RoOSTA’s Captains ROUND 13!

Written by Motts on June 20 2014

There were some very surprising high-scorers last week. How many did you have in your team? If you were like me, you probably had two big premo’s in your midfield as late withdrawals and only had 1 replacement. Here’s some more commonly owned players and their larger than life scores last week:

Brendon Goddard Essendon $550,600 157
Shannon Hurn West Coast $484,100 157
David Zaharakis Essendon $532,300 154
Jimmy Bartel Geelong $550,400 152
Mathew Stokes Geelong $541,500 147
Jeremy McGovern West Coast $213,200 146
Lance Franklin Sydney $483,200 146
Matthew Lobbe Port Adelaide $517,900 145
Nicholas Naitanui West Coast $474,900 142
Thomas Liberatore West Bulldogs $637,200 142
Scott Pendlebury Collingwood $631,500 139
Pearce Hanley Brisbane $478,700 133

It’s amazing how many times opposition players kick directly to Lynden Dunn! He’s now had TWO massive back to back scores where hardly any coaches would own him, Nic-Nat looks to be back into some serious form and Matt Lobbe is not far off All Australian Pace. Libba and Pendles with flying colours; both scored very solid consistently this week. I was also quite happy with my FWD emergency Jeremy McGovern scoring a rare Ablett-like 146! n a side note, don’t take too much away from 1 week of footy: I wouldn’t expect Zaharakis or Goddard to back-up scores like that this week. Anyway, which player should we give the reigns to this week?

Nat Fyfe or Michael Barlow:

Take your pick! It’s hard to go wrong with one of these high calibre midfielders. Take no notice of previous scores from these players against this team….if we did that none of us would’ve chosen Rockliff as captain when he scored 182 a few weeks ago. Both are projected around 100, but should score well above it. My only consideration is Ross Lyon pulling a random wildcard and ‘resting’ 1 or 2 of these players. However, it is at home with no travelling involved. So, if they both play, Nat Fyfe is preferential However, if you predict a stop-start game that’s not free-flowing, select Barlow. It’s a bit risky though; they both play the same night alongside Gaz so there’s LOTS of potential this week for a great POD for your Captain this week. Never say never! Freo players sometimes tempt and disappoint, too.

Scott Pendlebury:

SC GOLD projected: 121
Avg. vs Opp: 107.4 (from 10 games)
Last 2 scores vs Opp: 124 and 110

I won’t predict the biggest score, but I’ll always back this guy for the most consistent one of the week. As I’ve said many times before, he’s usually good for 120 points a game and in fact, averages more than that currently. I am suspecting a very close game and if this one comes down to the wire, expect the captains doing something inspirational…also, don’t forget the potential for Supercoach weighting! Let’s hope it a close game and that SC GOLD projections are on target.

Brent Harvey:

SC GOLD projected: 148
Avg. vs Opp: 98 (from 11 games)
Last 2 scores vs Opp: 137 and 130

If anyone is ready to deliver a reality check to the Dees, it’s the most senior bloke at the Kangas. I have been amazed at the resiliency of Boomer this year. Despite tags, he’s been scoring very well. He may not get a score of 150, but you can bank on 110+ at the very least. His score of 137 last year was the best he’s had against the Dees, so back him in because he also plays on a Sunday!

No overbearing love for Gaz this week. With a projected score of 116, he may turnout 150+ or a strange score of 102. He has a break even of 144 and is likely to drop. If you wanted to bea bit risky; throw the VC tag on Gaz and the (C) tag on either a Priddis or J.J Kennedy who are both likely to have a field day on Sunday vs. St Kilda.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Be careful (consider VC tag):

Tom Liberatore – Projected 150, but not sure he’ll get a big score against Port.
Joel selwood – Down on form. Just ELEVEN touches last week, scraped in for 100. Strangely despite form, projected for a 121.
Josh P Kennedy – Projected 131, however may have a low triple digit score, so better throw the VC tag sine he plays tonight at the MCG

Who else are you considering for VC? Discuss below!

Goodluck wth your team. Hope you win! For more, follow RoOSTA on Twitter.



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20 thoughts on “RoOSTA’s Captains ROUND 13!”

  1. Going to put the vc on nic nat this week, against billy longer, predicting a huge score, especially because cox still isn’t back


  2. Going to VC JPK and hope he goes big, because GAJ looks a bit tired to me. Quite a few prems looking like they need a rest actually – Danger, Fyfe, Jellywood among others.


  3. Going against the grain a little this week.

    VC – Mcveigh
    C – GAJ

    Loopholed GAJ into Pendels last week but firmly expect him to return to form against his former side.


  4. Gaz into one of Ward, Sandilands or Mumford.

    Just about every opponent I’ve faced in the last month puts the C on Gaz as the set and forget option. Throwing the VC on him gives me that little extra time to work out whether I need to take a punt on an alternate captain, or if cancelling out the Gaz’s works better.


  5. Being stuck in India and the unreliability of the internet I am taking Buddy as VC into Gaz, I need the day to try and utilise the loophole.



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