Scoring Anomalies – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 25 2017

One of SCTs new write-ups for the 2017 season……..Scoring Anomalies. Or otherwise known as ‘Mitchell deserved better than that!’ 😉 Champion Data has invented one of the most complex scoring systems known to man. It is can be frustrating as hell and create a state of sheer disbelief when checking the SC scores after each game. Hopefully these Reviews will help change that perception as we seek to find answers to the CD scoring system. So who won out from our pts system last weekend? Who was badly hit? Here are some of the X-Files from Rd9………..


Nic Newman (SYD) – Everyone’s favorite rookie……well, those that kept him anyway 😉 Normally you’d expect 30 touches and a goal to bring in 110pts (at least……I mean, that’s a Bont 150!). While we’re all still rapt to be getting 93pts from a backline rookie (any rookie, really), his score was negatively impacted by a lack of contested possessions (just seven) and tackles (just one). Definitely a trait shared by half back flankers.

Trent Cotchin (RIC) – The whipping boy at Tigerland hasn’t fared too badly this year but his latest effort needs to be highlighted. 26 touches, two goals four tackles for ‘just’ the 95pts. This one shows Champion Data’s importance on Disposal Efficiency where Cotchin only hit half his targets.




Shane Mumford (GWS) – One kick, four handballs, six tackles, 135pts……wait, what? Those 40 hitouts must’ve all been to advantage or Champion Data has some explaining to do!




Tom Mitchell (HAW) – How could I do this write-up without mentioning Tom Mitchell’s 50 disposals? Only the 7th player in history to achieve the feat, massive effort! But was it the right outcome of 158pts? 22 kicks, 28 handballs (22 contested possessions), eight marks, eight tackles, four free kicks & two against, five clearances, four clangers at 68%DE.

Considering Hawthorn lost the game, one could argue that Mitchell’s overall influence was less of a Pendlebury or Treloar. Yet Ablett managed a 210 from 45 touches the other week? Fun fact from @FantasyFreako: ‘T.Mitchell ranks 87th in the AFL for metres gained but #1 for assisted metres gained’. Where do you stand on this one?



Which ‘anomalies’ annoyed you over the weekend? Any problems with the system? Something we should look into a bit further? Tell our Coaches about it in the comments below……..


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10 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Rd9”

  1. Schwarz, I don’t have the big mummy, but I do have Jezza and I’m almost beyond certain that mummy was the player who gave the final hand pass to Jezza to boot the go ahead goal from 50 with just on a minute to go.. I have Jezza and that goal gave him a nice boost to get over the century, so I’m sure mummy got a pretty big boost being the direct assistant, which may explain part of he’s score from last week but still, I take your point with Champion Data maybe having a wee little explaining to do about Mumfords score last week..


    1. This was CD response to Mummys game on twitter when asked: 15 hitouts to advantage, 2 score assists, 6 spoils and 6 tackles.

      15 HOTA: 75 points
      2 Score Assists: 7
      6 Spoils: 12
      6 Tackles: 24
      1 Behind: 1
      1 kick, 4 handballs @ 80% DE ~ 8
      1 mark: 2

      So that’s 132 points plus a few bits and pieces I guess. Not far off the 135 points scored.


  2. As a Tom Mitchell owner, I naturally went digging…
    T.Mitchell (2017) – 50 disposals (22 kicks) @ 68% DE, 4 clangers, 8 marks, 8 tackles and 158 points

    Since Supercoach has been around:
    Ablett (2013) – 49 disposals (22 kicks) @ 59% DE, 3 clangers, 7 marks, 2 tackles, 2 goals and 178 points
    Ablett (2012) – 53 disposals (31 kicks) @ 70% DE, 10 clangers, 9 marks, 6 tackles and 155 points
    Thompson (2011) – 51 disposals (21 kicks) @ 71% DE, 2 clangers, 4 marks. 4 tackles and 162 points

    So, if anything, a little stiff but looks to be not far off par when comparing to Ablett given you can make up reasons as to why Titch’s score should sit where it did. Thompson on the other hand does seem to be a little lucky for his score.


  3. Two questions for those a lot better at research than I.

    How many of Mummy’s hit outs were to advantage?

    Who are the other six players to have 50 disposals?

    Thanks everyone


      1. Found it courtesy of

        1. Greg williams 53
        2. Gar Ablett 53
        3. Barry Price 52
        4. Scott Thompson 51
        5. John Greening 50
        6. Tom Mitchell 50
        7. Tony Shaw 50


  4. From the GWS-Richmond game.
    Dylan Shiel: 15 kicks, 13 hb, 6 marks, 1 tackle (8 contested with 5 clearances) @ 71% DE.
    Shiel = 75 SC pts
    Daniel Rioli: 7 kicks, 5 hb, 5 marks, 2 tackles (4 contested with 1 clearance) @ 63% DE.
    Rioli = 72 SC pts



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