Rustee’s GC SuperCoach Players

Written by Motts on February 13 2011

Our thanks to regular contributor and champion all-round bloke, Rustee, for spending his afternoon yesterday putting this together so that we’re all a little more informed about The Suns. Here are the 10 he thinks you need to be considering starting:

1. David Swallow
Price: $188,600
Info – Some see this guy as just another overpriced number 1 draft pick, well this kid is more then that not only did he finish 4th in the VFL B&F but he had a massive average for a 17 year old of 96.13 PPG. This kid is way underpriced in my mind and you shouldn’t have to ask yourself the question ‘Yes or No’ unless you wish to be different and most likely miss out on a huge bargain of 2011. Also this guy from what I have heard is the most complete number 1 draft pick ever – he has no weaknesses.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – The next Judd for mine. Absolute jet, but everyone in the fantasy world will have him.
My Estimated Average: 75-85

2. Daniel Harris
Price: $125,700
Info – Was picked up by GC after he was de-listed from the Kangers, for the reason I believe, and correct me if I am wrong, that he didn’t have the engine for AFL. He will be a HUGE bargain the problem however is the BYE it screws with our plans, so it may come down to a choice of Swallow or Harris. Harris averaged 120.13 PPG for SC in the
VFL last year including a 212 in RND 1.
Fantasy Freako’s Say- Track the pre-season. Could be a cheap option at the start of the year.
My Estimated Average: 80-90

3. Zac Smith
Price: $117,700
Info – He is a 206cm ruckmen who could become dominate in the next few years, however for this year he could sit on your bench and while getting you half decent scores should earn you a ton of cash to play with if you choose to upgrade him. In my opinion he will be the GC number 1 ruck with Fraser playing predominately forward.
Fantasy Freako’s Say- Should be the No. 1 ruckmen of the competition in a few years. This season will be a development one.
My Estimated Average: 60-70

4. Nathan Bock
Price: $404,600
Info – If he plays the running back role at GC off CHB he could become a super premium once again, at that price it may be worth the punt. Track his pre-season though, seems underpriced.
Fantasy Freako’s Say- A high-scoring defender who will start under-priced. Should see plenty of action in the Suns’ first season. Jump on.
My Estimated Average: 85-105

5. Sam Iles
Price: $121,700
Info – Was on Collingwood’s AFL list only to be delisted and picked up by GC. He is undervalued thats for sure, he won the GC B&F last year and was a dominate player for them in the VFL. Averaged 95.94 PPG in the VFL last year.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – Should be a consistent performer in the midfield, a lot like Brad Sewell.
My Estimated Average: 75-85

6. Brandon Matera
Price: $110,200
Info – Small forwards usually are inconsistent, but Matera comes from a well known family and could be a great bench option for you to make some cash.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – This bloke loves a goal – watch his celebrations. Should be a regular straight away.
My Estimated Average: 55-65

7. Dion Prestia
Price: $148,600
Info – This guy should score well straight away don’t let his height stray you away, he’s a jet. Was predicted to be the best player of the draft from those who attended the national draft combine, (Swallow, Bennell and Day were all absent from the national combine). M/F DPP makes him even better.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – Don’t let his size put you off. Could be a chance to be a regular this season.
My Estimated Average: 65-75

8. Josh Fraser
Price: $237,300
Info – After Jolly took his spot last year his confidence took a hit, seems GC has recruited him as a experienced player to not only give the team some but to help Zac Smith develop, I reckon he will play predominately forward, still underpriced.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – One of the major bargains for 2011.
My Estimated Average: 75-85

9. Jared Brennan
Price: $379,500
Info – Didn’t seem happy at Brisbane and was very inconsistent there. If he can find soem consistency then will be a huge bargain, and turn into a premium. C/F DPP helps also.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – Definitely AFL Dream Team. Far too erratic for SuperCoach.
My Estimated Average: 80-90

10. Nathan Krakouer
Price: $269,700
Info – If he plays a running back role from the flank (Hodge like in 2008) then he could earn you a lot of cash but in saying that is a huge risk.
Fantasy Freako’s Say – Targeted early by the Suns, therefore you would imagine him being a regular. Consistency may be a problem.
My Estimated Average- 75-85

Honourable mentions – Harley Bennell, Michael Coad, Charlie Dixon, Hayden Jolly, Marc
Lock, Maverick Weller, Trent McKenzie

*The reasons behind G Ablett not being there is due to him being injured preseason and
being a perfect upgrade target.

*Michael Rischitelli and Jarrod Harbrow, aren’t mentioned as I don’t think they will
go up in price too much.


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21 thoughts on “Rustee’s GC SuperCoach Players”

  1. motts you realy think b.matera will play round 2 at 65 kgs , i think he is a long term project ….anyway not too many punters are talking up no 2 draft pick harley bennell ,his brother plays for melboure …


  2. What about Toy, I have heard they will be looking to get it in his hands across half back as he disposes so well… thoughts on him?


  3. Rustee mentioned Hawkins as taking time as a key position player. He peaked in his career at 17. Its all down here for that bloke. Im pretty sure he cant read or write. Most over rated footballer ever



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