SCT Cup 2018 – Qtr Finals H2H #2 & Semi Finals MatchUps

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 25 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


Another mega SCT Cup post as I go through the quarter final results, semi final match ups and ponder the Champion Data scoring system.



(1) Nathan’s Gunz 2593 + 2551 = 5144 WIN

(8) Bunchakhuuuunts 2499 + 2553 = 5052 LOSE by 92pts

Nateo’s 11th overall so it’s no surprise he stopped Buncha’s run which sees the last of our automatic qualifiers from last year’s SCT Cup bite the dust. Brilliant effort Buncha to make the final last year and the quarters this year.


(2) Danger Bont 2506 + 2430 = 4936 LOSE

(7) AGB 2576 + 2650 = 5226 WIN by 290pts

AGB is hitting form at the right time of the SCT Cup season with two monster scores across this H2H to be the top scorer of our eight quarter finalists. Danger Bont is super high in the overall rankings (75th) so would be rightly peeved at this turn of events but it wasn’t even close in this H2H. It’s a real feather in AGB’s cap or notch in his belt or badge of honour or whatever other kitsch saying you want to throw in here. Top job AGB.


(3) Kyuubi 2585 + 2591 = 5176 WIN

(6) Buttslappers@SCT 2454 + 2477 = 4931 LOSE by 245pts

Shaggi has battled manfully to get through this far and his run is now up. Well done to Kyuubi on the win. Is Kyuubi timing his SCT Cup run to perfection? For the SCT Cup trivia buffs, Kyuubi started the season with a walkover win when a team disappeared from the SCT group despite qualifying for the SCT Cup. Kyuubi’s certainly made the most of that golden start.


(4) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2479 + 2479 = 4958 WIN

(5) allsaints@SCT 2356 + 2536 = 4892 LOSE by 66pts

Can’t say I’ve seen a team score the same two weeks in a row. If I put in enough effort and trawled through my spreadsheets I could make a definitive statement on this, but in the absence of that level of effort I’m just going to wildly speculate that it is certainly the first time this event has happened. If facts and general accuracy don’t apply in BT’s commentary they don’t apply here. Well done on the win Trudge, sorry I should say TRUDGE and commiserations to <space>allsaints on the loss.



(1) Nathan’s Gunz 11 vs (4) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 558

(2) Kyuubi 97 vs (3) AGB 420



Big movement in the market with second favourite Danger Bont gone the way of Gaz’s hair and AGB reeled in massively after a huge fortnight of scores. Nateo stays as the clear favourite with all betting agencies, bookies and the guy that runs the secret book at the butcher’s in the next street but looking at the quarter final scores it was pretty even across our four victors, barring Footy Fan (TRUDGE) who is up against it in this level of company.

$1.90: Nathan’s Gunz

$2.50: Kyuubi, AGB




The new addition to the 2018 SCT Cup we’re playing for positions 1 through 8 over these later rounds. Finishing 5th is better than finishing 8th plus these positions will form the order for these teams that all automatically qualify into next year’s SCT Cup. For what it’s worth (not much), I’m tipping Danger Bont to beat up on Buncha and allsaints to narrowly pip Shaggi’s Buttslappers.

(5) Danger Bont 75 vs (8) Bunchakhuuuunts 4287

(6) allsaints@SCT 1009 vs (7) Buttslappers@SCT 1094


On a side note, I’ve been wanting to know the answer to this for a while and I haven’t had the platform to seek a clarification on this, or so I thought until I remember a write drivel for you lot each and every week. Player X takes a mark just before the siren. Let’s use Zac Touhy on Saturday night as an example. His kick and goal wins the game and obviously scores him some late SC points. Let’s go al Gwyneth Paltrow meets Damien Barrett and go sliding doors. What if he doesn’t kick the goal and kicks it 5m short? Or out on the full? We’d all assume that’s an ineffective kick and that it kinda ‘lost’ Geelong the game. Surely that loses him some SC points. Yeah? I’d assume that. I’d also assume that you’d assume that. Third scenario and this is where I’m super curious about what Champion Data does. What if Zac marked it 70m out, cuts his losses and just kicks the ball to the umpire. Does that still count as a kick? What about if his kick is 20m short. Whilst I’m pontificating, what if Zac’s kick fell short and was stopped on the line by a big Maxy fist. Does that game saving fist score SC points at all? No doubt some of you have had these types of odd ball thoughts watching games over the years. I’d love you to add your odd ball questions in the comments below. Unless Luffy is an avid SCT reader, we probably won’t find any answers, but you don’t know if you don’t ask.


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10 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018 – Qtr Finals H2H #2 & Semi Finals MatchUps”

    1. I have an abundance of….. let’s call them “unique” players, that will all need to fire to match your best 22…

      Good Luck mate.


  1. Thanks RB, for all your time and effort running this awesome comp. Never imagined I would even win a game, let alone reach the lofty heights of the last eight in my debut season. Have loved being involved in this prestigious Cup. Bring on 2019!

    Congrats to all winners and losers and well done TRUDGE on your win. Now go smash Nateo 😉

    Many thanks again Roo Bloke


  2. Congratulations Kyuubi. Well played.
    I am comforted by the knowledge that no matter what I could’ve done I would not have been able to reel you in.
    It was a case of zigging when I should have been zagging all round.
    Firstly I was intending to loophole Neale and realised too late that Smith was playing. The the 50/50 between Dander and Gawn as vc where I went Gawn.
    Okay, thar didn’t work out so well so then it was 50/50 Mitchell /Cripps and I went Cripps – who knew that Carlton was already playing for draft picks by playing Curnow on Smith.. Upshot was I could have improved by around 190 points but hey, thats Supercoach.
    Thanks Roo Bloke for this great concept – lots of fun especially when your opponent is in one of your leagues so you can keep track of his score ‘live’.
    Reassuring to know I have already qualified for next but some unfinished business – All Saints – go hard or go home!!


      1. Your worried about your 2 last trades!!

        I have only one which is ‘break glass in case of emrgency only’

        However I have (at least this stage) 28 playing.


      1. Don’t thank me just yet Kyuubi.

        I think we are a good chance to meet in the finals in a league in a couple of weeks and I am plotting my revenge already!

        In the meantime go well as it make me look better if I am beaten by the eventual winner.


    1. Ha. No trades for me this week in reality. Have 27 playing, but have to field Mihocek. Full strength elsewhere. If you call Savage and Fritsch strength 😉



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