SCT Coaches Profile – bruce p.

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 15 2018

Introducing a very keen Supercoach indeed…….bruce p…….


SCT Alias … bruce.p

Real name… bruce


Live… grew up in Melb , Sth Gippsland for last 15 yrs

Age… 61

Height / Weight …180cm/ 92kg

Married… 10 years ( this time )

Kids… one son, partner has 2 kids and three grandkids ,
who call me grandpa, happy with that.

Sporting ability… handy footballer , but blew my knee at 22
lots of fun runs and Melb Marathon in my thirties, Lawn Bowls now.

SC History… played for five years , never cracked 20k , currently around 6.3 k
hoping to get inside 5k by seasons end.

SCT…. found this site a couple of years ago,make a few comments,
have the odd whinge, get on a couple of times a day to keep up with
all the great info and commentary.

Cheers and all the best to everyone for the end of the season.


If you’d like to share info/profile about yourself then send it through to me at ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com‘ and I’ll post it up within a few days.ย  You can control how much info you want to add/remove…………


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