The Ring

Written by Motts on January 30 2015

How serious does your league take SC? If, like in ours, you may not speak to another player for a few days after a narrow loss to them, this might be right up your alley!

We’ve been approached by the guys behind a Supercoach Championship Ring. Its a spiffy looking ring that would be awarded to the person who wins your league. Check it out here.

“What’s it going to set me back?”, I hear you cry. Well, everywhere else you look for it, its going to cost you $99. As you know though, here at SuperCoachTalk we’re all about giving back to the punters. So we’ve managed to wangle ourselves a discount code. Sweet huh?

I’ll give you the links below but first I’ll let the guys behind it say a few words (warning: they lay it on pretty heavy :-):

Fellow Supercoachers, up for offer – this fantastic Custom Championship Ring. Made of a high-strength, scratch-resistant metal alloy, 24 carat gold plating, cubic zirconias and black enamel to complement the well-crafted ring shoulders that simulates the sheen and brilliance of this ring. This is the perfect product for someone that wants a single ring to celebrate a championship win in their Supercoach league!

This fantastic ring also comes with a pristine display box made of high quality wood, covered with black suede and a leather cushion to perfectly display your well earned championship ring. Perfect for the office, coffee table and of course, the pool room.

Split the reasonable cost of this awesomely designed keepsake with the entire league & for a pittance, one of you can be awarded this Championship Ring.”

By now I have no doubt the keen ones of you are slathering at the bit for the links to get one of these bad boys from.

Click here.

For the discount code (which will knock $5 off the price), send me an email and I’ll get straight back to you. I’m going to write it out so I don’t get spammed the hell out of.

Motts at Supercoachtalk dot com



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