Scoring Anomalies – Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 17 2017

One of SCTs new write-ups for the 2017 season……..Scoring Anomalies.  Or otherwise known as ‘how does the Bont keep getting that?’ 😉  Champion Data has created one of the most complex scoring systems known to man.  It is known to be frustrating as hell and create a state of sheer disbelief when checking the SC scores after each game.  Hopefully these Reviews will help change that perception as we seek to find answers to the CD scoring system.  So who benefitted from our pts system last weekend?  Who was negatively impacted?  Here are some of the perplexing cases from Rd8………..



Trent Cotchin (RIC) – 25 touches (ten contested), seven tackles, six clearances and a goal but still couldn’t crack the ton (89pts).  This is what happens when you get a mention in ‘Rare Gems’ 😉  If not for the five clangers and 72% Disposal Efficiency, Cotchin would’ve continued his impressive start to the season.


Brad Ebert (PTA) – It seems to happen every year.  Just as Ebert starts entering the Trade Talk thread, he takes a slide.  He can be a talented player but he goes through some massive peaks and troughs.  One might argue he was worse off than Cotchin (above) with 31 touches, four marks, four tackles and six clearances still not being enough to crack the ton (89pts).  He’s been harshly penalized in my view for his four clangers and twenty uncontested possessions.  The uncontested disposal is almost a curse in Supercoach.  It’s not heavily influential according to Champion Data so it scores poorly on the scale.  Even poorer if it misses the mark………



Josh J Kennedy (WCE) – Fourteen touches at 50% Disposal Efficiency including three goals & six behinds.  I’d say 80 pts would’ve been a fair result but JJK ended the night on 102.  From the nine marks that JJK raked in, three were contested and five were ‘inside 50’.  I’d say Champion Data has been very generous there.  Even more reason to find a spot for JJK as a Top6 FWD (he’s on target).


Jonathon Patton (GWS) – Fifteeen disposals and two goals for 98 pts seems a little extreme for mine.  Considering Jeremy Cameron kicked six goals on the day and only received 20 pts more is a little unbalanced.  Three of his six marks were contested but he wasn’t that influential on the day.


Kayne Turner (NTH) – Nine touches (at 33%DE) and two goals for 72 pts??  The Masters at Champion Data smile heavily upon tackles, for which Turner had ten(!) to boost his score.

Which ‘anomalies’ stood out for you over the weekend?  Any gremlins running things in the system?  Something we should pry a bit further?  Tell our Coaches about it in the comments below……..


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17 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Rd8”

    1. 72 points is probably about right Father.

      10 tackles = 40
      2 goals, 1 behind = 17
      2 effective kicks, 1 handball = 10
      2 marks, 1 contested = 8
      1 free kick = 4
      1 clanger = -5


  1. Grundy Robbed?
    8 kicks
    13 Handballs
    15 Contested Possessions
    3 Marks
    1 Tackle
    41 Hitouts
    1 Goal
    5 Clearances
    3 Clangers
    61% Efficiency

    82 Supercoach points


    1. I think very few were to advantage but even so.
      I thought he beat Mummy in just about every stat but came out 5 points worse.


  2. Treloar – How did he get a zero when both Bucks and himself said “He expected to play” last week!


  3. L. Neale was my captain. Sloane V/C.

    He was on 93 with 21 seconds to go.

    Loose ball get. Clearance. Inside 50. Goal assist.=36 points?

    Ended up on 129.

    Who knows how he got there but I’m not complaining.


  4. It’s a bit of a raffle these days isn’t it! Personally I was happy with Treloar’s score but Grundy got off to a flyer and disappeared into the mist.


  5. Was a bit surprised Dusty only scored 105 after a goal, some awesome fend-off work & a goal assist & 12 contested possies.

    Also for Otten, I know he missed those two goals at the end but wasn’t at least one of them a contested mark? Score barely seemed to move…maybe he got minus points for missing those gimmies in front of goal??


    1. The second of Ottens misses was just horrendous, I think it went out on the full? Probably goes as a Clanger



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