Round 22 Review

Written by Thommo on August 20 2018

It’s a short and sharp review this week as the Supercoach season winds down. Each week the Supercoaches who are knocked out of their respective leagues crack the sads, abandon their failed Supercoach teams and turn their attention to 2019.

See you next season, losers!

I can write that because only winners read Supercoach Talk!

Seriously though, if you copped a bad preliminary final beat this week, let the community know so we can commiserate. Especially if you missed cashing in your Cash League!

RICHMOND 12.9 (81) def ESSENDON 11.7 (73)

This was the loss Richmond had to have before finals. Unfortunately the Bombers didn’t get the memo! They also missed the memo in the preseason advising the league that Essendon was guranteed to finish in the top 4!

After Richmond lost Astbury, Cotchin, Lambert and Prestia to injury, the Bombers had a great opportunity to steal a vital win to give them a chance of finals footy. Instead the Tigers won their 20th straight match at the MCG and have wrapped up top spot.

Better luck in 2019, Essendon!

Dustin Martin (138) and Josh Caddy (107) helped themselves to 4 goals each and led the Tigers for Supercoach scoring. For Essendon Devon Smith (125) brought the pressure again with 18 of his 28 possessions won in  a contest, adding 5 tackles and 9 clearances. Tom Bellchambers (112) continued his strong season with 13 possessions, 7 marks (2 contested), 39 hit-outs and 1 goal.

COLLINGWOOD 17.13 (115) def PORT ADELAIDE 10.4 (64)

The walking wounded battled it out for a possible top 4 berth, and for 3 quarters the match delivered. And then the Pies went wooshka and blew Port away, landing 7 goals to 1 in the final quarter. The Power now face the prospect of missing the final 8 and making thousands of Crows fans really happy!

There’s nothing like watching your enemy fail to soften your own pain!

Facing the clearly injured Paddy Ryder, Brodie Grundy (162) monstered the ruck with 42 hit-outs to go with his midfield numbers of 25 disposals, 8 clearances, 9 tackles and 1 goal. That was Grundy’s second highest score for the year, wonderful timing for the Supercoach semi-finals. Legend!

Unique midfield option, Taylor Adams (126) enjoyed Grundy’s dominance, racking up another 30 possessions, 7 tackles and 1 goal. For the Power, Justin Westhoff (126) played his best match since Round 6 as he assisted in the ruck, gathering 22 disposals, 9 hit-outs, 10 tackles and kicking 1 goal. Yet another handy score for SC finals.

Unfortunately Tom Rockliff (58) had absolutely no sense of occasion, stinking up the place with 17 possessions at just 58% DE and 5 clangers. Is it time for us to add Rocky to the Higgins list?

GEELONG 24.14 (158) def FREMANTLE 3.7 (25)

The Cats wanted percentage and the Dockers wanted to break records.

It was a win-win!

Geelong kicked 23 straight goals from late in the first quarter to pile on 8% of percentage and handed the Dockers their greatest ever losing margin. Tim Kelly (155) decided to give Ross Lyon a first hand demonstration of how good he is, racking up 26 disposals and 3 goals, and Tom Hawkins (136) enjoyed the free-for-all (what forward doesn’t), kicking 6 goals and gathering 22 possessions.

Amongst the carnage, Lachie Neale (132) continued his good form with 26 disposals, 9 clearances and 11 tackles and Nat Fyfe (114) continued where he left off prior to injury with a massive 37 possessions, 7 clearances and 2 contested marks.

Surprisingly, given how much time he spent forward, Patrick Dangerfield (94) didn’t kick a single goal and scored most of his points when the match was over.

SYDNEY 11.14 (80) def GWS 8.12 (60)

The Giants are the third victim to the Swans resurgence in as many weeks. GWS looked to have Sydney’s measure on several occasions but the ‘never-say-die’ Swans reeled them in and then ran over the top of them in the final quarter. Injuries to key Giants players didn’t help them run out the match but Sydney managed it last week so there’s no excuses!

Now the Giants need to attempt to find 22 fit blokes for next week and the finals!

With Phil Davis struggling with injury, Lance Franklin (161) had a monster match with 5 goals, 5 contested marks and 2 goal assists during which he surpassed Leigh Matthews to become the 8th greatest goal kicker of all-time. Luke Parker (159) also came to the party with 33 possessions, 9 clearances and 2 goals. Amazingly for Parker, he only committed a single clanger.

At half-time Callan Ward (116) and Stephen Coniglio (98) looked ready to tear the match apart but Ward struggled to impact the contest in the second half as Sydney took control while Coniglio copped a tagger for the first time that I can remember and didn’t seem to know what to do with himself. See how it feels Cogs!

BRISBANE 10.18 (78) def GOLD COAST 11.8 (74)

Nick Robertson poked the bear during the week and the bear duly responded. Even small bears, like cute little koalas (I know they’re not actually bears), have claws when they’re pissed. Eventually the Lions ran out winners but it was not as easy as it should have been and it required a huge second half from Dayne Beams (144), whose 38 possession, 1 goal game won him his third Marcus Ashcroft Medal.

Stef Martin (133) was also fantastic without a second ruck stealing his points, racking up 21 disposals and 38 hit-outs. For the Suns, Alex Sexton (111) kept his boys in touch with 4 goals and young gun Brayden Fiorini (100) is starting to show his promise and appears ready to break-out in 2019.

The other Dayne, Dayne Zorko (80), wasn’t terrible but he struggled with the Touk Miller tag again and made a bit of fool of himself with an odd hand-shake tirade after the siren. It didn’t take a professional lip-reader to make sense of his words to Miller!

HAWTHORN 12.8 (80) def ST KILDA 11.10 (76)

Will the real contenders for September please stand up? One-by-one they falter and drown in the baby pool before the real stuff even begins, leaving the Tigers free to clean up come finals time.

This week the Hawks almost lost the unlosable and fell over the line like a drunken sailor, barely holding on to their top 4 position. They were dominated by the Saints’ midfield and only won because of individual brilliance of players like Jack Gunston (140) who kicked 4 goals and took important defensive marks and Shaun Burgoyne (124)  who was his usual silken self with 24 possessions at 83% DE.

For the Saints Jack Steele (121) was brilliant with 29 disposals and 1 goal while cloaking Tom Mitchell (108) at the stoppages, especially in the first half, and Jack Lonie (109) had his best return for the Saints with 4 goals from 18 disposals.

WESTERN BULLDOGS 10.6 (66) def CARLTON 7.7 (49)

The Blues have successfully wrapped up the wooden spoon and their attention will now turn to selecting the best draft pick of the 2018 draft.

Oh, and playing Adelaide next week!

Despite their season being over weeks ago, the Blues fought hard to hold the Doggies despite being smashed in the clearances and inside 50 count. Kudos for grinding it out, Carlton!

Congratulations to the Doggies, too, for fighting out the season. Despite the obvious hatred and denigration of Damien Barrett for the Western Bulldogs, the Dogs are a young side that could have given up on their season but have chosen to battle to the end. They have found yet another gun in Josh Dunkley (157) who has averaged 129 ppg over the past 5 matches and he is now the top forward over the last 5 weeks. Lachie Hunter (146) has also rediscovered his 2016 form, recorded 33 disposals at a ridiculous 97% DE this week.

For the Blues, father time Kade Simpson (144) gave yet another reminder of his class and desire to win for his beloved Blues and Ed Curnow (115) pumped out his best SC score in weeks. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Toby McLean (72) who didn’t seem at all interested in helping out his many Supercoach coaches. Not cool man!

What was also uncool was Jed Lamb giving away a 50m penalty late in the match for a punch to the Bont’s back. When Diesel Williams calls you a talentless flog, mate, it’s time to pull your head in!

MELBOURNE 16.12 (108) def WEST COAST 14.7 (91)

Finally the Dees have discovered the secret to defeating a top 8 side! Knock out their only key forward at the start of the match and the rest falls into place!

OK, to be fair, it was a fair tackle and the Dees did play well but they are acting like they have won the premiership already! Win a final first, Melbourne, and then celebrate like triple pork chops!

After looking sore and sorry for himself last week, Max Gawn (156) was back dominating Big Bird and friend, outscoring Scott Lycett (55) and Nathan Vardy (66) collectively for the match. James Harmes (118) enjoyed the silver service recording 28 disposals, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 2 goal assists, as did Angus Brayshaw (116) who would have scored a lot higher for his 26 disposals and 10 tackles if it weren’t for a poor disposal efficiency.

Elliott Yeo (120) continued his strong season with a massive second half and could be a surprise contender late on Brownlow Medal night.

ADELAIDE 12.14 (86) def NORTH MELBOURNE 11.11 (77)

Was this a game of footy or an audition for Mark of the Year? After Paul Seedsman dropped a sitter, Eddie Betts decided to ice the match with a pack mark hanger, impressing both Sauce and Goldie whose heads he sat on. Despite finishing with 5 straight goals, North fell short of the win and are now short of finals too.

They didn’t finish in the bottom 4 as many of us predicted, but North still missed finals and perhaps they would have been better served finishing near the bottom and selecting a top 4 draft pick.

Matthew Crouch (131) was back to his ball winning ways, recording an AFL record 35 handpasses in his 46 disposals, while Rory Laird (117) was also racking up the touches with another 41 this week. When Ben Jacobs is out, the Roos give up a truck load of possessions!

Jarryd Waite (119) did his best to get the Roos over the line with 2 of his 3 goals at the end of the final quarter but what was really impressive was his 6 contested marks. When he is fit, he remains one of the best forwards going around. When he’s fit…

The players who didn’t set the world (or Coleman Medal race) on fire were Ben Cunnington (49) who managed 6 clangers from just 16 disposals and Ben Brown (30) who somehow managed just 4 disposals, and a single effective disposal, in 100% TOG.


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10 thoughts on “Round 22 Review”

  1. Another great write up Thommo, always an enjoyable read.
    Unfortunately, I went out in straight sets in the cash league and lost my 2 remaining prelims by plenty. If anyone had told me that 2400+ points was going to result in dropping over 700 spots overall I would’ve said they would have rocks in their heads.It goes to show that sites like this and their fantastic contributors even up the playing field and everyone is getting better at playing this frustrating game. Good work fellas !


    1. Thanks Joestar. Bad luck on the finals results: I think par was mid 2500s this week.

      It’s been an interesting season where mids and rucks are providing a massive core of points and forwards are all over the place. In an ideal world we all would have upgraded forwards really late and selected Dunkley and Hawkins as our F5 and F6.

      20-20 hindsight!


  2. I figured I was going to drop out of my prelim with ease. Last 3-4 years always made prelim but never made the big dance. Was copping so much from my mates for that and was expecting another year of it. Lost 70% of weeks to my opponent and coming off terrible 2 weeks I was a very small chance to win and I shouldn’t have been there tbh. Somehow got up by 100 points and my mates went silent. Still havent heard from them yet and I wonder why.
    Only need 1 more win and I can fire back the comments at my friend who said the most about my unsuccessful attempts as he would then be the only one not to win the grand final. All I can do is wait and hope.

    Also another great article Thommo. Been a great year waking up in the morning and one of the first things I would do is come to the site and read these articles. Going to be tough during the off-season


    1. Thanks Nato, good to hear you scored some revenge. Let us know if you get up this weekend.

      Regarding the off season I think Father Dougall will post re: EPL Fantasy and there will will likely be a Big Bash league thread as well. I think we’ll also have an offseason thread for trade news.


  3. Still here Thommo…looking forward to your grande finale review!

    Overall I’ve had a meh season where I just somehow could not get any traction. 2562 last week sees me at about 8,500 overall – probably my highest ranking all season.

    Certainly not throwing in the towel yet with a number of my leagues performing outstandingly – three of them at 99, 120 & 121 o/a. Will be rapt if I can contribute to getting one of these leagues in the top 100.


  4. Great write up Thommo!

    I still cannot believe Danger’s modest total when his team had a 130+ pt win. Only the second time this season he has scored under 100 and is was v Freo. Unbelievable.

    I thought Macrae’s scoring was odd too. Scored well in q1 and then poorly in q2/3. Thankfully he bounced back with 50+ in q4 but not enough for a competitive capitan score (especially v those who had Grundy/Gawn).

    Stef Martin was my big winner for the weekend. Good to see him finishing the season strong and rewarding those who choose him as a set and forget ruck option.



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