Rookie Review Rd4

Written by Huttabito on April 16 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd4AvgBE
Rozee (FWD)PTA$305,700 (+$45.9k)5380.310
ScrimshawHAW$255,500 (+$55.9k)9874.3-13
Hore*MEL$117,300 8672-75
Duursma (MID)PTA$238,400 (+$47.3k)73710
CollinsGCS$279,400 (+$54.2k)8769.8-3
WilkieSTK$214,000 (+$48.8k)11268.8-42
ClarkGEE$227,300 (+$31.2k)5363.315
Lockhart* (MID)MEL$102,400DNP44.5-29
Burgess (FWD)GCS$172,000 (+$21.0k)3040.827
McInerneySYD$117,300 1717-


Scrimshaw has been building slowly into a breakout game and did just thank against St Kilda. He seemed to be everywhere a had a team high 8 1%er efforts to go with 23 disposals (12 kicks), 11 contested possessions and 8 marks (3 contested) for 98 points. He seems to have cemented a spot in the best 22 and will generate some nice cash over the coming weeks.

Collins has hit his strides with back to back great games. A game high 11 1%ers to go 12 disposals (8 kicks) at 75% DE, 8 intercept possessions, 5 marks (2 kicks) and 2 tackles for 87 points.

Wilkie cracked the SuperCoach tonne for his handful of owners with 21 disposals (12 kicks) at a rather impressive 91% DE considering he had 10 contested possessions. He took 3 marks, laid 3 tackles and put in 6 1%ers to finish on 112 points.


Rozee won himself a rising star nomination last week and despite rising in price, still picked an additional 15k owners. 53 points was not what they were expecting (or wanting) after he managed 12 disposals (3 kicks) at 75% DE, 4 clangers, 1 mark, 4 tackles and 3 1%ers.


Rotham was a late in, but impressed scoring 98 with all of his 17 disposals (13 kicks) hitting the target. Only the 2 contested possessions but he had 7 marks (1 contested), 1 tackle, 8 1%ers (team high) and a goal assist. Being a late in on his 2nd game doesn’t spell good news for his JS, but will make some nice cash with a -82 BE.

Hore was a late inclusion and rewarded those coaches who held him from his Rd2 dropping. 20 disposals (14 kicks) at 75% DE to go with a team high 9 marks, team high 8 rebound 50s, team high 6 1%ers and an additional 3 tackles left him on 86 points but it was 4 clangers that stopped a potential 100 point game.

McInerney made his debut but finished with just the 1 disposal (missed the target) from 3 possessions. 2 tackles and a 1%er left him with 17 points. Need to see more, but surely it is all up from here?


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd4AvgBE
WalshCAR$342,600 (+$71.9k)12396.5-35
ConstableGEE$265,300 (+$53.7k)6082-4
Davies-UniackeNTH$302,800 (+$39.7k)6080.553
B.SmithWBD$261,900 (+$45.7k)7565.3-9
ButtersPTA$242,400 (+$24.7k)2362.348
WagnerMEL$174,600 (+$60.7k)5961.7-9
AtkinsGEE$179,400 (+$31.2k)6853.34
GibbonsCAR$148,400 (+$24.5k)5440.516
JonesADE$180,900 (-$9.7k)936.856


Walsh has to be this weeks rising star winner after another all round performance. He as improved every week and managed 28 disposals (14 kicks) at a much better 79% DE to go with 6 marks, 7 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal assist and a goal for 125 points.


Constable scored a passable 60 points for a rookie but 56% DE for 16 disposals (6 kicks) and 3 clangers held him back from what we have come to expect. A second team high 7 tackles kept his scoring ticking over.

Davies-Uniacke had a solid game but couldn’t convert to a great SuperCoach game. 17 disposals (10 kicks) at 82% DE left him on 60 points with 5 contested possessions, 4 marks, 2 clearances, 2 clangers and 2 tackles. Back to back 60s has left him with a BE of 53 and his cash generation will be stalled for a few weeks. One the bright side, he’s made $100k+ which can’t be said about a lot of rookies.

Butters was over churned this week and had a game that was not very SuperCoach friendly. He had 11 disposals (9 kicks) but a DE of 55% with only 1 contested possession and 4 clangers left him on a rather pitiful 23 points. 6 marks and a tackle gave his score some hope but with a BE of 48, he faces some real danger of losing cash in the next few weeks whilst he has a 23 rolling through his price changes.

Jones is losing money and should be losing SuperCoach ownership too. 2 effective disposals and a behind left him on 9 points.


Ross filled the void left by Dusty being suspended and Cotchin injured and racked up a 2nd team high 25 disposals (12 kicks) at 88% DE for 87 points. 4 clangers reduced his score from 107 points but he did take 4 marks and lay 5 tackles. Best to wait a week before jumping on, see below.

Stack couldn’t replicate his debut performance and failed to register a single contested possession which held back his scoring. He finished up with 11 disposals (6 kicks) at 91% DE to go with 5 marks and 3 1%ers for 40 points. Will spike in cash in his next game, but if he doesn’t replace the 108 with another decent score, he will plateau quickly.

Goodbye for now: Jones




O’Brien was up against Goldstein this week and held his own (again) to finish on 84 points. Picking up 16 disposals (10 kicks) at 81% with 9 contested possessions, he took 6 marks (1 contested) to go with 14 hitouts and 5 tackles but 5 clangers (4 free kicks against) stopped him from cracking 100. Jacobs could potentially be a few weeks away and this level of output over 4 weeks, if he can get that long, will see O’Brien jump up over $300k.

Clarke played his second game and heads into Rd5 on the bubble but playing 2nd ruck behind Bellchambers is limiting his scoring potential although 6 clangers doesn’t help either. He finished on 64 points from 11 disposals (3 kicks) at 73% DE, 9 contested possessions, 3 marks (2 contested), 9 hitouts, 2 tackles and 6 1%ers.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd4AvgBE
Drew (MID)PTA$227,100 (+$33.1k)6172.536
ParkerSTK$213,000 (+$26.5k)3263.846
MiersGEE$227,400 (+$51.3k)6563.5-1
PetrucelleWCE$187,100 (+$24.9k)3648.515
Setterfield (MID)CAR$193,600 (+$16.9k)5452.522
BlakelySYD$195,400 (+$8.4k)3143.522
SchultzFRE$142,300 (+$25.0k)3641.313
BaltaRIC$119,700 (-$4.2k)142125


Parker seems to have hit the rookie wall with his last 2 games resembling nothing of his first 2 which is a shame as his BE has jumped right up meaning he could be set to lose cash this coming week if he doesn’t pick up some form. Just the 32 points from 5 disposals (3 kicks), 4 tackles and a behind.

Balta joins the list of rookies who have now bled cash. No longer worthy of my words, he had almost as many clangers (7) as he did disposals (10) resulting in a score of 14 points.


Baker and Bolton played their first senior game for Richmond since last year against Port Adelaide and both had solid games. Baker playing his 4th senior game and Bolton his 10th saw them finish with their best SuperCoach game ever with 91 and 75 respectively. Given their scoring history, 10 of their 12 scores combined prior to this week being between 20-50 with the other 2 being in the 60s, we are going to need to see some consistency, in scoring and best 22 material, before jumping on board.

Goodbye for now: Balta


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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd4”

    1. Sounds good in theory RB, but aren’t the forward rookies struggling enough already? I guess if you didn’t pick Balta it would work nicely


      1. All comes down to structure doesn’t it.. if they’re not on field you definitely do it.. if you’re forcing yourself to field Balta or Burgess I wouldn’t.


        1. Dodged some of the lesser forwards fortunately. Moore, Rozee, Drew and Parker at F3-F6. Setterfield and Petrucelle on the bench. Got a lot of upgrading to do across this line!


          1. With ROB, where are we getting the information that he’s covering for Sauce for potentially the next 4-weeks??? I’ve only seen that he may be in for this week. Appreciate anyone being able to shed light on this as it would certainly be a beneficial move for my team.

            Thanks coaches.


  1. Anybody else tearing their hair out over the lack of FWD Rookies.

    I really need to move on Balta and Setterfield’s little holiday does not help.

    But honestly are there any worthy replacements?

    I already have Parker, Drew and Petrecullee.

    Not sure where to go next.


    1. Everyone has the same rookies and are leaking points. Just ignore it. I think you have to squeeze as much cash as you can from the fwd rookies.


      1. Yeah fair point mate.

        It’s a really shallow pool up FWD this year and the lack of any DPP FWD rookies hurts too.


        1. I actually took a big gamble with initial team selection and started corbet over petrucelle, hoping he gets named and does well this year to save a trade.
          With my luck it won’t lol.


  2. Balta just needs to avoid all these clangers and actually get some decent time on the field. He only had 43% time on ground last game. If you took out even half of his clangers and gave him 70% TOG minimum he’d be fine.

    Why was he selected if he was going to spend over half the game on the bench?


  3. One to keep an eye on – preseason favourite Josh Corbett (124K fwd) played his first NEAFL game for the year last week. 18 possessions and kicked 3.3


  4. Sauce Jacobs is listed as a test on the AFL website with some talk he might even play this week. Hmmm, O’Brien is looking far less enticing now.


      1. So it seems. Bad news for Sauce but great news for my SC team. AFL releases an injury list that is accurate for about an hour!



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