Scoring Anomalies – Round 5

Written by The Salamander on April 25 2019

He’s only in 5 percent of teams, but Jaeger O’Meara’s owners won’t have been happy about him only getting 76 points for 26 disposals (12 contested, 73 percent DE, 50/50 kick-to-handball ratio), 5 tackles, 8 clearances, and a goal. He did have 7 clangers, and gained a relatively pedestrian 241 metres, but 76 points does seem a bit low.

Shai Bolton managed 58 points from 10 disposals (4 contested, 60 percent DE), along with 2 tackles, 0 clearances, 3 marks, and 4 clangers; meanwhile, his teammate Jack Ross got 57 for 17 disposals (7 contested, 65 percent DE), as well as 2 tackles, 2 clearances, 3 marks, and just the 2 clangers. Ross also gained an extra 89 metres. The only thing I can see that might tilt things in Bolton’s favour is that he had 5 one-percenters to 2, and 7 score involvements to 4. But even then, it’s hard to see how these two sets of stats deserve near-identical scores.

It seems that the Easter Bunny came early for North Melbourne’s Scott Thompson on Friday, who got 94 points for doing… not very much. 16 disposals (5 contested, 88 percent DE, 311 metres gained) along with 5 one-percenters, a tackle, and 5 marks (1 contested, 2 intercepts) certainly isn’t a bad game, but 94 points seems excessive.

It must have been the fact that he only had 2 tackles and gained a grand total of 83 metres, because normally, 37 disposals (16 contested, 84 percent DE) and 11 clearances would net Patrick Cripps more than 110 points. 32 of his 37 touches being handballs probably didn’t help, but even then, I can’t help but feel like he might have been short-changed 10 to 20 points.

Finally, I want to talk about a couple of Cripps’ teammates. Their scores haven’t been anomalous in the traditional sense, but they still give us something to think about.

Firstly, Sam Walsh. Averaging 100 (108 if you take out a DE-inflicted 68 from round 1), and with a three-round average of 116, he’s having one of the most stunning debut seasons you will ever see from an 18 year old. People are even starting to use the k-word! Heck, if he keeps his most recent form up, he might even be a viable captaincy option. Surely, barring an LTI in the next month or so, the Rising Star must be a formality at this point. Now, if he can just win the club B&F and make the All-Australian team, he’ll have had as good a debut season as fellow Blue Maddy Prespakis!

Secondly, Micheal Gibbons. He’s spent the first month as a small forward, and has delivered typical small-forward scores. Suddenly, Brendon Bolton decides to play him in the midfield – the position in which he won two JJ Liston trophies (the VFL Brownlow) – and his scoring goes through the roof. Who would have thunk it?

Were there any scores that seemed off to you on the weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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7 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Round 5”

    1. You’d think so given his positive impact. Likely his minutes will be managed even tho he’s a mature-ager. The increased pace of the game (AFL v VFL) is significant enough to take its toll.
      Still, very positive signs for owners. Don’t have him unfortunately.

      Sam WALSH hey. Unbelievable. Do have him tho 😉


      1. Has a massive tank runs 15k a game he set up so much of our play off the wing as a Carlton fan i’d be pissed if he goes fwd.


  1. Hogan was a bit stiff: 22 dsp / 14 mks / 3.0 = 89 pts
    And Petruccelle: 18 dsp / 7 mks / 3 tkl / 5.2 = 100 pts

    And Cripps being awarded 11 clearances from 5 kicks shows that clearances are pretty easy to come by these days with a quick handball


  2. Gibbons should deliver if played in the middle. He was with Collins my best top guns in VFL. Hope both coaches restore them to where they are best.



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