SCT AFLW Fantasy Game – Stats Guide Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 23 2018

(Written & Created By Jack)


With the first leader board for our AFLW fantasy competition having been published yesterday, some of you may be wondering where their points are (or aren’t) coming from. Those who want to dig a bit deeper should check out the attached spreadsheet, but as a starting point, I have put together a breakdown of the best-performing players across each position, compared draftees with non-draftees, and revealed the highest (and lowest) scoring positions.


Top-10 highest-averaging players:


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (average)
Erin Phillips ADEL MID 186.0
Daisy Pearce MELB MID 150.3
Emma Kearney WB MID 142.7
Courtney Gum GWS MID 130.7
Ebony Marinoff ADEL MID 129.3
Chelsea Randall ADEL MID / DEF 126.7
Tegan Cunningham MELB FWD 122.3
Alexandra Anderson BL MID 117.7
Ellie Blackburn WB MID 117.0
Dana Hooker FRE MID 114.7



Predictably, these are mostly midfielders. What about the other positions?


Top-5 highest-averaging defenders:


Player Club SalamanderCoach (average)
Chelsea Randall ADEL 126.7
Phoebe McWilliams GWS 103.3
Shelley Scott MELB 102.7
Brianna Davey CARL 97.5
Stephanie Chiocci COLL 89.7



Top-5 highest-average rucks:


Player Club SalamanderCoach (average)
Emma King COLL 97.3
Aasta O’Connor WB 88.3
Erin McKinnon GWS 82.3
Rhiannon Metcalfe ADEL 76.3
Alison Downie CARL 74.7



Top-5 highest-averaging forwards:


Player Club SalamanderCoach (average)
Tegan Cunningham MELB 122.3
Phoebe McWilliams GWS 103.3
Shelley Scott MELB 102.7
Jacinda Barclay GWS 97.0
Sabrina Frederick-Traub BL 96.7



Finally, the top-10 averaging draftees:


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (average)
Courtney Gum GWS MID 130.7
Tegan Cunningham MELB FWD 122.3
Lisa Webb FRE MID 96.5
Chloe Molloy COLL FWD 93.7
Kate Hore MELB FWD 90.3
Maddison Gay CARL MID 79.7
Emily McGuire FRE FWD 75.0
Bonnie Toogood WB FWD / DEF 74.3
Monique Conti WB MID 72.0
Ruth Wallace ADEL MID / FWD 71.7



The top-two draftees are also the 4th and 7th highest-averaging players overall. Cunningham is even the #1 forward.


In fact, there isn’t all that much difference in the overall level of scoring between draftees and established players:


Category Average
All players 60.2
Draftee 53.4
Non-draftee 62.4



Some positions are definitely higher-scoring than others, however:


Position Average
DEF-only 47.4
MID/DEF 62.5
FWD/DEF 79.5
MID-only 68.4
MID/FWD 55.7
FWD-only 58.7
RUC-only 59.8
RUC/DEF 73.0
RUC/FWD 43.3
All players 60.2



For whatever reason, RUC/FWDs have been scoring very poorly. At the other end of the scale, we have FWD/DEFs and RUC/DEFs; there aren’t all that many of these, however, so a couple of very strong players may be skewing their averages upwards somewhat. If you ignore these outliers, then, unsurprisingly, players who spend all their time in the midfield tend to be the highest-scoring.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Like I said at the beginning, those of you who want to dig deeper should definitely take a look at the spreadsheet, which contains data on every 2018-listed player. Let us know in the comments if you find anything interesting.

Spreadsheet: 2018AFLWStatsAfterRound3


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13 thoughts on “SCT AFLW Fantasy Game – Stats Guide Rd3”

  1. Bulldogs vs Blues Half time: Bulldogs 44 Carlton 0

    Well, this is getting ugly. I’m not sure if anyone else is watching, but suffice it to say we are being comprehensively outplayed.

    That said, the umpiring is not helping. I’m not saying that the umpires are biased, but… they’re biased. All we have to do is look at a Dogs player the wrong way and they’re getting a free kick. Meanwhile, we can have one of them dead-to-rights holding the ball and it’s being called play on. Or even a free against. What’s more, if they smother our kicks out of bounds, it’s a throw-in; if we do the same with theirs, the umpires are paying last-touch.

    We’d still be losing even without the umpires – the Bulldogs are playing much better than us – but this really isn’t helping.


      1. They had some SuperCoach scores on the screen towards the end, and she was mid-200s (and that was pre-scaling). I’ll add up the scores after Planet America, but I suspect she’ll be well over 200. It will be interesting to see how well the SalamanderCoach scores line up with the SuperCoach ones.


      2. I don’t know what her final SuperCoach score was, but I’m assuming Champion Data was making sure the scores summed to 3300, as they do in the men’s league. If you scale the total number of SalamanderCoach points to 3300, her 194 goes up to 246.


    1. The umpiring wasn’t quite as bad in the second half, except for the goal umpire paying goals for shots that had clearly been touched (twice!). Still, the Bulldogs would have won regardless.

      You know that “10 scoring shots to 8 is hardly a mauling” line I trotted out last week? Well, I have no such excuses this week. 26 shots to 3 is just appalling. Even more so when we broke even in the inside-50 count.

      Our only defence is that we were missing a lot of good players, and some others were carrying injuries. Even then, we should be better than that.


    2. Jack,

      I must admit, I have not watched any of the women’s game, but I’m enjoying reading your write ups, it’s a great summary.

      It’s hilarious – 0 scores, goal umpires – it sounds like one of the players uncle/Aunty is umpiring (giving goals when their not), field umpires – sounds like they’ve been pulled of an immigration boat off the Indian Ocean.


  2. Western Bulldogs 12.18.86 def Brooke Lochland 7.3.45 def Carlton 2.1.13 🙁

    Brooke Lochland (WB) 194
    Emma Kearney (WB) 150
    Bonnie Toogood (WB) 126
    Lauren Arnell (CARL) 113
    Ellie Blackburn (WB) 104
    Breann Moody (CARL) 102
    Angelica Gogos (WB) 101
    Hannah Scott (WB) 99
    Jenna Bruton (WB) 91
    Aisling Utri (WB) 90
    Monique Conti (WB) 87
    Kirsty Lamb (WB) 87
    Sarah Hosking (CARL) 83
    Tiarna Ernst (WB) 81
    Libby Birch (WB) 76
    Shae Audley (CARL) 69
    Maddison Gay (CARL) 64
    Gabriella Pound (CARL) 63
    Alison Downie (CARL) 59
    Natalie Plane (CARL) 56
    Aasta O’Connor (WB) 55
    Nicola Stevens (CARL) 53
    Courtney Webb (CARL) 52
    Katherine Gillespie-Jones (CARL) 50
    Jess Hosking (CARL) 42
    Naomi Ferres (WB) 41
    Kirsten McLeod (WB) 39
    Tilly Lucas-Rodd (CARL) 38
    Sarah Last (CARL) 35
    Laura Bailey (WB) 33
    Sophie Li (CARL) 30
    Kim Rennie (WB) 29
    Nicole Callinan (WB) 28
    Madeline Keryk (CARL) 26
    Darcy Vescio (CARL) 26
    Hayley Wildes (WB) 25
    Bridie Kennedy (CARL) 25
    Lauren Spark (WB) 24
    Kerryn Harrington (CARL) 22
    Bailey Hunt (WB) 13
    Kate Shierlaw (CARL) 13
    Reni Hicks (CARL) 10

    Western Bulldogs: Nil
    Carlton: Nil

    Reports: Nil


    1. The Bulldogs collectively scored 1573 points at an average of 75 tonight, compared to just 1031 (average 49) for the Blues tonight.

      To be honest, I’m not sure how many of Carlton’s 21 actually deserve their points tonight. Still, the SalamanderCoach system runs on numbers, not emotions, so they get them regardless.


  3. Brisbane 3.4.22 def Fremantle 2.3.15

    Jess Wuetschner (BL) 122
    Kara Donnellan (FRE) 119
    Emily Bates (BL) 99
    Tahlia Randall (BL) 97
    Ashlee Atkins (FRE) 96
    Nicole Hildebrand (BL) 88
    Jamie Stanton (BL) 85
    Hayley Miller (FRE) 81
    Kaitlyn Ashmore (BL) 80
    Brittany Gibson (BL) 78
    Kate Lutkins (BL) 73
    Lara Filocamo (FRE) 73
    Nat Exon (BL) 72
    Dana Hooker (FRE) 72
    Jordan Zanchetta (BL) 71
    Sabrina Frederick-Traub (BL) 67
    Leah Kaslar (BL) 67
    Gabby O’Sullivan (FRE) 63
    Amy Lavell (FRE) 59
    Emma Zielke (BL) 59
    Alicia Janz (FRE) 58
    Belinda Smith (FRE) 54
    Alexandra Anderson (BL) 52
    Breanna Koenen (BL) 52
    Ebony Antonio (FRE) 50
    Isabella Ayre (BL) 48
    Melissa Caulfield (FRE) 44
    Stacey Barr (FRE) 43
    Lisa Webb (FRE) 39
    Alex Williams (FRE) 39
    Sharni Webb (BL) 37
    Stephanie Cain (FRE) 36
    Emma Pittman (BL) 32
    Leah Mascall (FRE) 31
    Ashley Sharp (FRE) 31
    Kate McCarthy (BL) 25
    Evangeline Gooch (FRE) 23
    Gabby Collingwood (BL) 21
    Jodie White (FRE) 20
    Cassie Davidson (FRE) 18
    Emily McGuire (FRE) 10
    Arianna Clarke (BL) 7

    Brisbane Lions: Shannon Campbell (illness) replaced in selected side by Emma Pittman
    Fremantle: Nil

    Reports: Nil


  4. Melbourne 3.6.24 def by Collingwood 9.4.58

    Stephanie Chiocci (COLL) 122
    Jaimee Lambert (COLL) 111
    Daisy Pearce (MELB) 107
    Caitlyn Edwards (COLL) 103
    Christina Bernardi (COLL) 100
    Jasmine Garner (COLL) 98
    Karen Paxman (MELB) 93
    Harriet Cordner (MELB) 90
    Emma King (COLL) 86
    Elise O’Dea (MELB) 84
    Bianca Jakobsson (MELB) 82
    Shelley Scott (MELB) 79
    Melissa Kuys (COLL) 78
    Meg Downie (MELB) 77
    Amelia Barden (COLL) 76
    Moana Hope (COLL) 73
    Brittany Bonnici (COLL) 68
    Richelle Cranston (MELB) 68
    Lauren Tesoriero (COLL) 66
    Ashleigh Guest (MELB) 55
    Kate Hore (MELB) 54
    Chloe Molloy (COLL) 53
    Tegan Cunningham (MELB) 53
    Erin Hoare (MELB) 53
    Sarah D’Arcy (COLL) 50
    Meg Hutchins (COLL) 50
    Emma Grant (COLL) 49
    Anna Teague (MELB) 49
    Jess Duffin (COLL) 45
    Melissa Hickey (MELB) 45
    Katherine Smith (MELB) 43
    Iilish Ross (COLL) 41
    Alyssa Mifsud (MELB) 41
    Catherine Phillips (MELB) 37
    Laura Duryea (MELB) 34
    Aliesha Newman (MELB) 30
    Lily Mithen (MELB) 24
    Sarah Dargan (COLL) 23
    Holly Whitford (COLL) 20
    Ruby Schleicher (COLL) 20
    Cecilia McIntosh (COLL) 13
    Jasmine Grierson (MELB) 12

    Melbourne: Smith (concussion), Cranston (hand)
    Collingwood: Nil

    Reports: Nil


  5. GWS 2.7.19 drew Adelaide 2.7.19

    Alicia Eva (GWS) 164
    Ebony Marinoff (ADEL) 135
    Chelsea Randall (ADEL) 127
    Angela Foley (ADEL) 110
    Rhiannon Metcalfe (ADEL) 103
    Rebecca Beeson (GWS) 98
    Jessica Dal Pos (GWS) 90
    Britt Tully (GWS) 88
    Courtney Gum (GWS) 77
    Erin Phillips (ADEL) 76
    Amanda Farrugia (GWS) 73
    Justine Mules (ADEL) 71
    Erin McKinnon (GWS) 70
    Stevie-Lee Thompson (ADEL) 66
    Courtney Cramey (ADEL) 66
    Eloise Jones (ADEL) 58
    Ruth Wallace (ADEL) 56
    Cora Staunton (GWS) 51
    Sarah Allan (ADEL) 49
    Phoebe Monahan (GWS) 46
    Deni Varnhagen (ADEL) 44
    Philippa Smyth (GWS) 41
    Emma Swanson (GWS) 40
    Jenna McCormick (ADEL) 39
    Jacinda Barclay (GWS) 38
    Jessica Sedunary (ADEL) 37
    Elle Bennetts (GWS) 33
    Ellie Brush (GWS) 33
    Tanya Hetherington (GWS) 33
    Rachael Killian (ADEL) 33
    Aimee Schmidt (GWS) 30
    Pepa Randall (GWS) 28
    Jodie Hicks (GWS) 26
    Nicola Barr (GWS) 25
    Phoebe McWilliams (GWS) 23
    Abbey Holmes (ADEL) 21
    Sarah Perkins (ADEL) 17
    Jasmyn Hewett (ADEL) 17
    Jessica Allan (ADEL) 17
    Marijana Rajcic (ADEL) 12
    Renee Forth (GWS) 10
    Georgia Bevan (ADEL) 5

    Injuries: TBC
    Reports: TBC



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