SCT Cup 2018 – Grand Final Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 20 2018

(Created & Written By Roo Bloke)


(1) Kyuubi 2499 + 2527 = 5026 WIN

(2) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2299 + 2515 = 4814 LOSE by 212pts


Congrats to Kyuubi on winning the 2018 SCT Cup. What a cracking effort by Kyuubi to beat every single one of us to win over TRUDGE in the Grannie. Kyuubi gets the cash and his name added to the SCT Hall of Fame. I’m not going into too much detail with the analysis here in an effort to get it done and out ASAP but TRUDGE’s men lifted in H2H2 with both teams scoring relatively similar this weekend. It was last week in H2H1 that this one was won and run. I’d love to hear Kyuubi’s acceptance speech and get an idea of his best moves through the year to get an insight into what it takes to win this thing.


(3) Nathan’s Gunz 2453 + 2565 = 5018 LOSE

(4) AGB 2539 + 2601 = 5140 WIN by 122pts



(5) Danger Bont 2292 + 2441 = 4733 LOSE

(6) allsaints@SCT 2262 + 2474 = 4736 WIN by 3pts



(7) Buttslappers@SCT 2402 + 2337 = 4739 WIN

(8) Bunchakhuuuunts 2130 + 2372 = 4502 LOSE by 237pts


Planning on running the comp again next year and it’s definitely not the last of me for season 2018. I’ve still got the results of the Crystal Ball comp which will come out in sections across September with the final results coming out the days following the GF. Also, the annual Brownlow Comp will pop up in early September so there’s still plenty of things to Excel in (get it).

Roo Bloke


** Kyuubi – if you would be so good and get in touch with me via email ‘schwarzwalder at supercoachtalk dot com’ so we can organise your prize.  If possible, use the email address that you enter when using SCT, so we can double-check it against our records.  Thank you! – Schwarzwalder **


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8 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018 – Grand Final Results”

  1. Cheers for your work on this Roo Bloke and congrats to the Winner!
    My team sucked in week one when it counted and Kyuubi’s team had a week one score (2499) ranked in the top couple hundred or thereabouts!!

    Both AGB and Nathan’s Guns outscored me aswell so probably lucky to pick up a spot on the Dias in the end.

    Bring on next year.


  2. Thanks for organising this guys (even though I was knocked out in the first round)…
    Seriously the effort that is put into organising this week, along with everything else on the site, must be enormous and we can’t thank all you guys enough!

    Well done to Kyuubi, superb effort in taking the win too!

    There’s always next year for the rest of us….


  3. Awesome! I am so stoked to have won SCT Cup 2018 🙂

    Thank you RooB, Schwarz and the rest of SCTalk team, all the SCT Cup participants and TRUDGE for the GF match (unlucky for the first round buddy) for making this competition possible!

    To be honest, I wasn’t really paying attention to the competition as I didn’t think I had a chance of winning this thing with all you top class coaches out there.

    However the moment I realised I was a real chance to win it was Round 10, this was when Josh Kelly (who I had been holding onto during his 7 weeks absence) returned from injury! I now somehow had more trades than most coaches and also an extra premium mid. I was still scoring pretty decently without him but he gave an extra oomph to my team. Now all I had to do was sit back and watch him single handedly got me over the line against all my opponents especially in round 20 (scored 205!) vs the blues!

    Anyways thank you all again for holding such a great competition and I’m looking forward to playing in the SCT Cup again next year! Peace out!

    PS: Yes I did hold onto Josh Kelly during my prelims, here hoping he comes back in time to help me win my GF in my pay league 🙂


    1. Well said Kyuubi and many congratulations on winning the CUP!
      Thanks Roo Bloke for your immense efforts in running this awesome competition. Love ya work mate.
      Will have to try harder next year 🙂



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