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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 1 2018

Next up in our Coaches Profile line-up is Natopotato88.  Technically he already posted yesterday in Catta’s comments but has extended on many answers since his initial post.  Enjoy……….


SCT Alias: Natopotato88

Real Name: Nathan

Meaning of Alias: Given to me at age 6 at school by a friend. Didn’t like the name Natopotato at first but over time I began to like it and has been my name on everything since I was about 8-9. 88 was just my favourite number, think it sort of derived from the V8’s as i liked Whincup who had the #88

City you live in: Melbourne. Lived here my whole life and have never moved house.

Age: 19. Almost 20 only 1 month of being a teenager left 😞

Height: not really sure, never bothered to measure it but it is around 5.10

Weight: 85kg

Favourite Foods: Can’t go past a meatlovers pizza or almost any form of chicken. Also love a roast spud (just fits with the name)

Fav Drink: Pepsi Max, never have actually had alcohol or coffee/tea. basically drink water and cola based soft drink.

Career: 2nd year uni student. Studying Aerospace Engineering and also studying Indonesian language as an elective.

Car you drive: Ford Focus. Quite old as just been handed down from my Nanna.

Status: Single. Always have been, but ladies call me! 😉

Family: I am an only child and have a golden labrador which is like a brother to me.

Hobbies: Love most sports but mainly Soccer, support Chelsea FC just because it matched the colour of my kit and it just stuck. Playing golf on the weekends and volunteering every Saturday morning at the local Auskick (AFL for 4-7 year olds) as a coach for the past 6 years. Kids love me, so I have just kept going back. Always been into many different games and currently have an interest in speedrunning. And obviously Dreamteam 😉!

Footy team: Surprisingly, quite neutral don’t really support a team. Would pick Essendon if i had to choose one though as i supported them when i was young. Probably neutral because of my love for soccer just took my passion away from supporting a team in AFL, still love the sport just not a team.
Sporting ability: Never played a game of AFL at any level yet I coach it to kids. Spent 8ish years playing soccer but stopped after I kept dislocating my kneecap and school starting taking over. Wasn’t really that good in terms of skills but had the tactics and the mindset in me. Also have no fitness whatsoever. For golf I have a handicap of roughly 20-21. Planning on bringing that down in the near future.

Best SC weekly position: 499 at round 21 in 2015

Best SC overall finish: 4233 in 2016

SCT member: Mainly active from 2017 was a lurker on and off during earlier seasons

SCT accolades: Not many by I can say I made the contributors league which did mean a lot to me’


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  1. Thanks for sharing Natopotato. It is really interesting to get to know everyone in this way.
    And hey, who doesn’t love a roast spud 😉



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