Rookie Review – JLT Week 3

Written by Huttabito on March 7 2017


Knight ($201300, FWD) looked very rusty out there and you could tell he hasn’t played in a year. He will take some time to shake out the cobwebs so next weeks game will be the tell tale for him. Eased into his first game he managed just under 50% TOG to collect his 10 disposals (4 kicks, 6 handballs at 90% DE) to go with 3 clangers and 4 marks to finish on a reasonable 40 points given the circumstances.

Wigg ($123900, MID) started the game off awful turning the ball over several times with woeful kicks in his first handful of touches. He finds plenty of the ball though with 11 disposals (only 56% TOG) and just needs to take more time to hit the target. His 9 kicks and 2 handballs went at 46% DE with 3 clangers, impeding his score but promising signs with 4 clearances, 3 rebound 50s and 2 inside 50s to finish on 26.

Hampton ($160000, DEF) got into the action straight away with a clearance through the middle to set up a goal in the first 90 seconds. Went head-to-head against Dangerfield/Selwood at times which is no easy task and was involved in a lot of plays which resulted in a goal. He didn’t find much of the ball in the first half but turned it on after half time to finish on 66 points from 8 kicks and 9 handballs (71% DE), 3 marks, 2 clearances, 3 tackles and 3 inside 50s.

Otten ($123900, DEF) was impressive in defense again taking 10 kicks, 7 handballs (77% DE) to go alongside 5 marks, 3 tackles, 6 1%ers (Adelaide’s most) to finish up on 80 point from 98% TOG. The ago old question is where will they fit him in? Talia, Hartigan, Lever and Otten in a team so it would probably be too tall but it depends how Lever comes back from his hamstring injury in his expected JLT run this weekend.

Menzel ($183900, FWD) looked lost at the beginning of the game but worked his way into it in the second half. Finishing up with 5 kicks and 3 handballs, he used the ball well to dispose of it at 88% efficiency to finish up on 58 points. He took 5 marks, 4 tackles and scored 1 goal, 1 behind for the match.

Gore ($123900, MID), a tackling machine managed 6 tackles for the game in 46% TOG but didn’t find the ball as much as he would have hoped (5 kicks and 2 handballs) and when he did, just didn’t do enough with it with a DE of 57% and 1 clanger. Giving away an unusual free kick (boundary throw in his the back of his head before the rucks touched it), he also had 1 clearance to finish the game on 39 points.

Brisbane Lions

McCluggage ($202800, MID/FWD) really struggled with pace of the game and wasn’t able to impact around the ground a lot and only scored 41 from 74% TOG. He managed 4 kicks and 8 handballs (83% DE), 3 marks and 4 clearances for the game and failed to register any other stats other than 2 clangers. He suffered a slight medial strain in last weeks game and had his knee heavily strapped at training early in the week so may have taken his foot off the pace for this game as precaution.

Barrett ($127900, MID) started the game off to a flier kicking the opening goal in his efforts to finish on 85 points from 66% TOG. He was extremely clean with the hands, disposing of 9 kicks and 8 handballs at 94% DE with only 1 clanger which kept his score high. He played his better football across the half forward line making 6 marks, 2 clearances (1 centre),  5 tackles and 3 inside 50’s for the game. From afar, he looks very similar to Rockliff and plays the same sort of game looking for the cheap 1, 2 possessions – maybe another who likes his fantasy scores? He looked a little flustered when pressured though and make a couple of poor decisions but did no harms in his pursuit to be upgraded from the rookie list to play Rd1 with Fagen saying “If he continues to play well he’ll be a good chance”.


Fisher ($117300, MID), lacking the support of Murphy and Gibbs in the contest this game, struggled to make an impact and finished on 38 points (70% TOG). He doesn’t look too out of pace but will improve markedly with a bigger tank and size and often got into positions he wasn’t quite ready to handle. He only had 10 disposals (2 kicks, 8 handballs at 80% DE) to go with 3 clearances for the game.

Macreadie ($117300, DEF), is one of the many Blues pick ups from the GWS system. Highly rated junior, he fell out of favour at the back end of last year and slipped down the draft order. He started the game well collecting 9 disposals in the first half before fading to end up on 12 (7 kicks, 6 handballs) from 76% TOG. His first 5 disposals (all kicks) hit the target before 2 of his last 8 hitting the target to end up on 46% DE with 5 clangers for the match and a score of 44.

Pickett ($123900, MID/FWD) was given a longer run this week and spent 68% TOG but only managed 41 points from 4 kicks and 3 handballs. Going at 71% DE, he also had 3 clangers for the match but managed a couple of marks, inside 50s and a consolation goal. Wasn’t sighted a great deal around the ground and popped on occasions so may be a slow burn as he works on his fitness, although the Blues were missing a few key players so it wasn’t going to be the best of days for a small forward.


The 3 Collingwood rookies that played (Scharenberg, Thomas and Daicos) were all given very limited game time and struggled to impact the Supercoach scoring and ended up on 21, 31 and 28 respectivley. All looking like coming through the VFL in the early part of the season.


McCarthy ($203600, FWD), looking fit, was one of only two players to spend 90%+ TOG in the 38 degree heat. He took some good marks but made poor choices at times and his 8 kicks and 2 handballs went at 60% DE (2 clangers) but managed to score 1 goal, 2 behinds to go with 4 inside 50s to end up on a score of 58.


Parfitt ($117300, MID/FWD) showed good composure and class once again and kicked a goal on his way to 58 points from 74% TOG. Shaking out the nerves from his first hit out, he raised his DE to 83% (2 clangers) this game from his 12 disposals (6 kicks, 6 handballs). He scored a nice goal to go with his 3 marks and 2 inside 50 entries.

Black ($137100, FWD) wasn’t able to replicate his 3 goal performance last JLT game and ended up goalless. Clean with the ball (86% DE) he had 5 kicks and 2 handballs from 57% TOG to go along with 4 marks and a score of 29. If he plays early, he may not be a reliable on field starter but could still make some cash with a few once off big games. Check out Tex Walkers first season for some sort of expectation.

Z.Guthrie ($102400, DEF) missed a write up at the end of his JLT1 game and to be honest, I think I saw “Guthrie – 91” and went, Cam, but nevertheless, it was it brother Zach who was the impressive one. He looked just as impressive and composed in his second hit out on his was to 73 from 67% TOG. Positioning himself well to take marks, he managed 7 (2 contested) for the game despite his small frame to go with 9 kicks and 9 handballs (72% DE). He is still rookie listed and will be required to be upgraded before getting a Rd1 gig although he’s becoming the front runner with certain injuries throughout the Geelong camp.

Stewart ($117300, DEF) has done his Rd1 chances no harm again and finished on 57 from 91% TOG. He reads the ball well and took 7 marks (1 contested) across the backline to go with 9 kicks and 6 handballs (80% DE). He started out better and faded as the game went on.


Taranto ($207300, MID/FWD) was welcomed to the big boys club after starting on the wing against Hannebery before Franklin just about turned his lights off for the game in Qtr2 after a massive bump. Thankfully, the kid is tough and was able compose himself, get back out there and score a goal. He finished up with 97 from 76% TOG courtesy of 10 kicks and 4 handballs (57% DE), 2 clearances, 6 tackles 2 rebound 50s, 3 inside 50s and the goal. He did all this with a near full strength GWS midfield he is shaping up to be an inclusion in the Rd1 team, especially with Deledio re-injuring his calf, but will have to continue to push to be given the nod.

Setterfield, Lloyd and Simpson were not able to back up JLT1 performances courtesy the best MIDS that returned for GWS this game along with Mumford. Pushed back down the pecking order, they scored 46 (52% TOG), 10 (30% TOG) and 44 (17% TOG) respectively – although Simpson did outscore Mumford who played 59% of the game.


Powell-Pepper ($135300, MID) is showing lots of promise but he needs to learn he has more time than he thinks. This will come with time but he had 5 clangers for the game to go with his 2 kicks and 11 handballs (54% DE). He still scored a solid 71 points from 67% TOG courtesy of 4 clearances, 8 tackles and 2 goal assists so could have easily been a 100 point game if he was cleaner.

Eddy ($102400, FWD) struggled with the wind and scored 1 goal, 2 behinds for the game to get him to 40 points. He struggled with his DE again going at 29% for 5 kicks and 2 handballs, which was a slight improvement on last week. He is showing lots of promise for a developing key forward and took 3 marks inside 50 (1 contested) from 60% TOG.

Atley ($11730, MID) was given more game time this week (60% TOG) which let him get into the action more. He had 5 kicks and 9 handballs (71% TOG) for the game to go with 4 clearances, 3 tackles and 1 goal to push his score to 78. He’s settling into the high half-forward role with stints through the middle nicely but may struggle to run out a full game but next week’s limited rotations will give us an indication.

Houston ($117300, FWD) took charge from the defensive 50 after Pittard went down to make 5 rebound 50s for the game, the most for Port Adelaide. His disposable was impeccable again with all but one of 5 kicks and 10 handballs hitting the target to go at 93 DE%. Only 1 of his 26 disposals for the 2 JLT games he’s played have missed the target, and he finished his second outing with 81 points from 79% TOG. With Pittard’s injury, it has opened up a spot and Houston will be fighting for it with Bonner if upgraded from the rookie list.


Butler ($123900, FWD) wasn’t as good this week from his 88% TOG and ended up on 53 points for the game. A little wastfeul with his disposals, he had 7 kicks and 2 handballs that went off with 44% DE and included 5 clangers. He laid 5 tackles and had 2 inside 50s to go along with 1 goal and 2 behinds which were wind affected snaps. Showed promise with his goal coming from a 75m run which included a missed bounce followed by 2 soccer kicks.


Long ($117300, DEF/FWD) was introduced after half time and did well to end up on 59 from only 42% TOG. He ran hard and was a good use of the ball and was able to lay 7 tackles, get off 4 kicks, 3 handballs (86% DE) and kick a goal in his limited time. Suspended for the first two games so may be a downgrade option early if he comes straight into the side but looked in good nick. Directly related to Michael Long and Cyril Rioli, he has good blood.

Rice ($123900, DEF), slipping into guernsey 37 for the Saints just like his father, came on half way through the second quarter (84% TOG from AFL website is overstated). Played in the VFL for 2 seasons with the St Kilda and Carlton affiliates, he had 5 kicks in the first half of a quarter. He only managed 4 more disposals to end on 9 (75% DE), but they were all kicks, so helped push his score to 51 with 3 marks and a couple of tackles and inside 50s.


Cameron ($117300, RUC/FWD) was named in the squad with Tippett, Naismith and Sinclair so would have wanted to impress to be in consideration for rucking duties come Rd1. Unfortunately he was only given 30% game time, which was the lowest out of the 4 although he did have more influence on the game than Sinclair. He took 4 marks (2 contested), 5 kicks and 1 handball (67% DE) to go with a goal from the top of the square. He wasn’t given a chance to ruck either, so it’s unknown where he fits with the current structure/game plan but has probably stepped in front of Sinclair.

Melican ($123900, DEF) is still rookie listed and requires to be promoted but he certainly looked the best of the Sydney rookies for the game. He read the ball well and built composure as the game went on after somewhat of slow start to finish strong with a score of 83. In 78% TOG, he managed 7 kicks and 4 handballs (55% DE) to go along with 3 marks, 4 rebound 50s, 4 tackles and 7 1%ers (highest Sydney player).

Florent ($166800, MID/FWD) was the 3rd cleanest player for Sydney with a DE of 82% from 7 kicks and 4 handballs to score 57 from 62% TOG. He had majority of his possessions after half time after the rain had eased up and got a couple of rebound 50s and inside 50s playing up the middle of the ground.

Fox ($102400, MID) had most of his possessions as contested which help boost his score to 59 from only 9 touches (2 kicks, 7 handballs at 56% DE). He laid 3 tackles but gave up 2 free kicks against and only earned 1 free kick.

With news just in of Heeney being struck down by Glandular fever, it opens up a spot and Florent may be the one to slide in with Papley/Heeney now missing. Melican could be a beneficiary if Mills swings back towards the Mids to cover Heeneys time which opens up the backline with availability concerns of McVeigh and Aliir for Rd1 also.

Western Bulldogs

English ($130800, RUC) struggled in the air against the Brisbane rucks (who aren’t even the best of tap ruckman) giving up 10-20kg as he only managing 5 hit outs for the game. Thankfully, that’s not all what he has going for him as he’s was known for his midfield type agility and ball use before being drafted – hence the appeal. These were put to display and he did not disappoint collecting 13 disposals (3 kicks and 10 handballs) with 9 of his possessions being contested. 2 clangers and a DE of 65% impacted his score a little but looked very composed for a first game player. He ended up with 70 points from 74% TOG courtesy of 2 marks (1 contested), 3 clearances (2 centre), 3 tackles and earning 2 free kicks. With Roughead injured and Campbell suffering setbacks himself, Bulldogs may play English early even though he looks very raw just to get some game time into him.


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  1. Another great write up Hutta!

    I just read on the AFL website McVeigh has torn tendons in his calf and will definitely miss the first couple of Rounds with no return date set. So will help Melican being upgraded off the Rookie list , and possibly being a Round 1 starter.


    1. Yep, read that this evening too. Grade II strain, can take 4 to 6 weeks to heal plus some track time on top to be confident he’s ready to play again. Melican will slot in nicely.

      “If the Match Committee decides to go with three talls against Port Adelaide and Aliir Aliir, yet to feature in this year’s JLT Community Series, isn’t match-fit before Round 1 then Playfair can’t see any reason why Melican couldn’t swoop in for a debut.” – Sydney Swans Website


      1. Need surety of a 4-6 week stretch to actually justify the trade at the end or it’s a wasted trade or a loophole candidate at best.

        Sydney don’t look well positioned for loopholing either.

        Melican looks good but getting 4-6 weeks of play out of him does look a challenge at this stage.



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