Round 6 Review

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 29 2019

(Written & Created By Dane)


Richmond vs Melbourne


Richmond kicked off ANZAC round with a scrappy win. Led across the backline by Bachar Houli (32 touches, 7 marks, 81% DE) and Nick Vlastuin (28 touches, 13 marks, 82% DE) both of them got to monster scores of 142 and 155. Brandon Ellis continued a good streak of form, which got him to 105, as did Prestia, 30 touches and 119 for him. Being at the game I hardly noticed Kane Lambert, but he picked up 29 touches to score a big 126. The same can be said for youngsters Baker (84) and Ross (89), hardly noticeable how much ball they get but both returned great scores and will make stacks of cash. Sydney Stack had the highlights reel all to himself, while his disposal and awareness in traffic was sublime. Jack Riewoldt sustained a knee injury, so keep an ear open for news on that one. EDIT: 8-10 weeks out for Jack with a PCL injury.


1-5 for the Demons and their season is on thin ice right now. Gawn stood tall and had 48 hitouts with 17 touches for 145, a great score for anyone who put the VC on him. Oliver started at full forward and had me worried, but just constantly found contested ball for 108, while Angus Brayshaw ran to the right spots and found plenty of it, but only resulted in a 96. Jake Melksham looks awkward sometimes but I’ve gotta say he hits some tough targets and should be considered one of the better field kicks in the comp, he had 25 touches for 101. Stretch got to 111, while Marty Hore was under constant pressure but played very well for a 4th gamer, resulting in 86 Supercoach points.


Question from the game: Not from the game but more from the week. Is Sam Weideman worth 600k a year? Has changed games in the past and is only 21. Putting in my two cents, I think he is in the long term.


Supercoach query: 89 points for Dusty from 17 touches with 11 contested at 58% DE surely isn’t correct?


Collingwood vs Essendon


An all-time win for the Pies. Pushing aside the obvious talking points from the game, it was big time player Scott Pendlebury who played a starring role in the middle of the ground to bring home his third ANZAC Day medal. 38 touches, 16 contested at 74% efficiency got him to 138, while he was joined in the same scoring range by big man Brodie Grundy (134). Other pies to hit the 100 mark were Treloar (113, Adams (104) and De Goey (103). I thought Crisp (79) and Beams (67) played a hell of a lot better than their scores suggest, but I’m sure champion data had their reasons.


For Essendon it was a heartbreaking loss, but no blame could be put on Dylan Shiel. The gun mid collected plenty of ball (34 touches) to get him to 93 points. 10 turnovers hurt his score a lot, but he was one of the few Bombers who played 4 quarters of footy. Plenty of players fell into the 80-100 scoring range, with the only one to get over triple figures was Tom Bellchambers (109). Unfortunately for Supercoaches there was a few unwanted scores from very popular players, namely McGrath (59) and Smith (35).


Question from the game: Where does Scott Pendlebury sit on the list for best midfielders of the past 20 years? Personally, I’ve got him in the top 5.


Supercoach query: Anybody out there taking a punt on Joe Daniher? Has the potential for massive scores, but very quiet ones as well.


Port Adelaide vs North Melbourne


A solid win for the Power, led by Travis Boak. 38 touches (15 contested), 11 clearances and a goal got him to a great score of 129. Joining him in the triple figure mark were popular pick Tom Rockliff (100), first year and rising star chance Conor Rozee (102) and Sam Gray (103). Though he has lost a lot of money so far this year, Justin Westhoff had a great all around game and is a chance to make his way into some teams after a 92. As I’ve said in previous weeks, all the popular Port rookies hit their breakeven and will continue to make cash. Unfortunately for owners of Robbie Gray a trade is needed, a broken hand means that he’ll miss up to a month of football


North put up a valiant effort and some late goals closed the margin, but they were never really in the game. Cunnington was everywhere with 35 touches (21 contested) and 13 clearances for 119 points, he really does seem to be a viable option this year but keep an eye on the news as he may cop a few weeks for 2 separate incidents. Skipper Jack Ziebell hit the 100 mark, while Jed Anderson and Todd Goldstein both had 96. Nick Larkey looks an exciting prospect with 3 goals, while Shaun Atley now has four 90+ scores in a row and has only missed 2 games since 2012, any takers?


Question from the game: What can North Melbourne do in the near future to make themselves a relevant team in 2019?


Supercoach query: Surely 4 goals and 28 touches at 75% DE deserves more than 103 points?


Gold Coast vs Brisbane


Only one Sun got over the hundred mark and it was my man crush Brayden Fiorini. 31 disposals, 13 contested with 8 tackles got him to 115, a score which would’ve been higher if it wasn’t for his DE going at 58%. Looking to 2020, he is going to be my first picked player. Elsewhere the Suns did have some other decent scores, namely Touk Miller (94), Jarrod Witts (89) and Ben Ainsworth (93). Sam Collins got past his breakeven, while first-gamer Josh Corbett kicked 2 goals amongst 6 touches in a promising debut for 55.


A great win for the Lions to bring them back on track, led by the midfield duo of Mitch Robinson (125) and Lachie Neale (142). The former won to Marcus Ashcroft medal for best on ground after 3 goals and 26 touches, while the latter picked up 28 touches with 6 tackles. Jarryd Lyons turned it up against his old club with 27 touches, 2 goals and 8 clearances to register 114, the same score as Charlie Cameron. Jarrod Berry (119) is in the same boat as Fiorini for me, if he keeps up this form he’ll be picking himself in my team next year. Rich continued his superb form, while McLuggage (80) and Martin (93) contributed well. Another first-gamer in Noah Answerth had 12 touches and bagged 69 points, keep an eye on him.


Question from the game: Why was Touk Miller not sent to Lachie Neale and could the result have been closer of he was?


Supercoach query: Is Zorko completely irrelevant in Supercoach now?


Saints vs Adelaide


The Saints came back down to earth on Saturday afternoon, but that shouldn’t take away from their early season form. Seb Ross was huge with 26 touches and 118 points, while across the backline Shane Savage had a lot of uncontested ball amongst his 30 touches, but good use gave him a score of 121. Josh Battle’s move to defense looks to be a very good move by Alan Richardson. He’s had a very good start to the season, but this was his first score over 100 and looks a key position prospect for the future. From then on it was all about the Jack’s at the Saints, with Billings (81), Steele (89), Steven (92) and Newnes (95) all returning decent scores. Parker (63) kicked 3 goals and is a highlight machine, but bad news for Jack Lonie with a suspected ACL.


A good win from the Crows, it just feels like they’re about to hit some form. Popular Supercoach players all around the ground had good games, led by Rory Laird. He had 33 touches at 81% disposal efficiency to get him to 124 points. Brodie Smith (103), Matt Crouch (104) and Taylor Walker (113) all cracked the ton, while Alex Keath was a point short. Rory Sloane was held to just 80 points, while Reilly O’Brien will continue to make money with an 88.


Question from the game: How much of a steal was Parker at pick 47?


Supercoach query: How the hell did Brad Crouch only score 85?


GWS vs Sydney


A derby win for the Giants and it was Timmy Taranto who took home the best on ground medal. After a down week, 30 touches with 17 contested and 10 tackles made him the leading scorer on the ground with 136. 8 other Giants hit three figures, those included Hopper (113), Coniglio (103), Mumford (111), Kelly (116), Cameron (114), De Boer (106), Williams (121) and Shaw (104). Other notable scores were Haynes (97), Tomlinson (90) and Greene (79). Massive news on the injury front, with Lachie Whitfield playing a very restricted role to score 44 points (which would’ve cost a lot of people league wins) due to a nasty corkie. No news as of yet if he will miss time though.


The usual contributors for the Swans with Josh Kennedy (115), Luke Parker (105) and Jake Lloyd (107) all getting into three figure scores. Zak Jones wasn’t far behind with 96, while Dawson and Hewitt both had 99. Sam Reid (95) also had a good game with 2 goals while pinch hitting in the ruck but premium forward Heeney could only muster 74 from 16 touches. Rowbottom doesn’t seem to have the scoring capability as of yet to be a viable downgrade option.


Question from the game: Is the Sydney run of finals going to finish in 2019?


Supercoach query: Will anyone take a punt on Toby Greene for 354K?


Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle


A great win for Freo in a milestone game for David Mundy. The 300 gamer also wound back the clock, kicking 2 goals amongst 28 touches for 122 points. Joining him in the 120’s was skipper Nat Fyfe, who had 30 disposals and was typically dominant in the contest. Hard runner Bradley Hill scored 109, while Nathan Wilson had 104. Brandon Matera was the difference up forward with 5 goals to his name, while Luke Ryan used his disposal extremely well for 95. Ed Langdon had 29 touches and looks a Supercoach premium of the future.


Only 2 Doggies over 100 this week, those being Lachie Hunter (132) and little-man Caleb Daniel (102). Apart from those, many players fell between the 80-100 mark, a frustrating bracket. Popular players in here were Macrae (85), English (90), Bontempelli (95) and Smith (91). Second gamers in Young (52) and Hayes (55) performed well enough and IMO should hold their spots.


Question from the game: Is David Mundy the most underrated player to get to 300 games?


Supercoach query: How many people were let down by Macrae being their captain?


Hawthorn vs Carlton


I’ll be honest here and say I really wanted a Carlton win, they’re a really exciting team when they get it together. For once, it wasn’t Cripps (93) leading the scoring, but instead old timer Dale Thomas (113). Slightly behind him was Ed Curnow with 112 with Liam Jones (103) the only other to crack triple figures. Apart from that though, only disappointing scores came through. While Sam Walsh has only given us smiles so far his 79 was a little underwhelming, while bad news for owners of Nic Newman and Kade Simpson. Both of the left footers look like they’ll miss a few weeks with leg issues.


For the Hawks the comeback was led through their midfield. Liam Shiels was terrific with 3 goals, 9 tackles and 26 tuches for 132 points. A solitary point above him was Jaeger O’Meara, who had his own football with 43 touches including 23 contested. Sicily (127), McEvoy (117) and Breust (106) were the others to score well. For owners of James Cousins keep and eye on the news, a late elbow from him may be scrutinised.


Question from the game: Would late out Charlie Curnow have made the difference in this game?


Supercoach query: Similar to the above, how many people had the C on Cripps and either benefitted or failed due to his score?


Geelong vs West Coast


Far far far too many passengers for the Eagles and they’re now sitting at 3-3. 11 players scored below 50. For anyone who picked Tom Hickey at the start of the year well done, he’s performed incredibly well and his 143 was huge, a Brodie Grundy like game from him. Shannon Hurn continued his hot streak, scoring 117, while Elliot Yeo (116) and McGovern (111) also held their own. The next best was 76 from Gaff, so all in all 18 players scored less than 80 for West Coast, a very bad Supercoach and footy game for them.


Geelong are sitting comfortably on top the AFL ladder and it looks like GMHBA is a place no other team will win at this year. In contrast, only 6 Cats scored under 80 (one under 50 being 47 to Atkins), so that shows how much they dominated this game. Gary Ablett had the highest with 148, followed by Rhys Stanley on 129. Mitch Duncan had 28 touches for 116, while Gary Rohan kicked 4 for 110. His partner in crime up forward was Tom Hawkins, who kicked 3 and scored 119. Many other good scores to mention so as a quick run through there was Dangerfield (99), Stewart (98), Miers (90), Selwood (99) and Kelly (86).


Question from the game: What would Abletts career look like if he’d never gone to Gold Coast?

Supercoach query: Following on from the Ablett topic, does anyone know who has the most Supercoach points in their career? Surely Gary would be on top?


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14 thoughts on “Round 6 Review”

  1. Should I move Zak Butters to Hayes, and Brad Crouch to Fyfe, or wait a week and make it Macrae?
    Or should I do something else altogether?


    1. Hold off on macrae
      Become is giving him more fwd time over the last 2 weeks
      Work out if he’s got a niggle or if bevo’s look’n for more goals
      Interestingly looked like Dunkley got more mid time last week


  2. I’m thinking the same as you Fred.
    The other option I’m thinking is downgrading Butters to Hayes, and moving Goldy to Gawn.


  3. Is it worth looking at Tom Hawkins? Has put up an average of 95 so far this year and the cats draw is about to get a whole lot easier.


    1. Somewhat related, I was thinking of cashing out Gryan Miers, then I looked at their draw. The ball is going to spend a lot of time in their forward line in 4 of the next 5 games.


      1. Cats have already played Coll(W), Melb (W), GWS(L), WCE (W)……their draw opens up from here on in. The ball will be in their FWD line for most of the year 😉


  4. Thanks for the review Dane. I reckon Motts’s heart must have been broken in the last quarter of the Hawks/Blues match.


  5. Great review Dane. Lonie’s injury ended up being a stressed PCL (4-6 weeks). This could open the door for Ben Young ($117K, FWD) over the next month or so.

    Thanks again Dane. Excellent.


      1. Saints do have a decent # of small FWD stocks. You’d think there’ll trust one of them to fill the void. That should mean little or no change to Billings’ role and scoring.
        If the coaching staff don’t believe we have the quality, then this could spell trouble for Billings, eg Hind in, Newnes up the ground and Billings/Gresham rotating the void.
        Team selections will give us a better indication.



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