Round Review – R5

Written by Motts on July 6 2020

Carlton (8.7.55) defeated by St Kilda (11.7.73)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Carlton: Setterfield (2)

St Kilda: King, Geary, Butler (2)

  1. Jack Steele (134). He had the tagging role on Cripps and played it to perfection, shutting Cripps out (at least before the game was outside of Carlton’s reach), and performing well himself with 23 touches and 9 tackles.
  2. Rowan Marshall (128). “May be time to move him on with much better scoring options out there” were my words two weeks ago, and he’s backed it up with two top 5 scores in a row. He had 19 touches and 22 hitouts on the night for the second best score, which should continue as long as he doesn’t have “Patrick Ryder to contend with” (also my words from two weeks ago).
  3. Jack Martin (121). Watching this game it felt like Martin had a lot more than 19 touches, 9 marks and 1 goal, he was on the screen all the time it seemed. Either way 121 is a great return, bringing his season average to 96.
  4. Nicholas Coffield (119). A career high score for the former top 10 pick, courtesy of 20 touches with 9 marks and a DE of 90%.
  5. Patrick Cripps/Jack Billings (116). Cripps started really slow but had a big final term to finish with 22 touches and a goal, while Billings ran all day for 23 touches and a goal himself.

Other notable scorers: A couple of other Saints by the names of Wilkie (113, career high), Kent (103) and Ross (107) hit the magical milestone, while Gresham and Butler were in the 90’s. Max King scored 86, a career high also, while for the Blues Setterfield, Jones and Plowman scored in the 90’s as well. Dan Hannebery (49) finished up early with hamstring tightness.

Disappointment: Williamson (57) was fielded for a lot of teams this week, his score just wasn’t what was needed with all the backline rookie carnage.

Collingwood (7.6.48) defeated by Essendon (10.3.63)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Collingwood: Stephenson (3)

Essendon: Stringer (3), McDonald-Tipungwuti (2)

  1. Dylan Shiel (156). A huge game for the line-breaking Bomber, who had 29 touches, 5 tackles, 7 clearances and the game-clinching goal to lead all scorers, his second 150+ score of the year.
  2. Brodie Grundy (151). If you’d only have listened to the commentary, it may have seemed like Grundy wasn’t even featured in the ruck duel. While Phillips did play very well, Grundy took the points from a Supercoach perspective, having 20 touches, 10 clearances, 6 tackles and 37 hitouts on the night.
  3. Jordan Ridley (122). The kid is on a hot streak right now and is about to jump in value even more for his 18 touch, 7 mark game, this may be our last week to jump on the Ridley train!
  4. Adam Treloar (119). Game number one for Treloar in 2020 and he started where he left off, getting heaps of touches of the leather. 30 touches (18 contested) and 5 tackles gave him a good score, but his DE was only at 40%.
  5. Brayden Maynard (116). A common replacement for Jeremy Howe, Maynard did not disappoint with a 24 touch game roaming across halfback.

Other notable scorers: Taylor Adams (103) also hit the ton for his 17 touch game, while for Essendon McDonald-Tipungwuti had the same score for his 2 goal, 10 touch, 7 tackle game. The before mentioned Phillips also played a great game and finished on 110 for his 11 touches, 5 tackles and 13 hitouts. Josh Daicos (95) continues to improve, while Scharenberg (69) got through his return match no issue and finished with 12 touches. Finally, after playing a stellar game, Jake Stringer finished early with an ankle injury that will keep him out for multiple weeks.

Disappointment: Tyler Brown (29) was another rookie who got played on the field for many coaches this week, but just didn’t return a wanted score.

West Coast (11.11.77) defeated Sydney (6.7.43)

Multiple Goal Kickers

West Coast: Allen (3), Waterman, Cripps, Darling (2)

Sydney: McLean (2)

  1. Jake Lloyd (132). The Swans ball magnet led all scorers here for his second best score of the year, courtesy of 26 touches at 92% DE, overall gaining 534 metres for his side.
  2. Elliot Yeo (121). After a lean run of scores (71, 59), Yeo responded in a big way with a 21 touch (12 contested), 9 clearance, 5 tackle game which could ignite his season. He is sub 500K at the moment and is tantalising at that price considering his past season averages.
  3. Dom Sheed/Callum Mills (119). Tying for third place were Sheed and Mills. The former had 24 touches (14 contested), 9 clearances, 10 marks and a goal, while the latter had 18 touches at 94% DE.
  4. Oscar Allen (117). 3 goals, 11 touches, 6 marks and 3 tackles for the young Eagle who also had a little bit of ruck time, allowed him to record a career high score.
  5. Brad Sheppard (116). The unheralded backman had 21 touches and 13 marks on the afternoon, while using the ball at 85%.

Other notable scorers: Only three other players hit triple figures here, and they were Eagles ruckman Nic Naitanui (107) who had 11 touches and 39 hitouts, Swans midfielder Parker (110), who had 19 touches and 6 tackles, and Eagles forward Cripps (100) for his 2 goal, 11 touch game. Bad news on the injury front for the Eagles, with skipper Shuey and forward Jones both injuring their hamstrings.

Disappointment: Premium defender Hurn (68) only had 16 touches and hasn’t scored over 100 since his 152 in round 1.

Geelong (13.11.89) defeated Gold Coast (8.4.52)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Geelong: Hawkins (3), Parfitt (2)

Gold Coast: King (3), Day, Weller (2).

  1. Tom Hawkins (152). Season high score for the Tomahawk, who had 3 goals, 17 disposals and 8 marks on the night to be the dominant forward on the ground.
  2. Hugh Greenwood (132). A huge game in the inside midfield for Hugh, who had 21 touches, 11 tackles and 6 clearances to take his season average to 104.
  3. Mitch Duncan (117). 25 touches, 5 marks and 4 tackles for the Cats ball magnet, he’s looking likely to win an All-Aus spot for the first time in 2020.
  4. Sam Menegola (116). 23 touches, 6 marks and a goal for Menegola, who split his time between midfield and forward. Not as Supercoach relevant as he was in years past but he does have three 100+ scores so far in 2020, albeit also has a 35 and 55.
  5. Nick Holman (112). 13 touches, 8 tackles and a DE of 84% for the former Blue, this score won’t be the norm but he has cemented his spot in the Suns side and become a reliable player.

Other notable scorers: Only two other Cats got into the high scores here, with star mid Dangerfield (104) and inexperienced ruckman Fort (107) performing well on Saturday afternoon. Plenty of players in the 90’s so I’ll roll them off quickly and in no particular order they were: Steven, Tuohy, Dahlhaus, Selwood, Parfitt, Weller and Swallow. Gary Ablett and Joel Selwood notched up matches 350 and 300 respectfully here, but very bad news for Supercoaches and footy fans in general, with….

Disappointment: With Matt Rowell (6) finishing his game extremely early with a bad looking shoulder injury, lets pray for a speedy recovery.

Brisbane (12.13.85) defeated Port Adelaide (6.12.48)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Brisbane: McCarthy, Rayner (2)

Port Adelaide: Butters (2)

  1. Travis Boak (133). The former Port skipper had 26 touches (17 contested), 6 clearances and 5 tackles on the night to lead all scorers. Hasn’t been much talk about him this year but is averaging 123!
  2. Lachie Neale (130). This bloke can’t be stopped at the moment, another 29 disposals, 500 metres gained and a goal, a great captain choice week in week out.
  3. Jarryd Lyons/Zak Butters (124). A tie here for third between two opposing midfielders. Lyons had 27 touches and 5 tackles, while Butters 18 touches, 3 tackles and 2 goals.
  4. Oscar McInerney (123). The cult figure hero had another great score, courtesy of 21 hitouts, 9 disposals, 4 tackles and 1 goal.
  5. Jarrod Berry (121). Three ton’s in a row for the young Lion, this one coming on the back of 19 touches (11 contested) and 5 tackles, taking his season average to 105.

Other notable scorers: A couple of other good scores here, with popular picks McLuggage (116) and Houston (117) returning good scores for their owners. Hugh made it three tons in a row with his 19 touch, 7 tackle game, while Houston rewarded those who kept the faith with a 21 touch game that had over 500 metres gained. Charlie Cameron also played well for 101, while Rich, Rayner and Tom Berry were in the 90’s. Big-bodied mid Ellis-Yolman had a calf issue and finished early.

Disappointment: Scott Lycett (62) has been performing well with the number 1 ruck role, but struggled to handle McInerney and Martin all night.

Western Bulldogs (13.9.87) defeated North Melbourne (5.8.38)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Western Bulldogs: Bruce (6), Wallis, Schache (2)

North Melbourne: Goldstein, Taylor (2)

  1. Josh Bruce (138). Easily his best game for the Dogs, kicking 6 goals amongst his 10 touches and 6 marks. Not really a Supercoach option but might well be in the years to come.
  2. Todd Goldstien (137). A solid battle between the rucks in this game. Goldstein had double the hitouts of English, and hit the scoreboard with 2 goals. Throw in 15 touches at 93% DE and that takes his season average to 140.
  3. Tim English (125). While Goldy hit the scoreboard and won the hitouts, English gathered 22 touches and had 8 marks, having more of an impact around the ground than his opponent. His season average is now above three figures.
  4. Hayden Crozier (114). Only 15 touches for Crozier but he used them at 93% DE and gained a heap of metres for his side. Although his sling tackle on Mahoney late drew blood and on previous instances, will probably be looked at.
  5. Jason Johannisen (108). 22 touches including 15 kicks for the speedy Dog on Saturday night, who used the ball well at 77%.

Other notable scorers: Caleb Daniel (107) distributed well as per usual, while rookie forward Curtis Taylor kicked a couple of goals and took some nice contested marks to finish on exactly 100.  Once again plenty of players in the 90’s so once again they were: Macrae, Wood, Vandermeer, Lipinski, Tarrant, Dumont, Simpkin, Dale and finally, Williams. Bailey Smith ended his night early with concussion, as did Thomas, while Cunnington sat at full-forward all night nursing a hip concern. Ling Jong and Vandermeer also had niggles throughout the game but played on.

Disappointment: Marcus Bontempelli (55) only had 12 touches on the night, copping a hard tag from start to finish.

Adelaide (4.10.34) defeated by Fremantle (8.6.54)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Adelaide: Zilch

Fremantle: Walters, Lobb, Tucker (2)

  1. Andy Brayshaw (144). No Fyfe meant Brayshaw got plenty more midfield time and thrived, picking up a career high score from his 23 touches (10 contested), 8 marks and 5 tackles. Hopefully this becomes the norm even when the Freo skipper returns…
  2. Adam Cerra (134). Another one of Freo’s high draft picks enjoyed some midfield time here, with Cerra also posting a career high score courtesy of his 17 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 88% DE.
  3. David Mundy (121). The Fremantle veteran had a great game with 25 disposals at 88% DE along with 7 clearances to post a season-high score.
  4. Tom Doedee (116). The key defender had 18 touches (11 contested), while running at 94% DE, his second score over 100 for the year and could be an option for around 350K.
  5. Matt Crouch (113). The recalled Crow’s midfielder had a solid day, picking up 27 touches, along with 5 tackles. Really, the bloke is a gun and hasn’t been as relevant in Supercoach in 2020, but should always be kept on the radar as a POD.

Other notable scorers: Heaps of other players in the low hundreds here, so for Adelaide there was Brad Crouch (110), Rory Laird (107) and Ben Keays (100), while for Fremantle  it was Aish (104), Ryan (109) and backman Griffin Logue (106). Walters (92) played well despite copping a hard tag, while Conca (52) finished up early with a hamstring injury. Second-gamer McAdam played well for 7 disposals, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 64 points.

Disappointment: Brodie Smith (72) was tipped to have a solid season, but like many of his teammates, has struggled and is currently averaging 78.

Melbourne (8.4.52) defeated by Richmond (12.7.79)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Melbourne: Hannan (3), Fritsch, Melksham (2)

Richmond: Lynch, Lambert (3)

  1. Max Gawn (163). Huge game for Big Max, who gathered the numbers of a midfielder with 22 touches (9 contested), 5 marks, 6 tackles and 5 clearances. Throw in 33 hitouts, and he provided a great captains score.
  2. Kane Lambert (158). A career high score here for the underrated Tiger, who played a magnificent game through the middle, finishing with 27 touches (12 contested) and 3 goals.
  3. Steven May (118). Probably his best game for Melbourne, if not close. May defended great against numerous Tiger forwards, and finished the game with 20 touches and 8 marks, while using the ball at 90%.
  4. Jack Higgins (114). Great to see this bloke back on the field and playing good footy for his side. He had 19 touches at 84% DE, and threw in a goal for good measure.
  5. Christian Petracca (111). Three ton’s out of four this season for Christian, really coming into his own in the middle of the ground. Overall had 27 touches (although 20 were handballs) and used it well at 85%.

Other notable scorers: Only Michael Hibberd (103) got into three figures here. He had 25 touches, 5 marks and over 300 metres gained while playing a floating role across halfback. Oliver, Harmes, Martin and Caddy were in the 90’s, while Jake Aarts (76) played a great debut game. But the real news from this game for both Supercoach and football was the aftermath for Richmond. Cotchin hurt his hamstring, Nankervis has syndesmosis in his ankle, as does Prestia, while Broad and Lynch have finger injuries. Furthermore, it was reported that Bachar Houli and Shane Edwards may not make the trip to Queensland for round 6, which is completely fair in my opinion, but may cause Supercoach headaches. Keep an eye on any news regarding team selection.

Disappointment: Continuing the trend here for rookies, with Trent Rivers (46) copping this game disappointment after being fielded in many teams.

GWS (13.5.83) defeated Hawthorn (7.7.49)

Multiple Goal Kickers

GWS: Finlayson, Himmelberg (4), Cameron (2)

Hawthorn: Gunston (3), McEvoy (2)

  1. Nick Haynes (148). Would be leading the Giants B’n’F right now, and is putting together an All-Aus season. Another 21 touches and 11 marks across half-back meant a career high score for him, taking his season average to 114
  2. Harry Perryman (136). Talking about having a good season, Perryman, a former first round pick, has excelled in 2020, benefiting from the better midfield exposure with Taranto on the sidelines. A career high 28 touches for him on Sunday, with 11 marks and 400 metres gained.
  3. Phil Davis (127). Incredibly, this was Davis’s best career Supercoach score in nearly 180 games. The co-captain had 16 touches (11 contested), 5 marks and used the ball at 87% DE.
  4. Heath Shaw (126). A bit of a throwback game here for Heath, who played a rebounding role with 24 touches (19 kicks) and 6 marks. Not an option for Supercoach but was nice to see him continuing to play well in the twilight of his career.
  5. Josh Kelly/Harry Himmelberg (122). A tie here to finish the top 5 scores between two Giants who played great games. Kelly had 30 touches and 12 marks, while Himmelberg had 9 touches, 6 marks and 4 goals.

Other notable scorers: Another seven players hit the ton here, so for the Giants it was Finlayson (111), who kicked 4 goals, Coniglio (103), who had 24 touches, and Greene (106), who had 18 touches and a goal. For the Hawks, their scoring was led by the 3 goal Gunston (118), swingman McEvoy (115), who played forward, back and in the ruck, the 24 disposal game of Mitchell (101) and finally, by the 25 touch game of O’Meara (100). Harry Jones (54) had 11 touches in his debut, but injuries to Scrimshaw, Shiels and Lewis may hurt the Hawks going into round 6.

Disappointment: James Sicily scored 44, a pretty grim finish to the round for many coaches.



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  2. Great work mate. As someone who hasn’t watched him yet, how does Ridley look? Does he pass the eye test? Think I have to get him in this week by the numbers


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  5. Dane, you put a positive spin on what was (for the most part) a dreadful weekend of supercoach scores – thanks for the hard work!


  6. Worth having a poll on Clarry Oliver being the worst kick in the comp?

    I got sucked into the hype on every pod etc etc how cheap he was and how good he’ll go….

    I know playing for Melbourne certainly doesn’t help but jesus does he ever kick a ball at training?



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