SCT Coaches Profile – Shaggi

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 2 2018

Shaggi shares a bit about himself today in our Series of profiles………..


Alias (and nickname) – Shaggi


Christian name – Wayne


Age – 55


Height – around 5ft 9 in


Weight – 99 kgs


Car – Kia Soul (with personalised number plate – any guesses?) Clue – Suitable for a bloke in his 20’s when I got it. Probably not now for a grandfather of 2


Where I live – Eastern suburbs of Melbourne


Job – Superannuation Administration


Status – Divorced (more than half a lifetime ago).


Sporting Prowess (can you have prowess without talent) – I have played cricket and table tennis (A grade) competitively but now just a golf junkie.


Highest Supercoach ranking – 14 around round 5 or so this season


Season ending Supercoach ranking – always seem to finish around 10 thousand as I run out of trades


Started playing Supercoach when it was in the Australian newspaper (or was it the AGE?)


AFL team – North Melbourne member


AFL claim to fame – I have been live at the MCG for all of North Melbourne’s premierships. It’s a great feeling walking out of the ground and go to the poster stand and say ‘WEG me up’. (sigh, those were the days).


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3 thoughts on “SCT Coaches Profile – Shaggi”

    1. Shaggi was based on Scooby Do when I was in my 20’s had red hair , a lot slimmer than I am now and a loping gait.
      The reason it is with an i rather than a y is that it is also my number plate accross 3 different cars. The spelling Shaggy was taken so I went with the next best option.
      The number plate was bought for with $’s from my grandmother’s estate and told to go out and by something that I would always cherish. My sister bought a camphorwood chest, my brother a sidchrome socket set and I went with the number plate. A bit left of centre I know!
      Now I am synonymous with the name from the golf club to places that I have worked.



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