SCT Cup 2018: Semi Final Results & Grand Final MatchUps

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 10 2018

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)


First thing……….A massive apology for not getting this out Wednesdayish like normal. Friday is not good enough for such a prestigious competition at such an important stage of the season.



(1) Nathan’s Gunz 2396 + 2574 = 4970 LOSE

(4) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 2478 + 2573 = 5051 WIN by 81pts

The trend of the #1 seed getting pipped by a young upstart coach has continued with a massive boilover here in the 1st semi final. Nateo has dropped from a lofty 11th overall to a poor 24th overall (too harsh?) across the last fortnight and he’s paid the price in the SCT Cup with Footy Fan getting the chocolates in this one.


(2) Kyuubi 2450 + 2662 = 5112 WIN

(3) AGB 2502 + 2462 = 4964 LOSE by 148pts

AGB headed into H2H2 with a 52 point lead and backed it up with an impressive 2462. That’s some good, consistent scoring but unfortunately good and consistent is not enough this deep into the SCT Cup. Kyuubi responded this round with a massive score of 2662 to notch a big win and rocket into the Grand Final.


That leads us to the …………………….



(1) Kyuubi 73 vs (2) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 461

These teams started as our 132nd and 151st seeds when the SCT Cup officially kicked off in round 5. At that stage these teams weren’t looking anything special and looked more like teams that wouldn’t make it past the first H2H. Since then these teams have built and built and have constructed vastly different but equally cracking good teams that have them one H2H contest from glory. I’ve decided to show the two teams in all their glory so we can all study what it takes to make it this far. Kyuubi’s got the cream of the crop in his team and basically seems to have picked every gun that he can get his hands on. TRUDGE seems to have gone an alternate root with a few PODs across his line-up. I’d give the nod to Kyuubi on paper but footy’s not played on paper. A Kennedy isn’t really a household name but he pumped out 134 last weekend highlighting how astute some of TRUDGE’s options are. I’ve underlined each of the PODs leading into the GF to help figure out where this one will be won and lost.



Kyuubi: Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Crisp, Hurley, Brayshaw [Tuohy, Lynch]

TRUDGE: Lloyd, Yeo, Laird, Simpson, McDonald, Hurn, [Austin, J Smith]



Kyuubi: Mitchell, Macrae, Cripps, Kelly, Dangerfield, Oliver, Neale, Merrett [Ahern, E Phillips, Ballard]

TRUDGE: Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, Wines, JP Kennedy, A Kennedy [Rockliff, Taranto, Ahern]



Kyuubi: Grundy, Gawn [Olango]

TRUDGE: Grundy, Gawn [English]



Kyuubi: Westhoff, Gray, Heeney, McLean, Smith, Mundy, [Battle, Brander]

TRUDGE: Westhoff, Menegola, McLean, Mundy, Wingard, Spargo [Keefe, T Smith]



(5) Danger Bont 2400 + 2476 = 4876 WIN

(8) Bunchakhuuuunts 2271 + 2520 = 4791 LOSE by 85pts

Whilst Buncha made a comeback the mountain was too big to climb after the low score in H2H1.


(6) allsaints@SCT 2383 + 2627 = 5010 WIN

(7) Buttslappers@SCT 2491 + 2472 = 4963 LOSE by 47pts

allsaints had a very similar win here to Kyuubi with a massive H2H2 score to bounce back from a H2H1 deficit.




(3) Nathan’s Gunz 24 vs (4) AGB 471

Nateo to nab the bronze in a high scoring affair. Hope you storm back into the top 20 too Nateo. You’re doing brilliantly this season.



(5) Danger Bont 165 vs (6) allsaints@SCT 952

 allsaints seems to be almost our most frequent poster on the site this season so I’ve gotta back him in. Go allsaints!!



(7) Buttslappers@SCT 1169 vs (8) Bunchakhuuuunts 5706

Shaggi barracks for North so I’ve gotta stick by a kindred soul. Shaggi for me in this one due to no reason other than blind loyalty to a fellow Shinboner.


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10 thoughts on “SCT Cup 2018: Semi Final Results & Grand Final MatchUps”

  1. Great write-up RB and what a GF match-up!?
    Plenty of PODs. Should be real close.
    Good luck to all but I have to back TRUDGE TRIUMPH to go all the way, for no other reason than he’s the one who took me down 😉
    Hey Shaggi, mind the door doesn’t slap you on the butt on your way out!! 😉


    1. Shaggi says (in his best Austrian accent) ” I’ll be back”

      Not having Grundy and Macrae has really hurt me this year although only fell out of the top 1000 for the first time last round.

      Congratulations on the win.


      1. Good on ya Shaggi. Thought you had me in a ripper match-up. Best of luck for the rest of the year. We may yet meet in a prelim if you win this week. Can’t remember which League.


  2. Outstanding write up once again.
    Absolutely stoked to advance from that final with Nateo, luck and timing was the key here, to get up against Nathans Guns during a quiet fortnight… Good Luck with the rest of your year mate and get that top 10!

    Kyuubi has presented quite an ominous looking line up, here’s hoping my “unique” selections are up to the challenge!


  3. Great win Kyuubi… brilliantly timed trades to storm home by 200

    AGB will be back next season, better than ever 🙂


  4. Awesome write up RooB!
    Was a little disappointed as I lost some precious overall points trading cogs for macrae. However I’m looking forward to the GF vs Trudge.. good luck buddy!


  5. Keefe’s a late in for GWS and TRUDGE. Could be great news and open up a loophole option or could be bad news if Keefe is stuck on the field.



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