Rookie Review – JLT Week 4

Written by Huttabito on March 14 2017


Kelly ($197,700 DEF) had another solid game filling in for Cheney and took 7 marks across the backline on his was to 64 points. Accurate with his disposal, his 12 kicks and 4 handballs went off at 88% DE. He also laid 3 tackles and made 3 inside forward 50 entries.

Hampton ($160000, DEF) played on ball and had 8 clearances (equal ground highest with Beams) to rack up 90 points. Could have had a second triple figure game had he not had a DE of 62% (12 kicks, 14 handballs) to go with 4 clangers to his name. He cleaned his ball use up as the game went on though and should be a definite starter in the Crows team Rd1 and more importantly, your SuperCoach team.

Otten ($123900, DEF) had his third solid JLT game in a row and ended up on 78 points from 19 disposals (10 kicks, 9 handballs at 79% DE). He took 4 marks (1 contested), had 3 rebounding 50s, 2 inside 50 entries and 5 1%ers (equal 2nd most for Adelaide) from 76% TOG. Here’s hoping Otten gets rewarded for a great pre-season but he should play if Lever is still not 100% ready.


Barrett ($127900, MID) only scored 47 points this week despite 15 disposals (8 kicks, 7 handballs) as he was less impactful around the ground compared to last week being combined with a much less DE of 73%. He took 5 marks for the game, had 2 clearances (1 centre) and laid 1 tackle.


Pickett ($123900, MID/FWD) put in just the performance we were all hoping for with a score of 86 even though he only spent 58% TOG. Managing 12 disposals (9 kicks, 3 handballs) at 75% DE, he kicked 3 goals to go along with 3 marks (2 contested inside 50) and 3 tackles. Not going to be a high possession getter, but is very impactful player.


No rookies made the final cut.


McGrath ($211800, DEF/MID) was only given 47% game time which reflected in his score of 24. He managed 7 disposals at 71% and has far from set the scoreboard on fire this preseason, especially given his price tag.

Stewart ($169800, FWD) scored 2 goals and finished up on 57 points. He took 5 marks (1 contested) and managed 9 kicks and 1 handball (60% DE) for the game. Luey going down may be a blessing in disguise for him as it sent McKernan off to do the rucking duties which gave him more spotlight in the forward line.


Logue ($180300, DEF) is a natural athlete and he managed to slot a super goal from 60m out off one step in his debut AFL level run to help him get to 56 points. He came on just before half time and managed 56% game time where he was able to collect 8 kicks and 3 handballs with a DE of 82%. Showed lots of promising signs but looked a little out of his depth at times and will need some time to find his feet. He had two turnovers that led to direct goals. Will be a star one year but this year just isn’t his time. Oh, there’s also Ross Lyon.

McCarthy ($203600, FWD) slotted 6, yes 6 through the big sticks but somehow only managed 86 points? It was probably due to only getting 11 disposals (9 kicks, 2 handballs at 82% DE) with 3 clangers. His price tag is up there so his score doesn’t sit well if he collects 1-2 goals a game, let alone going goalless but his job security is rock solid.


Parfitt ($117300, MID/FWD) has been a consistent scorer in the 3 pre-season games and he ended on his highest score of 60 points (lowest 55). 17 of his 19 possessions were uncontested which didn’t push his 18 disposal (10 kicks, 8 handball at 78% DE) score any higher. He has 7 inside 50s with 2 goal assists and may have shown enough to get a gig Rd1.

Stewart ($117300, DEF) came off at the start of the final quarter with “cramping” but he was holding the hamstring area and had it iced up after the game. In his 76% TOG, he got 6 handballs and off at 80% DE for a score of 45, which included 4 marks and 3 tackles. Geelong’s first game is in the West and given the game is on a Sunday, it could cause headaches for SuperCoachers alike. Keep an eye on team selections.

Gold Coast

Ainsworth ($198300, MID/FWD), playing the small forward role and Lynch practically marking everything that came in, there was very little to crumb although he did manage 2 shots on goal to convert 1. Only 3 disposals all up (2 kicks, 1 handball at 67% DE) and 4 tackles for 29 points from 60% TOG.

Bowes ($171300, MID/FWD) started off well before fading once the dogs turned the scoreboard around. Spent 72% TOG for 39 points from 5 kicks, 6 handballs (91% DE). Majority of his possessions were uncontested so when the midfield stop winning the ball, he stopped receiving them.

Brodie ($175800, MID) just wasn’t given a chance this game and he came on in the last quarter to spend 15% TOG for 3 disposals and a score of 15. I guess when Rocket said he wouldn’t push selection til mid-year, he meant it and that JLT form didn’t mean anything?


Taranto ($207300, MID/FWD) started well collecting 5 disposals in the first 5 minutes which included a missed shot on goal. He went missing up until half time and was less committing to the contest as he’s been recently. Came back after half time firing and ended up on 17 disposals (7 kicks, 10 handballs at 71% DE) for a score of 76. He laid 5 tackles, took 1 mark and had 1 centre clearance.


Schoenmakers ($155100, FWD) just collected 8 disposals this game despite 80% TOG for 40 points. His 5 kicks and 3 handballs went at 63% DE but took 5 marks (1 contested) and put in 3 1%ers for the game.

Miles ($123900, MID/FWD) scored 55 points for the game off 74% game time courtesy of his he DE (92%) from 10 kicks and 3 handballs. Taking 5 marks, he also laid 3 tackles receiving 3 free kicks for and 1 inside 50 entry. Played all 3 JLT games and could be a smoky for Rd1 but he is a defender/midfielder more than he is a forward and with Hodge waiting in the wings Rd2, his job security may be shaky.


Nothing to see here this week.

North Melbourne

Simpkin ($162300, FWD) did well in his second hit out after having limited pre-season due to a broken leg. Norths first round draft pick ended the game on 53 points from 72 TOG%. Struggled a little with his accuracy, he had 5 kicks and 9 handballs at 50% DE. He had 3 shots on goal but only managed to convert 1 which was an impressive bouncing kick from the boundary.

Turner ($171400, FWD) has slide himself up the queue at North Melbourne for the half forward flank role with a superb 3 goal performance to go along with 9 kicks, 5 handballs (79% DE) to end up on 102 points. Good around the ground as well, he had 2 marks, 3 clearances (1 centre), 6 marks and 4 inside 50s. He may be the answer to our prayers for FWD rookies although a little bit pricier than what we would usually have in mind.

Preuss ($123900, RUC) is much more of a ruckman than he is a forward, which is a conundrum for North as he is a very good ruckman. When he was in the ruck, he was magnificent and was able to manhandle and throw Mumford out of the way, he was just given very little opportunity to ruck for the game and faded very fast after half time as his tank began to empty. He only collected 3 disposals around the ground (2 kicks, 1 handball) at 100% DE for a score of 45 points from 76% TOG due to his 8 hitouts (50% HOTA), 2 marks and 4 tackles.

Vickers-Willis ($123900, DEF) was directly responsible for Greene this match and well, let him slot a bag of 5, not that they were the best of match ups. Maybe Scott wanted to test his speed? Who knows. EVW only managed a score of 28 from 84% TOG which is a bitter end to what would have been a solid JLT campaign. His 12 disposals at 46% DE and 5 clangers was never going to be a high scoring game for him.

Hibberd ($123900, DEF/MID) knows how to find the ball and managed to collect 1o disposals even though he came on after half time to spend 46% TOG. After half time is where GWS took control so Hibberd was never going to get a large slice of the pie and ended up on 27 points. He took 4 marks (1 contested) but also had 2 clangers and a DE of 60% which hurt his score a little.

Port Adelaide

Powell-Pepper ($135300, MID) went on a clanger spree this game giving away 8 free kicks to lose 32 points. Yet, he still managed to tally up 82 points for the game due to being the second highest contested possession getter (12) for Port Adelaide. He had 7 kicks and 16 handballs at 70% DE for the game to go along with 5 clearances, 3 tackles and a goal. If you haven’t seen his don’t argue on Burgoyne, go find and watch it, it’s worth a look.

Eddy ($102400, FWD) was a late inclusion with Gray dropping out and was very quiet in the first half before exploding in a 10 minute period in the third quarter where he bagged 4 goals with his 5th in the last quarter. He had 15 disposals for the game (all kicks!) but only managed to get them off at 53% DE with 2 clangers and also registered 3 marks and 6 inside 50 entries. He had 9 shots on goal in total but also kick 4 behinds to end up on 104 points for the game.

Atley ($11730, MID) only managed to score 30 points for the game but he did only spend 53% TOG. He knows how to find the ball though and rack up 14 disposals but they were all handballs and went off at 71% DE, coupled with 4 clangers and it was never going to be a huge score but a lot of improvement if he’s given game time. Limited TOG was a trend over the preseason and he may not quite have the tank to run out a full game yet.

Houston ($117300, FWD), after missing 1 target in the last two weeks combined, he missed 5 of his 15 disposals this week (67% DE) to end up on 39 points. Unfortunately only had the 1 rebound 50 with Pittard missing and took 2 marks for the game with 4 inside 50 entries in 80% TOG.


Butler ($123900, FWD) was given a full run and spent 80% TOG for 45 points. He got some minutes in the middle and used his pace to get 3 centre clearances, 3 inside forward 50 entries and a goal. He only collected 10 disposals (5 kicks, 5 handballs at 80% DE) but had 3 clangers for the game.

Chol, Stengle and Soldo all are rookie listed players who were also given a run with Chol the most impressive with 57 points, although Soldo managed to score 31 from 22% TOG which included 1 goal and 2 behinds. Richmond have two available spots for upgrades due to Hampson’s LTI.

St Kilda



Cameron ($117300, RUC/FWD) just wasn’t given another good crack in the final JLT game and scored 39 from 42% TOG. He only had 5 disposals (3 kicks, 2 handballs at 100% DE) and took 1 mark inside 50 to go along with a goal. Given a small pinch hit, he had 4 hit outs but the lack of game time compared to Naismith/Tippett is worrying.

Florent ($166800, MID/FWD) was able to collect a fair amount of ball (6 kicks, 10 hanballs) in 59% game time for a score of 58. He did however only have a DE of 50% with 4 clangers which significantly reduced his overall score. He made himself present on the ground with 3 clearances (1 centre), 3 tackles and 4 1%ers and may slot in early with Heeney/Papley out.

Melican ($123900, DEF) had 8 kicks and 3 handballs for the game for a score of 45. from 76% TOG. He had a high DE (82%) but unfortunately had 4 clangers for the game reducing his score. Had 5 marks across the backline with 3 rebound 50s. Very likely to play early as long as Aliir is still out of the main squad.

West Coast

Take them Eagle rookies outta your team.

Western Bulldogs

English ($130800, RUC) didn’t get a run as teams look to field as close to their best 22 as they can and Boyd “Relishing” his new role in the ruck.

** Stay tuned with “JLT Rookie Review – Defenders” coming next Monday in a 4 part series over 4 days before bouncedown Rd1 with all the numbers you need to know from the pre-season games to make sure you pick the right rookies leading into Rd 1. **


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  1. Fantastic review Hutta.
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  3. This is completely off-topic, but Kyle Cheney was mentioned in the opening line of the article, and it got me thinking… does anyone know if he is related to infomercial salesman James Cheney (the one who shouts all of his lines)? I love watching him.



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