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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 7 2018

It’s time to get to know Ben.  He hasn’t been around the site too long but is a very engaged Coach that appears often in our Forum………

SCT Alias: Ben

Real Name: Ben (wowee what a shocker aye?)

City you live in: Melbourne currently, but I’ll always call country Victoria home (Stawell specifically)


Age: 20

Height: Last I measured I was 196cm, which I think is about 6 foot 4

Weight: Haven’t weighed myself in a while, so my guess would be about 80-85kgs

Favourite Foods: Chicken Schnitzel and Beef Ravioli will forever be my favourite meals

Favourite Drink: Peach Ice Tea, that stuff is a gateway drug I swear

Career: Second year uni student studying Audio Engineering

Status: Single

Family: Just Mum, Dad, and a little brother.

Hobbies: Music is my big passion, I produce music myself and play live gigs around Melbourne which is heaps of fun. Video games is another big one, particularly FPS like Overwatch, TF2 etc. I also really enjoy basketball, by far my favourite sport to play, even if I enjoy watching AFL just as much.

Footy team: Well when I was old enough to start following the footy, my Dad told me I had to support Carlton otherwise I would have to live in the shed. Looking back now I think I would have preferred the shed.
First Supercoach season: 2016, so still fairly new in the grand scheme of things!Best SC weekly position: 105 in round 8 of 2017
Best SC overall finish: 10,715 in 2017, but looking to smash that this year as I’m currently sitting at 2,700

SCT member: Found the site at the start of 2017, been fairly active ever since

SCT accolades: None as of yet, but looking to improve on that in the coming years


If you’d like to share your profile with SCT, just email me at ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com’.  You can add/ remove any info that you see fit to share with us………


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14 thoughts on “SCT Coaches Profile – Ben”

  1. “when I was old enough to start following the footy, my Dad told me I had to support Carlton otherwise I would have to live in the shed. ”

    I like it! I intend to use the same strategy with my kids someday.


  2. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce my self properly Schwarzwalder! These coaches profiles are a great idea to get to know one another so I highly recommend everyone send theirs through.


    1. I can’t take the credit for these. It’s another of Catta’s brainstorming moments of brilliance. But I’ve enjoyed reading them also, love the idea! Thanks for sharing, Ben!


  3. Great profile Ben and good to see another country boy on the site from out Western Victoria…… (Dimboola my home town)


        1. Jimmy! I probably should have worked that out from your user name!
          Nice work on your overall ranking this season.


    1. I stayed at the dimboola pub a week back on Saturday on our way to falls creek from Adelaide. Met some interesting locals, wasn’t quite sure how to handle ‘killer’ but he turned out to be relatively harmless.
      Great pub.


  4. haha! Thanks mate, ranking is going backwards at the moment though, otherwise been a good year.
    Now I just need to work out which Thommo you are…. Did you work across the road from where I used to live?


    1. Nope I am the annoying, tall, untalented hack you played volleyball and basketball with for several years. Steve there, Thommo here because Steve was taken and I have no imagination.


      1. Hey mate!
        Long time no see!
        Good to see you all over this site!
        And don’t worry,we were all untalented hacks in those teams lol…
        Will have to stop in if I’m ever up your way. Dirty day for my bombers against your Hawks on Sat too….


        1. It has been a while! And yes, I spend way too much time here… it’s a great site (even if I say so myself!).

          I don’t know if we were all bad, you and Hal were pretty handy!

          I was at rhe match last week and almost had a heart attack when Colyer kicked that last goal. Really thought your boys would win that one!



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