Scoring Anomalies – Rd11

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 8 2017

Trying to understand Champion Data can nearly drive you off the edge. Champion Data has invented one of the most complex scoring systems known to man.  It can be frustrating as hell and create a state of sheer disbelief when checking the SC scores after each game.  Hopefully these Reviews will help change that perception as we seek to find answers to the CD scoring system.  So who benefitted from our pts system last weekend?  Who was hit hard?  Here are some curve balls from Rd11………..


Jasper Pittard (PTA) – Has been a smokey option for D6 over the last couple years but he’s getting slaughtered by Champion Data this season.  Last week he gathered 17 touches at 88% Disposal Efficiency and just one clanger for 58pts.  Only two of those disposals were contested.  Seems to be a recurring theme for Pittard in 2017 and it seems safe to take him out of your calculations.

Brad Crouch (ADE) – Champion Data does not agree with this man.  28 touches, ten contested, seven tackles & five clearances for 77pts.  The guy can accumulate but it simply doesn’t translate into SC-pts.  Seven clangers & 60%DE once again ruined what could’ve been a big night.

Michael Barlow (GCS) –  Time to officially put Barlow out of future Supercoach plans if you hadn’t already.  30 touches, seven contested & three tackles at 60%DE netted him just 66pts. Six clangers put a huge dampener on things.  While he may play an important role at the Suns, his SC days are over.  Not even sure he’d be considered with a dual position status, that’s how drastic it is.



Josh Hill (WCE) – Against the Suns, Hill had thirteen touches , four contested, four tackles & two goals which somehow produced 97 pts.  If someone can tell me how he got to 97, I’d be very appreciative.  Watching the game, I barely noticed the guy………

David Astbury (RIC) – He’s spoiling beautifully, he’s taking intercept marks and generally using the ball quite well.  Most importantly, he’s not injured!  It’s for that reason that Rance is performing below average in Supercoach output (compared to 2015 & 2016).  Astbury is sharing the load down back with Rance and doing a fine job of it.  Against the Roos, Astbury gathered twenty touches (nine contested) at 95%DE for 99pts.  Rance only managed 62.  While Rance is always capable of going large, it might be a little harder with Astbury in the team.
Which ‘anomalies’ caught your eye over the weekend?  Anything we should explore further? Something we need to focus on?  Tell our Coaches about it in the comments below……..


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4 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Rd11”

  1. Juts a general comment – did CD ramp up the penalties on clangers in the off-season? Players used to be able to get away with them if they got plenty of the pill, but it doesn’t seem that way anymore. Those Crouch and Barlow numbers make me feel a bit ill.


  2. At the end of the day CD have introduced a scoring system based on not in the whole part on stats but in effectiveness of disposal, that’s fine up to a certain point. i.e. there should be no difference in the point score from the first goal kicked to the last match winning goal kicked full stop. As the team may not have won if that first goal was not achieved.


  3. A different kind of scoring anomaly: the overall SuperCoach leader has Shaun Higgins in his team.

    If that’s not weird enough, he also has Richard Douglas.



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