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Written by Schwarzwalder on July 31 2018

Now that we’re entering Finals, there’s not too much point in bringing out a heap of long-winded analysis on players you’ve owned all season.  So our resident ‘Legend’, Catta, has suggested a series of ‘SCT Coaches Profiles’.

We all share a common hobby of our love for Aussie Rules Footy and Supercoach.  A lot of time is spent interacting with our fellow Coaches on a weekly basis yet we remain complete strangers when it’s all finished.  Catta is looking to change that a touch.  He’s given up a bit of info on himself (nothing too personal), and he hopes that you will do the same in the near future.

OK, Coaches…….(drum roll, please)………introducing Catta……….


SCT Alias … Catta

Real Name……. Scott
City you live in …. Melbourne
Age ….. 48
Height …. 5.10
Weight …. 90kg
Career ….. Real Estate Agent
Car you drive ….. Merc ( typical wanker )
Status ….. Married
Kids …. 2 boys
Hobbies …. AFL, Cricket, Holidays, family time & of course SCT for 6-7 months every year
Footy team …. Hawks
Sporting ability … State league indoor cricket & squash representative as a junior, played cricket in Leicestershire County England for 2 seasons mid 1990’s
Best SC position …12th at round 12/13 in 2014
Best SC overall ….. 81st in 2016
SCT member …. 2012
SCT accolades …. 5xHall Of Fame nominations & SCT Legend in 2017


If you’d like to introduce yourself to your fellow SCT Coaches, (again, doesn’t have to be toooooooooooooo personal) then send through your details to ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com‘.  You can use Catta’s example as a template or simply create your own.     I look forward to hearing from you………………..


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24 thoughts on “SCT Coaches Profile – Catta”

  1. SCT Alias … Bluey

    Real Name……. Bryce
    City you live in …. Melbourne
    Age ….. 28
    Height/Weight …. 6.4/100kg
    Career ….. Structural Engineer
    Footy team …. Blues
    Sporting ability … Lets just say I retired at end of high school, haha. But Footy, Basketball (Delly’s much less talented cousin, i mean MUCH)
    Best SC position …66th at round 7 in 2018
    Best SC overall ….. 1310 last year; currently 3177 this year. Injuries killed me but who knows still hoping for top 1000.
    SCT stalker …. 2011 (But only really active under Bluey from 2017)


  2. Well done, Schwarzwalder!

    Would be great to get to know a little bit more about all these SCT regulars, I spend more time talking with the site than my beautiful wife for at least 5-6 months a year 😉

    Well done to everyone that contributes to the site, flick Schwarzwalder a quick email so we can familiarise ourselves a bit before the end of season get together!

    Good luck to everyone for finals!


  3. why not …

    SCT Alias … allsaints

    Real Name……. Oliver (Oli)
    City you live in …. Melbourne
    Age ….. 48
    Height …. 5.11
    Weight …. 83kg
    Career ….. Renewable energy consultant
    Car you drive ….. i don’t (hic!)
    Status ….. de facto
    Kids …. a 4yr old boy
    Hobbies …. AFL, Cricket, Soccer, photography, Holidays, family time & of course SCT for what might be 12 months every year
    Footy team …. Saints
    Sporting ability … county athletics champion under-18, grade cricket in England, soccer juniors for Man City. Lawn bowls now – qtr finalist in state titles last year
    Best SC position … was 371st after Rd9 this year
    Best SC overall ….. 30,000 and something last year. should do better this year
    SCT member …. 2018 (newbie)
    SCT accolades …. does qtr-finals of SCT Cup in maiden season count?!?


    1. Great stuff, allsaints

      For a newbie in SC, you’ve had several posts / comments over the season that have been sensational….like a serious season campaigner of many years!


      1. Too kind Catta. Have learnt so much on here and the effort the Contributors put in is simply phenomenal!


        1. Studied Mining Engineering but working for a consultancy firm specialising in environmental accounting. Our main thing is pollutant inventory and greenhouse gas reporting (and a touch of sustainability) for the mining industry.

          The engineer inside me is definitely fascinated with the design and implementation of renewables though.


    2. So allsaints ,lawn bowls,been president of my local club for last 5 years .will send my profile to schwarz,but i am from sth gippsland and bowled for about 13 years now.


  4. SCT Alias … Natopotato88
    Sent it through but thought I would post it here too.

    Real Name……. Nathan (surely could have been worked out 😉 )
    City you live in …. Melbourne
    Age ….. 19
    Height …. 5.10ish haven’t measured in years
    Weight …. 85kg
    Career ….. 2nd year uni student. Studying Aerospace Engineering
    Car you drive ….. Ford
    Status ….. Single.. Ladies 😉
    Hobbies …. Love most sports but mainly Soccer, support Chelsea FC. Playing golf and volunteering every week at the local Auskick (AFL for 4-7 year olds) as a coach for the past 6 years. Obviously SCT
    Footy team …. Quite neutral don’t real support a team. Would pick Essendon if i had to though.
    Sporting ability … Never played a game of AFL yet coach it to kids. Spent 8ish years playing soccer never really good but stopped after i kept dislocating my kneecap and school starting taking over. Also have no fitness what so ever.
    Best SC weekly position … 499 at round 21 in 2015
    Best SC overall finish ….. 4233 in 2016
    SCT member …. mainly active from 2017
    SCT accolades …. made contributors league


  5. Don’t worry about posting your profile in the comments. Send them through to me at the address above and we’ll post a different profile each day!


    1. You should have posted it as a guessing game, Schwarzy:
      Eg. Is Catta male or female, how old, what job, etc…


  6. FrenchyGooners@SCT
    Name : Jeannot
    Mid: 40’s
    Footy team : Essendon met Sheedy when I moved here and he sold it to me
    Vet and Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Consulting
    Family man with kids
    Football (Arsenal + EDF),
    Cricket :Windies
    Played French league football
    SCT member and regular since 2016
    Ride my bike and Drive 4WD , Love most sports and camping


  7. SCT Alias … Nateo

    Real Name……. Nathan
    City you live in …. Melbourne
    Age ….. 25
    Height …. 180cm
    Weight …. 75kg
    Career ….. IT Helpdesk
    Car you drive ….. FG Falcon
    Status ….. Living with the GF
    Kids …. None
    Hobbies …. AFL, Cars, Computers, Gaming , Sport
    Footy team …. Carlton 🙁
    Sporting ability … Does supercoach count lol
    Best SC position …Rank 11 overall last week
    Best SC overall ….. Rank 11 overall last week
    SCT member …. 2010 (i think)
    SCT accolades …. Leading the comp atm 😛


  8. SCT Name : Brian
    Team: ShoalhavenHawk@SCT
    Twitter : @brewed67
    Age: 50 and not getting any younger.
    Height: 5’11” and shrinking
    Weight: 93kg and gaining
    Career: Registered Nurse – Intensive Care for 12.5 years and recently a move to Palliative Care.
    Lives: Shoalhaven Region South Coast NSW, from Geelong.
    Car: 2004 Subaru Impreza hatch
    Status: Defacto, 2 kids, dog, cat and mortgage
    Team: Hawthorn since the early 70’s
    Music: Oz, lost in the 70’s and 80’s
    Hobbies: surfed, played a bit of footy up to 17 years old. Cycled. Work and Family has reduced me to SuperCoach and walking the dog.
    Best SuperCoach position :1441 round 10 this year but lost a bit of ground through the byes
    Overall SuperCoach: past 4-5 years have finished between 4500 and 5,500 give or take a few places.
    Having been using SCT for about 6 years, less so this year due to change in job and family demands.


    1. #1 Nemisis in the SC world “Bearded Burblers” by the home straight at Flemington, but the banter is memorable to say the least 😉



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