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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 3 2017

One of SCTs new write-ups for the 2017 season……..Scoring Anomalies.  Or otherwise known as ‘that can’t be right’ 😉  Champion Data has created one of the most complex scoring systems known to man.  Unfortunately it can be frustrating as hell and create a state of sheer disbelief when checking the SC scores after each game.  Hopefully these Reviews will help change that perception as we seek to find answers to the CD scoring system.  So who benefitted from our pts system last weekend?  Who was negatively impacted?  Here are a few mysteries to solve……….


Callan Ward (GWS) – According to the numbers, he’s not having his best start to the season.  He’s dropped off from the (near) elite MID status he enjoyed over the last 3-4 years.  Looking at his stats from Friday night, I thought he was a bit stiff not to reach the ton.  27 disposals, 15 of which were contested and just the two clangers but Ward just managed the 91pts.  Disposal Efficiency was at 70%, not the greatest but still harsh not to get a ton.  Just the one tackle doesn’t work too friendly with Champion Data unfortunately.


Todd Goldstein (NTH) – Seems to be getting the rough end of the stick this year from Champion Data.  What came up as 77pts on Saturday would’ve surely been a 110 game during his stellar 2015 season.  16 touches at 81% DE, nine of which were contested, six clearances, four free kicks received, 30 hitouts with just the two clangers.  77 pts??  What more does Goldy have to do?  If anyone can shed some light on this one?  If one of the seven spectators at the game could give us their thoughts…….. 😉




Marcus Bontempelli (WBD) – If I may refer you to Thommo’s Rd6 Review, he already did a great job of explaining this one for me, thanks mate!  Plain fact is that the Champion Data scoring system was made for the way Bont plays the game.  He’s now an elite MID, get him in at some stage!


Callum Sinclair (SYD) – This one has been doing my head in all weekend.  I had Sinclair in my team at various stages last season, but he never got close to a 142.  19 disposals (11 contested), 15 hitouts and a goal for 142 pts.  Remarkable scoreline considering he ran at 78%DE and had two clangers in there.  I asked the question of Champion Data on Twitter but have yet to receive an answer.  I’m guessing Sinclair must’ve had a great deal of Hitouts To Advantage otherwise I’m at a loss to explain that end result.


Gary Ablett (GCS) – You all know what he did on the weekend.  What sort of idiot would write the great man off?  ‘The God Dilemma’ 😉  He’ll have his big days, of course.  My main concern was the spate of injuries over the last few years.  Whether he gets up for enough games to make it viable……..only time will tell……but I stand by my decision………



Which ‘anomalies’ stuck out for you over the weekend?  Any disruption in programming?  Something we should pry a bit further?  Tell our Coaches about it in the comments below…..or you can always use this post to vent 😉


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33 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Rd6”

  1. Hi Schwarz,

    I’m going to make myself a target here….
    You and the SCT crew produce a great range of articles, how the hell you find the time I do not know, but this one, I see as a waste of your time.
    In the history of the game, no player who has bleated about a bad free kick to an umpire has ever heard the words “you’re right, I was wrong, I’ll reverse that, your kick….”
    Giving us a forum for a collective whinge wont do anything either.
    I agree there are (at least perceived) anomalies
    I agree it impacts the scores and therefore our potential decision making
    But unless champion data come out and describe the system in full, the only good thing is we all suffer equally?
    I suggest you scrub this column – only because it is the only one on your great site that I don’t think achieves anything…and therefore wastes your time.
    As I said, making myself a target….and no reflection on quality etc….just don’t see the need.


    1. I disagree. I don’t think the point is necessarily to complain, but rather to provide some perspective and understanding as to why certain scores are higher/lower than what common wisdom assumes they should be.


    2. I actually look forward to this column more than most because I find it interesting. And bitching may not help but it makes you feel good.

      Just ask Joel Selwood….


    3. Thanks for your honesty, Cuzza. I can see where you’re coming from with this reasoning.
      First and foremost, we are a SC Forum for Coaches to gather and chat about various aspects of the game. Our objective is not just to analyse, but to provide multiple talking points for fans of SC. I believe that’s a great strength of SCT in general.
      As long as interest in the “Anomalies” is still high (# of readers, comments etc), I’ll continue to prepare them. But I’ll definitely take your constructive criticism on board.
      Thanks buddy!


      1. Thanks Schwarz,
        I appreciate your reply and, to the other coaches, all of yours as well. Mine was meant with no disrespect and I appreciate all of your comments taking it that way. I can accept the umpires decision, no issues.
        btw – is the first Cuzza still out there or can I can I remove the ‘2’ now….


  2. Disagree Cuzza2. Keep the article Schwarz. Great forum to whinge our collective asses (sic) off about the infuriating and often bewildering SC scoring. O’Meara was robbed I tells ya!

    Hell, we might even learn something.


    1. Most of us never learn. Just ask the Higgin owners. Now ask yourself this. If Omeara is under 300k next year do we start with him?


      1. No. But David Swallow will be well priced. Oh, and surely Zac Dawson will get a discount for next season. #locks


    1. I thought his 4th quarter was amazing. Quite inspiring really, maybe not enough points tbh 😛


      1. I used to have similar man love for Brian bienke from the crows. Dont suppose anyone remembers him. Scotty welsh used to come in and mark all his kicks on the goal line when they were going through. He played in the early 2000’s post Carey experiment. #lookingformodra


  3. I think this article is as valuable as any articles going. Just looking at the difference between Goldy and Sinclair’s scores are not just fascinating but an real eye opener. I for one will be the first to pick CD darlings in next year’s team and this is the sort of information that is going to help me do it. The cynic in me says that CD have made their scoring so convoluted because people can now bet on it, and by having no idea how they derive their figures enables them not to held accountable.I know you can probably bet on DT and that’s(I’m led to beleive!) is not nearly as convuluted but my cynicism still stands.


  4. Hey schwarzwalder,
    Maybe you can Glenn luff from CD, to do a breakdown of one of Bont scores and any other dilemma we have,
    To see how it pans out,
    Then again we still need a few mystery,s of the world
    Eg: Bermuda Triangle, who shot Kennedy, SuperCoach


  5. Can anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

    4 goals, J Cameron, SC 56
    4 goals., R Gray, SC 111
    4 goals, C Dixon, SC 151
    4 goals, N Reiwoldt, SC 113
    4 goals, J Watts, SC 105
    4 goals, C Petracca, SC 95
    4 goals, M Wright, SC 112
    4 goals, J Impey, SC 99

    Personally, I think ChampData are not on the money this year. These stats and scores are primarily made for the actual teams and then SC just piggybacks off that. I seriously think that their fiddling before the year started has weighted some things too much as specific types of acts that get high points, which is obviously the type of things Mr Bont does particularly well.
    And this is not just because I brought in Cameron in last week and he scored terribly despite kicking four goals as a forward. What else would you like a forward to do? Play midfield?


    1. This got me enraged enough to check the whole first 6 rounds for players that kicked 4 goals during the game.
      Cameron’s game was the worst score for a player who kicked 4 goals for the season so far. The best was Dusty’s 4 goal haul in round 1 for a 159 (103 more points).
      The average score for a player that kicks 4 goals is 100.01. Taking out the top 3 results and the bottom 3, the average is still 98.
      The other 2 worst scores were Darling in Round 5 (66) and ATM in Round 4 (69).


      1. Now that’s what I call enraged…..a rage research session 😉 It’s a tough one that I hadn’t picked up on. Very strange of Cameron to end up with “negative” numbers for the 2nd half as well……


  6. No doubt there is more than “plays the way supercoach is scored” to the Bont.

    136 points for 22 possies and 2 marks. Yeah 3 goals but…. compare that to Toby Greene’s output 17 possessions 7 marks 3 goals and the scoring system makes no sense.

    Nor does Sinclair 142 and Goldy 77 for pretty similar outputs.


    1. Sinclair’s is one of the more baffling examples to date, mainly because the Swans lost. How much “influence” did he have in a game that Carlton were on top for the last half?


      1. I can remember Sinclair taking one contested mark during the game….and that’s it. Heeney was by far Sydney’s best, Sinclair wasn’t even top 5.


      2. C Sinclair
        9/15 Hitouts were to Advantage
        11/19 disposals were contested
        6 tackles
        19 Disposals- 7 Kicks, 12 Handballs
        79% Disposal Efficiency
        5 Marks
        1 Goal


  7. Cuzza2, Rather than delete it, why don’t we rename it, something like ” Please explain ” i find a humorous side to it.
    Joking aside, if some players seem to be favoured more by CD, then that is exactly what we all want to know about to assist our supercoach teams performance, i for one love this article.



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