SCT Coaches Profile – Cuzza2

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 17 2018

Thanks very much for sharing your profile with us Steve………..

SCT Alias … Cuzza2

Real Name……. Steve

City you live in …. Torquay

Age ….. 52

Height …. 5.11

Weight …. 84kg

Career ….. Operations / Business Development – Facilities Services Management

Car you drive ….. Subaru

Status ….. married

Kids …. 3 girls between 13 and 20

Hobbies …. Coach local AFL Womens team, fishing

Footy team …. North Melbourne

Sporting ability … Played local footy until turned 42, State level Taekwondo when I was younger

Best SC position … 536 at Rd 1 2016

Best SC overall ….. 9,945 last year with 49,300pts. Will crack 50,000pts this year and prob finish about 17,000??

SCT member …. About 5 years, don’t say much

SCT accolades …. None for me, but plenty for SCT – when I did take notice of the general ‘wisdom’ from the contributors, my average points per game went from 2008 (in 2015) to now 2169 – an extra 161 points a game in 3 years which I owe mostly to all the info I glean from these columns


If you ‘d like to share a bit about yourself, then send through your profie/info to ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com‘ and I’ll post it on the site within a few days.ย  Thanks, Coaches!


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