Scoring Anomalies – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 18 2017

One of SCTs new write-ups for the 2017 season……..Scoring Anomalies.  Or widely known as ‘Adam Treloar’s Weekly Scoring Run-Down’  😉  No…….I refuse to look at his score again this week!  As Huttabito assures me: ‘This week he deserved that’.  For what it’s worth, I would hold him if he were in my team (and he is in the TEAM!).

Champion Data has created one of the most complex scoring systems known to man.  Unfortunately it can be frustrating as hell and create a state of sheer disbelief when checking the SC scores after each game.  Hopefully these Reviews will help change that perception as we seek to find answers to the CD scoring system.  So who benefitted from our pts system last weekend?  Who was negatively impacted?  Treloar – take five this week, we’ll look at Goldy this time around………


Todd Goldstein (NTH) – I thought Goldy had a decent game in the Inaugural Good Friday match-up.  21 touches, seven marks, 29 hitouts, two free-kicks-for and a goal yet still couldn’t crack a ton (96pts).  As with 2016, it seems the Bulldogs were able to ‘shark’ many hitouts and use them to their advantage.  Be that the case, it would mean that Goldy’s disposals weren’t too effective (71% Disposal Efficiency) and would explain the 96pts a little better.

Either way, Mr Goldstein is struggling to have an impact on Supercoach in 2017.  Since he is sharing the duties with Preuss, and with Gawn injured, we might just have a significant changing of the guard in the Ruck department this season.



Toby Nankervis (RIC) – Admittedly I’m a Tigers fan and now a current owner of Toby Nankervis.  So I’m not too fussed to see Nank on this side of the ledger 😉  But one has to wonder at the scoring system here.  Stefan Martin dominated the hitouts (52-17) and around the ground yet Nank has still managed 91 pts from 11 touches, four tackles and a goal.  I know he’s ranked #1 for Hitouts To Advantage, but he was also credited with five clangers, two free-kicks-against and just 63%DE.  Many of us own Nank at this stage…….many of us are also bewildered (and thankful!) that he somehow got to 91.


Robbie Tarrant (NTH) – Gets the biggest FWD target each week and goes about his job professionally.  Doesn’t get the ball enough to be considered a DEF option in SC, nor does he produce the one-percenters of Rance, but he is certainly looked kindly upon by the folks at Champion Data.  Fourteen touches and ten tackles, running at 100% DE for a score of 93pts.  Three clangers were credited to Tarrant, but the three free-kicks-against explain that one.  If he managed a couple extra intercept marks each week, he could push into calculations.  Until then however, he’s limited to these Anomalies write-ups 😉
Which ‘anomalies’ annoyed you over the Easter weekend?  Any system malfunctions? Something we should delve into a bit further?  Tell the Coaches about it in the comments below…..or you can always use this post to vent 😉


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10 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Rd4”

  1. 34 possessions, 11 contested, 5 marks, 11 clearances , 4 tackles, 4 I50’s and a goal..

    If someone said they were GAJ’s stats i would be thinking 150sc


    1. As they don’t think he’ll hold up all season and hence no in their teams, he ain’t getting the love any more.


    2. In the 1st 2 quarters, he was horrible. Lots of hospital handpasses and setting team mates up to be tackled. If it weren’t for weight of numbers, wouldn’t have cracked the ton.


  2. I don’t have the numbers in front of me as am on the train home, but thought Fyfe deserved better than what he got with a couple of outstanding pack marks and contested possessions and was a key to the Freo victory.


    1. Agreed……felt like he was winning every Clearance in that last qtr on Saturday. Thought a 120 wasn’t out of the question…….


      1. In a purely selfish manner. I’m kinda glad they gave those points to……….

        Lachie “little Fyfe” Neale.

        140 as El Capitano this week

        He helped my ranking enormously!


  3. Have a look at the difference in SuperCoach and Dreamteam scores for the Crows – Bombers game.

    The Crows won by 65 points :

    SuperCoach – Crows 1,755. Bombers 1,549
    Dreamteam – Crows 1,660 Bombers 1,752

    I know I’m preaching to the converted but this is surefire proof that Dreamteam scoring is bullshit and that it bears no resemblance to how the game is played and won.



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