Rookie Review – Rd2

Written by Huttabito on April 4 2017


McGrath (MID)Ess$211.8k835669.5-17
Hibberd (MID)NM$123.9k23-23-

Otten was every chance to be on his last legs heading into this match with defenders returning and he was sitting on about 25 points deep into the 2Qtr. Jenkins went down in the first which opened up Otten’s role as a utility given how versatile he is. Offering Jacobs relief from ruck duties, it took some tome to find his feet, but before we knew it, he was the first rookie to crack the SuperCoach tonne for the season. Fingers crossed his JS has firmed even upon Levers return and with a BE of -82, he will begin to make some serious cash over the next handful of games he plays.

Newman was finally given an AFL debut after 2 years of playing reserves and nearly cracking the senior team. With Rampe failing to jump over a chain and breaking his arm, it opened up a spot. With his 16 disposal (93% DE), 4 marks, 6 tackles, 3 inside 50s, and a goal performance, he would be unlucky to not get another game anytime soon with Rampe out for about 5 weeks. Still another game before he is on the bubble before a call needs to be made. Watchlisted.

McGrath was the 2nd most traded in player this week and his 10,000 new owners will be slightly disappointed with his 56 points although they can count themselves lucky as he was on 33 at 3Qtr time and he collected most of his remaining points in the back half of the final quarter. He found plenty of ball (16 disposals) but his scored was stunted with his high uncontested count and DE of 75%. Apart from 5 marks and 2 tackles, he had little impact on the game. He has a BE of -17, so a tough call for coaches who do not have him. Unless you are desperate for bodies on the field in defence (still have Smith/Hibberd unnamed again), you can probably wait for others coming through as he might not get as much cash flow to make the trade worthwhile.

Stewart didn’t impact a great deal on the stats card and scored his 60 off 14 disposals (7 kicks, 7 handballs), 2 marks, 3 rebound 50s and 1 tackle due to his 50% contented possession count and 86% DE. 60 seems to be the scores we should expect from Stewart and with his decent JS, you can expect a 150k price rise from him in the next 7 rounds.

Hampton has gone from the a stud rookie to a dud rookie (by our standards on him) in 2 rounds and only managed 64 points in another winning Crows side. His DE was shonky and his 12 disposals (7 kicks, 5 handballs) went at 67% DE to go with 5 clangers which severely put an dent in his score. If it wasn’t for his pressure on the ball, he would not have been able to lay 10 tackles for the match which boosted his score to something semi-reasonable for a rookie. He will need to lift his output if he is to be kept up until the byes, as some people (me) were hoping for.

Macreadie scored his 55 points from 10 disposals (6 kicks, 4 handballs) from 70% DE. He had 4 marks, 3 rebound 50s and 3 tackles for the game to give his score a little boost. His low JS and scoring potential can be passed by non-owners as there is a high risk he won’t make enough cash to make the trade worthwhile.

Kelly has struggled to score over the last two weeks and although on the bubble, he can be passed at his price with a BE of 48.



Powell-Pepper, 3 words, GET. HIM. IN. If you don’t have him, you’re not playing SuperCoach this year!

Petrevski-Seton has been slightly frustrating for owners with his second score in the 50’s. He had 13 disposals (11 kicks), 4 marks, 2 tackles, 2 rebound/inside 50s and a goal, but his low DE (46%) and high clanger count (4) has really hindered his scoring the last fortnight. He will get better as the weeks go on and he shakes out his cobwebs so I am holding for now given his potential. Pending any MID donuts, he makes a great loophole option if you have the chance. His JS is good so will be a slow burn option unless he has a blinder in the next few weeks against Essendon/Gold Coast.

Barrett struggled to rack up the possessions for a second week in a row and only managed the 11 (5 kicks, 6 handballs) at 64% DE but his 3 marks, 7 tackles and 2 inside 50s for the game pushed his score to 50. McCluggage returned to the NEAFL this week and is waiting in the wings for a run but the pressure Barrett puts on the ball should hopefully be enough to see he stays in the team and gets some cash flowing. He really needs to get a big score in the coming weeks otherwise he will struggle to reach 225k with a 48 point average.

Fox, despite his bargain basement price, I would want a great game from him this coming week if named to consider trading him in on the bubble. He scored 44 on the weekend with the Swans guns going quiet so the amount of ball he sees when they are firing is unknown. Who knows, maybe if they fire, so will he? Another week to assess anyway.



Preuss. Went, Massive, and is awarded the best rookie of Rd2, narrowly edging out Otten. With Goldstein missing due to injury, he was given the call up to cover and made the most of his opportunity being number 1 ruck with chop outs from Daw. Owners who had him on the bench with Goldy, were laughing as they were covered with 111 points. Geelong realised they were being manhandled in the ruck and didn’t have a chance to win it so they opted to go no man up at the stoppages which allowed him to rack up the hit outs to advantages. With Daw returning to the side to be named along side Goldy, Preuss was dropped from the senior side so the jury is out on how many games he will play when those two are up and running 100%. Would be a risky trade in for non-owners, especially if it ruins ruck cover.


Menzel Adel$183.9k81-81-
Ainsworth (MID)GC$198.3k796672.5-29
Turner NM$171.4k567163.5-28
Taranto (MID)GWS$207.3k4476600
Schoenmakers Haw$155.1k60-60-
Eddy Port$102.4k307753.5-
Miles (MID)Haw$123.9k-4747-
Bowes (MID)GC$171.3k6426459
Florent (MID)Syd$166.8k4444448
Simpkin NM$162.3k35474111
Parfitt (MID)Geel$117.3k443640-13
McCarthy Frem$203.6k362932.553
Pickett (MID)Carl$123.9k283531.58

Hayward was very impressive in his AFL debut collecting 16 disposals (11 kicks, 5 handballs) at 75% DE to go with 3 marks, 6 tackles and 6 inside 50s. He played with skill, poise, composure and confidence and will have one more week before he pops the bubble but is being watchlisted. Horse has given him the run now, so it’s up to him to make the most of his chance now.

Butler, playing his second game, wasn’t able to replicate his Rd1 performance but he still scored a serviceable 65 points from his 13 disposals (4 kicks, 7 handballs), 3 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Putting in the effort and getting the reward, his JS is solid playing the way he has and one to be bringing in this week if you are required to make rookie corrections and you don’t have him. Looks to be the safest F6 option of all the cheap FWD rookies if you are forced to play one.

Ainsworth started on fire and was the second highest GC scorer at half time with 52 points. He fell off the face of the earth when GWS put their foot down to win their first ever match by 3 figures. He had 10 disposals (7 kicks, 3 handballs) at 100% DE to go with 5 marks, 3 tackles and a goal assist. Unless you think GC will lose by this much every week, owners should be looking to keep him with a BE of -29 and his potential, another score of 70+ this week and others would have been looking to bring him in but is priced at an awkward amount for non-owners.

Houston is relishing his role as Ports rebounder defender in Pittards absence. His game is made for SuperCoach with 18 disposals (all kicks!!) at a DE of 83% to go along with 11 marks, 3 tackles and 10 rebound 50s for the game. Collecting junk time stats like a champion, he has racked up an average of 77 points the last two weeks for a BE of -86. On the bubble, the call will need to be made this week to bring him if named and thankfully, Pittard is due back for The Showdown so we can gauge his JS, especially if he sticks around with Hartlett and Krakour available too.

Knight had 16 disposals (9 kicks, 7 handballs) at 75% DE to go with 3 marks, 2 clearances (both centre), 4 tackles and 3 goal assists. There are better options out there for a correction though as you can pick up Hoskin-Elliot for a little more, or bank the cash with cheaper rookies but worth holding if you own him as he will make some good cash with Adelaide’s easy run coming up.

Turner kicked 2 goals, 2 behinds on his way to 71 points courtesy of 9 disposals (all kicks), 5 marks and 5 tackles. With a BE of -28 and his JS, it would be a wasted trade to move him on for others although North have a couple of tough weeks ahead playing GWS and Western Buldogs in the next two weeks which will need to be considered.

Hannan was the most popular trade in this week with many coaches hoping to cash in on his Rd1 score. Unfortunately most traded Eddy out for him who he was then out performed by. Timely reminder that you don’t trade out rookies Rd1 unless you will be forced to take a 0. Only the 31 points this week which came from 5 kicks, 5 handballs, 2 marks and 2 tackles but his 50% DE and 5 clangers hindered his score. With Lewis and Hogan missing for the next couple of weeks, he would be hoping to hold his spot with Kent just about ready to return as well. A BE of -60 will see his price rise nicely once the 31 is out of his system and a 60 average will push his price up 150k in 7 weeks.

Broomhead played his first game since Rd7 last year and is priced due to his 34 average last year off two games. He has now played 22 games in his career which includes 3 scores over 100 SuperCoach points in 2015 but will need to score more than 63 next week before being considered this year.

Taranto was the 3rd most playing traded out player this week just gone and those who stuck fat with him, were rewarded with a much more respectable 76 points. His 15 disposals (8 kicks, 7 handballs) went off at 67% DE to go with 5 clearances, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50’s and 3 goal assists. His score was boosted with his high contested possession count but now has a BE of 0 and a 70 average from here on out will see his price get to 325k by the byes. His JLT and weekly performance is probably enough to keep him around.

Eddy put on the captains guernsey for many a folk this week after being a late inclusion as he received a phone call on the 18th green to put on his boots – let this be a lesson to those folks the risks captaining someone who has been named an emergency! They would have been sweating it out and hoping he didn’t repeat last weeks performance and much to their delight, he ended up on 77 after bagging a couple of goals. Not a great captain score, but there has been worse times I’m sure. Port Adelaides forward line functions so much better with him playing so hopefully Hinkley gets the message (you’ve won two in a row!) and continues to play him, although you cannot blame him for opting for pace against the Fremantle defence this week when he was originally omitted.

Miles collected 15 disposals (7 kicks, 8 handballs) which went off at 93% DE but unfortunately only got to 47 points due to his high uncontested possession count. He had 3 marks, 2 tackles and 2 inside 50 entries for the match but we will need another look before jumping on board but will need a bigger score than this week to be considered.

Bowes was disappointing only managing the 26 points. With that score now in his 3 week rolling average, owners will need to make the call whether to ride it out or to swap to a better performing rookie. Non-owners can pass on his price and BE as there are better options out there.

Florent has at least been consistent the last two weeks scoring a consecutive 44 points but he appears to be lacking a tank to run out full games at AFL level as he has faded dramatically in the last two games. He
chased down JJ to lay tackle and be rewarded a free kick in the first half where he slotted a goal but was unsighted in the back half of the game collecting 1 point after half time. On the bubble with a BE of 8, non-owners can pass him on. For owners, Sydney don’t have a couple of easier games until Rd6/7 although and his cash growth may be stunted but his spot wouldn’t be guaranteed with others to come back. 44 average would only see him get to 211k at the byes… so should probably be moved on if the luxury presents itself.

Simpkin struggled to impact again this week only managing the 47 points although he is looking better the more games he plays. He only collected the 8 disposals at 63% DE but managed to kick 1 goal. Had he converted the 2 behinds it would probably be a different story but he didn’t and with a BE of 11 this week, he’s not one to be bringing in if you are looking for a correction.

Parfitt took the field for my team and with 25 points next to his name 13 minutes into the game, it looked like a genius move. Boy oh boy was I wrong as he only collected another 11 points before the final siren. He had 7 kicks, 4 handballs (73% DE), 5 marks, 4 inside 50s and a goal. He only managed 69% TOG as Geelong looked to their experienced leaders to get them over the line in a close game. His JS is decent over the short term so owners can wait it out and get some price rises but not one to be bringing in if you do not own him.

McCarthy is still owned by 19% of the competition although I expect a heavy drop in ownership this week and I don’t blame you. Thankfully he holds a lot of value which can be used to facilitate other trades. A BE of 53 for a rookie his price 2 rounds in is actually quite an impressive feat, not good, but impressive!

Pickett heads into Rd3 as the worst performing rookie who has played 2 games. He looked better this week though and eased into the game but his high clanger count (5), held down his score from 6 kicks, 3 handballs (67% DE), 4 tackles and a goal. Despite the clangers, he was probably on track for a score in the low 50s and given Carlton was winning at 3Qtr time, coaches would have liked him to have had more influence on the game. With a BE of 8, he is set for a slow burn and if you have no more pressing issues, no one expects you to hold onto him. I’m holding to get one price rise from him and a second look at Hayward this weekend.


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51 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd2”

  1. Nice review Hutta.
    I hate to trade a rookie before they have made any money but will flick Florent to WHE.
    Could also move Simpkin to butler but probably just do the one.
    Might as well ask the mob
    TU Florent to WHE
    TD above and Simpkin to Butler


  2. Thanks Huttabito. I currently have Hibberd and Smith on my bench in defence.

    TU Trade one of them for McGrath or Marchbank this week
    TD Run without bench cover in defence this week, get Newman next week


    1. I have Marchbank and recommend him.

      I am also reluctantly considering McGrath but will hold the trade back until after I see Newman play Friday night. #maximiserollinglockout


    2. As Jester mentioned, wait and see. I would skip McGrath but waiting to see how Newman goes this week wouldn’t be a bad move. If he looks no good, grab Marchbank if you can afford him.

      Hibberd will come and go from the team this year so can hold off for now.


  3. Is butler worth burning a trade for or do you think its better to see what other rookies are on horizon (like hayward).

    Ive got florent in forward line and parfitt/pickett in midfield and was thinking of flicking one for butler. But after reading FD’s article about cows last week Im not sure if its worth itss butlers big score was in rd1.


    1. Butler’s JS and scoring potential just got better with the Tigers announcing Edwards is out injured for a couple of weeks.


    2. Florent to Butler is a move I would be making.

      Trades are gold, but people have been using 2 this round for years to get the right rookies and seemed to be ok. It’s the mid rounds you need to be more cautious and frugal with.


  4. Great write up Hutta, very helpful!

    I am keen to find a defender to replace Hibberd. I was looking at McGrath but now have eyes on Newman. I will watch with interest Friday night.

    I noticed during the game v North that Taylor was moved into defence late. Does this pose any concerns for Stewart and his JS?


    1. Watching AFL360 last night they interviewed Scott on the positioning of Harry.

      I quote “position was one that didn’t suit him as an individual (in reference to Blicavs) but was best for the team and that’s where the plan is with Harry at the moment even if he is more comfortable as a defender”

      Geelong were in strife on Sunday and needed his experience in that last quarter, hence they threw him back there. By the sounds of it though, they intend to keep playing him up front. Geelongs defence coach has hugh wraps for Stewart so don’t see him being pushed out any time soon.


      1. Great insight from 360 … thanks Hutta.

        So long as Stewart and Otten and Hampton keep strong JS I feel ok ti overlook McGrath.


        1. I have those same three with Marchbank @ D5 and feel comfortable. Wish I didn’t shuffle and move Hibberd to the MID bench though as I will probably miss out on Newman now, but think the other 3 will serve there job.

          it is a Scott though so you never know…


  5. great write up Hutta, extremely helpful.. the 2 trades I’m settled on but still would still like opinion

    Hibberd OUT, WHE IN
    McCarthy OUT, Nank into my Fwd’s, Witts IN..
    T/U good trades
    T/D reconsider

    appreciate any input.. cheers lads..


  6. Great stuff – just a heads up that the stats tables don’t look right on a mobile device – formatting issue?


    1. Cheers BKW, unfortunately I haven’t found a happy medium with the formatting for mobile versions. From going back and looking at many other tables in the past, as soon as you get to 1/2 dozen columns it gets very squished, very fast.

      I will probably opt to put the price in the body of the text which should free up some space, given I’ll be adding price changes as well in the coming weeks. It’s nice to see all that info in one place (the table), but practically, it might be wishful thinking.

      As El Greco said, rotating the phone does seem to sort out the problem short term.


  7. I need a better scoring with Parfitt, Pickett or Simpkin at F6, do I go:
    TU Pickett to Butler this week; or.
    TD Wait to see on Hayward and Pickett to Hayward next week?


    1. Hold off a few more weeks for Harley Balic from Freo? Dockers said he’s playing his first game this week. Had three consecutive 30+ possession games in WAFL…….


    2. As Jester said earlier, hold until after the Friday night game. If Hayward chops it up, hold until next week to grab him. If he plays a stinker, trade to Butler before his game Saturday.


  8. Want to bring in WHE – don’t have the cash to get rid of anyone else so my trade out options are either
    TU – Roughy
    TD – Taranto


    1. Not a huge fan of either of those trades, but if I was picking one, it would definitely be Taranto if you can’t offload anyone else.


  9. OPTION A – Trade out McCarthy for WHE and also Florent for SPP
    OPTION B – Trade out Hrovat for WHE and also Mountford for SPP

    Ideally would have preferred to trade out Mountford and McCarthy but fall about $1000 short. Sigh.


      1. That would work also. Means losing my DPP link for now but easily remedied in another week or two by moving either Miles or Florent from Fwd to Mid after trading out the non-playing Mountford or Hibberd.


  10. Feel like WHE is a must have, in order to bring him in I can either trade for Taranto (1 trade) or trade Pickett (mid) to a 102k rookie and Simpkin to WHE (2 trades)
    TU = get in WHE
    TD = let WHE go, you have rookies playing


  11. Just a couple to watch:

    Jarrod Berry (remember him? $139K D/M) was named among Brisbane’s best in their NEAFL win over the Swans last weekend, with 29 disposals. Hugh McCluggage also played well in that game.
    Darcy Cameron kicked a couple of goals also, should be in line for a game on Friday night.


  12. Great write up hutta seems some of these rookies just can’t run games out which kinda makes me want to hold them,

    In a bit of a pickle if I want both WHE & marchbank I’d need to trade roughy ( who I’m not sold on yet)

    Kinda want to give Florent, parfitt & Pickett another run this week to see how they go, Simpkin seems the one to go for me as I was at the game and he just seemed to small to get near the ball


  13. Is Houston a must this week?
    I’ve already got WHE,Eddy,Butler,Pickett,Parfitt,Barrett,Otten, Stewart & Hampton

    T/U – Trade Pickett for Houston
    T/D – Miss the Houston boat altogether


  14. Non playing rookie in Atley on my bench, who to trade in?
    Have Taranto, Florent, Atley on mid bench.

    T/U: Barrett
    T/D: Ainsworth

    Or wait for a better option.


  15. Trading McCarthy to WHE
    What to do with Simpkin. Trade to Butler ?
    Have Florent & Eddy on bench.
    Butler 40 odd k cheaper and should have better price rise !
    Or save trade and hope simpkin gets a decent score.


    1. Don’t think many would be against the second trade of Simpkin -> Butler, or Florent. Simpkin probably hes better long term JS, but will be rested time to time as they ease his load coming off a broken leg. Flip of a coin for those two for me though.


  16. Hey Hutta, I am interested in your thoughts on Witts … he is not in my team as I went with Gawn and Sandi … but he has exceeeded my expectations … should I be condisering him this week?


    1. My thoughts on Witts still stands from the Ruck Rookie review, think he was a great option to start with and that 100 against Mumford and the GWS midfielders at his feet was a pleasant surprise, i was honestly expecting 70 odd.

      So would I consider him? Yes. Is it a must do trade? No.

      You’ve already got Gawn, so that’s one keeper, check. Sandilands for many was either a stepping stone to a premium or an end of season R2 if he’s in the top 3-4 scorers (check).

      Now, in either of the two situations above, I think it would be a wasted trade. Will Witts be keeper worthy? I don’t think so. Hence, he would only be used as a stepping stone himself and Sandilands fulfils that need for you. Witts will make more in the short term (naturally due to his lower starting price) but Sandilands has the higher ceiling and will end up at a higher cash value in the middle of the season anyway. That’s why it’s not a must do trade.

      Why/when would I consider it?
      – I have nailed the rest of my team, and
      – I will still have 28 trades after this week, and
      – The extra cash is used this week to fix up a glaring mistake. I.e. Mills to Docherty or Hrovat to Buddy kind of trades.

      Everyone’s situation is unique, which makes this a great game. But you will need to assess the needs of your team and trade accordingly.

      FWIW, I have Witts in SuperCoach and AFL Fantasy, but not Real Dream Team and I won’t be bringing him in in RDT because I have other pressing issues (Taranto/Florent/Smith/Hibberd)


      1. Cheers Hutta. I will stay the course with Sandi … I noticed Griffin was dropped this week too which hopefully means more points for good old 211.



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