SCT Coaches Profile – B-Harvs

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 8 2018

Another of our newer Coaches was wanting to share a bit about himself……..take it away, B-Harvs!


SCT Alias – B-harvs

Real Name – Brad

City you live in – Adelaide

Age – 24

Height – 188cm

Weight – 75kg

Career – Law

Car you drive – An old VX commodore in need of upgrade

Status – Live with partner

Kids – None yet!

Hobbies – Watching about 5 different sporting codes, Guitarist in a band,
beers and enjoy the odd book or two

Footy team – my beloved Western Bulldogs! Very fortunate to have traveled
over for the flag

Sporting ability – Played footy a few years back, now just a bit of social
AFL 9’s is about all I do these days

Best SC position – 59th in Round 18 this year

Best SC overall – about 29,000th last year

SCT member – Lurked a bit last year, mainly been commenting in 2018sc


If you want to share a bit about yourself, you can always send through your profile to me at ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com‘.  You can always add/remove info to your profile as you feel comfortable with……….


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3 thoughts on “SCT Coaches Profile – B-Harvs”

  1. Hey B-harvs, do you by chance play 9’s on Wednesday nights in the West Parklands? We may have crossed paths if you do.


    1. Yeah I played 9’s on Wednesday’s at the west park lands for a couple of years up til about the start of last year. Then the comp moved around for a couple seasons to different ovals in the north so I haven’t played the west for about 18 months but we most likely would’ve crossed paths in that case!



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