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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 15 2017

Freo Tragic requested this one in the Polling Station…..even making my job easier by suggesting the names of the thread ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Nice work, FT!

Freo Tragic would like to get your thoughts on Tom Rockliff.ย  As most seasons, Rocky has been an almighty tease once again.ย  After averaging 123pts up until Rd8, Rocky has struggled since his return from a shoulder injury.ย  His first ton since Rd8 came on the weekend against a depleted Suns outfit where he managed a handy 125.ย  At a price tag of just $405k, is Rocky worth the risk over the last two weeks of the SC season?

His last two opponents are Melbourne & North.ย  Melbourne is historically one of Rocky’s favorite opponents.ย  His last eight games against the Dees produced: 101, 113, 128, 113, 107, 139, 163 & 107.ย  Rocky’s last two games against the Kangas ended with just 48 & 50pts.ย  Would you trade Rocky in for the last two weeks?


Is Rockliff worth a punt over the last two weeks?

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8 thoughts on “Rock And Poll”

  1. This seems an appropriate place to ask this. Lachie Neale is out for the year, I have him and Selwood still. Do I trade them to:

    TU Dusty and Rocky
    TD Merrett and Parker


    1. Have you got a source for this Daisy? I’ve been frantically checking the footy websites but have found nothing about an injury to Neale…….


  2. The article basically says Neale has played with a sore groin the last 5 weeks and will prob have surgery at the end of the year. They “will consider ruling him out” for the rest of the season.
    So nothing is determined yet, just something to keep an eye on.


  3. Thanks for the Poll guys.

    Not great news about Neale.

    I have 1 trade left and had planned to trade Lynch for Zerrett.

    If Neale looks like he is gone for the year. I may have to rethink.

    I’m personally going to pass on Rocky. Although if I was strapped for cash I would probably roll the dice.



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