Round 3 Review

Written by Thommo on April 9 2018

It all happens in Round 3 with most Supercoaches watching two debutants go around for their team. Did yours fire or fail? And just as importantly, did the players you traded out fire after doing nothing for your Supercoach team in Rounds 1 and 2?

I’m looking at you Sam Menegola!

Share your pain in the comments: It makes me laugh!


  1. Nat Fyfe (Fre) 160 – I hope you didn’t trade Fyfe out! He was back in full beast mode this week with 38 disposals, 24 contested possessions, 14 clearances, 89 tackles and 1 goal. I was too stupid to Captain Fyfe so I hope you were all smarter than me this week! The scary thing about this effort is that Fyfe recorded 7 clangers: It could have almost been a 200 but for a few missed kicks!
  2. Brodie Grundy (Col) 154 – Cox played yet Grundy scored well! Go figure! As was preordained by the Pies in the preseason, Cox is mostly staying in the forward line allowing Grundy to rack up possessions in the midfield. 25 possessions, 7 clearances, 32 hit-outs and 8 tackles this week as Brodie vies for all Australian honours in 2018.
  3. Stef Martin (Bri) 154 – No ruckman for Port and no Beams for Brisbane means Stefan Martin decided he would dominate every facet of the match! 30 possessions and 49 hit-outs: Good luck getting a game now Archie!
  4. Jonathan Patton (GWS) 150 – With Lobb hobbled (lobbled?), Patton boosted his score with plenty of midfield time, gathering 19 possessions (at 94% DE), 7 clearances, 14 hit-outs, 10 tackles 2 goal assists and 1 goal. We won’t mention that 1 very ugly clanger. You wonder if he would be more effective playing in the ruck every week as he can go missing as a pure key forward.
  5. Tom Mitchell (Haw) 149 – The word was that Mitchell would be tagged but it was pretty irrelevant with the Tigers winning comfortably and Mitchell doing his usual 40+ disposal effort. Anyone who started Dangerfield over Mitchell will be questioning their life choices right now.
  6. Callum Sinclair (Syd) 148 – With Naismith out it was pretty obvious that Sinclair would have some good scores, although the injury to Lobb helped this week. Sinclair with 14 possessions, 45 hit-outs and 3 goals on Saturday night.
  7. Lachie Hunter (WB) 142 – The Doggies can play footy! Hunter racked up the possessions like he did in 2016 with 35 possessions, 13 marks and 1 goal against a disappointing Bombers.
  8. Bailey Williams (WB) 139 – Williams did this in the JLT series, gathering plenty of the ball and using it well. Perhaps he was not just a preseason special: 26 disposals at 92% DE, 12 marks and 1 goal on Sunday arvo.
  9. Jarryd Lyon (GC) 138 – Should we be talking about Jarryd? 30 possessions, 10 tackles, 7 clearances, 2 goals and 6 marks and yet nobody ever mentions Lyon as an option. 6 clangers hurt his score but he is appearing to be an elite midfielder in 2018!
  10. Steele Sidebotton (Col) 134 – Steele had a great night, gathering 35 possessions and kicking 3 goals. He also had a great Saturday avoiding suspension for his tackle on Fisher. To be honest I am becoming a little uncertain what should and shouldn’t result in a suspension!


  1. Sam Menegola (Gee) 128 – Smell that? Yep, smells like a fix-up trade gone wrong! In a disappointing Cats side he gathered 29 possessions, 5 clearances, 7 tackles and kicked 1 goal.
  2. Dom Sheed (WC) 115 – He has promised to take the next step for some time and with Priddis’ retirement the time is now! Sheed gathered 30 possessions and kicked 2 goals. If only he’d stick a few tackles (1 this week) and he would go huge!
  3. Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 113 – Yet another fix-up trade! Many coaches cut Dahlhaus loose only to see him rack up 31 possessions. He just needs to stop handpassing with 24 handpasses versus just the 7 kicks.
  4. Trent Cotchin (Ric) 121 – It seemed like Cotchin had Daniel Howe minding him yet he managed to find plenty of the ball with 31 touches, 16 contested, and 7 clearances.
  5. Jaegar’OMeara (Haw) 104 – I have heard a few coaches question the selection of O’Meara but he seems to be heading in the right direction for the brave Supercoaches who started with him. 23 possessions and 7 clearances.
  6. Jack Crisp (Col) 128 – Early in the preseason Crisp was all the rage but most coaches lost interest along the way but maybe we should have stuck with him. Against the disappointing Blues he racked up 32 possessions and 9 marks.
  7. Josh Thomas (Col) 112 – Thomas kicked 5 goals to register this score and I can guarantee he won’t do this every week.
  8. Mitch Robinson (Bri) 103 – When he is not being an idiot, Mitch can actually play the game. 11 kicks, 11 handpasses and 11 tackles really soothes my OCD.
  9. Sam Gray (Por) 131 – I was thinking, “Damn, I need to trade in Robbie Gray,” until I realized this was actually Sam Gray. Sam Gray gathered 21 possessions and kicked 3 goals but don’t be fooled: He has the odd blinder but will drop away really badly a week later. Don’t trade him in!
  10. Jesse Hogan (mel) 125 – A centre-half forward gathering 26 possessions, taking 7 marks and kicking 1 goal. Great for Supercoach, not so good for the Coleman!
  11. David Mundy (Fre) 106 – I wrongly ignored the great man last week! Mundy is making a mockery of our thoughts that he was past his prime, this week recording 23 possessions, 9 marks, 1 goal and ZERO clangers.
  12. Callum Mills (Syd) 106 – I watched this match and didn’t notice him collecting 26 possessions! After he burnt a few coaches last year, did anyone select him for their team this season?
  13. Paul Seedsman (Ade) 110 – Like Mills, Seedsman burnt a few coaches last season but he’s looking like value this season. 26 possessions and 2 goals against the flailing Saints on Saturday night.
  14. Luke Dunstan (StK) 101 – Dunstan was my tip for a break-out in 2018 but that was completely stuffed by Richo sending him to the VFL for Rounds 1 and 2. 30 possessions, 10 contested and 6 clearances at 83% DE. Whats your problems Richo?


  1. Elliott Yeo (WC) 27 – This is actually a good result considering he spent most of the match in the negatives! 12 possessions at 66% DE and 6 clangers! Ouch! I hope for your sanity you didn’t trade Hibberd to Yeo this week!
  2. Mason Cox (Col) 38 – So far the American experiment is not working with Cox getting into the right spots but not taking enough grabs. 9 possessions, 6 marks and 0 goals is just not enough for the Pies or your SC team.
  3. Taylor Adams (Col) 83 – Adams is just not cranking out the big scores like last season. This week 27 possessions at 74% DE was negated by 5 clangers, only 10 contested possessions and just 1 tackle.
  4. Zac Merrett (Mel) 53 – Is this a result of taggers, concussion or just the Bombers stinking it up? Just 13 possessions for the former ball magnet!
  5. Tom Rockliff (Bri) 74 – He’s getting there! At least he gathered 19 possessions this week but just the 1 tackle is massive concern given his history of shoulder complaints.
  6. Todd Goldstein (Nor) 57 – I haven’t read the stats for hit-outs to advantage but I believe Goldy only tapped to advantage twice from 15 total hit-outs won. Ugly Goldy! That was a complete pantsing by Max Gawn!
  7. Clayton Oliver (Mel) 75 – Oliver received the expected Jacobs tag and worked his way into the contest with 2 late goals to go with 20 possessions.
  8. Jarrod Witts (GC) 63 – The jolly giant takes down another ruckman with Witts finding it hard to win a hit-out to advantage this week. Just the 11 possessions didn’t help!
  9. Tom Lynch (GC) 67 – A week in footy, yada, yada… You know the line. 8 goals last week, 1 goal this week demonstrating why key position forwards are a pain to own.
  10. Lachie Neale (Fre) 77 – While Mundy turned 23 possessions into 106 points, Neale somehow turned 29 possessions, 7 clearances and 5 marks in to a 77! Maybe he should stick more than 1 tackle?
  11. Dustin Martin (Ric) 93 and Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 100 – Are these scores terrible? No! But many coaches were relying on a big captain score and these weren’t it! Lift your game lads!


Caleb Marchbank (Car) 40 – An ankle injury in the first quarter held Marchbank to 7 possessions. It didn’t seem too bad so hopefully he’s back next week.

Gary Ablett Jnr (Gee) 92 – Just when we were all beginning to question our decision to leave Gazza out of our teams his hamstring goes ‘ping’. That’s right! Now we remember why we didn’t select him!

Liam Ryan (WC) 88 – Who doesn’t love this guy? Unfortunately he injured his ankle kicking a vital late goal. Hopefully he is not out for too long because I could watch NicNat and Ryan play all day long.

Cam Guthrie (Gee) 7 – I’m sure you didn’t have Guthrie but this certainly hurt Geelong late in the match when they could barely field a team!

Nakia Cockatoo (Gee) 43 – Another nail in the Geelong coffin during the West Coast match!


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14 thoughts on “Round 3 Review”

  1. “You wonder if he [Patton] would be more effective playing in the ruck every week as he can go missing as a pure key forward.”

    Please don’t suggest this to Leon Cameron… I have Lobb!


    1. I think you’re pretty safe with Lobb. I just hate watching Patton faf around in the forward line spudding it up. He’s so talented he should be dominating.


  2. His first two weeks made me feel quite clever, having snapped him up at pick 204 in my draft league, but his third great score in a row has got me wondering whether or not Lachie Hunter might actually be a worthwhile pickup in Classic this year. He’s scored 102, 114, and 142, and is just $492,200.

    In other news, his teammate Jackson Macrae is flying completely under the radar this year, despite scoring 120, 142, and 131.


    1. A few coaches mentioned Macrae in the preseason but with his loss of dpp they were scared off. Expect Hunter to be a little up and down.


      1. After Zokro, Dusty and Zerrett lost their DPP, they all started the season at less than 5% ownership and we were all scrambling to bring them in on their way to being top 10 mids that year.

        Fast forward 2 years and we’ve all done the same to Macrae.


  3. Is Zac Merrett worth picking up in a few rounds, or is he cooked? Watched the game yesterday and he didn’t want to go near it


    1. Surely he will lift his output but I wouldn’t go near him until he has proven he’s back scoring tonnes for a few weeks.


    2. You’ll have a few weeks of good scores to jump on. BE will be high for a while so even back to back 110s will see his price drop. Of you like what you see and think he’s back, jump on then.


  4. What made Neale’s 77 even more painful was I had a punt on him to outscore Blakeley in SC – which inevitably fell short as well!

    At least I had old Mundy steady the ship and get me over 2100.


  5. Dumped Callum Mills last week (but took Cog instead so am happy)
    GAJ with the (C) this week was probably not the best option, just wanted a POD and was worried Titch would be hard-tagged. Needn’t have worried obviously 🙂



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