Rookie Review Rd6

Written by Huttabito on April 30 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd6AvgBE
HoreMEL$264,500 (+$69.7k)8681.5-28
Rozee (FWD)PTA$343,500 (+$12.3k)10281.333
Duursma (MID)PTA$297,100 (+$29.5k)847225
ScrimshawHAW$314,500 (+$24.4k)6270.358
Answerth (MID)BRI$117,3006969-
WilkieSTK$307,100 (+$44.1k)7368.240
CollinsGCS$311,600 (+$10.2k)666570
ClarkGEE$240,900 DNP59.443
Lockhart (MID)MEL$133,200 (+$30.8k)3942.7-19
Burgess (FWD)GCS$172,100DNP37.844
McInerneySYD$117,300 DNP17-


Rozee keeps his name in Rising Star talks after another outstanding performance against the Roos. Racking up 22 disposals at 73% DE and 50% contested rate, he fired off 12 kicks, took 4 marks (2 contested), laid 4 tackles, kicked 1 goal/2 behinds and had an additional 2 goal assists to finish on 102 points.


Brisbane gave us a look at their first rookie priced player in Answerth this week. Can play a shutdown defence role, but he was given more freedom against Gold Coast taking 12 disposals (10 kicks) at 92% DE, 7 marks (1 contested), 5 tackles and 3 1%ers for 69 points. Could be a great swing option with Duursma in the coming weeks.

Young finished with 12 disposals (6 kicks) and 7 marks but his uncontested game style playing across half back and no tackles held him to 52 points. On the bubble but looks to be a slow burn.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd6AvgBE
WalshCAR$443,600 (+$34.2k)7999.667
HatelyGW S$148,800DNP95-
ConstableGEE$303,000 (+$37.7k)7981.437
RossRIC$191,500 (+$74.2k)8977.7-35
StackRIC$218,200 (+$39.7k)7275-25
Davies-UniackeNTH$305,000 (-$1.5k)5572.862
B.SmithWBD$326,200 (+$28.2k)9166.229
ButtersPTA$252,400 (-$2.4k)4664.827
ScottNTH$172,800 DNP5412
AtkinsGEE$232,500 (+$26.1k)4753.825
GibbonsCAR$233,200 (+$44.7k)5152.8-19
ThomasNTH$205,700 (+$20.3k)7549.84


Smith had the ball on a string and was everywhere (except in the contest) registering only 4 contested possessions from his 23 disposals. He finished with a second team high DE (91.3%) which helped him on his way to 91 points courtesy of an additional 5 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Timely score sending his BE back and and ensuring some extra cash over the next 2 weeks.

Thomas got himself a recall and showed the form we would have wanted to see prior to popping his price bubble. Finishing with 19 disposals (9 kicks), he had 8 contested possessions, took 3 marks and put in 2 goal assists for 75 points.


Walsh need a kick up the b*m and posting a score of 79 which is 20 under his average! Expect him to bounce back.

Davies-Uniacke appears to have been robbed by Champion Data a little this week after finishing on 55 points from 16 disposals (5 kicks) at over 50% contested rate and 94% DE to go with 4 marks and 4 tackles. His BE is now around his 4 week rolling average and now has the potential to start bleeding cash.

Butters bled cash this week after a 13 disposal (11 kicks) game left him with 46 points. His BE has dropped however and can be held for another few weeks at least giving a chance to put up a high score to kick start his cash generation again.


Hayes played his second game on the trot and posted 55 from 15 disposals (11 kicks) at 67% DE. 3 clangers held him back, but he managed 5 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Will be a popular downgrade target this week if named for his 3rd game.

Rowbottom has rowed his boat to the bottom of the stream and from what he’s showed, will not be SuperCoach relevant this year after a 32 point game against GWS.


O'BrienADE$278,800 (+$61k)8886.8-16


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd6AvgBE
BakerRIC$237,700 (+$75.6k)8487.3-33
Drew (MID)PTA$293,700 (+$34.9k)6276.24
MiersGEE$299,400 (+$35.9k)9070.36
ParkerSTK$225,100 (+$9.2k)6361.517
PetrucelleWCE$249,400 (+$23.8k)4857-3
Setterfield (MID)CAR$193,600DNP52.522
BlakelySYD$198,700 (+$3.3k)2940.656


Miers seems to be a rookie that got away from most coaches sitting in just 4% of teams after his bubble popped in Rd3 however he has now gone onto make $175k with a BE still in single digits after scoring 90 points against West Coast. Racking up a modest 20 disposals, he took 6 marks and kicked 2 goals and still has plenty of cash to make for those lucky few coaches.


Larkey had a debut he won’t forget after booting 3 goals from 10 disposals (7 kicks). Taking 6 marks (2 contested), he went at 90% DE, laid 4 tackles and had a further 2  1%ers to finish on 75 points. He won’t kick 3 goals every week, so best to wait and see.

Lewis somehow slipped through the cracks last game week and missed a write up (probably 1 to many Bintangs by the pool) but he backed up his 69 against the Cats with a 49 point game against Carlton. He did most of his work (6 disposals, 3 marks and goal) in the opening 3 quarters so scaling wasn’t in his favour with Hawthorn getting on top in the final quarter. On the bubble and comes in at a slight premium due to his 30 average from 2 games in 2018.

Corbett, mature age supplement player, suffered a slight injury setback towards the end of the pre-season delaying his AFL debut. Replacing Burgess up front, he had 6 disposals (3 kicks) at 83% and kicked 2 goals for 55 points. Will probably need him to see a little more of the ball next game to be worth picking up.

Brander got himself a recall after being omitted from the Rd2 teams but had very little impact with his 10 disposals and finished on 34 points. With a positive BE, he’s not worth the time.

Goodbye for now: Blakely


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16 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd6”

    1. There’s a bit of competition at the Dogs (personally I’d like to see Lipinski in the side) but think he’s done enough to hold his spot for now.


  1. Going to take a risk and bring in Young if picked. Need to cash in some def rooks

    Via Dpp

    Tu – Kelly
    Td – Daniel

    Daniel might be a nice POD


  2. With Riewoldt out for a while does Bolton make his way back into contention for Richmond? If he’s named I might need to bring him in.


    1. He was dropped for Riewoldt and the Tiger’s VFL coach said he played well (there’s an interview with the coach on rfc website).

      I’d be shocked if he wasn’t recalled.


  3. is darth vader a SC god
    every year i load up on about 18 rookies @ the start ,
    but always manage to miss out on including the rising star ,
    the only rooks i didn’t start this yr were burgess & rozee ,
    this year walsh was to bring peace to the galaxy ,
    but now rozee rises from the dark side


  4. Double upgrade for me this week:
    TU Young and Hayes if named (Keep building the war chest)
    TD Fyfe and Haye (Start loading the premos)


  5. thinking double downgrade this week

    R.Gray > M.Lewis
    T.Atkins > W.Hayes

    Leaves $407,100 in bank for double upgrade next week.

    Am only thinking this because I can’t afford anymore decent to straight swap R.Gray out for.
    And doing 1 up 1 down leaves me with nothing in the bank next week and I could be stick in the same position.

    TU- take the risk, do the trades
    TD- don’t be stupid
    Comment other ideas.


    1. I Consider him a mid pricer and would think that going to Lewis, you’ll still waste another trade upgrading him to a premium. Same with Hayes. Rethink? Premium +Rookie can save you a trade.


      1. Yeah when you put it like that I think your right.
        will look at downgrading 1 rookie, then moving Gray on to possibly T.Kelly


  6. Contingent on Thursday team sheets, I’ve got two trade options this week:

    T.U: Butters to Hayes and Scrimshaw (via Moore DPP) to Boak.


    T.D: Scrimshaw to Bolton (via Moore DPP) and Butters to Fyfe.

    Comments more than welcome, ty.


  7. I’ll see what the Father recommends but it might be Scrimshaw and Collins that vacate my backline. Who for? That’s what I’m not sure. Probably one up, one down.



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