SCT Cup 2018: Grand Final H2H #1 Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 16 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


(1) Kyuubi 2499 LEADS (2) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2299 by 154pts

This H2H seems to be a battle between conventional and unconventional strategies. There’s a reason that conventional is the convention and Kyuubi’s premo strategy seems to have paid off with a big lead over TRUDGE’s team of PODs. Wasn’t expecting to see Taranto and Adam Kennedy in the SCT Cup Grand Final! It was the mid PODS that created the gap between the teams. Kyuubi had Dangerfield 160, Macrae 153, Neale 134, Merrett 121 all as PODs with TRUDGE having Wines 122, JPK 107, Martin 91 and A Kennedy 48. Kelly and Cogs scores cancelled each other out. Further, Kyuubi had an impressive 15 100+ scorers with TRUDGE’s players giving him a disappointing 11 100+ scores.

Neither coach used a trade going into the SCT Cup Grannie. Wow. Either they were super confident that they were running at maximum performance levels or maybe, just maybe, they’ve blown their trades already in an effort to make it this far.

In terms of strategy both Kyuubi and TRUDGE went the understandable Mitchell (VC) into Grundy (C). Kyuubi lost points picking Tuohy over Hurley but that was counteracted by A Kennedy getting outscored by Rocky for TRUDGE. TRUDGE benched Wingard with the E to see how he went on Sat arvo giving him options later in the day when Keefe was named. Was a smart move but Wingard’s score was worth keeping. Kyuubi similarly played Merrett off the pine with an E next to his name but I’m personally not a fan of silly buggers in the mids at this time of year. But, personally I went out in the second round of the SCT Cup and I’ve done more backwards trades this year than BT has commented on boundary umpires poor throws, so I’ll bow to Kyuubi’s superior SC strategies. Did I mention I won LoEC 1 once?? Look it up. I know I do. Regularly. I digress.

It’s difficult to be across every injury these days but from what I can tell Kyuubi’s Kelly is the only fresh injury concern with Ahern the only back up. Kelly’s fitness and Kyuubi’s ability/willingness to trade could be a key to TRUDGE’s ability to get back into this contest.



Kyuubi: Brayshaw 116, Crisp 111, Simpson 96, Yeo 88, Laird 84, Tuohy 56 – [Hurley 72 (E), Lynch 40]

TRUDGE: Lloyd 117, McDonald 103, Simpson 96, Yeo 88, Laird 84, Hurn 79 – [Austin DNP, J Smith DNP]



Kyuubi: Dangerfield 160, Macrae 153, Neale 134, Oliver 121, Cripps 112, Mitchell (VC) 102, Kelly 82, Ballard DNP – [Merrett 121 (E), Ahern 35, E Phillips DNP]

TRUDGE: Wines 122, Oliver 121, Cripps 112, JP Kennedy 107, Mitchell (VC) 102, Martin 91, Coniglio 82, A Kennedy 48 – [Rockliff (E) 79, Ahern 35, Spargo 32]



Kyuubi: Grundy (C) 242, Gawn 82 – [Olango (E) DNP]

TRUDGE: Grundy (C) 242, Gawn 82 – [English (E) DNP]



Kyuubi: Heeney 120, Mundy 117, McLean 112, Gray 100, Westhoff 86, Brander 0 – [Smith 104 (E), Battle DNP]

TRUDGE: Menegola 119, McLean 112, Mundy 117, Taranto 92, Westhoff 86, T Smith DNP – [Wingard (E) 97, Keefe 34]


(3) Nathan’s Gunz 2453 TRAILS (4) AGB 2539 by 40pts



(5) Danger Bont 2292 LEADS (6) allsaints@SCT 2262 by 30pts



(7) Buttslappers@SCT 2402 LEADS (8) Bunchakhuuuunts 2130 by 272pts


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3 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018: Grand Final H2H #1 Results”

  1. My misfits have failed previously, but most chose the same round this time… ranking has plummeted to 650.
    There was a time not so long ago that Kelly/Macrae/Danger didn’t seem too important….running without them now has lead to my ultimate demise…

    Needing a miracle now, best of luck all.


  2. Great write up as usual RooB! And good luck to TRUDGE!
    The secret to my success this season was to hold Kelly through his injury. Not sure if I can do that this week though..only time will tell 😉



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