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  1. Ability to have more flexible DPP trades – IE: Able to trade a midfielder to a ruckman via a FWD-MID DPP and Ruck-FWD DPP.

    Scores given for 1%ers.


  2. I feel that SC is becoming a bit like the Brownlow in that it’s all about the midfielders. It’s too easy to load up with DPP players these days and effectively have a team of midfielders.

    To highlight this i have four def/mid and eight mid/fwd plus five ruckmen since Roughie is a ruck/fwd. It means the defensive players and pure forwards are less and less of an option in SC.

    Not sure what i want to be fixed but i just feel it’s changing and less like a real game. I have a team of midfielders, some half backs, rucks and plenty of half forwards. No key backs and other than Roughie and Buddy no key talls – i look very Bulldogs circa 2009!!


  3. Here’s some suggestions you can send to Supercoach.

    1) Start head 2 head matchs from round 1 so we can have byes over the bye rounds.
    2) As the Afl has four on the interchange bench (3 plus a sub) we should have four so we can pick a emg in all positions.
    3) Free live score like DT
    4) Need a few more DPP especially in the back line.
    5) Should be able to buy trades, obviously make them really expensive, $150000 – $250000 each.
    6) Consult the crew at Super Coach Talk before making any changes.


  4. We should also have a sub incase one of our players gets injured/subbed out. Only in the 1 position though. Say your fwd is ur named sub, but you have a midfielder get injured/subbed, you dont get the subs score. Only if its in the same position.. Whether they give you the lowest/highest score of the two, i am unsure.


  5. I want more flexibility through trading.

    Now bare with me here.

    Trade a mid only out.
    Swap a mid/forward into mid.
    Swap a ruck forward into forward
    Buy a Ruckman.

    Effectively trading a mid for a Ruck.

    Make sense?


  6. Maybe a little more like DT pro where you can make changes to your team up until the first bounce of each game. This would deal with late withdrawals & prevent teams eating donuts..

    Maybe also the cash that teams have in the bank could earn interest..

    Just food for thought.


  7. Sorry if these have already been mentioned before:

    1. Get rid of that crappy Supercoach show on FOX, it’s a disgrace to anyone with half a brain.
    2. Give us live SC scores on the website (without having to pay).
    3. Why can’t Champion Data have a SC version of the Fantasy Freako weekly Newsletter?
    4. Stop the HS from putting most, if not all, SC news related content behind they paywall.
    5. Can we make Jamiee Rogers the face of SC next year instead of Shane Crawford? (please?!?)
    6. It would be nice if on the team page you can see instantly what AFL team each player is playing against.
    7. Show the effing Break Even scores on the SC Site!
    8. Relax the rules so we can have 2 teams or allow us to enter more leagues under the one team.
    9. Not that I buy SC Gold, but if I did I would ask that you hire someone with SC relevance to do the articles.

    I think that covers it for me.


  8. If you pay Supercoach Gold price of $20 then you should have the benefit of live scores throughout all games. Also having to pay for a digital pass for live scores is just double dipping by HS. Supercoach Gold indicates you get everything & not having access to live scores is disgraceful.


  9. Only other thing would be them having say 22 trades for the H & A with an additional 2 trades released for the first week of finals (for those trigger happy with the trades).


  10. (1) 3 rucks , drop R4 and make it a ” flexy position” , meaning coaches discretion as weather it’s a M , F , B
    (2) C gets double , VC gets x 1.5 ( or double if C doesn’t play)
    (3) no head to head through bye rounds
    (4) in season position upgrades , eg a player listed as M , but playing more M/D make them DPP in season
    (5) leave no of trades as is


  11. From all of the rumblings that I have been hearing, it sounds like VS are just going to do what they always do to fix the issues with the game: throw more trades at it!

    For mine:
    – Rolling lock-outs are a must. Why they haven’t had them for years, I’ll never know
    – Allow for an emergency in every position. Why only three?
    – Attempt to find a more key-position friendly scoring statistic/s (I’m not sure if this is possible, but making as many players ‘fantasy relevant’ can only help the games interest)
    – If they are not going to select one of the more imaginative strategies for combating the multi-bye round related issues, then go back to having an extra back, forward and midfield bench player and some more trades. I’m not actually an advocate of this really (I have always felt that more trades being available detracts from the skill of using your trades properly), but if you are not going to fix it properly, at least attempt to keep the people interested longer.
    – This last one is just a general warning for the Herald Sun, but be careful. The people on sites like this are the serious minority. The more content and elements of the game you make that have to be paid for, the more you risk alienating the majority that just play the game for a ‘bit of fun’


  12. I’d love to see some sort of match-up page during the week that allows you to see your weekly sc opponents’ three round avg, five round avg, highest and lowest yearly score, highest scoring player, projected totals (you get that with GOLD), etc. I emailed them about this last year and they said this would be introduced this year (cough, bullsh*t, cough).


  13. They have this on Ultimate Footy, but it would be good to see player position changes throughout the season, maybe after every 5-6 round blocks

    For example: Jordan Roughead is nominated as only a R, however he has been playing full back for the last half of the year. So after 5-6 rounds of him playing predominantly in that position, his position changes from R to R/D.

    However for this to work you will only have to add positions in and make the players DPP, rather than taking positions away (ie Roughead from R to R/D rather than to just D).


  14. I would make the starting price of rookies 200k minimum. The problem right now is that everyone basically chooses the same set of players, because everyone is using the rookies & guns strategy since it’s so easy to make money from cash cows.

    The total player lists are like 10% premiums, 10% rookies, 80% mid pricers. This means that the majority of players are never considered to be in your SC team because of the “guns & rookies” strategy.

    By making rookies more expensive it will bring back the “mid pricer” strategy meaning most teams will be different from each other.

    Right now it is boring vsing the same predictable teams.


  15. 1. I want the option of being able to choose between last year’s match centre (postion by position) and this year (uniques) as they are both handy and it should be really easy for VS to do this.

    2. I’m sure VS would’ve noticed a drop off in interest after the MBRs. They probably need to somehow maintain the average punter’s interest. I think last year’s format worked, no league matches during the MBRs, 24 trades, squad size of 33 which will be offset by the smaller magic number.

    3. I’m against the constant rolling lockout. Sure it would work for me, as I’m a fanatic but once again it is a disadvantage for those who actually have lives! If the squad size was 33, you’d have 3 on the bench in each position so there should be adequate cover.

    4. On that last point, there should be 4 emgs but to be like the ‘real’ game, perhaps there is one sub emergency that will only score half (rounded up to avoid nasty decimals).

    5. I think the SC site is clunky and ugly compared to DT despite the superior game, but that’s just me.

    6. Lastly, Rocky, Gibbs, Hodge, and Goddard for DPP to compensate for the loss of Lids, Carrazzo, Beams, Sidebottom and Dangermouse.


  16. KP Defenders: Points scored for spoils

    LTI trades: If a player in your team goes down with a SEASON ENDING injury you get given 1 extra trade to replace them (the footy club must have the player listed as out for the season on the injury list. Anything less too bad)


  17. Live scores and less DPP:
    1) Everyone wants them. Why charge for ’em? DT will be stealing more and more SC players if the Herald Sun keeps up with this rubbish.
    2)More and more SC teams wouldn’t work as an actual AFL team, as the Key Position Players don’t get a look in, except for the odd freak (i.e. Buddy)


  18. Had a great suggestion from Pete Rendina on Twitter (@PeterRendina). Like a lot of us, he’s being playing in the same league for years and would love to be able to see a head-to-head record against SC opponents that goes back over time since you started playing against each other.


  19. I would love you to do a retrospective on how to have built the best team in 2012. Who were the original Premiums/DPP/ rookies … And when should we have cashed them in and got a new set of Cash Cows.

    When to get Gibson? When to get Zorko? When to trade Goodes out? When to have traded Ablett to in? When to have grabbed Beams? Etc.

    A truly Super Team for a Super Coach.


  20. I reckon the byes kill SC. I think that during the bye any players that you have that have the bye for that round should still score their avg at time of the bye.


  21. First of all hats off to SC for reverse trades this year, that was brilliant.

    Here some suggestions:
    – 4 emergencies
    – Ladder position is decided by wins then total points won (not percentage)
    – Increased DPP trading flexibility as mentioned above already.
    – Live scores
    – More transparency with scoring. Remove high scoring for instances such as goals after the siren (too arbitrary).
    – Players are being injured and rested like never before so we need some help with this. Maybe an extra bench player like 2011 or more trades.
    – More emergency flexibility. If I have Treloar as emergency on Fwd bench he should be ok to cover the midfield line too because he is MID/FWD.
    – Something needs to be done about the byes bc they did not work this year. Scrap them or add extra help/trades for those rounds.
    – Update the scores faster after the game has completed.


  22. Not taking the piss at all, I mostly like it the way it is! I’m all for change but any game, real or fantasy will never make absolutley everyone happy! Even with the multi bye rounds, I actually liked the challenge of trying to find a way around it personally! 2 changes for me….

    1/ Live scores
    2/ History option, to see your win/loss ratio verses continual opposition

    I’m just happy to of found this site last year so I can continue to read very informative posts on a regular basis from loads of coaches, to actually give me the on going edge versus my mates, family &


  23. definetly more flexibility with trades!!
    Is the price of the player for next season the price he finishes off with from this season?


  24. Next year they should bring back those light things that tell you if your players are playing whith the different colour lights

    Also I think On your supercoach field instead of just having the details of your player there should be a picture of each player So your team looks more real


  25. I’m pretty happy with the way SC is at the moment.

    One minor feature I would love the sound of is having a ‘Season History’ tab (like that in the Fantasy EPL), which would contain your:
    Overall rank & League Premierships for each of your previous seasons.
    1. This would allow you to track your own progress across the years
    2. It would let you see how your mates have fared in the past

    I also like the idea of rewarding key position players as it would widen the pool of SC relevant players, which would result in more effective PODs.


  26. Just my two cents worth (probably closer to 50)

    The most disappointing aspect I find to SC is the scaling of points after matches. It seems completely arbitrary and difficult to follow. In a fantasy game where the average punter (like myself) chooses players based on statistical ability, to award players extra points or worse to reduce a players score in a subjective manner seems inappropriate. Who makes the decisions on who and how much a player is scaled. From previous readings on this site I understand that there are a set number of points allocated to each game.

    This in itself seems a little simplistic considering that not all games are equal. Some are spectacles that supporters will remember for ever whilst others are best forgotten before you get out of the turnstiles. Is it equitable in a fantasy sense that players are penalised for excellence or rewarded for mediocrity solely on the basis of a pre-determined point scoring system.

    I think the overall concept of scoring in SC is far superior to that of DT (it shits me to death when a DT opponent gets 3 points for kicking the ball out on the full) however in a game that is based on statistics I find it difficult to understand how a subjective scoring system is used.

    Surely it is as simple as:

    e.g. Eff kick 3
    Ineff Kick 1
    Eff h/ball 3
    Ineff H/ball 0
    Cont Mark 4
    Uncon Mark 2
    Clearance 5
    Tap to Adv 3
    Smother 4
    Tackle 4
    etc etc…….

    Surely the most transparent way of scoring would be to just allocate points for each category and score players based on their actual statistics rather than on a subjective basis.

    And yes I have lost games in this way. No not this year, although a guy in my league did (as I am sure most of you have also experienced).

    Just my gripe.


  27. First of all i did buy supercoach gold (i wanted to see what it was like and i did enjoy the projected scores)

    But even paying the $20 and not getting live sores is a disgrace So my main suggestion is all coaches should be able to see live scores on the match centre page without paying a cent just like DT

    Some other suggestions are…
    1. Have 7 midfielders because there is SO many to choose from and by having the extra mid this will make a difference in alot of teams
    2. Having and extra bench player like in 2011
    3. Maybe having a little more cash or dropping players price a bit, in DT i selected the same team as i did SC and found that instead of Adam Kennedy-GWS i could get Dayne Beams
    4. Buying Trades for say 200k
    5. Maybe seeing how many trades your opponent has
    6. Having unlimeted leagues
    7. Rewarding the higher ranked coaches (like all of us) by having them little lights to say weather a player is selected/emergency/not selected only avaliable to say the top 30k top ranked coaches so we dont have to go searching on the afl site for teams

    Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚


  28. My suggestion stems from the fact that even if you finish in the top 100, the next season it’s all but forgotton.
    What about having a teams history section where you can see all the past placings, rankings, highest scores, avereage scores, lowest scores, flags etc.
    That way you get respect entering a league if you have a solid history, and you know who fluked it on a particular year.
    Just imagine reading your profile as a multi league winning coach averaging 2,200 points over his caeer, finishing in the top 1000 3 times and and achieving a highest score of 2819. That would be something to brag about.


  29. Do you think it would work if the game could include full afl sized squads, reduce the trades and have initial selection criteria which allows for a certain number of prem, mid and rookie selections. Also seperate the positions into 7 so that DPP cant be used throughout. Give an opportunity to field what would be a more realistic team???



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