Scoring Anomalies – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 25 2017

One of SCTs new write-ups for the 2017 season……..Scoring Anomalies.  Or commonly known as ‘The Bont BreakDown’  😉  Seriously it’s getting to the stage where he earns pts for putting his shorts on in the correct manner.

Champion Data has created one of the most complex scoring systems known to man.  Unfortunately it can be frustrating as hell and create a state of sheer disbelief when checking the SC scores after each game.  Hopefully these Reviews will help change that perception as we seek to find answers to the CD scoring system.  So who benefitted from our pts system last weekend?  Who was negatively impacted?  Funnily enough…….The Bont!



Marcus Bontempelli (WBD) – Very strange to see The Bont on this side of the ledger.  Especially given his reputation as a ‘Darling’ of Champion Data.  Against the Lions on Saturday, The Bont collected 22 touches (12 contested), six marks, seven tackles and a goal.  Given his history, you would’ve thought The Bont had a 120-game on the cards.  However it seems that his five clangers and 63% Disposal Efficiency led to the future superstar being awarded just the 88pts.

While it’s not a complete disaster for Bont owners, it came as a reminder that Champion Data recognizes the importance of good disposal.  And for us non-Bont-owners, hopefully he might dip under $600k as a result 😉


Touk Miller (GCS) – He’s been bandied about as a potential Top10 FWD this year…….after the weekend I’d keep him out of calculations.  Honestly didn’t see the game against the Crows on Saturday but would’ve expected more than 48pts going on his stats.  18 touches, three marks, three tackles & two clearances wasn’t enough to crack 48 pts?  Even with 77%DE?  Tough crowd over at Champion Data…….bad luck to anyone with Touk……..


Jake Lloyd (SYD) – Lloyd accumulated 29 touches in the Sydney Derby at a decent DE of 79% but only managed 84pts.  Among his stats was just the one contested possession and  ZERO clangers or tackles.  Looks like he pulled a ‘Birchall’ special  on the weekend 😉



Jack Riewoldt (RIC) – He received a mention in the first ‘Movers&Shakers’ write-up  for the year (shaking badly).  Jumping Jack answered brilliantly last night with a six goal performance that inspired the Tigers to a big win over the Demons on Monday night.  (Editor – How was that set shot from the boundary in the last qtr?  Effing awesome!) 😉

Riewoldt’s six goals came from just the twelve possessions and three marks yet he acquired 120 pts.  Eleven ‘score involvements’ has had a very positive effect on his SC-output this Round.  Plenty of highs and lows with Jack in Supercoach……….


Which ‘anomalies’ annoyed you over this long weekend?  Any breakdowns in communication?  Something we should explore a bit further?  Tell our Coaches about it in the Forum…..or you can always use this post to vent 😉


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7 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Rd5”

  1. I thought Stretch was a little strange last night, sort of evened out in the end, but I think he was right up there at halftime and compared to Oliver was hardly sighted


  2. Couldn’t wait for the match review to come up to make a comment on today’s game, surely you cant select a 7 footer in today’s wet conditions, surely must be a late out!


    1. Ross wouldn’t drop Sandilands just because it was raining, would he? If he would, then as an owner I guess I’m just lucky that it hardly ever rains in Perth!

      Still, it was an odd selection. Mason Cox is no Aaron Sandilands (at least not yet), and Nathan Buckley is most definitely no Ross Lyon.


      1. Ross wouldn’t drop Sandi……but he wouldn’t bring in Zac Clarke or Jon Griffin as back-up on a wet day either, he’s got more sense than that……


  3. Zach Merrett – thought by his stats he would have been breaking the ton, but instead 83! Maybe I’m bitter I lost my match by 9 points



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