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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 16 2018

AllSaints has been a very busy Forum member this year and he’d like to tell you all a bit about himself………


SCT Alias … allsaints

Real Name……. Oliver (Oli)

City you live in …. Melbourne

Age ….. 48

Height …. 5.11

Weight …. 83kg

Career ….. Renewable energy consultant

Car you drive ….. i don’t (hic!)

Status ….. de facto

Kids …. a 4yr old boy

Hobbies …. AFL, Cricket, Soccer, photography, Holidays, family time & of course SCT for what might be 12 months every year

Footy team …. Saints

Sporting ability … county athletics champion under-18, grade cricket in England, soccer juniors for Man City. Lawn bowls now – qtr finalist in state titles last year

Best SC position … was 371st after Rd9 this year

Best SC overall ….. 30,000 and something last year. should do better this year

SCT member …. 2018 (newbie)

SCT accolades …. does qtr-finals of SCT Cup in maiden season count?!?


If you’d like to share a bit about yourself with the SCT Coaches then send through your info/profile to ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com‘.  I’ll post it up within a few days.  You control how much info you want to add/remove……….


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3 thoughts on “SCT Coaches Profile – AllSaints”

    1. Loving your input this year allsaints.

      I also don’t own a car.

      I do live 300 meters from my work, and 100 meters from the beach.
      If I need a car I can borrow or rent one easily.

      I do dream of a tricked out camper van one day. 🙂


  1. I am surprised you didnt use the term Slsyer of Shaggi in the SCT Cup. Its an accolade in my book.

    When i say bresk a leg in supercoach am i meaning good luck like in showbiz?

    Should be an epic showdown in out prelim final Allsaints




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