood, D Beams, O Wines, P Cripps, J Anderson, I Heeney, B Boakhorst, A Vandenburg, N Freeman

    Rucks: I Maric, N Naitanui, T Read

    Forwards: B Goddard, D Martin, D Swan, M Clark, P Karnezis, J Hogan, N Krakouer, K Lambert

    Cash left over: $30,500


  20. Assuming your rookies will all play on the ground and score well enough to create cash, It is a good side.
    As with all sides they won’t be complete until first round teams are out!


  21. Still needs work but getting there, no Gazza at the moment which is risky I know.

    Smith, Kelly , Newnes, Watson , Pearce, Goddard
    (Vojo, Saad)

    Pendles, Selwood, Beams, Ward, Danger, Rich, Cripps, Vandenberg
    (Freeman, Steele, Mckenzie)

    Lycett, Smith

    Gray, Martin, Dahlhaus, Swan, Karnezis, Hogan
    (C.Daniel, Lambert)


  22. have changed this team 100 times, have deliberately gone light on def, think its the right strat?

    simpson, smith, newnes, whitex, clurey, edwards, saad, goddard

    abblett, rocky, selwood, sidebum, crouch, newton, anderson, boekhurst, heeney, vandenberg, freeman

    goldy, maric, nankervis

    gray, goddard, swan, titchell, clark, hogan, daniel, lambert


  23. Current stance, feedback would be appreciated.

    DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Geary, Pearce, Hamling (Goddard, Saad)

    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Kennedy, Griffen, Van Burlo, Anderson, Heeney (Vadenberg, Freeman, Lambert)

    RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui (Read)

    FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Karnezis, Hogan (Lonie, Daniel)

    $154k left in the bank!


  24. First draft lads pick and poke but not too much my ego could take a battering.

    Burgoyne, B. Smith, H. Shaw, C. Pearce, N. Brown. H. Goddard (M. Dick, S. Edwards)

    Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, A. Swallow, Newton, Cripps, Anderson (Steele, Boekhurst, Lambert)

    Goldy, Nic Nat (Cox)

    Gray, Goddard, Dusty, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Laverde, Daniel)


  25. Def: J. Gibson, H. Shaw,J. Newnes, C. Pearce, B. Whitecross, H. Goddard ( S. Edwards, A. Saad

    Mids: G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury, P. Dangerfield, R. Griffin, B. Crouch, J. Steven, J.Anderson, A. Vandenberg ( I. Heeney, J. Steele, K. Lambert )

    Rucks: T. Goldstein, Nic Nat ( M. Cox )

    Fwds: B. Deledio, D. Martin, D. Swan, T. Mitchell, M.Clark, J. Hogan ( C. Daniel, N. Krakouer )

    $16,700 left



  26. Def: Gibson, Newnes, Haynes, McDonald, Whitecross, Goddard (Edwards, Saad)

    Mid: GAJ, Pendles, Beams, Danger, Griffen, Steven, NVB, Freeman (Anderson, Heeney, Vandenberg)

    Ruck: Goldy, NICNAT (Cox)

    Fwd: Martin, Zorko, Swan, Lambert, Clark, Hogan (Membrey, Lonie)


  27. Hey guys into my second year now want a major improvement lol.

    Backs: B.Smith, H.Shaw, M.Johnson, J.Newnes, N.Brown, H.Goddard (S. Edwards, A.Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Beams, Heppell, Newton, Anderson, Heeney (Boekhurst, Lambert, Steele)

    Rucks: Goldy, Nic Nat (Read)

    Forwards: Gray, Swan, Dustin Martin, Salem, Hogan, Clark (Laverde, Daniel)


  28. DEF: Simpson, Kelly, Newnes, Geary, Pearce, Goddard (Maynard, Saad)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Jelwood, Griffen, Newton, Anderson, Heeney (Vandenberg, Freeman, Krakour)
    RUC: Mumford, Goldstein (Cox)
    FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lambert (Daniel, Lamb)

    $16k left.

    First time I’ve really loaded up on the mids this preseason – have been running 4 premos to strengthen the other lines. Not sure how I feel about this one…

    Only 7 genuine upgrades required, plus a couple of sideways trades at the back end if Pearce and Geary don’t come on as hoped.

    Is the weakened forward line worth it to gain some potential monster scores from the Mids and Rucks?


  29. hey guys please comment below if any changes should be made.

    Backs: H.Shaw, J.Newnes, H.Lumumba, J.Geary, C.Pearce, B.Whitecross, (H.Goddard, A.Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, J.Selwood, JP Kennedy, D.Rich, N.Van Berlo, J. de Goey, I. Heeney, (J.Anderson, A.Vandenberg, N.Freeman)

    Rucks: Goldstein, Leunberger, (Read)

    Fwds: B.Goddard, Franklin, D.Martin, D.Swan, M.Clark, J.Hogan, (Karnezis, K.Lambert)

    $2,300 left in the bank


  30. Why is everyone jumping on Griff after one good hitout, against a GC team that didnt feild its mid guns? He’s 29, has a shit back and hates a tag. Has had one good season and even that was only half a season. Cant see it myself.


  31. Kelly Newnes sheppard ibbotson pearce hgoddard (DVR saad)

    Gaj Rocky pendles selwood griffen boekhorst vanderberg freeman (heeney Krakouer lambert)

    Goldy NIc nat (read)

    Bartel martin swan BOnts karnezsis hogan (Steele daniel)’

    96$k leftover

    Very risky defense i know. but the rookies and premos in defense thie year
    are dodgey.


  32. Please rate my team guys.

    Newnes, Langdon, Kolo, Sheppherd, Geary, Pearce. (Goddard, Saad)

    Ablett (C), Pendles (VC), Fyfe, Beams, Griffen, Steven, Newton, Cripps. (Anderson, Heeney, Vandeberg)

    NicNat, Bellchambers. (Read)

    Gray, Swan, Mitchell, Karnezis, Lonie, Lambert. (Hogan, Lamb)

    BANK: $148,400


  33. After much thought…

    DEF. Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Rampe, Langdon, Goddard (rook rook)
    MID. Ablett, Pendlebury, Priddis, Watson, Griffen, Heeney, Vandenberg, Freeman (rook, rook, rook)
    RUCK. Jacobs, Goldstein (rook)
    FOR. Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Steele (rook, rook)



  34. DEF: Smith, Shaw, HIbberd, Newnes, Edwards, Goddard (Maynard, McKenzie)

    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Sloane, Griffen, Newton, Anderson, vandenBerg, (Henney, Freeman, Steele)

    RUCK: Mummy, NicNat (Nankervis)

    FWD: Gray, Martin, Sawn, Clark, Hogan, Lambert, (Daniel, Lamb)




  35. Current team:

    B Shaw Kelly HIggins Newness H Goddard McKenzie(StK) (Edwards Saad)
    C Ablett Pendles Sloane Cotchin A Swallow NVB Heney Vandenburg (Krakouer Freeman Lambert)
    R Goldy NicNat (Read)
    F Deledio Martin Swan Goddard Clark Hogan (Lamb Karnesis)

    Thrown this team around a lot and changed M3 M4 R1 R2 D3 a lot any thoughts pleae and post yours and ill see what I think



  36. Backs – Malceski , Shaw , Newnes , Kolodjashnij, Pearce , Whitecross (Goddard, Edwards)
    Mids – Gaz , Fyfe , Beams , Gray , Dusty , Griffin , Van berlo , J Anderson ( Heeney, Freeman , Lambert
    Rucks – Nic Nat , Bellchambers ( O’reilly
    Forwards – Swan , Wingard , Walters , C Beams, Clarke , Hogan (Karnezis , Lonie)

    Solid team?


  37. A little tinkering from previous team after some astute advice.

    Backs: B.Smith, H.Shaw, M.Johnson, J.Newnes, Jaksch, H.Goddard (S. Edwards, A.Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Rich, Newton, Anderson, De Goey (Cockatoo, Lambert, Steele)

    Rucks: Goldy, Nic Nat (Read)

    Forwards: Gray, Swan, Dusty Martin, Membrey, Hogan, Clark (Laverde, Lamb)

    2,500 left in the bank. Do I downgrade Selwood to maybe Danger and upgrade Rich? Just don’t want to miss out on Rich if he finally stays injury free


  38. Hi all, great to be back on this site for another year – please tear this team apart. $14,200 in the bank.
    Dangerfield, Taylor (based on the role he’ll play) and Minson are my main concerns. The rookies will more than likely change based on round 1 selections.

    DEF – Gibson, Taylor, Newnes, Rampe, Edwards, Goddard (Maynard, Saad)

    MID – Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Macrae, Griffen, Crouch, Heeney, Ellis-Yolmen (Anderson, Vandenberg, Freeman)

    Minson, Naitanui (Cox)

    Bartel, Martin, Swan, Mitchell, Clark, Lambert (Daniel, Krakouer)


  39. DEF โ€“ H Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Geary, C Pearce, Goddard (Edwards, Saad)

    MID โ€“ Ablett, Pendlebury, J Selwood, Griffen, Rich, Van Berlo, Heeney, Anderson, (Krakeour, Vandenberg, Freeman)

    Goldstein, Leuenburger (Cox)

    Gray, Martin, Goddard, Swan, Clark, Hogan (T Lamb, Lambert)

    $218,000 in the bank; is it too generic? Am considering Cam Ellis, even Cockatoo. Should I drop Selwood? Add crouch? Just some general tips would be great, cheers


  40. Nathanโ€™s Gunz V7

    Restructured Luey, i’m liking my team but don’t like 3 rook fwds playing in the fwd line

    Smith, Shaw, Hibberd, Newnes, Pearce, Goddard ( Edwards, Saad)

    Gaz, Pendles, Selwood, JPK, Griffen, Newton, Anderson, Heeney ( Boekhorst Vandenberg, Freeman)

    Goldy, Nic Nat (Read)

    Goddard, Martin, Swan, Clark, Karnezis, Hogan (Lamb, Lambert)

    $10k Banked


  41. Griffen (TU) Crouch (TD)

    Can’t decide which one i want. I think Crouch will be more consistent but Griffen can pull monster scores.


  42. Smith, Taylor, newnes, geary, whitecross, dick (Goddard, saad)

    Gaz, pendles, Selwood, priddis, Steven, Newton, Anderson, heeney (freeman, vandenberg, lambert)

    Goldy, Nic Nat (nankervis)

    Gray, Bartel, swan, Mitchell, Lennon, Clarke (lonie, krak)

    Thoughts? Cheers


  43. Def: H Shaw J Newnes H Lumumba S Higgins D Grimes M Talia
    Int: B Smets T Clurey
    Mids: GAJ T Rockliff M Priddis D Swan D Rich N Van Berlo B Acres J Anderson
    .Int: I Heeney A Vandenburg K Lambert
    Rucks:P Ryder S Lycett
    Int:P Wright
    Forwards:R Gray J Bartel M Bontempelli M Clarke T Menzel j Hogan
    Int:S Grimley C Daniel
    First draft so thoughts would be appreciated


  44. Def – Simpson, Newnes, M Johnson, Gibson, Rampe, Edwards( Goddard, Saad)
    Mids – Gablett, Pendles, Jpk, Wines, NewtonB, Anderson, Heeney, Vandenberg( Freeman, L Dawson, Krak)
    Goldy, Lycett( Cox)
    Gray, Goddard, MartinD, Swan, M Clark, Hogan( Lonie, Lambert)

    Appreci8 advice comments of course rookies tbc.


  45. Def – Simpson, B.Smith, Newnes, Rampe, Whitecross, Edwards (Goodard, Saad)
    Mid – Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Ward, J.Steven, Cockatoo, Anderson, Heeney (Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolmen, Lambert)
    Ruck – Maric, Naitanui (Cox)
    Fwds – Gray, D.Martin, Swan, Bontempelli, Clark, Karnezis (Hogan, Krakouer)

    Leaves $24k in the bank, which I’m thinking of using to go from Bontempelli to Taylor Walker (think he can get back to 100 average of 2012).


  46. Hey guys, trying a new structure. Be as ruthless as you can, cheers legends

    Backs – Simpson, hurn, newnes, Pearce, whitex, hamling, Goddard, saad

    Mids – gaj, pendles, jpk, swallow, steven, s.selwood, Anderson, boekhurst, freeman, vandenburg, lambert

    Rucks- nice mat, smith, brooksby

    Forwards – gray, franklin, Martin, swan, Clarke, hogan karnezis Laverde

    30k or left


  47. team as of today
    def: simpson,b.smith,m hibberd
    j.newnes,s.edwards,h goddard
    [a saad,b maynard]
    mids: abellt,pendles,fye,j selwood,r griffen
    i heeney,nvb,j laverde
    [ j anderson,n freeman,j steele]
    ruck: goldy, bellchambers [ m cox]
    fwds: b goodard,d martin,d swan
    t membery,m clark,j hogan
    [k lambert,c daniel?]
    $281000 left over any thoughts


  48. hey guys please comment below if any changes should be made.

    Backs: H.Shaw, J.Newnes, H.Lumumba, J.Geary, C.Pearce, B.Whitecross, (H.Goddard, A.Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, D.Beams, JP Kennedy, J.Steven, N.Van Berlo, J. de Goey, I. Heeney, (J.Anderson, A.Vandenberg, N.Freeman)

    Rucks: Goldstein, Bellchambers, (Read)

    Fwds: J.Bartel, Zorko, D.Martin, D.Swan, M.Clark, J.Hogan, (T.Lamb, K.Lambert)

    Please comment if someone needs to go or someone is needed!!


  49. A word on my selections:
    The backline is stacked because my thinking is that rookie defenders are going to be spuds this year and this line will be the most difficult to upgrade. I want as many keepers as possible.
    Rookies on all lines will invariably change depending on R1 teams.
    I am unsure on NikNat and the Big Bellend but don’t know what else to do. I am foreseeing that all (or most) rucks will plummet in price pretty quickly, so don’t want to waste too much on them.
    I like having a bit of cash in the warchest for early upgrades and selection repairs. I don’t believe that success always relies on spending everything you have.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    DEF: Shaw, Gibson, Hibberd, Newnes, Whitecross, S. Edwardes
    (Goddard, Maynard)
    MID: GAZ, Beams, Barlow, Griffen, A. Swallow, Cockatoo, Heeney, Boekhorst, (Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolmen, Freeman)
    RUCK: Goldstein, NikNat (R. O’Brien)
    FWD: Deledio, Martin, Swan, Bellchambers, Hogan, C. Daniel
    (Lamb, Lambert)

    $201k in warchest.


  50. Trying to take a few small risks. Would love feedback.

    Def: Simpson, shaw, taylor, lumumba, pearce, goddard, mckenzie, saad.

    Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Kennedy, Neale, cockatoo, Anderson, Vandenburg, Heeney, Boekhorst, Krakouer.

    Rucks: Mumford, Goldstein, Read

    Fwds: Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan, Daniel, Lambert.


  51. FWD line same as mine, I like Neale as POD in Mids, Mumford is always a risk but without risk there is no reward. Taylor and Pearce are the only concern for mine in Def but slim pickings down back this year.
    Overall competitive RD 1 side.
    Best of luck Jess


  52. Thoughts on Taylor Hunt for a DEF smokie? Knocked out 103 pts v Port on the weekend. Hardwick says if he keeps playing like that he’s a “monty” for Rd1.
    Watch closely in NAB3. If he starts in Rd1 could be just what the doctor ordered to fill the backline void…at just 290k.


  53. Any thoughts????? Cheers

    Def: Simpson, Hibberd, Newnes, Higgins, Gooddard, Maynard (Edwards, Saad)

    Mid:GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Wines, Rich, Heeney, Anderson (Boekhurst, Freeman, Lambert)

    Rucks: Natanui, Bellchambers (Nakervis)

    Fwds: Gray, Deledio, Swan, Bontempelli, M Clark, Hogan (Steele, Krakouer)


  54. I’ve taken some advice on board and come up with this team. Pretty happy at the moment, just watching to see what happens with the remainder of preseason

    Backs- jeansch, hurn, newnes, lumumba, dick, Goddard (brown saad)
    Mids- gaz, pendles, selwood, priddis, steven, Newton, Anderson, heeney (boekhurst, steele, lambert)

    Rucks- goldy, nick nat (cox)
    Forward- Gray, bartel, swan, mitchell, Lennon, Clarke (lonie, krak)

    Thinking of swapping boekhurst to freeman and upgrading hurn to Johnson and maybe Steven to Neale. Thumbs up? Thumbs down?


  55. Check out this one fellas and offer any advice

    Backs: B.Smith, M.Johnson, Newnes, Rampe, Jaksch, H.Goddard
    (Edwards, Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Rich, Newton, Anderson, Cockatoo (Heeney, Boekhorst, K.Lambert)

    Rucks: Jacobs, Goldstein (Cox)

    Forwards: Gray, Dusty, Swan, Mitch Clarke, Salem, Hogan
    (C.Daniel, Krakouer)


  56. My latest team:

    $17, 100 remaining,

    DEF: Smith, Hibberd, Newnes, Higgins, Brown, Goddard (Edwards, Saad)

    MID: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Ward, Wines, Heeney, Boekhorst, (Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolmen, Freeman)

    RUC: Jacobs, Naitanui (O’Brien)

    FWD: Gray, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan, Lamb (Krakeour, Lambert)


  57. My team that changes daily:

    DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Goodard, Saad (Edwards, Maynard)

    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Sloane, Neale, Wells, Rich, Anderson, Heeney (Boekhorst, Freeman, Krakour)

    RUC: Goldstein, NicNat (Read)

    FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, Mitchell, Salem, Clark (Hogan, Lambert)

    $81.5k left

    Not sure on Mitchell yet.



  58. Updated version.
    Def: Simpson, Burgoyne, Hibberd, Haynes, Newnes, Goddard : Edwards, Saad
    Mid: GAJ, Pendles, Beams, Treloar, Danger, Anderon, Heeney, Freeman: Boekhorst, Vandenberg, Ellis-Yolman
    Ruck: Goldy, NicNat: O’Brien
    Fwd: Martin, Zorko, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lonie: Daniel, Lambert


  59. Any improvements guys, be harsh with the sqad

    Def: Simpson, Hibberd, Newnes, Higgins, Goddard, Brown (Edwards, Saad)

    Mid:GAJ, Pendles, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Wines, Rich, Heeney, Anderson (Boekhurst, Freeman, Lambert)

    Rucks: Natanui, Bellchambers (Nakervis)

    Fwds: Gray, Deledio, Swan, Bontempelli, M Clark, Hogan (Steele, Krakouer)


  60. D: Simpson, Smith, Newnes, Jaksch, Whitecross, Goddard (Ham,Rainbow)

    M: Ablett, Fyfe, Priddis, Wines, Neale, Newton, Anderson, Vandenberg (Freeman,Boek,Heeney)

    R: NicNat, Goldy (Read)

    F: Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, Steel, Lamb, (Hogan, Lonie)

    430k left…..Where should I splash more cash?


  61. def
    newnes, haynes fasolo geary, goodes whitecross (brown goddard)
    ablett greene swallow neale steven rich van-berlo cripps(anderson freeman krak)
    nic nat smith (mcluaren)
    martin swan ziebal membrey clark hogan (karnezis lonie)
    that is my team with 746,000 left over. what are your guys thoughts?


  62. Thoughts on Giles given Bellchambers will most likely miss games plus long injury history. Giles has always scored well
    T/U Y
    T/D N


  63. I’m thinking Clancee will be better off in the tagging role as he will be forced to play more through the midfield. Yes, he had a shocker on the weekend but the more he gets used to it, the higher his scores could be. It also adds to his JS.

    Remember when Duffield played that role?


  64. Hey guys! Let me know your thoughts
    Still constantly making changes, still $262k in the kitty

    Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Whitecross, Brown, Goddard
    (Viojo-Rainbow, Saad)

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Griffen, Van Berlo, Newton, Cripps
    (Heeney, Boekhorst, Freeman)

    Goldstein, Naitanui

    Gray, Bartel, Martin,Swan, Clark, Hogan
    (Steele Lambert)


  65. Backs: Smith, J.Newnes, H.Lumumba, J.Geary, C.Pearce, S.Edwards, (H.Goddard, A.Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, D.Beams, JP Kennedy, J.Steven, B. Newton, J.Anderson, I. Heeney, (B.Boekhorst, A.Vandenberg, N.Freeman)

    Rucks: Goldstein, Nic Nat, (Read)

    Fwds: J.Bartel, D.Martin, D.Swan, Bontempelli, M.Clark, J.Hogan, (C. Daniel, K.Lambert)

    Have 64,000 left in the kitty.

    Please comment if someone needs to go or someone is needed!!


  66. Here we go, my first rate my team for the year.

    Smith, Shaw, Jaensch, Macmillan*, Jacksch, Saad (Hamling, Goddard)

    Ablett, Penles, Selwood J, Danger, Van Berlo, Newton, Anderson, Lambert, (Heeney, Vandenberg, Freeman.

    Jacobs, Nicnat, (Read)

    Gray, Dusty, Swan, Clarke, Karnezis, Hogan, (salem, Laverde)

    Still got $403,900 in the kitty as i haven’t finished playing around yet.

    * I want to see another good score in the next game to include Macmillan

    I want to try and get Griffen into the mids, maybe at the expense of VanBerlo

    I’m pretty happy with the forwards and rucks, and as it’s only my third year i’ve never been burnt by Karnezis, so i’m prepared to give him a go.

    Just need to play around with hopefully one extra premo in the mids and well, the defence just has me beat, but i think it has most people beat.

    Go on guys, rip it to bits ๐Ÿ™‚


  67. Backs: Simpson, Shaw, Newnes, Lumumba, Brown, Dalgleish (Edwards, Goddard)

    Mids: Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Wines, Griffen, Newton, Cripps, Anderson (Boekhorst, Ellis-Yolmen, Lambert)

    Rucks: Sandilands, Lycett (Read)

    Fwds: Goddard, Martin, Swan, Clark, Tarrent, Hogan (Salem, Krakouer)

    $245,300 still in the bank.

    Think I need 1 more fwd upgrade and possibly a wines/griffen upgrade to a beams/Priddis.



  68. been oversees and out of SC for a year so might be a bit rusty. Picking players more on my opinion rather than last year form, would love some feedback though.

    Newnes, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Henderson, T.Hunt, A,Saad(gc) (N.Brown, Goddard)

    Pendlebury, J.Selwood, Boak, Griffen, A.Swallow, S.Selwood, Van Berlo, Newton (Boekhorst, Ellis-Yolmen, Freeman)

    Mumford, Naitanui (Read/Cox)

    Deledio, Swan, T.Walker, Higgins, Salem, M.Clark (Hogan, Lambert)


  69. Been tinkering with the myriad mid-pricers for months now and every draft team I’ve put together has left me disappointed. Always felt like there was something missing…

    So, I’ve decided to go large on the big guns early and hopefully get the right rookies to hold it all together. This is the closest I can get to a “pure” Guns n Rookies strategy.

    DEF: Toughest line by a long way this year. I’m stacking the premos early x 4. Don’t want to be left with non-playing rookies and clenching teeth all season trying to generate upgrade cash from too many risky mid-pricers in the backline. Malceski might drop a bit in price, but I’d rather have him early rather than play catch up all year. Can’t believe I’m even considering Brown at this stage. Consider the rest place holders until R1 teams are named.

    MID: 4 uber MIDS!!! Paying the big bucks now and hopefully never look back. Bit of a gamble on getting the right rookies to generate max cash from the cows in the midfield. But no fears about whether I’ve picked the right ‘break out’ player (i.e. Swallow, Crouch, Wines, Neale, Rich, Wells, etc). I’ll make early adjustment trades and jump sideways to get the boys on the bubble if I have to.

    RUC: Absolute Set and Forget – not bothering with any cover or swingmen and not taking any chances with risky mid-pricers. At this weight, if they break, straight up trade to the best available. Hopefully it’s later in the season so the top performers stick out like a mildly amusing metaphor.

    FWD: More options up forward for promising, or at the very least playing rookies. Salem and Clark’s performances in NAB starting to give confidence this will work out. Expect Gray will smash it this year and will be out of reach for many who don’t start with him, especially when most will also be chasing the likes of Malceski, Rockliff, 2nd premo ruck and hoping they all go down in price big time…

    So, here’s the result… with a few bucks left to tweak the rookies at the business end… $16K

    Tell me what you think SCT…

    Malceski, Shaw, Gibson, Newnes, Jaksch, Dalgleish (Goddard, Saad)

    Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Newton, Cripps, Boekhorst, Vandenberg (Ellis-Yo, Freeman, Krakouer)

    Mumford, Goldstein (Read)

    Gray, Martin, Swan, Salem, Clark, Hogan (Daniel, Lambert)


  70. Morning boys no better way than starting the day revealing your SC team. Any advice welcome
    Backs: Simpson, H. Shaw, M. Johnson, Newnes, Jaksch, H. Goddard
    (Edwards, A. Saad)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Cripps, Newton, Anderson, Cockatoo
    (Heeney, Ellis-Yolmen, Lambert)

    Rucks: Goldy, Nic Nat (Cox)

    Forwards: Gray, Dusty, Swan, Jack Martin, Salem, Clark
    (Daniel, Karakouer)

    For me it’s either Pendles/ Heath Shaw combo OR Rockliff/ Rampe combo?
    Any thoughts welcome


  71. Burgoyne, shaw, lumumba, Pearce,brown, Goddard (B) – saad & Edwards

    Pendles, fyfe, selwood, ward, Steven, rich, van berlo, boak hurst, (B) a
    Heeney, freeman, vandenberg

    Goldy, Ivan the mullet (B) bellchambers

    Gray Martin swan Clark hogan lamb (B) lambert cox


  72. Backs: Gibson, Newnes, Lumumba, T. Hunt, Jaksch, H. Goddard
    (N. Brown, A. Saad)

    Mids: Pendles, Fyfe, Selwood, Priddis, Rich, Newton, Anderson, Ellis-Yolmen
    (Heeney, Freeman, Vandenberg)

    Rucks: Mumford, Nic Nat (Head)

    Forwards: Bartel, Dusty, Riewoldt, Swan, Clark, Lambert
    (Lonie, Krakouer)

    Clearly I have left GAblett out. This is not based on his injury, but based on the fact that he’s had no preseason and this isn’t typically favourable. I understand that he’s God, but I feel as if the money on out can be used elsewhere. In saying that, I still have $186K in the bank.
    Riewoldt is in my team for the first 6 weeks due to the draw and knowledge that he starts a season strong.
    Defence may appear light, but I can’t commit to any premiums that would provide me with consistent performance week in.

    Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated, cheers.


  73. I’ve made a few changes to my team. Here is my latest iteration:

    $22, 800 Remaining.

    DEFENDERS: Hibberd, Hurn, Newnes, Higgins, Johannisen, Brown (Hamling, Saad)

    MIDFIELDERS: Ablett, Rockliff, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Wines, Heeney, Boekhorst, Vandenberg (Ellis-Yolmen, Freeman, Lambert)

    RUCKS: Jacobs, Naitanui (Cox)

    FORWARDS: Deledio, Martin, Swan, Clark, Hogan, Lamb (H. Goddard, Krakouer)

    Main changes from last team: Brodie Smith out for Shannon Hurn. Callan Ward out for Jason Johannisen (via Lambert and Goddard). Robbie Gray out for Brett Deledio. Christian Salem out for Dustin Martin.


  74. N malceski,k simpson, l hodge , c pearce, t logan,b whitecross , (a saad, h goddard,,
    Gazza, priddis , r gray ,s mitchell , t mitchell ,n van berlo , de goey ,n cockatoo (boekhorst ,n freeman , k lambert
    Leuenburger , bellchambers , (obrian
    Bartel ,martin , zorko , swan , m watson , m clark (m duffy , n krakouer
    109k left


  75. DEF- J Gibson, J Newnes, S Higgins, N Vlastuin, J Macmillan, N Brown, Rainbow, A Saad

    MID- Abblet, Pendles, J Selwood, B Crouch, A Swallow, NVB, B Newton, I Heeney, Vandenberg, Freeman, Krak

    RUC- Gold, Maric, T Read

    FWD- Goddard, Dusty, Swan, Bellchambers, Salem, M Clark, H Goddard, K Lambert

    $29,900 Left in the bank.

    Not really over the moon with my backline any thoughts??


  76. Hi Guys, this is only my second year and have been trying to get a better grip on the game this year. Any advise would be appreciated.

    DEF – S. Burgoyne, M. Jaensch, J. Newnes, B.Goodes, N.Brown, L. Dalgleish, (A.Saad, A. Oxley)

    MID – GAJ, N.Fyfe, J.Selwood, L.Parker, L.Neale, B.Newton, P.Cripps, J. Anderson (C. Ellis-Yolmen, K. Amon, T. Miller)

    RUC – T. Goldstein, N. Nat (M. Cox)

    FWD – R. Gray, J. Bartel, D. Martin, M. Bontempelli, M. Clark, J. Steele ( C. Daniel, N. Krakouer

    Tear it to shreds! Thanks



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