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Written by Thommo on August 23 2018

SCT Alias … Thommo

Real Name……. Steve

City you live in …. Melbourne originally, Bendigo now.

Age ….. 42 (today)

Height …. 196cm

Weight …. 95kg

Career ….. Optometrist

Car you drive ….. Mazda 3

Status ….. Married

Kids …. 2 girls (8&9)

Hobbies …. Gym junky although I’m cutting back these days due to more injuries than I care to list.

…I write; mostly short stories when I’m not writing here.

…I love Poker, mostly online, but have cut back due to time constraints and new laws in Australia.

Footy team …. Hawthorn. I grew up in the 80s so who else would I follow?

Sporting ability … I’m a try hard! I briefly warmed the bench in Div 1 State League Basketball and after I retired from basketball I then warmed the bench in Div 1 State League Volleyball.

Best SC position … I was 30th in 2014 about mid-year (I think that was the year).

Best SC overall ….. Approx 350th in 2014

SCT member …. I think I started posting in 2014 and helped with Game Chats late in that season. I started doing Round Reviews in 2016 and have now written about 200,000 words in 3 years in the reviews.

SCT accolades …. Unless I can win Loec3 this weekend, I have no accolades!


If you’d like to share a bit of info about yourself, then send through your profile to ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com’.  You can add/remove info a you please…….


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13 thoughts on “SCT Coaches Profile – Thommo”

  1. Great stuff Tommo.

    Love your work all year.

    Is it just me or is just about everyone on this site above average height?

    I’m only 170 cm.

    My family get togethers look like an audition for a Peter Jackson movie. 🙂


  2. Thanks all! Let’s hope the Hawks can continue my festivities by winning against the Swans this weekend!

    Freo Tragic, only tall-ish folks write for SCT because we are smarter, better looking and funnier than the short folk who we look down on.


  3. Happy birthday Thommo! Love your work on the site.
    Don’t understate your sporting abilities either….we never would have made those Finals without ya!


  4. Keep writing Thommo.
    I’ve always enjoyed your reviews and you have a genuine talent with the written word.
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday.
    Heads up as a father of two girls
    Im 45 with a 14 and 9 yo
    42 was when I really started going grey. Don’t try and pull them out as ten more arrive for the funeral.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, DD.

      Too late for the warning about grey hair, it’s half grey already due to the stresses of Supercoach or kids!



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