SC Rookie of the Year

Written by Motts on August 7 2013

Who do you think should be the SuperCoach Rookie of the Year for 2013?

If you’ve got the time and inclination, justify your selection in Comments.

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18 thoughts on “SC Rookie of the Year”

  1. with the lack of Defensive options this year, Goodes has been able to maintain a top 10 average for defenders. beginning at $128,200 he was a must for everyone and didn’t disappoint. rose $311,200 and didn’t look like that was going to change until his arm gave way.
    a lot of people will chose O’Meara as he has has performed very well, but it was goodes for me.


  2. The two things that are most important to me in a rookie are playing early and playing often. It is, after all, the most important function of the rookie to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. If they become a keeper then so be it, but that isn’t why we select them.

    I think that 7 guys have really been great and deserve a mention, so my top 7 are:

    7 – Nick Vlastuin.

    Has three 100s, averaged 76 as a defender, has DPP status and has only missed one game since he came into the resurgent Tigers side. The problem is that it took him four weeks to get in there. It did make him a decent downgrade target though and we always need those. He has been pretty poor post-bye (with only one 80+ score), but that five week stretch where he averaged 102.6 and rose above $400k (five weeks before Goodes, despite the late start), deserves serious credit.

    6 – Oliver Wines.

    Like Jaeger O’Meara and Matt Jones, he has played every game. Only the three tons, but two of them were in the first three weeks when we were playing him and it mattered the most. With a 76 average, Quadzilla has been a very good rookie.

    5 – Tom Nicholls.

    He is an interesting one. I, like most, was enamoured with his performance from rounds 10-17 and he has averaged 91 for the season. He was even playing well enough that some were considering not getting another premium ruck and just running with him at R2 all year. End of the day though, he only has two 100s and played seven-and-a-half games so far. Did hit the $400k price mark after only 7 games, which is seriously good cash generation. As with Tom Mitchell, a good last four weeks would see him rise in the rankings.

    4 – Dean Terlich.

    If he had played round 1 then we all would’ve had him. A mature-aged SANFL star off the half-back line had gold mine written all over it, but he just didn’t make the cut (somehow) for that first game. He has only missed the one game since (as a late withdrawal) and has given us four tons as a backman as well. Soared above $400k in price at his peak. If only he has started round 1…

    3 – Tom Mitchell.

    He still has time to make it higher in the rankings I think. Lazy 94 average, with four 100s, and only one score below 80 from a $115k starting price. Appeared during the MBR’s which was helpful indeed. The Dogs rate him too as he copped the Picken tag in his ninth game of footy! At the end of the day though, he has only just out-averaged Jaeger, but didn’t get a gig until round 10.

    2 – Brett Goodes.

    A backman who averaged 91 for the season and cost $128k to start with. Pretty dang good. Only the four tons, but three more in the 90s and three in the 80s. He does loose some significant points for me though due to injury. Including the rest of the season (which he obviously isn’t playing) he will miss nine of the 22 games. Also due to injuries, it took him until round 15 to raise above the $400k price mark. A seriously good season and a remarkable question raised as to how recruiters ignored him for so long, but just not quite the cream of the crop for mine.

    1 – Jaeger O’Meara.

    We were all told how wonderful he is and he just hasn’t disappointed. He has played every single game. He has pumped out seven hundreds, including three in his first five games (so heavy early price rises and when he was on our fields) and five before his bye (when most of us traded him out). Went over $400k by round 8 and hasn’t gone back under. Pre-bye he only had one score below 72. That’s such good consistency for a rookie. With everything that we are hearing about Martin being better than O’Meara, I can’t wait for Martin to suit up for my side in 2014!

    A lot of good rookies in 2013, but O’Meara the comfortable winner for me. Bring on Jack Martin and 2014!


  3. If goodes hadnt got scrubbed and injured I would have gone that way instead, but for whole of season performance its gotta be jaeger.

    Some good options late like Nicholls and Mitchell, but gotta use the whole of year as your criteria.



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