SCT Cup 2018: Quailifiers & WildCards

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 10 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)

WILDCARD ROUND: Don’t see your name below? Had a poor start? Feel you’re about to turn the corner? Wanna be in the fun of the cup but you’re not? Well ……. R4 is wildcard round. The top 8 scorers THIS ROUND will earn a wildcard into the cup. Whilst the sounds hard, given there’s already 238 teams safely ensconced in the SCT Cup it’s starting to sound more and more achievable. So pull those rage trades, tinker tinker TINKER and nail your loopholes to jag one of the final 8 spots in the 2nd edition of the SCT Cup.

AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS: Have they fallen flat off the back of a big off season resting on their laurels or maybe they’re strategically laying low, working with their SC teams in their laboratories and lairs knowing they don’t have a SCT Cup tie until R7. These coaches are all AUTOMATICALLY through based on their top 8 finish in the SCT Cup in 2017 and they get a bye in the first H2H matches. Reward for a successful season last year. Whilst some of them are struggling early doors, they know SC and they will be there when the whips are cracking. Power rangers (???), Bunchakhuuuunts (4754), Griggsy FC (3135), The Phat Side @ SCT (39086), Bustling Barrys (15424), MaccasMaulersSCT (11661), Rockliff_Nroll@SCT (44003) and Merky’s Mugs (18858). Like I said, some of them are waaaay back at the moment. Power rangers: I need to hear from you ASAP. I need to know your new team name so you can defend your title!

QUALIFIERS: Whilst there was 230 spots in the cup a couple of our automatic qualifiers lobbed in the top 230 so it ended up filtering down to top 232. If I don’t hear from last year’s champ (Power rangers, Nathan) in the next 7 days it’ll be 233 which will mean lucky 233 for the oddly named 50 tats of dusty! coached by high. A number of site regulars have made the cut this year which pleases me and is why the SCT Contributors League is the #15 league overall. Catta, Motts, MJ, Father Dougal, Hutta, Matteo, Raj, allsaints, Thommo, Davo and Roo Bloke (yes, I made it!) but THE TEAM and Schwarz both stand out as absentees.

The following teams have already qualified:

Howe Hard is it, Jason

The Nard Dogs, Peter

Buttslappers@SCT, Wayne

Psycho Llamas, Andrew

Brockers Boys, Stacy


Blitz Em, Samyak

All Priests @SCT, Kenneth

Quiet Please, Lisa

Ripe for Picken, Jeffrey

Fish ‘n’ Cripps, Nick

Hird it all before, Timm

The Duke, Cal

Livers hacks, Jim

The Roaming BT, Kaleb

C&L Double Trouble, Ryan

Same Old Same Olds, Brett

Blue Army, Bryce

Immolation, Adam

TheRustySpoons@SCT, Ryan

FantaSea, Toby

Shaquille YeoNeale, Caleb

Luffy’s Legends, Nick

Coach Killers@SCT, Andrew

Best Of The Rest, T

Class on Grass, Michel

PearcedaleParagons@SCT, Steve

Tennessee Log Jamers, Will

The Amazons@SCT, Lisa

WhenItRainsItPours, Mitch

Steven Noel, Steven

The Eggy Almanac, Matthew

Summerset lad, Johnathon

DANGERous@SCT, Matteo

Mighty Machine Men, Nathan

GOAT, Will

SLR, Sam

Great ones, Jeremy

I’m Blue Da Doedee, Alex

Ninja Skrtels, Damon

Richos Reign, Jason

The Dependlebles, Harrison

Magnificent, Michael

Danger Bont, Johnathan

Leather Poisoning, Graeme

MJ @ SCT, Mark

P Buzz, Paul

Thommos Tribe@SCT, Steve


crockett’s blues, David

Paul’s Pretty Boys, Paul

Keyser Soze, Greg

Gold Coast Losers, Ben

Top Billings, Nick

CrackersFC, Jeremy

Joestars@SCT, Justin

Abers Back2Back, Tania


Humungus 1, Mick

Spearhead, Paul

TP-Heartbreakers, Rod

Diamond D Dynasty, Nathan

Nathan’s Gunz, Nathan

SOS, Chris

Shawly Not Again, Benjamin

Twin Magic 2, Lachlan

Blue Roosters, Michael

Salt & Vinegar Cripps, Alex

Coffee Black, Ethan

Barooga Kings, Trav

RedDynamite, Phuong

Sam Murray is GOAT, Jon

Lowedown, rob

The Handsome Roosters, Grant

AGB, Christian

The Blouses, Andrew

Bucket Hats, Jordan

Bags of Charity, Joel

Discostu’s Demons, Stuart

The Fatboys@SCT, Alan

Knights who say Ni, Mike

Auntie’s Cygnets, Andrea

Fox Force Five, Tanya

Lano, Michael

Here I Go Again, Tim

Dota Player, Andrew

IamAHazard, Victor

The Maulers @ SCT, Motts

The Cleaner, Bill

Nutmegs Bolters, Stuart

The GangstaGurus, Corey

1st Tracks, anthony

Lukapies, Luka

Kovenator@SCT, Andrew

HodgeysHawkersNoMore, Christian

Pill Hustlers, rohan

Russell Crows, Daniel

My Team Name, Cam

KentuckyHotPockets, Gerard

Sandhurst seagulls, Marcus

Hoodwinked, Kael

The Berry Men, Tom

I Like Roughead, Jesse

Jay?s Juggernaut, Jason

Bangla Knights, Brett

Lightning McLean, Andy

Owen’s Champions, Alex

Team Davo 2018, David

Mumma’s Bois @SCT, Andrew

New York Shellagi’s, Mohamad

Shanghai Pirates, Sander

FC Utopia, Alex

RobDogs, Tony

GTsIronMeccaFC@SCT, George

Woosang Warriors, Andrew

I?m Ron Burgundy?, Trent

Stretch Marks, Andrew

Swan Style, Tania

Don’t Blush Babies, Tom

Goodie’s Guns, Tim

Massa’s Machines, Daniel

My Cotchin Rules, Ryan

Pelly?s Plight, Michael

Banjo string, Phillip

Clamwhackers, Christopher

Kyuubi, Andrian

PojysPurpleMonkeys, Rupoj

Harris’ Marauders, Jason

ScottishKings, Samuel

Catta’sClan@SCT, Scott

ShoalhavenHawk@SCT, Brian

Dependleburys, John

“Insert Witty Football Pun Here”, Ryan

Caleb’s Kings, Caleb

WhaleOilBeefHooked, Jason

Same Olds, Geoff

Sam’s Mailbag, Sam

King Maximus, Tony

Fordys elite, Damien

Winniblue, Joshua

Sneaky Pete, Nick

Peroxide Bombers @SCT, Jataal

Sauce, Dominic


Snoidz’s Thugs, Adam

Cooper’s Crew, Cooper

Any Given Saturday, Dan

zacattack, Zac

OMG! Tramapoline! Trambopaline!, Jimmy

Robzmob@sct, Rob

Bullets, Luke

Cook Stars, Warren

Shaqatak@SCT, David

Kicking Behinds, Luke

The Mob, Tony

ICE MAN, Phillip

The Anti Clokes, Steve

Bundy’s Blues, Shane

Grannies, Glenis

coopers@SCT, bruce

Victorious Secret@SCT, Simon

The Elites, Noah

Don’t Argue, Taha

The Johnsonator, Adrian

Baby Bombers@SCT, Dilan

The_Destroyer!!, Shane

Abers95, John

Richmond Tigers, MARK

Woof Woof Woof, Ashleigh

Angry Pirates, Ryan

Shorties Snipers, Andrew

Beeferfofum@SCT, Rob

Asian Sensation, Braden

Chillos Champs@SCT, Chillo

Victorious Secret, Wayne

Baker Boy, Jordan

Sean’s Mob@SCT, Sean

NakiNaki, Stefan

The Huss Buss, Tim

Team 18 of 25 @SCT, Adam

Spidermonkeys, Peter

Fezmonkeys, Zak

Universal Ultimatum, Bowen

Insaiyans, Connor

BeastMode, Iain

General Supercoach, Chris

Enderlings, Dylan

MagicKd, Michael

WhoGibbsa FC, Dale

The Mutts Nuts@SCT, John

Glittery Balls, David

BlametheUmpire@sct, shaun

#TrustTheProcess, Jamie

Bulldogs Roar, Caitlin

My Team Back to Back, haydn

Shags Nags@SCT, Shannon

RooBloke’sMob@SCT, Andrew

Animal_Army@SCT, Heather

Any Given Friday, Dan

FCAbel, Abel

Fugawi Indians, Stephen

#Likeaboss, Frosty

Boydos Best, Nigel

BigUnitStoin, Riley

CHUCK, Aaron

Celestial, Kim

The Dirty Oysters, Stephen

Sergio Buckets, Brayden

Saint Louie, Tayla

John’s Jets, John

Bazza’s Battlers, Matthew

allsaints, Oliver

Hired Goons, Michael

DRE’amers, Andre

The Try Agains, Peter

Talbingo FC, michael

ThugsMagpies18, Geoffrey

The Jokers@SCT, Steve

Going Going Gawn, Dave

Weeties22, William

the standouts, Joe

Big Bad Brisbane Bears, Evan

Inner Sanctum, Alex

Bluebaggers, Chris

Jatz Crackers, ryan

LeftRightGoodnight, James

mozambiquen, steven

Bring Back Pagan, Pep

Trackers’ Team, Michael

Crusader Kings, Tony


Good Luck To All Of You!!


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27 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018: Quailifiers & WildCards”

  1. I had a shocker last week that took me out of it! Nooo! Happy to see the Wildcard possibility though so hopefully ‘the marksmen@SCT’ bounce back and shoot straight!


  2. I was on a mission this year to qualify since SOS (Son of Shaggi) qualified last year and I didn’t.
    He forgot to join the SCT Talk group so I guess he was just plain scared he might have come up against my side.
    Very happy to have made it and all things looking positive so far (watch the excrement hit the rotary oscillator now y=that I have jinxed myself.


    1. Jezz.

      I’m in the same boat. Power Rangers knocked me out.

      Lets hope we can get one of those last 10 spots.


  3. Kicking myself that I didn’t join before round 3 to get a spot easily. Gonna have to pull out a big one to make a wildcard spot!


  4. Thanks for putting this all together RB, rapt to be a part of it this year and have kicked off the season pretty well, hopefully it doesn’t come crashing down in a big heap from here on in…..


  5. After missing the cut by one spot last year, I’m very happy to have qualified. Looks like the competition is really tough this year, there will be plenty of very good sides that missed the cut.


  6. The Salamander is going to need a wildcard after two of his players didn’t pull their weight over the first few weeks. They both know who they are (their names are Brandon and Dayne), and one of them has already had his contract terminated. The other is on notice.


  7. Just off the mark this year, which is a bit different in comparison to last year, will be fun to watch from the sidelines this season, unless of course I miraculously come through with a wildcard, wouldn’t count on it though. enjoy and best of luck to all!!


  8. Absolutely thrilled the Paragons have made the cut – slightly bewildered, as I’m playing SC whilst travelling, usually in areas with zero coverage. Maybe that’s the secret.

    Thanks Roo Bloke


  9. A little frustrated that my decision to start with Danger has prevented me from making the cut (ranked 244th currently).

    Just gotta hope he goes massive this week for one of those wildcard spots!


  10. How would I be able to get into the SupercoachTalk group? Wouldn’t mind trying for a wildcard entry since I’m doing well in the rankings at the moment.


    1. Mat

      go into your leagues page – click on join groups, enter group number 197358.

      But you may be too late, had to join by round 3 mate!



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