Rookie List Elevations

Written by Big Sexy on March 20 2012

The following have officially been elevated onto their clubs senior lists:

Adelaide 29yo Ian Callinan
Carlton midfielder Ed Curnow
Port Adelaide utility Darren Pfeiffer
Carlton defender Zach Tuohy
Melbourne midfielder James Magner
North Melbourne’s Aaron Mullett

Also, here is some good Rookie insight posted by The Hairy Cat:

“At the start of a season, a club can nominate up to two veterans from its senior list for salary cap reasons. A veteran is a player of age of 30 as at September 30 in the current AFL season and has been on the primary list of the AFL club for at least 10 years.

If a team does not have a full quota of veterans, it can make up the balance by nominating rookies to be eligible for senior selection. The nominated rookie gets classified on the Tuesday before round one of the AFL season (i.e. today!) These players (known as nominated rookies) can play for the entire season.

Additionally, after round 11 clubs can nominate a โ€œmid-season nominatedโ€ rookie. This rookie can play for the rest of the season regardless of how many players are on the clubs list.

Lastly, if a senior-listed player is moved onto the long-term injury (LTI) list a rookie-listed player can be temporarily elevated in his place, thus becoming eligible for senior selection while the senior player remains injured. The LTI must be a minimum of 8 weeks.

When the injured player returns to the primary list the replacement rookie returns to the rookie list as is no longer available for senior selection.

I believe all of the above is subject to total player payment (TPP) requirements.”


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12 thoughts on “Rookie List Elevations”

  1. Bit disappointed Gibson and Couch didn’t get a look in.

    Were clubs allowed to upgrade more than one player if they have room?


  2. I didn’t even think Curnow *was* a rookie, thought he must have been promoted some time last year, he played really well (well I thought so).
    Further proof I have to look outside of my own team more often, but a nice complement to him I suppose!


  3. And as for Couch and Gibson, there is no reason to elevate them now. They’ll wait until selection next week and if they see them as being in their best 22 they’ll upgrade them. There’s just no benefit in upgrading them yet. Other than to help SC players with their pre-season planning of course.


  4. Off topic but I just read this on TS about the tackle scoring system. I always thought a tackle was a tackle and counted regardless, but it appears as though I’m mistaken:

    TS: Is there anything recorded about the effectiveness of a tackle? Pendlebury gets 150 the last few seasons but he hardly does much more than a cursory arm grab, where other players such as Bolton play a junkyard dog, and make a lot more stoppages.

    KJ: Tackles are only paid if they either force a stoppage, a rewarded with a free kick or force an ineffective disposal. If youโ€™re all over your opponent but they still manage to get a handball away youโ€™re not going to be given a tackle. We do grade tackles when we are analysing players/teams, but this hasnโ€™t flowed through to a different value in the SC formula. Could be a chance in the future.



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