Rookie Review – Round 18

Written by Huttabito on July 25 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd18AvgBE
Glass (MID)Haw$117.3k8484-
Witherden (MID)Bris$313.0k (+$49.2k)8687.2-7
RyanFrem$279.4k -669
Nyhuis*Frem$167.3k (+$50.0k)5761-5
MelicanSyd$319.8k (+$12.2k)8060.954
Berry (MID)Bris$351.5k (+$11.0k)7859.567
Perryman (MID)GWS$257.2l (+$19.8k)365137
Cox (FWD)Frem$201.7k -48.614
Larkey (FWD)NM$117.3k11-

Glass almost made it into my team as my Witherden alternative this week to open up links on all lines but alas, I forgot to trade out Parsons for a second time in the last 3 weeks. Since I can’t seem to trade him out I will probably pass on my login details to another contributor to do it for me. He made a few minor errors that will come with experience but looked very composed in general on his way to 15 disposals (10 kicks) at 93% DE (2nd best on ground, best for 10+ disposal players). He also took 5 marks, laid 2 tackles and put in 5 1%ers to get to 84 points. Coming in for me this week.

Witherden started slowly and sat on 27 points at half time whilst Brisbane were on top. Once Carlton took over in the 3rd, Witherden saw a lot more ball and catapulted himself to 68 at 3Qtr time before finishing up on 86 from 22 disposals (18 kicks) at 73% DE, 7 marks, 2 tackles and a goal. Must be nice to own him.

Keath made his debut with Lever missing through injury and he didn’t look out of place. He only collected 6 disposals being a key defender but his score was boosted as they were all kicks that hit the target to go with 12 1%ers (2nd highest on the ground) to get him to 64 points. Job security is very thin with Lever to return.

Nyhuis went on my goodbye list but enough of you traded him on he should probably stick around, thanks for the extra workload guys! Scoring just under his average, his 57d points came from 11 disposals (5 kicks) at 82% DE, 3 marks, 4 tackles and a goal assist.

Melican didn’t enjoy me saying to look for a replacement for him as he went ahead to put up 80 points which was his highest of the season and enough to earn this rounds rising star nomination. Collecting 15 disposals (9 kicks) at 87% DE he also had 3 marks, 3 tackles, 6 1%ers and a goal assist. Allir Allir looks a long way back now but with a BE of 54 it’s not a bad time to say goodbye.

Berry lead the handball count for the afternoon with a grand total of 15 (from 21 disposals) as he got down and dirty in the packs to register 9 contested possessions (3rd team high). With a BE of 67 heading into Rd19, his cash days are all but done as he pushes his price over $350k and you’re really only holding on now for bench cover.

Perryman had a rather rough day at the office. Despite gathering 14 disposals (9 kicks), 5 marks and 4 tackles he amassed 7 clangers to go with a DE of 57% which resulted in a score of 36. Thankfully his BE was -9!

Scrimshaw was drafted at number 7 in last years draft and finally made his debut but the Western Bulldogs forward line got the better of him with only 11 disposals (7 kicks) at 82% DE, 5 marks and 4 1%ers for 44 points. Very expensive with no DPP, he probably won’t be relevant this year.

There are two sides to every coin. North Melbourne debuted two players this week, Larkey and a late inclusion Williams (MID/FWD). Williams first ever touch was a mark inside 50 which he went back and slotted for a goal. The entire team came together to celebrate and he went on to collect 14 disposals (7 kicks) at 93% DE, 6 marks and 3 tackles for 58 points. The other side of the coin, is Larkey. 0 disposals, 2 hitouts, 1 1%er and 2 clangers (must have been sharked taps or something) – absolutely nothing else! He finished up on -7 points but champion data clearly felt sorry for him and scaled him up to 1. Looking on the bright side, Kade Simpson didn’t touch the ball in his first 3 AFL games and everything turned out alright for him.

Gooodbye for now: Melican and Berry


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd18AvgBE
MyersEss$275.3k (+$28.4k)7656.422
MountfordNM$252.7k (+$5.8k)6355.747

Setterfield is a rookie I hoped that would slip through to the following year but not to be. Picked up at #5 in 2016’s draft he came straight in and made an impact and was another who didn’t look out of place. Got a few early shots off at goal in the first quarter but was unable to convert with one hitting the goal post and he went into the first break on 36 points. He didn’t score in the 2nd but finished up on 63 from 12 disposals (8 kicks), 3 marks, 6 tackles (equal team high) and 2 behinds. Very pricey given his draft position and most likely won’t be relevant for a few years now he’s started to ruin his price for 2018.

Myers continues his resurgence with a season high 76 points. He recorded a game high 16 contested possession which made up for 15 of his 21 disposals going off by hand. Performances like his last 3 would have been welcomed Rd7 onwards!

Mountford surprisingly only for 63 points from 14 disposals (9 kicks) at 93% DE to go with 7 marks, 2 tackles, 3 free kicks for’s and 2 1%ers. He still has the 41 in his price cycle from Rd17 so his BE of 47 should drop after his next game. Just don’t pull a White!


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd18AvgBE
DarcyFrem$276.4k (+$35.9k)8774.812

Darcy started red hot getting to 60 points by the major break but the gas in the Fridge stopped running and he sputtered to 87 at full time. Won the hitout battle, he went 31-29 against McEvoy to go with 8 disposals (3 kicks) at 73% DE, 3 marks and an equal game high 6 tackles, including a monster pick up and dump of McEvoy who was far from impressed.

Marshall made his debut and gave ruck relief to finish on 57 points from 14 disposals (5 kicks), 4 marks, 2 tackles and 5 hitouts. Listed as a pure ruck, it will be mighty hard to squeeze him into your team this time of year, especially with shaky job security.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd18AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$390.9k (+$14.3k)10387.660
SchoenmakersHaw$290.4k (+$15.1k)6468.731
White (MID)Port$277.6k (-$8.6k)4264.555
Williams (MID)NM$117.3k5858-
Bolton (MID)Rich$199.0k -51.217
Deluca-Cardillo* (MID)Frem$102.4k4036.5-12

Greenwood had low TOG yet again being the second lowest of Adelaide players at 71% but that doesn’t matter to Greenwood! Putting up his 3rd 100+ score in 8 games, he finished up on 103 from 23 disposals (13 kicks). He was their equal second highest clearance player with 8 (4 centre) to go with 2 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 2 behinds. Pushing his average up to 90, he’s trying his best to be the second rookie graduate for the year.

Young played his second game and will head into Rd19 on the bubble. Racking up 10 marks across their backline (despite being listed as a forward) he also put in a team high 6 1%ers to finish up on 79 points. He had 16 disposals (6 kicks) so if he can get a few more kicks off when he marks the ball he should be able to improve his scoring. Looks like a decent rookie option to end out the year but lack of DPP could be of hindrance. Another rookie who would have been great next year!

McKay finally got his chance to debut having being named in the extended line up on more than one occasion but just missed out on final team selection. He has a great pair of hands taking 6 marks (4 inside 50, 3 contested – game high in both) to go with 11 disposals (8 kicks) at 64% DE and 1 goal, 2 behinds.

Schoenmakers – The definition of 19 disposals, a goal, couple of behinds and 64 SuperCoach points. Like clockwork.

White has run his race but it’s time to move him on. You know how I said once his 41 is out of his price cycle his BE will drop? Well, he replaced it with a 42 against Melbourne which caused him to drop just under $10k and move his BE to 55. Hope you weren’t relying on him as cover this week!

Deluca-Cardillo returned from injury to play his second game but 40 points (to go with his debut 33) means he can be passed up on unless you want a basement rookie with FWD/MID DPP.

Zurhaar still doesn’t have a fun score with just the 37 points in his second hitout. On the bubble, one that can be passed on.

Goodbye for now: Deluca-Cardillo and Zurhaar

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P.S. Parsons is shit.


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 18”

  1. Great write up Hutta, I ended up with Greenwood to loophole , Melican as a emg and Witherden as a non scoring rookie. At this time of year, with only 5 trades left, cashing in White for Young is temptingl but have bigger fish to fry with Greene and Nank causing concerns.
    Can’t decide who to trade Greene for
    TU Macrae , Consistent Mid with the highest ave
    TD JJK- higher ceiling with a great home.


  2. Another great write-up, Huttabito. With your Freo knowledge, will Ryan be back in this week? My defensive cover is bare having lost Hibberd last week. I have Witherden but he’s my only playing mid so need him there.

    Talk is that Greenwood will get more midfield time as Brad Crouch certain to miss at least 1 week with depressed cheekbone.


    1. Cheers, I think Ryan should be back this week. Less certain on Cox though but they’ve been whipped and probably learnt their lesson, Ryan has been playing pretty well of recent weeks.

      I will welcome more midtime for Greenwood since he’s covering Pendles one more week before I move him on!



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