Round Seven Review

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 7 2019

(Written & Created By Dane)


Collingwood vs Port Adelaide


A ridiculous first term for Collingwood all but ensured the win early and they look hungry for a Premiership in 2019. Scott Pendlebury was the star for the second week in a row with 36 touches at 80% to finish on 127, the highest score of the game. Fellow midfielders Sidebottom (100) and Treloar (103) also had excellent games. The former had 29 touches with 11 marks and a goal, while the latter had 35 touches with 18 contested and a goal as well, but both scores were held down due to separate reasons (Sidebottom 5 contested touches, Treloar 8 clangers). Popular picks in the backline by the names of Darcy Moore (97) and Jack Crisp (93) had stellar games and both deserved scores more like Brayden Maynards 113. Up forward Jaidyn Stephenson kicked 4 and broke the game open early for 118 points, while Jamie Elliott kicked 3 goals for his 98. Other notable scores were Grundy (108), Langdon (94), Phillips (94) and De Goey (89). Unfortunate news for anyone who owns Taylor Adams, injury restricted him to 60 points, while Jeremy Howe was hardly sighted for 37. Lastly, Ben Reid had a very good comeback game with 5 shots on goal from 13 touches.


A bad showing from Port in a milestone game for one of their leaders in Travis Boak. The man himself did stand up though, with 32 touches, 6 tackles and a goal equalling 102 Supercoach points for him. Fellow old-timer Justin Westhoff looks tempting at his price after 2 decent games in a row, with this week’s 108 coming from 29 touches and 4 shots on goal. Other decent scores for Port included Burton’s 97, Byrne-Jones 92 and Houston’s 92 but from there it drops off. Rookies in Duursma (68), Rozee (67) and Drew (69) had serviceable scores especially in a loss. Unwanted scores from Lycett (50) and Rockliff (58) I’m sure made a few coaches rage, while anyone who still has Butters is now losing cash after his 30. First time I’ve ever seen Jarrod Lienert play and I thought he played quite well under constant pressure, so I’ll just give him a small mention whil Brad Ebert looks set to miss round 8 after a 3rd term concussion.


Question from the game: Does the Adams injury re-shape Collingwoods midfield and put De Goey in for extended minutes now?


Supercoach query: Who out of Grundy, Moore or Crisp was robbed the most of a higher score?


Hawthorn vs Melbourne


A win for the Dees and maybe the high they needed to really get their season going. Max Gawn led the way again with 17 touches and 46 hitouts to net 127 points, with the next best being James Harmes with 116. After these two though came the good-but-not-great scores from popular players. Clayton Oliver once again had plenty of it for 97, Christian Salem the same for his 92, while backline clones Hibberd and Hore had 97 and 88 respectively. Jay Lockhart continues to impress with 20 touches and a goal for 86, but it wasn’t Angus Brayshaw’s day, only producing 68 points for his owners. First-gamer Declan Keilty had 6 touches and 40 points for the day.


The Hawks are extremely tough to read so far this year, a great comeback win against Carlton but also losses such as this one and the Bulldogs makes me question them every week. Supercoach wise it was only Blake Hardwick getting over 3 figures and I doubt many people own him. Several players fell into the 90’s, including Jack Gunston and Jarman Impey (both 99) as well as Liam Shiels on 96. Popular picked players in O’Meara (75), McEvoy (84) and Worpel (70) were all down on desired scores, as was one of this year’s surprise packets Ricky Henderson (60). Second gamer Moore was solid once again with 13 touches and 74 points and will be traded in by many this week if he holds his spot. Isaac Smith owners keep an eye on the news with Smith having a foot injury late in the game.


Question from the game: Anyone else struggling to read Hawthorn this year?


Supercoach query: Is it time to give Oliver the flick as it doesn’t seem he’ll be a top 10 mid?


GWS vs St Kilda


A massive first-quarter all but got GWS the 4 points and it came with some huge Supercoach scores as well. Jeremy Cameron (134) is well on top of the Coleman Medal race after another huge afternoon of 6 goals, 11 marks and 15 touches. Swingman Sam Reid also had a day out with 24 touches and 10 marks getting him to 112. Across the backline Supercoaches were treated to 140 from Zac Williams, who had 30 disposals (25 kicks) at 80%, while the courageous Nick Haynes had 21 kicks in his 26 touch game, along with 9 marks for 132. A few other scores to mention were Taranto and Tomlinson’s twin 96s, Hopper with 95, Shaw with 94 and Mumford with 89. If Jackson Hately isn’t dropped this week he’ll be traded into almost every team. 21 touches at 81% disposal efficiency meant that he scored 85 and will rise steeply in the coming weeks. Adam Kennedy and Aidan Corr may miss weeks for separate injuries.


Dismal day for the Saints who could’ve made a real impression of finals aspirations with a strong showing against a hot Giants outfit. Not much went right in the game and not much went right in Supercoach either, the only Saint over 100 being Rowan Marshall (108). The big man is looking a player of the future with 22 touches and 27 hitouts (with 2 goals). Dean Kent probably would’ve got to triple figures if he’d kicked straight, 2 goals 4 behinds for him along with 16 touches resulted in 78 points. A number of players were in the 90’s included Steele and Ross (98) and Newnes (94). Nothing much else from this game really apart from Parker getting his breakeven and making some nice cash (for those of us who still have him). Jimmy Webster has apparently broken his hand and will miss round 8.


Question from the game: Where do the Saints now sit on a finals campaign, especially with playing last year’s 2 grand finalists the next two weeks?


Supercoach query: Anyone else eyeing off Jeremy Cameron?


Brisbane vs Sydney


5-2 now for the Lions and the Gabba is looking a fortress for them. Big Supercoach scores all around for them, led by a guy I’ve written off in the past few weeks by the name of Zorko. 29 touches, 11 tackles, 17 contested touches, 1 goal and 11 clearances got him to 128, 2 points above young sensation Hugh McCluggage. Big man Stefan Martin was massive with 21 touches for 117, while Mitch Robinson had 22 touches, 9 tackles and a goal for 104. Lachie Neale copped a tag but still had 29 touches and 108 points, while up forward Charlie Cameron also hit triple figures. Other scores of mention were Rich (89) and second gamer Answerth (72)


Finals look shot for Sydney at this point but they just aren’t a team one could confidently write off. Young square-bodied Tom Papley was great up forward, kicking 4.3 to go with 18 touches and 107 points, but he really did play a lone hand in the front half. Down back it was Jake Lloyd picking up touches at will again for 101, while tall Allir grabbed 116. Josh Kennedy is continually featured in the top scorers, this week he got 118 from 31 touches and 9 tackles. But the real star Supercoach wise for Sydney was none other than the man who was tagging Neale, George Hewett. 34 touches (24 contested), 6 tackles and all at 79% meant a huge 155 for him, a career high. Bad news for supposed premium scorers Heeney (68) and Jones (62), but even worse news for Harry Cunningham, who looks set to miss 6-8 weeks.


Question from the game: Does the impending return of Franklin help Sydney aim for finals?


Supercoach query: Does anyone reading this own George Hewett?


Richmond vs Western Bulldogs


Hardly anything went right for the Tigers and maybe after a few gallant wins things are starting to go downhill. Far too many passengers and it showed in the scoring, with only rookie sensation Sydney Stack (103) getting to triple figures. The next best was Dustin Martin with 98, followed by Prestia on 91 and Baker on 85. Anyone with either Daniel Rioli and Nick Vlastuin keep an eye on the teams Thursday night as injuries may cause them to miss a few games.


Absolutely ridiculous scoring from the Bulldogs in this game with 4 players going 130+. A breakout game by Aaron Naughton, the young dog hauling in 14 marks (9 contested) and kicking 5 goals for 134 points. Scoring the exact same were Josh Dunkley (35 touches, 8 marks, 8 tackles) and Hayden Crozier (28 touches, 19 kicks, 96% DE). But bettering all of them was Marcus Bontempelli, who had a day out with 27 touches, 9 marks and 3 goals for a huge 146 points. Still 5 other Dogs cracked the ton, those being Daniel (113), Macrae (107), McLean (104), English (103) and Johannisen (105). Sam Lloyd performed well against his old mob with 4 shots on goal and 20 touches, while youngster Smith could come into rising star contention if he keeps up his form, 22 disposals and a goal for his 86 points. Popular mid-pricer Liberatore was extremely quiet with 14 touches and 58 Supercoach points.


Question from the game: More injuries to Richmond, what are people’s expectations for them between the byes and now?


Supercoach query: Anyone’s starting rucks next season looking like English and Rowan Marshal or am I just being silly?


West Coast vs Gold Coast


The Eagles are back on the winners list after an ugly Saturday Night win, with many midfielders racking up big numbers. Elliot Yeo had a return to form with 28 touches, 11 tackles and a goal for 132, one point better than Luke Shuey’s 31 touch, 10 clearance, 8 tackle night. Left-footed pair Andrew Gaff (35 touches, 10 marks, 6 tackles) and Dom Sheed (32 touches, 9 marks, 2 goals) scored 154 and 98 respectively. Up forward Jack Darling was the star with 4 goals and 132 points, while at the other end consistent leaders Brad Sheppard (109) and Shannon Hurn (99) did their part in the win.


A gallant effort from the Gold Coast in a game no one gave them any support in. Jack Martin (105) showed why his signature is highly desirable with 29 touches and 10 tackles, while Jarrod Harbrow (116) had 30 touches and provided real drive from half-back. Co-Captain Jarrod Witts had 14 touches and a huge 60 hitouts to score 107, but from there the Suns didn’t have many others with big scores. Anthony Miles and Jack Bowes both scored 88 while Wright was one better on 89. Josh Corbett scored 59 and is on the bubble this week.


Question from the game: Are the Suns finally on the up after a pretty good first 7 rounds?


Supercoach query: Will Josh Corbett hold his spot long enough to provide good cash generation?


Carlton vs North Melbourne


After many good showings Carlton had a serious stinker on Sunday afternoon. Cripps started very slow but ended up with 26 touches (14 contested), 8 tackles and 2 goals to be the only Blue in triple figures with 123 Supercoach points. Thomas (96), Weitering (97), Walsh (89) and Fisher (83) all played well but not much else worth mentioning for Carlton. Stocker was decent on debut, while Liam Jones will miss a week after being stretchered off with concussion.


North looked like a force under the Marvel Stadium roof for their second win of the year. Ben Brown (131) kicked 4 goals amongst 10 touches and was over 100 points by halftime. Joining him in the 100 club were Trent Dumont (139), Goldstein (114), Pittard (103), Simpkin (100), Thomas (107) and Cunnington (115). The AFL’s last listed player alphabetically Cameron Zurhaar had a great game with 5 goals and 16 touches to score 95, but he wasn’t alone in the 90’s scoring range. Anderson, Higgins, McMillan and Garner were all between 90-100, but only Higgins is really fantasy relevant. Scott Thompson had a groin issue so keep that in mind for anyone with him/thinking of bringing him in.


Question from the game: What happened to the Blues after all those weeks of promise?


Supercoach query: How is there a 46-point difference between Higgins and Dumont who had extremely similar games stats wise?


Essendon vs Geelong


The Cats are 6-1 after handling the country game in an interesting contest. 8 players scored over 100, those being Duncan (126), Kelly (120), Ablett (112), Dahlhaus (108), Guthrie (107), Hawkins (104), Stewart (102) and Menegola (101). Forward rookie sensation Miers kicked a goal and had 25 touches and will continue to rise in price after scoring 92, as will Tom Atkins after his 87. But the big Supercoach news from the game was surely Patrick Dangerfield producing 26 from a mere 8 touches of the leather, although he did have two separate incidences (ankle roll 1st quarter, knee 2nd quarter) which clearly hindered his play. Furthermore Gary Ablett copped a 1 game suspension on Monday night, but word is a challenge is coming from the Cattery, that if successful, would mean GAZ plays next week.


Not much went right for Essendon Supercoach wise, with only youngster Darcy Parish (110) cracking 100. Dylan Shiel had 33 touches with 4 tackles to register 93, while Zach Merrett got a point more for his 29-touch game. Stringer kicked 3 goals and really was the only Essendon forward who looked dangerous. No one else really jumped off the page scoring wise except the above mentioned and Tom Bellchambers (95).


Question from the game: Did Gary deserve a week or not?


Supercoach query: I changed my captain from Cripps to Danger just before the Carlton game, anyone else in the same boat?


Fremantle vs Adelaide


Adelaide took the points in an extremely low scoring game with very few highlights. Rookie ruckman O’Brien (123) led the scoring for his team after a 22 touch, 44 hitout performance and I genuinely think he’ll hold out Sauce Jacobs for the season if this form keeps up. Plenty of Crows found plenty of the ball, including Cam Ellis-Yolmen (33 touches for 109) and Rory Sloane (33 touches for 111). Other good scores from the day included may players once again in the frustrating 90 zone, including all the popular picks. Laird had 99, M.Crouch 97 and Brodie Smith continued his hot streak with 94. Less popular picks in Lynch and Greenwood were also in the 90’s, so I’ll give them a mention as well.


Fremantle seemed to be in this game but I didn’t get to watch any of it so I may be wrong. What I can say is that the usual suspects in Nat Fyfe and Luke Ryan produced good scores for their owners. Fyfe had 32 touches (19 contested) and 8 tackles while going at 78% for 124, while Ryan had 34 disposals (21 kicks) at 88% for 145. Evergreen David Mundy was huge as well with 35 touches including 20 contested for 137, but after that the Dockers scores drop rapidly. Langdon hit 99, Conca 90 and Cerra got 89, but these were the only one’s worth mentioning.


Question from the game: For those who watched the game, was it the most boring of the year? The score line seems it.

Supercoach query: Does Brad Crouch date the head of Champion Data’s daughter? His scores are way too low compared to the stats he’s been picking up (Salamander? Anomaly?).


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    1. Being a Geelong supporter I hope they rest him for a week or 2. Nothing to be gained by playing him injured/sore.


  1. Brilliant write-up Dane. Thanks. Am hoping the Dees’ win signals a forthcoming upturn in their and Clarry’s SC fortunes!?


  2. Great write up Dane!

    Re Oliver, I think he’s very close to pumping out some big scores. He’s finding plenty of it it’s just a matter of better decision-making required on his behalf from what I’ve seen. Definitely a hold if you have him!

    Bit of a vent…. how’s the form of Mundy? Decided to turn back the clock once I dumped him after his 73 & 35… Not happy!



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