Rookie Review Rd2

Written by Huttabito on April 2 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


Rozee* (FWD)PTA$189,3008576-42
Duursma* (MID)PTA$130,800 7872.5-69
Scrimshaw*HAW$149,800 7967.5-48
HoreMEL$117,300 DNP58-
Collins*GCS$188,900 8656.5-3
Wilkie*STK$124,900 3854-32
Burgess* (FWD)GCS$123,9006144.5-17
Lockhart (MID)MEL$102,4003232-

Rozee showed why he was a top 5 draft pick  on his way to 85 points after collecting 18 disposals (6 kicks) at 83% DE, 4 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goals. Expensive, but is the best swing DEF/FWD swing option.

Duursma picked up where he left off racking up a team high 9 marks to go with 23 disposals (14 kicks). His disposal use was letting him down early, but he managed to bring it back up to 74% by the end of the game to finish on 78 points courtesy of 3 tackles, 2 1%ers and a goal assist.

Clark was very quiet early on in the game and was on about 5 disposals and a tackle at the main break. As Geelong got on top of the game, so did Clark and finished on 15 disposals (11 kicks), 3 marks, 5 tackles and a couple of 1%ers for 66 points which was a great recovery for us SuperCoaches who fielded him. He was gifted his debut goal in the final quarter by Hawkins which put the cherry on top.

Scrimshaw bounced back and was much more impressive this week playing across half back registering 17 disposals (10 kicks) at 77% DE and over 50% contested. He took 4 marks (1 contested), had 5 rebound 50s, 4 tackles and put in a further 4 1%ers getting him to 79 points.

Keeffe couldn’t back up his heroics of last week and finished on 36 points from 10 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles and all but rules him out of being relevant due to his elevated price with better, cheaper options below him.

Collins was up against the club that delisted him a couple of years ago and just got up after almost missing due to a concussion he sustained last week. Despite Fremantle going VERY tall, he wasn’t held as accountable as one would think and he got to play much more his normal game style. Finishing with 18 disposals (9 kicks) a7 83% DE, he took 8 marks (2 contested), laid 3 tackles and had a team high 7 1%ers. A large match winner contested intercept mark in the dying seconds of the game earned him a whopping 14 points pushing him to 86 points for the match.

Wilkie relied heavily on 1%ers last week to put up a good score but just the 1 against Essendon left him on 38 from 9 disposals (7 kicks) at 78% DE. He committed 4 clangers to go with 4 marks (1 contested) and 3 tackles.

Burgess just scrapes through with a pass mass this week after scoring 61 points from 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 67% DE. He took 6 marks, laid 3 tackles, kicked a behind and put in a goal assist.

McKay once again walked away with a low score (36) due to KPP nature of his game. Not one that will be SuperCoach relevance anytime soon.

Markov played 15 games for the Tigers over 2016/17 but an injury riddled 2018 ruined any chance of a senior call up. Has a fantastic moustache, but that unfortunately doesn’t earn you any SuperCoach points and with Collingwood hogging the ball the entire game, he only managed 8 touches at 50% DE.  Played across half back, he had 4 rebound 50s but did manage to creep forward and kicked 2 behinds to finish on 30 points.

Lockhart is the newest player to the AFL joining Melbournes list just a few weeks ago. Playing forward, he had a lot of opportunity with Melbourne winning the inside 50 count 73 to 48 but they just couldn’t get their hands on the ball once it was there. Just managed the 6 disposals (4 kicks) at 50% DE and 3 clangers but he did kick a goal to finish on 32 points. Is a hard nut and didn’t even think twice before going head to head against Joel Selwood on numerous occasions.



Davies-Uniacke looks on the verge of breaking out after stellar performance against Brisbane. Collecting a second team high 15 contested possessions, he had 26 disposals at an impressive 81% DE given the contested style of game play to go with 5 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goal assists. Improving on his career SuperCoach high score of last week, he finished with 118 points and has quite the nice breakeven heading into price changes. Is he worth the punt?

Constable is getting crazy high midfield time despite the names around him  and he finished with the second most disposals (31) for Geelong behind Dangefield. With 13 contested possessions and a goal, his score was boosted to 84 despite running at 58%DE for the game and committing 5 clangers. He also had a team second high clearances (7) to go with 4 tackles.

Butters disposal use (and clangers (5)) let him down from notching up his first SuperCoach tonne as his 22 disposals (10 kicks) went off at 60% DE. That said, double figure contested possessions, 1 goal and 2 goal assists helped his score to a very reasonable 88 points.

Walsh started off slowly but due to his running capacity, he finds it easier to get more involved as others fade around him. Still struggling with his DE though, his 25 disposals (16 kicks) went off at 52% DE and 4 clangers held his score back to 83 points – so he clearly has huge potential and long as he keeps his contested game 50%+.

Scott looked like a different player this week and not that one that earned himself a rising star nomination in Rd1. Just the 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 89% DE but 3 clangers and 1 tackle left him on 24 points. His role looks up in the air and will result in a lot of unpredictable scores for coaches.

Atkins showed last week he likes a tackle and stepped it up a notch against Melbourne laying 8 of them. Loves the contested stuff too with 73% of his 11 possessions being contested to finish on 55 points.

Smith finished with the best DE of the entire Bulldogs team and hit the target 92% of the time from his 13 disposals (6 kicks). 2 tackles, 2 goal assists and 6 contested possessions all played their part in getting him to 66 points.

Jones had an equal team high 5 inside 50s from his 12 disposals (9 kicks) but a little wasteful going at DE of 42% and committing 2 clangers. Would have been nice to kick a goal but sprayed all his shots on goal finishing with 3 behinds and 44 points. Pass at his price.

Sparrow had a rather off day with a game low 25% DE from 8 disposals (5 kicks) to go with 4 clangers and he relied on 5 tackles to get him to 34 points.

Thomas made his debut after being a late call up. Expensive, but we have another week to see if he can lift his output from 10 disposals, 3 marks and a goal for 46 points as we’ll need to see more if he’s worth the punt.

Gibbons had a blistering opening quarter but was pretty quiet for the remainder of the game. Moving much more up the ground, he finished with 16 disposals (11 kicks) with half being contested to go with 2 marks, team second high 6 tackles but a team high 7 clangers and a DE of 44% held him back to 56 points in what could have been, and I dare say it, a triple figure potential game.


Drew* (MID)PTA$123,900 9096.5-121
Setterfield* (MID)CAR$144,9005059.5-35

Drew could have had a monster score had he not gone at 46% DE for the afternoon and its unbelievable he was able to get to 90 points. He racked up 25 disposals (14 kicks) to go with 3 marks, 5 tackles and a couple of 1%ers. Not quite sure how it translates to 90 especially with the DE and 1 clanger, but we’ll take it. Very nice Breakeven and is going to make a lot of cash in his next few games.

Parker backed up his impressive debut with 89 against Bombers. Was very quiet in the middle part of the game (3 disposals in Q2/3 combined) but he finished up with 11 disposals (5 kicks) at 91% DE but his pressure on the ball and laying 5 tackles, along with a goal, made the difference. A must have rookie purely cash generation.

Miers cracked the double digit contested possessions finishing with 11 which went a long way in helping him get to 83 points. He had 20 disposals (9 kicks) at 65% DE and 3 marks next to his name but didn’t struggle to find the balling anywhere on the ground as he also had a rebound 50, inside 50 and a goal to round out the game.

Setterfield was tracking along nicely up until half time but Rockliff was off the leash and Bolton used his new recruit to shut him down. It worked, but to well and restricted his touches too and he finished with 12 disposals (5 kicks), 2 tackles and a goal for 50 points. Doesn’t really matter as pretty much everyone has him and most likely on field too.

Petrucelle is slowly working his way into AFL and backs up his career best from Rd1 with a 56 against GWS in Rd2. Racking up 9 uncontested marks got him off to a good start but the uncontested nature will hold his score back and only 2 from 13 disposals (9 kicks) won’t help. He laid a couple of tackles and kicked a goal so without a change in game style, he might be a slow burn.

Schultz found a fair amount of ball but a low DE (39%) and 4 clangers means he only made it to 34 points despite having 13 disposals (6 kicks).

Blakely had 7 disposals (4 kicks) and hit the target with everyone of them and a goal helped him to 36 points. Hasn’t shown enough to take a punt at his price.

Lukosius played, but 2 effective disposals from 7 with only 1 being contested and 3 clangers means he was left with 16 points to his name.


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23 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd2”

  1. Got all the good rookies, 30 trades and 200k spare from the start. Moore and Burgess (bench) in my forward line. Worth bringing in rozee for hore this week?


  2. Thanks Hutta! Looks like LDU was actually the expensive midfield rookie we all wanted, rather than Walsh. Both should make plenty of cash though.
    Hopefully Gibbons continues to build up his mid time.


  3. Got it a bit wrong with the rookies this year. Currently missing Scrimshaw, Parker, Rozee and Miers. I think Parker is a must but who else should I bring in???

    T/U – Scrimshaw
    T/D – Rozee
    Comment – Miers


  4. What’s the odds on Balta coming back in this week? Half thinking of trading Balta out for Miers, but Geel have the Thurs night game, which makes it tricky?


    1. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t play. Tigers will have to cover for Riewoldt and Grimes.
      If not selected I’m going Balta to Parker.


  5. Thanks Hutta.
    LDU eh?! Gave him a few seconds thought pre-season but have to admit, not much more than that. Unfortunately, I can’t justify a trade as he won’t make $150k more than anyone else I own. Adding those points on field every week could just make him worth it for some. But will he keep it up?
    If Ahern is named at the expense of Scott this week, that would open the door enough for me.
    Thanks again.
    Bring back Hore (and Ridley this week Woosha) and help me save a trade or two. Please!


  6. If Balta isn’t named this week is it worth going Balta to Miers?

    T/U: Good move
    T/D: Not worth it


    1. Can the thumbs down on this one please explain… I would have thought if Balta not named then its a sure thing with a b/e of -48 of Miers?


  7. If Ridley is not selected this week will be an easy trade down to Duursma.

    However if Ridley gets selected this week…
    T/U: Keep the faith
    T/D: Trade to Duursma anyway


  8. Is it worth trading Collins to Rozee and Burgess to Miers or stick with these guys?
    Have all the other top rookies.


  9. Do I trade Collins to Scrimshaw?
    Or save a trade, haven’t made a trade yet and this would be my only one.


  10. Missed Scrimshaw personally but i cant afford Hore to Scrimshaw so just hoping Hore gets named now May is back.

    Miers and Rozee also missed but happy to let them slide .

    Worried about Scotts position in the team however after his poor game. Would like to get in LDU but as allsaints said not sure i can justify a trade to bring him in (and i can’t afford him with 10k in the bank so the decision is made for me)


  11. I have cash in the bank.
    Thoughts on getting in scrimshaw and rozie? I have the rest of the -40 break even guys except LDU(1 more game).

    I went light in the backline bolstering up other areas. Except I have McKay and Lockhart (lock out error lol) who will both make way for the pre-mentioned pair.

    For a light backline are scrimshaw and rozie essential for on field scoring as opposed to other backline Rookies?


  12. Hey guys quick one RE: Corrective trades

    Joyce, Collins OUT
    Butters, Scrimshaw IN

    I would like to keep Collins as i don’t see him getting 20’s again, but my logic is that for 40k less, I believe scrimshaw will probably maintin the same average, whereas Butters will smash Joyce in points this year. For the same price I believe I will make a lot of money doing these trades.

    Thought please, is it worth it? !!! Cheers guys



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