SCT Cup 2017 Grand Final Preview

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 4 2017

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)




We started with 256 after the qualification rounds which saw Motts, Schwarz, MJ and a bunch of other site regulars miss out. Next year!! To get to the GF, coaches have had to navigate their way through a series H2H matches culminating in this, the inaugural SCT Cup Grand Final. Your name will forever be in the Hall of Fame if you can get the win over this two week H2H.


… and the finalists are


1 – Power rangers (Nathan) vs 2 – Bunchakhuuunts (Michael)



Power rangers: 231st overall, 4th in SuperCoachTalk group

rnd 256 … (72) – def Getting better by 331pts

rnd 128 … (54) – def A Few Good Menzels by 107pts

rnd 64 … (11) – def Shangai Pirates by 110pts

rnd 32 … (6) – def Ducky Boys by 240pts

rnd 16 … (2) – def DashingDonkeys@SCT by 312pts

QF … (1) – def Merky’s Premiers by 473pts

SF … (1) – def The Phat Side @SCT by 104pts


Bunchakhuuunts: 729th overall, 10th in SuperCoachTalk group

rnd 256 … (69) – def Duffer’s Duds @SCT by 24pts

rnd 128 … (32) – def Teamcustard@SCT by 70pts

rnd 64 … (58) – def #Likeaboss by 126pts

rnd 32 … (8) – def benty691@SCT by 447pts

rnd 16 … (4) – def Star Stuff by 173pts

QF … (3) – def MaccasMaulersSCT by 156pts

SF … (3) – def Griggsy FC by 53pts



Lots of similarities between their scoring 22s last week. 15 non-unique players. Thought I’d include them so the rest of us spuds could figure out what we’ve done wrong this season and try to map out a solution for next year. What will both teams do without Danger and Witts this week? Can they afford to keep them? Can they afford to NOT keep them? Do they have trades up their sleeve to even consider trades anyway?

Non-uniques: Danger, Doch, Mitch, Oliver, The Bont, Macrae, Yeo, Laird, Treloar, Hibberd, Heeney, Roberton, Witts, Dahl, Lynch



Power rangers PODs: Kreuzer, Merrett, Adams, Fyfe, Hurley, JPK, Buddy

Bunchakhuuunts PODs: Sloane, Selwood, Ryder, Gray, Gawn, Witherden, Shaw

Definite advantage on paper here to Power rangers with a lot more scoring potential compared to Buncha’s team. Digging deeper though, Power has two potential outs in Kreuz and JPK to go with Danger and Witts already out. OUCH!!!!! There’s bench coverage and then there’s this. Can Power clog the whopping holes in the dam wall? That said, he’s fully upgraded so you’d expect to see a Witherden, Greenwood type floating around on his bench for coverage.


Power will need to find a ruck solution as he’s likely missing R1 and R2. Can someone lone him a ruckmen? Danger will rest on both team’s pine for a week and Power’s bench coverage and DPPs will be fully tested if JPK doesn’t get up for tomorrow night’s game. If Buncha has a trade or two remaining he could get the jump on Power this week and should focus on a Shaw trade, potentially to Adams is possible to negate one of Power’s higher scoring PODs.



Come Sunday evening I’m expecting to see Buncha up by 50 – 100pts and possibly even a doughnut in Power’s team. Power will bounce back in H2H 2 with Kruez and JPK both likely to be back and he’ll storm home in a grand stand finish. Power by 10pts.


** I want my weekly games previewed like this 😉 Cracking stuff, RB!! – Schwarzwalder **


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